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my very Frist warriors Speed Draw this is beautiful and not I love it in here we have Ashfur, squirrelflight, Jayfeather, LionBlaze, and Hollyleaf so I hope you guys like this drawing and have a good day...!
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I got an idea from this link :! Also, I add some of this for an entertainment. Hope you like my remastered version. Firey, Woody, Teardrop, Match, Spongy © @jacknjellify Did you know? This is a first BFDI Drawing by Cary Huang since he is in 5th grade or in 11 years old kid. He called it : FIREY to keep our customers happy Music : Kevin Macleod - New Friendly...!
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Draw Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender with Young Adult librarian, Mikaela! Timestamps: Intro - 0:00 Copyright - 0:16 Getting Started - 2:20 Blocking Aangs Head - 3:28 Blocking Aangs Body - 5:40 Adding limb details - 16:31 Blocking clothing details - 22:37 Erasing & Adjusting - 25:17 Clothing details round 2: 28:13 Aangs Face - 30:50 Links: Find more information about copyright here: Drawing Aang: Step-by-step pictures:!
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Uggggh my old characters are so cringeyyyyy Song: Cake Is Gone- swatdojo...!
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#YearInFandom Maker Gen creator CatherineCreates,, and Wikia collaborated on this video for the Year In Fandom 2014. You can find all of the Year In Fandom 2014 videos at: Subscribe today to Wikia for more great videos Follow us on Twitter - Like our Facebook! - Wikia is the Social Universe for Fans, by ...!
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In which I open some fandom mail from YOU GUYS! Thank you to everyone who sent me a letter or a package for this video. Check out this awesome Wayward Art: Want to send me mail? Alana King P.O. Box 511 Hudson, OH 44236 Like my content? Or you can support my videos on Patreon: S O C I A L M E D I A: ☞ I N S T A G R A M : ☞ T W I T T E R : https...!
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This is a challenge where you get to draw your 14 favorite fandoms from your favorite to least favorite you can do your favorite characters or if its a book series your favorite book out of the whole series and this should be lasting for 2 weeks and if you want to do this challenge comment below...!
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The lovely game of Minecraft story mode in here theres Jesse, Axle, and Oliva. They were building a Creeper but this was from an animation of the game but the game was everyone where being butt holes but I love the animation tho its very funny. so I hope you guys like the speed draw...!
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Hey there, Sora U here its show time, so something went wrong when recording this one and I mean besides the moving around , I lost some footage so I uploaded what I could ❤️. Ill be making videos everyday but Ill be uploading them on Fridays and Mondays ^^ anyways if you wanna follow or what ever here you go ☺️ - ~ -!
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Some Courage the Cowardly Dog fan-art painting today. As you do. Plus I talk a bit about whether fan-art can really be classed as art and if its wrong to rely on sketches before you draw or paint. ·Connect with Me· + website&blog· + shop· + society6· + instagram· + tumblr· + twitter· + ...!
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Just us drawing fandoms and having the other person guess....!
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Follow me on Instagram for more - For Mortal Kombat stories and poems follow me here -!
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Still no intro...!
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Sorry if this story wasnt as funny as the other ones. Just thought Id share how I was motivated to improve my art! Im not posting this to be petty or dig up old shit; my only intentions with this story is to help people deal with negative criticism. c: FIND ME ON OTHER WEBSITES!
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All from memory, 5 / 6 members of Shows Before Bros draw different characters that are randomly generated from a list of our own creation. Enjoy!...!
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I’m so sorry for waiting your t i m e...!
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Gift for Dangonronpa: Wolf’s Game Character Hanse Shouma I’m not gonna do a lot fanart. But if I do I’ll make more. Song : The Bidding Artist : Tally Hall...!
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All of the credit goes to the people who made the artwork. I might do a part 2....!
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Gift for Dangonronpa: Wolf’s Game (Idk gender) Character Mamori Channel : I think this person’s channel is really cool. I don’t know if other people are gifting fanart on this. And I don’t know what they’ll think. Because my channel barely exists. QwQ Song : Hey! Kids Artist : Molina, Late Verlane...!
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I got to hang out with the hilarious & talented KPop band, The Rose! 🌹We drew together, ate Canadian snacks, and someone ended up wearing a hula skirt. It was a fun time. ▻ FOLLOW THE ROSE (더로즈): Sorry MV: YouTube: @The Rose official Instagram: @official_therose Twitter: @TheRose_0803 Dojoon: @parclassic Hajoon: @l_hajoon Jaehyeong: @gud0011 Woosung: @iwoosung Thank you to KPop North for having me at their convention and for making thi...!
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Hey guys, so today I tried to speed draw Disney characters and they came out pretty hilarious. I hope you enjoy, and dont forget to let me know who your favorite Disney character is in the comment section!...!
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I dont like these kind of fandoms. Its too cringy. Anyway, I tried to draw it on MSPaint and it worked, almost. Im a good drawer... artist- I dont know how you call it. I can draw it on paper better than this programm. Hope that you, anti-cringe-fandoms-thing-guys like me, enjoyed this video and maybe... maybe Ill draw it next time, again *silence* on PAPER!!!1!1!! Soundtrack: Hotline miami OST - Crystals!
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The 9 AMV I mention: Seriously though, its hard to find anything on this movie sometimes, cuz googling 9 movie is kind of a vague search term. The fandom sorta collectively decided to call it Shane Ackers 9 so we could find stuff more easily. Man I want to keep picking at this one, its nowhere near done.... I have a Ko-Fi! If you want to support me, and have the means to do so, that would be absolutely amazing!!
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Oh I could not resist doing it! I love Hazbin Hotel. Oh she is not what you think. xD She seems nice, but she does not! First of all, she wants to be nice, but her destiny is to beat others and talk about her fashion, how bad it is. On the other hand, she often tries to fight but we slip accidentally evil things out of her mouth! I will leave more info on my other side behind! QwQ ................................................................................................ ►inspiration from...!
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Avengers: Infinity War is in UK Cinemas NOW! Get your tickets here: An unprecedented cinematic journey ten years in the making and spanning the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War” brings to the screen the ultimate, deadliest showdown of all time. The Avengers and their Super Hero allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the ...!
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I just had a fun time burning them....!
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I cant draw kissing for shit-...!
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Cookie Run, I love you but you have one of the worst fandoms to ever walk this planet. Youre up there with Steven Universe and furries. ---------------------- the default dance animation - ---------------------- Featured Artists: ---------------------- Join the Discord server - http...!
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If anatomy doesn’t kill me stress will ... joking 🙃...!
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Local ex-sonic fandom person tells you all about why I personally think this fandom is hell on earth. TL;DW: The simple character designs, deep fucking lore, ridiculous storylines and radicool characters draw people in to make their own fanfics, fanart, characters and all that stuff. Also, nothing about sonic is inherently fetish-related and the people that draw weird deviantart inflation stuff are just combining two of their separate interests because its what they feel like drawing- the fact ...!
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a aa hi guys, really sorry for not uploading for two months- I wanted to add more things to it but Hitfilm starting lagging This took longer than it was supposed to- Drawing all of it was really fun though I wanted to draw more anime characters like hanako and bnha and alot more- but ya Sorry for tweening againnn Um i think thats all maybe Laters! Original By: Inspired By: None Song: Characters in or...!
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:D part 2 no copyright intended!...!
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:3 part 3...!
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About the ending,my time will run out because i have a limited time for my videos,but if you liked this vid plse make sure you parry that subscribe button and shoot that like button and ill see ya later,peeeaaaccceee...!
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Hello, I hope we are all having a wonderful day! Ive done a speed drawing for the Dc Fandom fanart contest, in this video Ive done a speed drawing of Mera. I really hope you guys like her, I did it with a combination of Young Dc and Teen titans, plus my style. If you guys have any suggestions on what you would like to see or questions about artwork/supplies please let me know in the comments below. Also if you like my artwork please hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button would mean a lot, Thank you!...!
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Hermione has it rough. From being picked on by bullies to not being able to draw, she just cant seem to catch a break. If only there were some way for her to show everyone at Hogwarts that shes more than just a potato-face loser... In fact, shes the coolest girl in the whole world! A Very Potter Sequel is an unofficial, fan-made, parody show. Like this song? Get it on iTunes here: The Coolest Girl - music and lyrics by...!
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Character: Alita 💫 Film: Alita-Battle Angel (2019) ⚔ Actress: Rosa Salazar 🌹...!
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What do you get when you combine Dr. Who with the Korean drama You Who Came from the Stars? Dr. Who Came from the Stars, of course! Pen & ink lineart with digital color BUY PRINTS & more at my SHOP: READ MORE on my BLOG: FIND ME ONLINE: • Youtube: • Blog: • T...!
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♡ ♡ ♡ Thanks for Watching! ♡ Everything stated in this video is my opinion, and if you are new to this channel, I am an entire idiot. So I very much could be wrong. I got my opinion by talking to my friends, both in the fandom and not, and kind of marinated on it. Let me know what you think about it ♡Watch My Latest Videos♡ ♡Supplies Used♡ Ipad Pro iPencil Procreate (from the IOS app store) (for a free dupe, use adobe sketch + draw) ...!
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ชมสตรีม ไอบิสเพนท์ X บน Omlet Arcade! ติดตามฉันสำหรับสิ่งเพิ่มเติม: #OmletArcade #ไอบิสเพนท์X...!
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SHARE this video with YOUR FRIENDS and SUBSCRIBE for more awesome tutorials! Watch The Remake Of This Tutorial Here: ............................................................ Learn How to Draw Dobby the fun and easy way. Follow along with our narrated step by step drawing lessons. Watch our video previews and then draw it yourself with our easy to follow lessons. ............................................!
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Hey guys! Heres my first vlog video on this channel! As you might know from Tumblr or Twitter, I sold many fandom mugs this year and I thought it was a great idea to show you how I do that! FOLLOW ME ON: Twitter: Tumblr: My cover channel: Suscribe for more videos about conventions, festivals, tv shows/movies crazy reviews! Please like if you enjoyed this video!...!
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