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Episode of 2 of my Time To Buy series and I visit Alexanders Prestige to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458 they currently have for sale. The Ferrari 458 came out 10 years ago, representing a new era for Ferrari and the supercar in general. With 560hp from a naturally aspirated V8 engine, it was arguably the most usable mid-engined Ferrari ever made. Time To Buy (or Bargain Hunter as Im about to rename it) looks at cars that may now represent a good bargain due to the fact theyve suffered ...!
Channel Title : Top Gear Views : 6775501 DisLikes : 1207 Published Date :2011-01-31T18:24:04Z
Jeremy borrows James Ferrari 430 for a drag race against the new £170,000 Ferrari 458. But how will the 458 handle round the track with the Stig behind the wheel? Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: Top Gear YouTube channel: website: Top Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: This is a commercial chann...!
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Vehicle Virgins Shirts and Stickers! Today Vehicle Virgins reviews the 458 spider! Whatd I think? Its amazing. Help VV reach 1,000,000 subs :)! Follow VV on Instagram for behind the scenes! @VehicleVirgins NEW PO BOX :)!!! PO Box 8034 Ann Arbor, MI 48107 Like us on Facebook! Vehicle Virgins seeks to provide the most informative, relatable,...!
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GO READ MY COLUMN! THANKS TO OLOI INC! The Ferrari 458 Speciale A is the ultimate modern Ferrari. Today Im reviewing the 458 Speciale A, and Im going to show you why the ultra-rare version of the Ferrari 458 Italia is the last and best of a dying breed. FOLLOW ME! Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - DOUGSCORE CHART...!
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Buy my Ferrari 458 Buyers Guide here: Buy my Ferrari F430 Buyers Guide here: Now that Ive owned my Ferrari 458 for over a year I felt it was time to write my Ferrari 458 buyers guide. I also wanted to make this video to accompany the book to help show some of the items in video as opposed to pictures. This guide is meant to help educate you as a potential buyer of what to look for, and how to save some money. Ultimately the goal is to make sure you ...!
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RENT this Ferrari at - Mention us for 10% - Subscribe to be the first to see new content! Check out our 100-200 GPS Scoreboard Check out our Brand Store: Instagram: AutoTopNL Facebook Fanpage: #AutoTopNL UK: Auto-Top is an honest and pure car filming and testing company. Were not interested in eco & green (unless its like, really superfa...!
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Ferrari 458 Italia FULL 5 YEAR REVIEW | #ferrari #458italia #thecarguys Subscribe: | 🔔Make sure to enable ALL push notifications!🔔 Watch the NEWEST videos: TheCarGuys have taken their sweet time delivering a full review of their long-term Ferrari 458 Italia – but 5 years later – let’s hope it’s worth it! Bought new in March 2015, this is one of the last F...!
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I added up all the costs associated with owning my Ferrari 458 for the past year and lay it all out for you. The maintenance costs are surprisingly low, but my modifications costs are pretty scary high. I also drove it over 17,500 miles so that may have something of an affect on my costs. If you enjoy this content, please consider supporting my channel. Become a member of my channel: Shop for merch on my website: https://www.normal...!
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The Smoking Tire takes Ferraris newest supercar to an appropriately exotic location for a thorough road test. Somewhere home to celebrities, billionaires, and guidos. Somewhere like New Jersey. Host Matt Farah wrings the 458 Italia out on New Jerseys beautiful roads to find out if it is truly the best Ferrari yet....!
Channel Title : THE DRIVE Views : 1496105 DisLikes : 227 Published Date :2013-01-30T20:01:07Z
Dont ask how I came to be driving it. Im a year late to this review, so most people already know what they need to know. But do they know what the Spider is like if you drive it like a mentalist? They will now....!
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What are my thoughts on the 458 after 2 years of ownership? check out this video to hear first hand. Follow me on instagram: @richardfain28 Subscribe:!
Channel Title : Raitis Rides Views : 30625 DisLikes : 14 Published Date :2020-03-07T22:35:27Z
This Ferrari is the END of an era! The 458 Speciale is the LAST of the naturally aspirated mid-engine V8 cars. Under the engine cover is a 4.5L V8 that produces 597HP at 9,000RPM & mated to a 7-speed DCT gearbox. The 458 Speciales exterior is fine tuned for the track. On the inside you will find bare carbon fiber throughout, and a cabin perfectly setup for churning out the fastest lap times. Is the 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale the ultimate modern Ferrari to buy! **Please click the link to get your ...!
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Are you buying a Ferrari 458? Then this is the video to watch. In this buying and depreciation guide of the 458, I show you the depreciation per year and per 1000 miles driven. Furthermore, I show you how these numbers differ between the Coupe and the Spider. At the end of the video, I also show what a fair purchasing price is. You can contact me on [email protected] if you would like a personalized analysis. Ferrari 360 depreciation analysis: Ferrari 430 d...!
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➡️Help us reach 50k subscribers! ➡️Grab YOUR BF Merch ➡️Follow us on Instagram Welcome back to the channel ladies and gentleman! Today our boy Alec (Crazy BMW Driver) reviews his Ferrari 458 Italia for the Beemer Fam YouTube channel! Enjoy! - Beemer Fam Popular Uploads : BMW Driver Drives A Mercedes AMG The 5 Different Types Of BMW Drivers https...!
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Subscibe to Socal Exotics below! My friend @kandology (Instagram) and I met up in San Francisco for the first time to make an epic video of his Ferrari 458 Italia with FI headers and full Novictec Exhaust! Epic tunnel sounds, flames, and accelerations! Major thanks to Instagram user @john_z888 for the best exhaust setup for the 458!! Please hit the subscribe button! Thank you all for the support, comments and likes! Y...!
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These are the folks who wrapped my Porsche! GO CHECK THEM OUT!!!! Meet the 16 y/o with the DREAM CAR Garage... Picking up UBER Riders in a Ferrari! BIG TIPS* The Porsche Carrera GT is PURE INSANITY... DELIVERY! BIG WANG 2019 ZTK ZR1!! Ran into the man who FIRED ME years ago......!
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У нас всё заебись братюль:) Спасибо за тачку парням из @vinildesign...!
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Arkadaşlar merhaba, bu videoda Barış abimiz yine yanımızda ve efsane bir arabayla birlikteyiz. Ferrari 458 İtalia karşınızda. Çok güzel bir sürüş testi oldu. Bu sesleri özellikle dinleyin. İyi seyirler! Ferrari ile ilgili en güncel haberler için sitemizi ziyaret etmeyi unutmayın: - Abone Olun; Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Müzik Epidemic Sound: http...!
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نقدم لكم أعزاءنا متابعي موقعنا عرب جي تي تجربة قيادتنا للسيارة الإيطالية الفائقة فيراري 458 سبيشيالي، التي تعتبر أقوى نسخة من طراز فيراري 458 إيطاليا والمزودة بأقوى محرك V8 تصنعه شركة فيراري. حمل صور الحلقة بدقة عالية على الرابط: الروابط داخل الحلقة: ماكلارين 650 اس: h...!
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Próbavezetés: Csodás operatőr segítségem: És engem is megtalálsz Instagramon: Ha van neked, vagy a környezetedben bármilyen érdekes, vagy akár átlagos autó, amiről szívesen látnál a csatornán szokásos bemutatót, akkor dobj egy üzenetet erre a mail címre: [email protected] Ha bármi kérdésed, észrevételed van, ezen az email címen szintén elérsz (val...!
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To see our latest film before its on YouTube: Subscribe for more XCAR videos: Ferrari has been making supercars for decades. Its cars stir the soul and make even the most ardent eco warrior go all wibbly at the knees. We took a look a the 458 to see just how good it really is. Join the XCAR community... Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Pinterest: VIDEOS IN ENDB...!
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搭載4500c.c. V8自然進氣的引擎,這就是Ferrari 458 名字的由來!這次我們選在汐平公路試駕,雖然沿途小彎居多,或許不利體型較大的Ferrari 458,但是法拉利終究是法拉利,過彎依舊犀利暢快,而且只要一逮到機會,那顆V8引擎就會毫不留情地往9000轉攀升,速度又快又急,尤其那高轉的聲音迴盪在山谷裡....真是三日不絕。 主持人:林沅滸 製作人:鍾清淦...!
Channel Title : PlanoMotor Views : 18253 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2019-02-13T20:32:15Z
Trouxemos ao canal o sucessor do F430. Com 570 cavalos (+ 80 do que o seu antecessor), este 458 é sem dúvida uma obra de arte, com uma classe e beleza que não deixa ninguém indiferente. Agradecimento especial à MOVICASA PORTUGAL. _ Music by: Tiramisu Soup by Briareus (c) copyright 2014 Licensed under a Creative Commons Noncommercial Sampling Plus license. Ft: teru...!
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Yuk kita cobain Ferrari F458 Spider ini apalagi sudah d ganti knalpot pakai rowen pasti makin maknyus dah. Sekalian kita godain cewe buat cobain mobil ini yuk....!
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Ferrari 458 versus 488 - which would YOU buy? Includes free WINDOW SMASHING! Subscribe: | 🔔Make sure to enable ALL push notifications!🔔 Watch the NEWEST videos: #Ferrari #458Vs488 #windowsmashing This week TheCarGuys take the new Ferrari 488 GTB and test it versus Damian’s long-term 458 Italia. Which is the better in terms of performance, noise, exterior looks, quality of inte...!
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LLego la hora de un verdadero Super Auto!! nada mas que el Ferrari 458 Speciale! una bestia de maquina con 605 HP de potencia!!! No te lo pierdas!! solo aqui en FULL CARS!! Gracias a Sergio y Vision and Design Síguelos en instagram como @visionanddesign Aprende junto a Erixon Arias ( El calvo) todo sobre autos!! SUSCRIBETE YA MISMO!! Y SE PARTE DE ESTA COMUNIDAD AMANTE A LOS AUTOS! _______________________________________________________________________________ CONOCE TAMBIEN NUESTRO CANAL DE ...!
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Ricambi America is hooking you up with 10% off, use the code NGS10 at Ferrari 458 Oil Change Kit - 458OCK - Pennzoil 5w-40 Euro Platinum - Launch X-431 PROS Mini - Now that the Ferrari 458 is getting a little older, many of them are no longer eligible for the factory maintenance program which means you can either take the car to the dealership (or an independent shop) and pay a lot ($400-500!) ...!
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Channel Title : DRIVE.RU Views : 98203 DisLikes : 90 Published Date :2017-09-08T07:28:46Z
В руки главного редактора Драйва попал редкий 605-сильный спорткар Ferrari 458 Speciale из частной коллекции. Подробнее о машине, её технике и истории — на Драйве:!
Channel Title : Faisal Khan Views : 277665 DisLikes : 331 Published Date :2019-07-21T05:57:44Z
Follow CL5 Automotives and win a chance to go on a supercar drive with me - Here is the most detailed review of the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, I tell you everything about the design, interior, features, performance, ride, handling, braking, steering, price and of course give you a verdict on whether you should buy the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider in India. This Ferrari 458 review is a long drive one with a real-world perspective of the naturally aspirated su...!
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Обзор Ferrari F12 Berlinetta THANKS TO OLOI INC! Подписывайтесь на нашу группу вКонтакте Оригинальное видео: Колонка Дага: Канал Дага: Шкала Дага: Twitter Дага: Facebook Дага:!
Channel Title : Fifth Gear Views : 112611 DisLikes : 32 Published Date :2016-06-02T16:00:01Z
The Ferrari 458 Spider, so good it brings Vicki to tears. For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs and all your favourite Fifth Gear moments, subscribe to our Official Channel: Check out our website for the latest car videos and news from around the web:!
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沒錯等了三個月,我終於要認識介紹一下我的這台458(應該是有認真介紹啦😅)雖然不小心被車友跟屁股就忘記在拍片了! 不得不說458是我心中最棒的法拉利,你可能不認識Ferrari 355你可能不認識LaFerrari甚至Enzo,但這世上有誰不認識458嗎?而它也是法拉利最後的V8自然進氣之作。 當你坐上駕駛艙,油門一踩你便會深刻了解這是一台桀驁不馴的烈馬,是的570匹在以當今動輒700...!
Channel Title : DLMphotos Views : 626687 DisLikes : 82 Published Date :2014-01-16T01:00:01Z
Become a fan on Facebook for the latest updates: A couple of my friends went to go get race gas in my friends GMG Racing test piped Ferrari 458 Italia, so of course Charlie ( and I had to join in a get some video. I present to you in the latest of the street terror/saying hi series: Straight Piped Ferrari 458 Italia Says Hi to Beverly Hills. Enjoy! P.S. watch for other cars throughout the video, especially at the end...!
Channel Title : Saabkyle04 Views : 1322854 DisLikes : 290 Published Date :2015-02-23T14:49:37Z
Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04! YouTubes largest collection of automotive variety. In todays video, well take an in depth look test drive of the Ferrari 458 Italia. TIME STAMPS: Initial start up sequence of both the Italia and Spider: 2:13 Steering/transmission details (including VDA demo, drive shots): 3:49 Exterior walk around, styling, aerodynamics, background, etc: 7:45 Details on the 458 Spider: 11:42 Wheels/tires/brakes/suspension (including drive shots): 13:13 Engine, performance, fuel...!
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Like my Facebook Page and the photo of the LEGO Lamborghini Sian on my Facebook Page to automatically be entered: Go Vote on Liberty Walk kits for my Ferrari 458 @TheStradman!
Channel Title : BrianZuk Views : 960413 DisLikes : 132 Published Date :2013-12-13T14:34:39Z
BrianZuk records an In Action video of a modified black Ferrari 458 Italia with Innotech Performance Exhaust (IPE). The video includes tons of action footage: in-car driving video, flybys, accelerations, take offs, hard revs, and more! Mods on the 458 include Innotech Performance Exhaust, headers, cat pipe, valvetronic muffler, insulation wrap, and black powder coated OEM tips. Installation performed by GT Auto Concepts in San Carlos, CA (props to Lance, Shawn & Vince!). TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS, w...!
Channel Title : Woyshnis Media Views : 1962318 DisLikes : 832 Published Date :2019-02-18T18:32:49Z
1 of 2 street legal GT3 458’s in the world, combined with my personal dream car at the moment, the Huracan Performante. filming these two was so much fun, shoutout @joshlizak for letting me use the audio he got of the 458! And HUGE thank you to @twentythreeninteen for being a big help while filming, helping me with gear and driving. I appreciate you dude 😘 Gear I use: Follow/Like me on; Instagram: Faceboo...!
Channel Title : CarBustion Views : 22759 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2020-07-31T15:00:09Z
รีวิวเจาะลึก Supercar ในไลน์อัพ V8 วางกลางของม้าลำพองที่แม้จะตกรุ่นไป 2 รุ่นแล้วแต่มันก็ยัง Timeless และน่าสะสม แถมจุดเด่นคือเป็น V8 ที่เป็น NA รุ่นสุดท้าย เสียงก็จะเร้าอารมณ์เป็นธรรมดาเพราะม...!
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Aquí os dejamos un video muy diferente que teníamos ya ganas de traer y muchos nos habíais pedido: Review del Ferrari 458 Spider! Veremos las características principales de este super coche así como interiores, exteriores y el rugido de su motor. Como siempre, esperamos que so guste muchísimo ;) ► Descárgate GRATIS mi eBook: ► Accede GRATIS a los 4 primeros videos de mi Curso de Bolsa: ------------­-­-­-­-------------­-­-­-­--...!
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Follow me on Instagram: Follow YellowDude on Weibo: Film & Edit - Ryan Wang!
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Markku Alén testasi Ferrari 458:aa Nummelan lentokentällä. Hyppää kyytiin! LUE LISÄÄ:!
Channel Title : LOPERAIO Channel Views : 1427653 DisLikes : 436 Published Date :2016-11-25T13:40:30Z
輸入中古車販売専門店ロペライオの試乗インプレッション、第120回は世界限定499台のプレミアモデル、フェラーリ・458のスペチアーレAです!当動画史上最高額となる跳ね馬を、今日は普段とルートを変えて山手トンネルからそのサウンドと走りをチェックします! フェラーリ 458 スペチアーレ A の車両情報: その他の試乗インプレッション...!
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Come for a quick spin in a 458 with me Find me on FB here!

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