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You are watching the very first Premier Girls Fastpitch High School All American Game. Taking place in the summer of 2016, in beautiful Southern California, this game showcases the best girls softball players in the country. Live on ESPN, with celebrity coaches, there is no better single amateur softball game in the world....!
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Official Website: 🖥️ https/ #WBSCMensSoftball #WorldChampionship #WorldCup...!
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These 5 steps will help someone interested in pitching get started. These steps are specifically designed for a Fastpitch Softball pitcher....!
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USA Elite Select World Fastpitch Championship - 16U Championship Game...!
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Galway Hitmen vs. Sooke Loggers September 1, 2019 Grande Prairie, Alberta...!
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Look back at the top defensive plays from the 2019 season of Big Ten softball. SUBSCRIBE to Big Ten Network on YouTube - new highlights & features uploaded daily: Looking for videos for your favorite Big Ten school? FOLLOW our YouTube Big Ten school Playlists: ▶ ILLINOIS: ▶ INDIANA: ▶ IOWA: ▶ MARYLAND: ▶ MICHIGAN:!
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Its helpful to use your whole body when pitching in softball. Learn some tips towards throwing faster strikes in this softball video....!
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USA Elite Select World Fastpitch Championships - 14U - OC Batbusters vs OC Batbusters...!
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championship game...!
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Power Drive Performance -- Softball Pitching Trainer Video Power Drives pitcher tool allows you to practice in real game conditions from the mounds rubber with US Patented mount technology. The pendulum design operates on an athletes gravitational force only, allowing a natural momentum hip lead delivery just like in a game. NO SPRINGS to prevent proper hip lead or alter a natural delivery or swing creating poor balance and rhythm. For more information, please visit http://www.teamexpress....!
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National Pro Fastpitch highlight footage produced by Winkler Productions...!
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American Softball Association 1979 Professional Fastpitch Softball, MIdland, MI....!
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The 12u Fury Fastpitch Vegas takes on the 14u Norton Elite in the 14u Junior Akron Racers league in Akron, Ohio 6/9/15 12u fastpitch travel softball team go head to head in league play versus 14u travel softball teams. 19 NK pitching for Fury(in navy) 1 TP OF 2 MO SS 5 MG 2nd 10 CK CF 12 NS C 22 OV 3rd 28 SA 1st 33 ES. OF 34 TG OF 35 RM OF View other 12u vs 14u games from this league at the following play list This playl...!
Channel Title : Dave Yates Views : 175460 DisLikes : 33 Published Date :2015-10-15T05:04:25Z Check it out! HIGHLIGHTS from the 2015 International Softball Congress Fastpitch Mens World Tournament event!...!
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A little compilation of nasty pitches that I put together. This video features some of the deadliest change-ups, nasty late breaking rise balls and even the worlds sharpest breaking drop ball (Thrown my Miranda Viramontes of Utah)...!
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The Bat Guru discusses the 2020 Fastpitch Bats and gives his Report Card...!
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Lol , My names Kristina,This is Me pitching. I Pitch from 59.4 - 60.2 mph. And a chanqe up of 46 mph. Im 14, I play Jv, Travel, && Recreational Softball ♥ (this is a rec game) Comment && tell me what you think. Thanks Guys :) -kristina x3...!
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Produced by http://Fastpitch.TV - Catcher Megan Willis teaches basic training for fastpitch softball catchers. She gives key tips for all the basic rules of catcher. You can purchase softball bats at is a great resource to find the perfect fastpitch softball bat just for you! Willis shows softball girls easy ways to work all the factors of catching so that they can be successful behind the plate. She teaches the right way to receive a dr...!
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Today I am sharing the third video in my how to series, that will briefly go over how to throw all of the pitches! Today we will be looking at the curve ball. Dont forget, our Online Beginners clinic is live NOW on the website (get link below) For more in depth instruction and drills for ALL of the pitches, look for Fastpitch Power+ coming out soon! - - - - - - - - - Website: Instagram: @FastpitchPower Twitter: @FastpitchPower Facebook: Fastpitch Power Online Begin...!
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(May 16, 2013) Look back as ESPNs Sport Science crew breaks down the science behind the speed needed in softball. Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: Subscribe NOW to ESPN on YouTube: Get more ESPN on YouTube: First Take: SC6 with Michael & Jemele: SportsCenter with SVP: This Is SportsCenter: ESPN Must-See: ESPN Stories: http://...!
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Wanna see it at the Major League Level? Now, it is funny to hear the boys complain about this video. Please keep it up!...!
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Jennie Finch shows just how hard it is to hit in fastpitch softball....!
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HOT TOPIC: The pitching rules change and what it looks like/what you can and cant do. Get familiar with Start Back vs. Step Back - one of the two will most likely be coming to a governing softball body/organization near you starting January 2020, and it can affect the start of your pitch!! Finally, a rule change that gives pitchers an advantage! This is a significant change in the sense that its movement in a rule change that affects how a pitcher can choose to start and, in my opinion, can b...!
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Australian pitcher Adam Folkard displaying his stuff in the 2012 AAU International Mens Fastpitch tournament in Orlando, FL. Adams team (Hill United out of Ontario, Canada) went on to win the tournament. Folkard deservedly won the Most Valuable Pitcher award....!
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Fastpitch Softball Pitching Drills from The Sherry Werner Fastpitch Academy in Mansfield, TX. Website: Facebook:!
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Denmark vs. Mexico Pool B Saskatoon, Canada...!
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USA Elite Select World Fastpitch Championship - 12U Championship...!
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Produced by http://Fastpitch.TV - Fastpitch Softball Pitching Coach Bill Hillhouse let me film several of his pitching lessons. is a great site for all your fastpitch softball bat needs! Former Team U.S.A. pitcher Bill Hillhouse lets us have an inside look on one of his pitching lessons. This video is put together in clips. The first few clips are of the initial motion before the pitch, a few drills to improve wrist snap and how a pitcher should hold the ball. Continuin...!
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Former Texas A&M softball player and two-time All American Amanda Scarborough talks about her routine in the batters box. She addresses how to take a pitch and hit with confidence. Great batting tips. For more information, please visit!
Channel Title : Bat Digest Views : 58035 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2018-07-19T22:48:10Z The 2019 Xeno here: The 2019 Mizuno Power Carbon: We took two highschool fastpitch players and captured the exit speeds and feedback from over 500 hits. We found they liked most of the fastpitch bats. We also learned that what they thought the balls were doing wasnt necesarily what the balls were doing. In the end, the Slugger XENO and Mizuno Power Carbon ruled the day. All bats in th...!
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We went to town on 2020 Fastpitch bats. Here is our full write up and results for the best fastpitch softball bats: Hitters Choices 1. Easton Ghost found here: 2. DeMarini Prism found here: Other bats tested 3. Demarini CF: 4. Slugger LXT: 5. Slugger XENO: 6. Slugger RXT:!
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Everything you need to know about the Rawlings R9 series fastpitch softball gloves: Shop all Fastpitch Gloves: We understand that choosing a new glove can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a no worries, 100 day return policy on all of our gloves. This incredible return policy allows you to purchase a glove and return it for an exch...!
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Produced by http://Fastpitch.TV - This week I am bringing you part 1 of Kim Dunlop-Borders Fastpitch Softball pitching clinic. Kim gave this clinic at Softball Con. is a great resource to find the perfect fastpitch softball bat for you! Kim Dunlop-Borders speaks on proper pitching mechanics. She fist mentions to make sure that when a pitcher makes her motions that all the movements feel natural. Natural movements help with proper mechanics and prevent injuries from...!
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SoCal As vs Fury (TN) Triple Crown Sports presents the 2017 Sparkler/Fireworks 16u Power Pool Championship Game between the SoCal As and the Tennessee Fury. For more info visit: Triple Crown Sports is a professionally managed youth sports tournament organizer. The Summer Nationals baseball event created a solid relationship with the City of Myrtle Beach, and an East Coast championship in fastpitch is a natural progression. The partnership of TCS and Rising Stars enhances East ...!
Channel Title : HittingPerformLab Views : 20900 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2015-11-08T04:45:44Z - CLICK the softball hitting tips fastpitch preceding link to read the full blog post at the Hitting Performance Lab... In this softball hitting tips fastpitchvideo post, were going to answer one of my readers questions... Ways to use your hips to create bat speed? Well cover: - Inward hip turn towards catcher to load? - Springy ‘X’ Pattern, and - Landing open with the front foot. CLICK the following softball hitting tips fastpitch link to read the full blog pos...!
Channel Title : All TeamExpress Views : 288053 DisLikes : 27 Published Date :2011-01-05T23:06:48Z
Former Texas A&M All-American pitcher Amanda Scarborough shows how to throw a four-seam riseball. For more info, visit and!
Channel Title : Fastpitch Softball TV Show Views : 69300 DisLikes : 14 Published Date :2010-05-02T16:54:07Z
Produced by http://Fastpitch.TV - Cat Osterman has a camp called The Triple Threat Softball Camp. She let us come and film part of her camp. is a great resource to find the perfect fastpitch softball bat just for you! At the Triple Threat Softball Camp Cat Osterman Gives us a look into one of her pitching clinics. What we will see in this video is the general warm up drills that the girls use to get used to the motions of pitching and see the minor mechanics that need ...!
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This Heart of the Hide Fastpitch glove from Rawlings will be a show-stopper out there on the diamond. That mint lining is definitely a cant-miss cosmetic feature! Did you like that Routine Baseball tee that Ben was rocking in the video?!? Take a look at the ladies line over at Routine: Check out this glove at At JustBallGlov...!
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Like these Softball Lessons !!! Check out the official app Get out of the Dugout and onto the Diamond: The Softball Drill Book: Franklin Synthetic Practice Softball: Louisville Slugger Slowpitch Softball Bat: Orange Throw Down Bases (5 Piece): Saint Sebstation Saint of Athletes Softball Charm: Dusty Diamonds All-Star Softball NES Game:!
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Produced by http://Fastpitch.TV - This week I bring you part one of a Fastpitch Softball slapping clinic by India Chiles. is a great resource to find the perfect fastpitch softball bat just for you! India begins her clinic giving the advice of making sure that when a softball slapper steps up to the plate and makes their stance to make sure that they look like a natural left handed hitter. Next is working on the foot work that a slapper needs to get out of the batt...!
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Check out this glove at Shop all Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Gloves: We understand that choosing a new glove can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a no worries, 100 day return policy on all of our gloves. This incredible return policy allows you to purchase a glove and return it for an exchange or full refund within...!
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Cindy Bristow of Softball Excellence provides coaching tips on pitch calling. Observing the hitter....!

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