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Tatak ng apat na Alon tribe, more known in English as Mark of the four Waves tribe. Consisting of just over 150 members, this Los Angeles-based collective popularizes traditional Filipino tattooing around the world. At his head for more than twenty years, we find the famous artist Elle Festin and his wife, zelle Festin. Tatak ng apat na alon tribe, plus connue en anglais comme Mark of the four waves tribe signifie la tribu des quatre vagues. Constitué d’un peu plus de 150 membres, ce collec...!
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Want to See the World’s Best Filipino Tribal Tattoo designs? Click here to visit our Gallery: The art of tattooing was once an integral part of tribal culture in the Philippines. Unfortunately, by the 1700s, the practice had all but fallen by the wayside due to the influence of invaders such as the Spanish Conquistadors. Now, true Filipino tribal tattoos (called batek in the Philippines) are a rarity, and a ...!
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Looking to get a tribal tattoo? Heres a video of my experience getting a tribal tattoo at the Immortal Tattoo shop in the Philippines! Recorded the tattoo being done from start to finish aka timelapse. I would definitely recommend going here if youre looking to get a tattoo in the Philippines. I got a whole sleeve done and the whole experience was around 5-6 hours. Any questions? Contact me! Instagram: @Millennial1992 Email: [email protected]!
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Lets have a brief look at Philippine tribal tattoos and their stand. The royalty free music is by Bensound and can be found here:!
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Meet Whang Od. She lives in the Philippines and is the last master of the art of traditional, hand-tapped Filipino tattoos. Whang Od is 93 and her body is adorned with snakes and millipedes. She is the last practitioner of a very special art form – and all she needs for this art form, are charcoal, water, a dash of sugar cane juice for shine, and the thorns of the orange tree, which she uses as needles. She’s highly sought after by young people around the world. The film accompanies Charly ...!
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Original Air Date: October 27, 2015, Tuesday Part 3 Apat na Alan or The Four Waves is a group of Filipino Americans that all have body art or tattoos in common to pay tribute to their Pilipino ancestors. Special Thanks to Documentarian Alejandro Talens. Kababayan Today is Americas FIRST and ONLY daily talk show for and about the Filipinos! Tune in during the weekdays at 3:30pm on KSCI/LA18 in Southern California and 5:00pm on KIKU in Hawaii. Email us at [email protected] for story suggestions...!
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In Los Angeles, Joel prepares to meet his birth father, a man missing from his life since he was a very young boy, living in the Philippines. First, he investigates what it means to be Filipino in the US and visits a community in Stanton where traditional Filipino art is the inspiration for extraordinary intricate tribal tattoos. After meeting his father, the pair head off to a national park to camp for the night and get to know each other. With no distractions other than the camp fire, his fath...!
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custom freehand FILIPINO TRIBAL TATTOO done in 4 hours,.....!
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ASMR Tattoo Artist Roleplay *Filipino Tribal Tattoo Style* Our other ASMR channels: FemaleASMR: MaleASMR: Twitter:!
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Timelapse of 3rd session on Filipino & Polynesian arm tattoo. Approximately 12 hours total. The sun in the center was traced and stenciled and the rest was hand drawn directly on skin. Kernersville, NC IG: inklabtattoo, codie.c137 Music: Zhong Wen Smoke URL: Music: Last Night ( by FUGUE ) URL: Music: Sleepless In Gulustan URL:!
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This video is the first video of my Tattoo Journey series. I will be sharing details of how I learned about traditional Filipino tattoos and the group, Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon tribe. Please, like, comment and share if you found this video helpful. Dont forget to press that subscribe button. Follow me on IG @the1sam__juan Spiritual Journey Tattoo - Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon questionnaire -!
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Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Mark of the Four Waves A contemporary tribe that is preserving the traditional tattoo culture of the Philippines which was vanishing after 400 years of Spanish rule. If youre in California, check out Spiritual Journey Tattoo near Anaheim: Additional photographs taken by: Roger Carter Joe Ash Zel Festin Special Thanks to Elle Festin.!
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Follow Vancouvers Mayo Landicho as he makes a truly incredible journey. »Subscribe to CBC Arts to watch more videos: After migrating to Vancouver from the Philippines, award-winning tattoo artist Mayo Landicho would have recurring dreams that urged him to reconnect to his cultural roots. One told him to go back to the Philippines and climb the northern mountains to meet an old woman who would guide him. He believed the dream came from his ancestors. So L...!
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Part 3 of 4 Original Air Date: 7/10/2015 Author, educator, & traditional tattoo artist Lane Wilcken discusses the deeply spiritual symbolism in ancient tattoo practices of indigenous peoples in the Philippines. Kababayan Today is Americas FIRST and ONLY daily talk show for and about the Filipinos! Tune in during the weekdays at 3:30pm on KSCI/LA18 in Southern California and 5:00pm on KIKU in Hawaii. Email us at [email protected] for story suggestions. Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebo...!
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The interviews contained in this series were filmed in New Zealand in 2015 for my Masters degree thesis entitled, Embodying the Past in the Present: Practising, Supporting, Highlighting Indigenous Tattoo Revival through Indigenous and Creative Research Methodologies. This first video is an introduction to each of the artists, where there from and how they started the journey to reviving their ancestral tattooing tradition. In this video each artist answers two questions, beginning with: When did...!
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Tattoos were once banned in the Philippines, but now Batok, an ancient tattooing culture, is making a resurgence. Pro surfer Tipi Jabrik takes a road trip around the Phillipines to find surf and explore tattoo culture. When Spanish colonists first arrived to the Philippines, they called it the Island of The Painted Men because many Indigenous people were tattooed. But soon after they banned tattoos, Today, Batok, the ancient tattooing culture is making a resurgence. Click here to SUBSCRIBE to ...!
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San Francisco 49ers superstar Colin Kaepernicks tattoo artist is a Filipino. Kaepernicks latest addition to his ink collection is a tribal design tattooed by Orly Locquiao of the Humble Beginnings tattoo parlor in San Jose, California. Bev Llorente of Balitang America reports....!
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In the first part of this special edition of Superstar Ink, Roman Reigns reveals why his traditional Samoan tattoo is so important to him. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK :!
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Learn more about Philippines by subscribing here: About this weeks episode: TOP 15 AWESOME FILIPINO TRIBAL TATTOO DESIGNS WEBSITE & NEWSLETTER: • More Free information and updates here : • Subscribe to our Philippines Travel Newsletter: SCHEDULE Philippines Wedding Traditions ...!
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Fang Od, or Whang Od (there are varying spellings but both are pronounced the same), is the last of an ancient line of traditional Kalinga tattoo artists in the Philippines. #Tattoo #TraditionalTattoo #PhilippinesTattoo Get my book, Ghost Cities of China: My gear Cameras: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera: Ursa Mini Pro: Sony a6000: Drone: DJI...!
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Mini-story to share to those who are curious on why and how I got my one of a kind filipino tribal tattoo Listen to the story of my pain and suffering -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you havent seen my weird ass introduction of myself, link is down below. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...!
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Want to See the World’s Best Filipino Sun Tattoo designs? Click here to visit our Gallery: Filipino tattoos have a rich history among the Philippine people. From accomplishments and ranks in tribes, to connecting with one’s linage, these tattoos hold deep meaning. The Filipino Sun is one of the more popular tattoos seen decorating bodies. Although it’s grown famous across the world, it is still prominent w...!
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Tutorial with accurate English subtitle on how to write in Baybayin, one of the ancient writings in the Philippines. This video is a guide for the FREE LINE DRAWINGS and BAYBAYIN WORKSHEETS I will be POSTING DAILY on my social media accounts while were all under shelter in place orders. Please click the link below to download the PDF files of the worksheet and line drawing. FOLLOW ME ON FB AND IG FOR UPDATES AND DAILY POSTS (...!
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Tattoo by: DanDan (408)775-3601 Directed and Edited by: Barbara Naillon Music By: Data Romance, Saskatoon...!
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Whang-Od is the last remaining mambabatok—a tattoo artist in the Philippines using traditional hand-tap methods. At 101 years old, she is the last master of the thousand-year-old trade that first began as a way to honor warriors in battle. Using a hammer and thorns, Whang-Od taps coal ink into skin. Today, she is training her grandniece to carry on her legacy, keeping the family mamababatok tradition alive. This Great Big Story was inspired by Genesis. #Tattoos #TattooArtist #Ink SUBSCRIBE: ...!
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The other week I decided to book an impromptu visit to Las Vegas to visit my Mambabatok, Lane Wilcken, and receive more Batok! Hey! My first travel vlog thing! Im trying to get the hang of vlogging for my trip to the Philippines....!
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Dr. Analyn Salvador-Amores explains the rich culture and history of tattooing in the Philippnes. Subscribe to the ABS-CBN News channel! - Visit our website at Facebook: Twitter:!
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Rated aRRRRRRR for blood & pain This episode is painful for me to re-live. Not for the squeamish, maybe not for the kiddies. But informative as to why humans get tattoos and where the tradition comes from. This session was 4.5 hours and the most painful experience of my life. I hope you enjoy watching me squirm Captain Nate Pick up some sweet Expedition Drenched Merch: Expedition drenched is a U.S. based marine educational non profit 501c3 made possible...!
Channel Title : Fearless & Far Views : 6617682 DisLikes : 3737 Published Date :2018-06-03T02:36:30Z In this Philippines travel vlog, I head to Kalinga in northern Luzon to find the tattoo artist legend Apo Whang Od. The last mambatok, a style of traditional tattoo found only in the Philippines. The people of Kalinga were head hunters. Buscalan, the home of Wang Od was particularly famous for their strange tradition of tattooing. They thought tattoos were beautiful, and the women would cover themselves in full body tattoos to attract men. The men however...!
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In this Hawaiian tattoo tradition, the artist chooses the design for you. Keone Nunes is a world-renowned for his work as a tattoo master. He practices hand-tapping tattoos. MORE INK EXPEDITION CONTENT: Traditional Tebori Tattoos In Japan | Ink Expedition Celtic Knot Tattoos In California | Ink Expedition ------------------------------------------------------ #Tattoo #Ink #Insider Insider is great journalism about what ...!
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Ami James creates a tattoo with Polynesian writing and rose in honour of his clients Lola. Subscribe to DMAX for more great clips: Like DMAX on Facebook: Follow DMAX on Twitter:!
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Culture, family and struggle are represented in The Rocks tattoo, as he describes in a Once in a Lifetime: The Rock vs. John Cena exclusive video....!
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Buscalan is famous for being home to the legendary Whang-Od. Follow the link to our post to find out how to get a Filipino tribal tattoo from the Kalinga tribe in Buscalan, the Philippines.!
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Get them at!
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Program rerun in English description...!
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Download my Workout ► NO HESI Apparel ► Watch LAST Video► SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL► ***For Business inquires*** Please email: [email protected] ADD ME ON: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: SNAPCHAT: @SnewJ Filmer: @Migue...!
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armband tattoos for men, armband tattoo designs meanings, armband tattoo design, armband tattoo designs free, armband tattoo designs with names, armband tattoo designs tribal, armband tattoo dragon, armband tattoo designs tumblr, celtic armband tattoo designs, aztec armband tattoo designs, dragon armband tattoo designs, tribal armband tattoo, black armband tattoo, solid armband tattoo, armband tattoo ideas, armband tattoo meaning gay, armband tattoo meaning, armband tattoo, armband tattoo cover ...!
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A Filipino American Golf player from #California visited Frank to cover his old tattoos with #Filipino #tribal design done in Immortal tattoo shop in Tiendesitas mall ortigas ave. cor c5road frontera verde/valle verde pasig city manila Philippines mobile 0917 9337730...!
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Thank you for watching! Subscriiiibe!!
Channel Title : Kristian Kabuay Views : 93673 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2008-10-15T04:05:06Z features premium Filipino Tattoo design ideas. Check out the site to download free designs. Art by Mel Vera Cruz....!
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Traditional filipino tribal tattoo by artist kalawang based in baguio city. Took 8 hours to finish...!
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Buscalan, Kalinga Philippines...!
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This video is about my Filipino tattoo and the impact that my culture has made on me....!
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The former headhunters of northeast India once wore their tattoos with pride, as each mark reflected a military success. But changing attitudes mean the practice is dying out. Subscribe to BBC News HERE Check out our website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:!
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Jo Stanley meets with Cultural Practitioner Kelii Makua to learn more about the rare art of ancient Hawaiian tattooing and why it remains a sacred practice. From The House of Wellness Season 3, Episode 35. Watch LIVE each Sunday at 12 noon on Channel 7 or catch up on the episode at!

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