Film Photography

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Check out over 25,000 classes on Skillshare! Thanks to Tripe Fat Goose for our amazing coats! Check them out: Thanks to BC for helping us out with this video! His IG: His Podcast: _________________ ►▷ Check out our NEW 2020 PRESETS: ◁◀︎ Check out our first-ever online course! Music from the video: 45 by Egozi Kingdom ...!
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Today I share my tips for Beginner Film Photography Mistakes to avoid shooting 35mm film to make your shooting experience easy and enjoyable! Avoid these common mistakes and I guarantee you every time you go out and shoot, youll get good results. This goes for 35mm film and even medium format film photography and remember gang always have fun! Hope you enjoy this video, comment any questions! KINGJVPES Follow me on instagram @Kingjvpes (GIVEAWAY AT 30K!) My favorite Film Stocks: PORTRA 160 - h...!
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These are 8 of my favorite film photography hacks and tips. Thanks Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Go to for a free 14 day trial and use code WILLEM for 10% off your first purchase /// Follow Willem: /// GEAR: My Camera bag: My Lightmeter: My Video Camera: My Video Lens: Portra 400: /// MUS...!
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grab some popcorn kids this is a long one. another simple day out making photographs with willem & roman. 3 different cameras. 3 different film stocks. enjoy. check me out on instagram: check out more of romans work: check out more of willems work: love you all xx...!
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Had a great day of driving up into the North Cascades and shooting at Diablo Lake. This was also my first time shooting Fuji Industrial 100 and I was very pleased with the results! Hoping to get up into the mountains quite a bit more this summer to photograph all they have to offer! More of my work: Instagram: @braehunz, @filmbybrae Music: Prod. Riddiman Hyde - Free Instrumentals Music provided by!
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Discover your style of analog photography with Joe Greer as he talks to COOPH in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, about his top 7 tips for shooting film. In this video, you’ll learn the importance of following the rules… your rules. It’s about finding out what works for you through lots of practice and that means taking lots of photos, which is what we’re all about here at COOPH. So, load your camera and start shooting! But don’t forget to tag @thecooph and #coophshoutout on Instagram for a ...!
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Grab My Presets and Luts! ..................................................................................................................... Follow Me on Instagram! Follow me on Twitter! Portfolio: ..................................................................................................................... My Main Camera! - Awes...!
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Search for the hashtag #FilmIsNotDead on Instagram and you’ll find more than 14 million posts from users all over the world. Why are younger generations embracing the slower process of shooting and developing film in a time when taking the perfect photo with our cellphones is cheap and instant gratification? Why are film and vintage camera sales up? And how has an online community helped revitalize the analog industry? * SUBSCRIBE to NBC LEFT FIELD: * Watch the lat...!
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Follow me on social media: I know its very easy to get upset and take things personally but in this time of craziness lets all take our serious pants off and lighten up. honestly its all very funny because I have done a said some of these things as well. __________________________________ ___________________________________ Equipment Used In This Video: Sony a7iii --- Sony 16-35mm --- Mic ---...!
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I got the chance to try out some expired film while I visited Wildwood, NJ recently. /// Taylor has more expired film for sale if you are looking for some :)) /// My INSTAGRAM: Email: [email protected] /// MUSIC: The music in this video was all sourced from Musicbed - Get a free trial of the best music for your videos:!
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Kodak Portra 400 is one of the best rolls in film photography & today we try it out. Get your Portra 400 rolls here: The Camera I use: Watch more my street photography on film: Kodak Color Plus 200: Ilford HP5: Get the mobile wallpaper from the video: ➡ My camera & gear @ Complete List of The Gear I use: FujiFilm X-...!
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Some of the classic shit film photographers say... Hope you enjoy! Ive been wanting to make this video for months now. Regular scheduled video will be going up on Wednesday then were back to the usual Sunday uploads! More of my work: Instagram: @braehunz, @filmbybrae!
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Willem Verbeeck has been consistently growing on Youtube channel with his insight behind film photography. We talk about juggling school, work, collaborating, and practicing your craft, moving from London to New York, embracing the New York creative scene and always saying yes to new uncomfortable opportunity. Listen to full/raw version on our podcast! Follow Wille...!
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POV street photography around Tokyo with a 35mm film camera using Kodak TRI-X 400 black and white film. Come wander around the streets of Tokyo with me and vibe to some tunes. We explore Shinjuku and Shimbashi shooting street photography. Follow my Instagram @itchban - New videos every Wednesday 9PM. Watch the Japan series here (playlist): ---- This vlog was filmed on: Canon EOS R - 16-35mm f4 lens - https://amzn...!
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The first 500 people to signup with this link will get two months free when the signup for Skillshare! In this video, Rachel shoots with both film and digital to illustrate some of the differences between the two. ► ENTER OUR ONA BAGS GIVEAWAY: Thanks to Ona for sponsoring the giveaway. Check them out! Our model Destiny: LR PRESETS WE EDIT THE PHOTOS WITH:!
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Oh boy, an overly technical video about measuring light! Said none of you, probably. Cameras in video: Mamiya 7 Film in video: portra 800 Video recorded on my phone, and Sony a7rii. Social Media: Instayams: @50_shades_of_jason =============== AFFILIATES: (Helps support my channel) MUSIC provided by Epidemic Sound. Sign up here and get your first 30 days free: BACKPACK: ================ Business Inquiries: pigmo...!
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When it comes to shooting film, especially if you’re new to it, metering can be one of the more confusing or intimidating topics. What kind of meter should you use? Can you just use the meter inside your camera? Why do people always suggest you overexpose your film? There are a lot of questions and I’m partnering up with my good friends at The Darkroom to try and give you all of the information you need to make the photos you want. This is the first of many videos where we dig into the techn...!
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This past Spring I learned how to shoot on film + have had so much fun working on this photography technique ever since. It truly is not as complicated or technical as I thought it would be! Today I am going to share how I get my images from the roll of film to Instagram. What exactly I ask for when I am done shooting + take into a store to get developed. How I get digital copies, edit in Lightroom, and share online and on Instagram. Sarahs film photography video:!
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Check out my print shop: Thanks for the support! The camera I use in this video: Next video coming soon :)! Set a reminder for the Live Stream: Submit your RAW-Photo here: Social IG: Twitter: My gear: In this video, I use my Canon AE-1 film camera and some Kodak Portra 400 rolls...!
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Ive learned a few things over the years - here they are. Heres the DX Coding chart: Instrumental - Guap by Kid Ocean...!
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Photography challenge using only film cameras in Tokyo, Japan. KEN GEORGIA Thank you Akira for filming us B U Y M Y P R E S E T S ► F O L L O W M E I N S T A G R A M ► F B ► W E B S I T E ► T W I T T E...!
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#filmphotography #analogphotography #leica 35mm film photography Camera: Leica M6 Lenses: 35mm Summicron ASPH 28mm Elmarit ASPH Films used: 00:10 - Kodak Portra 400 03:03 - Fujifilm Pro 400H 03:50 - Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 04:12 - Kodak Tri-X 04:46 - Ilford HP5 05:14 - Dubblefilm Jelly...!
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A lighthearted reddit video looking at some funny stuff Thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video, if youd like to try out their service you can do so here: Support us on Patreon: Video recorded on Sony A6500 Social Media: George: #PHOT...!
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Todays film photography video is all about how I edit my film scans using Lightroom. Ill show you some images shot on my Contax G1 with Kodak Portra 400 and how I adjusted the scans to match my creative eye & vision. Drop me your film photography qs & thoughts in the comments below! 🎧new vids on the regular 🎧 subscribe here » ✌WHERE YOU CAN FIND ME » Instagram - » Twitter - » My We...!
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I think film is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Its an incredible tool to document memories in a gorgeous way, that draws so much emotion and nostalgia. Here are my reasons for why you should learn film. Also RIP since i couldnt get those photos developed! Follow along on my instagram to see them when I do post them! MY INSTAGRAM: current sub count: 232...!
Channel Title : Ross Jukes Photography Views : 524 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-05-03T17:30:05Z
Why shoot film photography in 2020? Well, there are lots of good reasons and in this video, we discuss a few of them. However, film does have a bit of a stigma attached to it but it can also be hugely rewarding and surprisingly easy for beginners to get started! 📸 - Follow me on Instagram - ❤️ - Don’t forget to Subscribe for more -… 🎥 - You may also like… 📸 - Fuji X100F Review -!
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Michael Strickland no longer shoots digital photos, focusing his work on large and medium format film. Here why he made the switch and why he is obsessed with the process of taking photographs using film....!
Channel Title : Willem Verbeeck Views : 326001 DisLikes : 178 Published Date :2019-07-21T15:00:12Z
This week I walk through my creative film photography process in hopes of sharing some tips that are useful to improve your own film photography. My Instagram: Lauren Tepfer: /// GEAR: My Lightmeter: Portra 400: Film Scanner: /// MUSIC: The music in this video was all sourced from Musicbed - Get a free trial of the best music for your videos: ...!
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Sign up with Skillshare and get your first two months for absolutely free, fam! ► Check out Sams channel: ► And his Instagram: ► Thanks to our model Matthew: Music from the video: All This Love by Russo & Weinberg ► _______________________________________ ►▷ Check out our NEW 2020 PRESETS: ◁◀︎ OUR CLASSI...!
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Went on a bit of a photowalk in Bethnal Green, London. Images shot with my Canon AE1 on Kodak Colorplus film. Hope you enjoy! Thumbnail shot by Aiden - see more of his work here: CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram: Website: Twitter: For business inquiries: [email protected] MUSIC: Find a Way by Lakey Inspired Days ...!
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A video all about shooting self portraits on 35mm film. Watch me photograph myself using: 1. a self timer 2. a mirror 3. a cable release Images shot on Kodak Portra on my Canon A1. :) Many thanks to Kodak Professional Europe ( for the rolls of film + Brenda Ford ( for my beautiful braids. If you have any self portrait tips do feel free to share them below! Hope you enjoy + pls take care xx CONNE...!
Channel Title : Benj Haisch Views : 34361 DisLikes : 36 Published Date :2020-01-20T17:18:32Z
Maybe the question Ive been asked more than any other lately is I want to start shooting film, what camera should I buy? Ill answer my top 3 picks that I most often recommend and youll probably be surprised by at least one of them. Cameras/Lenses mentioned: Olympus Stylus 35mm f/3.5 | Canon A-1 | Canon EOS Elan IIe | Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM lens | Best film to start with | My ...!
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A lighthearted meme video looking at some funny stuff on instagram. Thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video, if youd like to try out their service you can do so here: Support us on Patreon: Video recorded on Sony A6500 Social Media: George: http://www.inst...!
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Film photography at night, had a good time. also enjoy the other photos that are not at night but still lowlight! ___________________________________ ___________________________________ Equipment Used In This Video: Sony a7iii --- Sony 16-35mm --- Mic --- Andy Cine monitor --- Small rig a7iii cage --- Rode ntg 2 --- Zoom h4n pro ---!
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This week I go through every camera Ive owned or used for an extended period of time to decide which ones are and arent worth buying. Thanks Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Go to for a free 14 day trial and use code WILLEM for 10% off your first purchase /// GEAR: My Camera bag: My Lightmeter: My Video Camera: My Video Lens: Portra 400:!
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This week we had the opportunity to shoot large format film on the Wista 5x4 camera and get some awesome underwater images, thanks to the guys at Tank Space Tank Space If you would like to help me out a buy me a roll of film you can here Or if you would liek to join the disscusion on the Facebook group you would be welcome here!
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Check out my Editing Workshop HERE : A comparison of the Contax 645 vs. EOS R. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this one! Check out the Gear I use to make these Videos Here : LUT Used : follow Jess - Get a free trial of the best music for your videos Favorite Gear for Filmmaking : Canon E...!
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You can still grab a copy of Ians book Arcadia via his publisher here: Follow Ian on Instagram: /// Follow Willem on Instagram: /// MUSIC: The music in this video was all sourced from Musicbed - Get a free trial of the best music for your videos:!
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안녕하세요 저스트노말입니다 처음으로 필름카메라로 야간 사진을 찍어봤는데요 낮과는 다르게 빛들이 다양해서 정말 재밌었던 시간이었습니다. 카메라 : Mamiya RB 67 pro SD 필름 : Kodak potra 400 지노 : 민근 : -JUSTNORMAL GEARS -메인카메라 : SONY A7M3(A7iii) 렌즈 : 2470GM / 55.8mmF1.8z / Batis 25mm / 24105G /sel2470GM / 55.8mm f1.8 ZA -드론 ...!
Channel Title : Matt Day Views : 14565 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2020-06-15T12:00:13Z
Archiving some film and answering your questions. 📷❤️🎞 Female Film Channels Mentioned & More! Chris B - Madison B - Karin Majoka - Sophia Carey - Ahza - Ejatu Shaw - Talya Adams - ht...!
Channel Title : Creative Ryan Views : 7191 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2020-03-25T03:39:01Z
Canon Sureshot 85 Zoom - My Presets, Transitions & LUTs - Music I Use For Videos (FREE TRIAL) - My Gear - Rent Gear - Instagram - Subscribe - For Inquiries, collabs & sponsorships - [email protected] My 2020 Camera & Gear KIT: Vlog Camera - Main Camera - Camera Bag - https://amzn.t...!
Channel Title : T. Hopper Views : 3090 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2020-03-16T18:12:00Z
This week I bring some answers to the question everyone always asks me, whereas Im in a photo walk, among friends or sharing a family meal, the question is why film?. Thank you to all who have been watching and overall supporting the channel. /// Website: Instagram:!
Channel Title : jae rose Views : 2015 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2020-07-13T17:43:20Z
Finally, I get to do some Street Photography in London with my official street setup, Leica M6 with the Leica 28mm F2.8 Elmarit. I hope you enjoyed the structure of the video. Ive been thinking, and trying hard on how to tell a different story than the usual Film POV videos. Because theres still such a major process outside of pressing the shutter with film and nobody shows this process at all, so I tried hard to include it. I hope you street photographers and film lovers appreciate the effort :...!
Channel Title : Brae Hunziker Views : 3335 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2020-04-12T18:47:08Z
*This video was shot several weeks ago* Hey, yall. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there. In this weeks video, my buddy, Andrew, and I venture out to Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast to shoot some film and get away from the city. I shoot Portra 400 in both my Canon AE-1 and Bronica GS-1. The last two frames shown in the video were shot on Ektar 100, however. Enjoy! Instagram: @braehunz, @filmbybrae Music: Caamp - No Sleep | Prod. Riddiman - Holidays...!
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Buy My Prints: 🖤 This is the camera I bought: This is the first episode of my film street photography series. Watch Part 2 here: ➡ My camera & gear @ Complete List of The Gear I use: FujiFilm X-T3: Best Street Photography Lens: My Favorite Portrait lens: Fujis Wide...!

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