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If you like these topics, follow along for more daily content: SUBSCRIBE FOR VIDEOS TWICE WEEKLY!! What Im Wearing: White Button Down Cropped Blouse - - Jewelry Shown: Round Diamond Engagement Ring - - Diamond round ...!
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Bonjour Everyone! In this video, I show you some of my favorite pieces from my fine jewelry collection. I hope you will enjoy it! Hers the links to some of the jewelry, a lot of them are so old that they dont make them anymore: Big circle Earrings The Swell Life: Gold Lion by Alex Woo: Labradorite pendant:!
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In this video, we are comparing Fine Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry with an identical piece I own. Ill walk you through the differences and main characteristics so you can make the best decision next time you are looking at any jewelry. Is it worth the price? Will you just wear it a few times and then retire it already or will it become a long term stable you wear every day? The dramatic difference in price has its reason both ways. More to that in the video. _____________________________________...!
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Another week, another video! I did a poll on Instagram on whether I should do a full jewelry collection video or my fine jewelry and of can guess which one won. I linked as much as I could down below. Items Mentioned: Tiffany T Smile Necklace: Tiffany Arrow Bracelet: Tiffany Beaded Bracelet: Tiffany Heart Toggle Bracelet: Tiffany T Smile Bracelet: Tiffany Pearl...!
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Hi Everyone! Shop with me at Walmart. Here Ive shown Walmarts Watch collection & fine Jewelries. Theyve so many nice watches at very reasonable prices..Affordable brands, womens watches, mens watches of Armitron, Timex, Time & tru.. Walmart has some nice fine jewelries, reasonable wedding rings with bands, solitaire engagement rings, genuine diamond jewelry, rings, earrings, pendents, bracelets, high quality created or genuine gemstone ruby, emerald, sapphire, opal jewelries, sterling silver, so...!
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Thanks for watching my 2020 Luxury Jewelry Collection. I wanted to share my pieces from Cartier, Tiffany & co. Van Cleef & Arpels, and Rolex as well as an extra special custom piece. Thanks for watching! LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE Follow me on Instagram: Kaitlyn_Marie0420 Follow Me On Instagram- @kaitlyn_marie0420 Other Videos to Watch 2020 Luxury Handbag Collection: Cartier Unboxing: 2020 Wish List- Bes...!
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As requested by the lovely Simone, please enjoy my fine jewelry (or jewellery in Australia) collection. Check out my favourites at: Canturi Cubism Canturi Regina Bvlgari B.Zero1 Viper Maria Tash @ Netapo...!
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Hi! Welcome to my channel. Todays video is all about my affordable diamond jewelry and everyday jewelry. I hope you check out some other videos as well and I hope you liked it! Polène Unboxing: LV Clés: Empreinte vs. Canvas: Polène Numbero Un Nano: 1st Impressions: Products Mentioned: Peoples Canadian diamond earrings (0.20tcw in 14k White Gold) Pierced star earring (14k Gold) Wedding Band (14k White Gol...!
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Fine jewelry collecting, treasure hunting Rebecca J Ray Fine jewelry collecting, (gold finds) Rebecca J Ray...!
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NEW mlc merch: Ive been seeing these companies popping up all over instagram, and they all SAY THE SAME THING! They are a fine jewelry brand using great quality metals and gemstones, for a cheaper price because they cut out the middle man. I decided to order from one of them, because I was sick of my lightly gold plated earrings getting tarnished. Glossier Boy Brow I ordered from the brand Mejuri. I b...!
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Fine Jewelry is meant to be worn. But for some people, the idea of taking their precious jewelry out into the world us scary. Things like scratches, chemicals, even water can do serious damage to your favorite pieces. In this video I talk about some of the ways you can keep your jewelry safe and beautiful! Heres some more videos you might like! How To Care for Pearl Jewelry Jewelry Myths And ...!
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thank you for watching that was my final ring video until next years update! dont forget to follow me on my social media platforms ~instagram @b.byarahbrittaney ~facebook~ PLUS DONT FORGET TO USE CODE WF5K9YV4HH TO GET $20 OFF YOUR NEXT JTV PURCHASE if you have already purchased from jtv before checkout as guest then you will be able to use it. CHECKOUT MY B.BYSARAHBRITTANEY LINE I HAVE JEWELRY AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!!! GET IT BEFORE ITS G...!
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I have had so many requests for a video of my jewellery collection. I thought it made sense to start with the designer pieces. I have tried to link everything I can below. Please do leave me a comment if anything is missing. Some of the links below are Affiliate links, they will not cost you more but I earn a small commission if you buy something. See everything linked together here... Watches Vintage Stainless Steel Rolex - Yellow G...!
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Shop crystals on my Etsy: Rings mentioned that are available online: Tiffany Elsa Peretti rose gold open heart ring: Sydney Evan eternity bands: Sydney Evan love ring: David Yurman medium starburst ring:!
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As I promised, I am sharing with you my everyday fine jewelry. I hope you enjoy this video. LOVE, Sabrina PLEASE SUBSCRIBE HERE: Hit that 🔔 so you get notified when I post a new video ______________________ LINKS Hermes Gambade ring: Hermes Kelly bracelet : Hermes Collier de Chien Bracelet : Hermes Filet dOr ring: Cartier Clash Bracelet : ...!
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Hi guys, I am Eileen. This is the part 3 of my fine jewellery collection series- Hermes rose gold jewelry collection. This will cover the thorough review of the Hermes Kelly necklace, CDC bracelet, Chain de ancre ring nad earrings, Gambade necklace. If you’ve watched my videos before, you will know that I dont tend to buy costume jewellery. Instead, I prefer to save longer and invest my money in fine jewellery. Enjoy! ! If you are new here, welcome to you YouTube family :-) VIDEOS YOU MIG...!
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hi guys. in this video I am sharing with you my favorite ring collection (everything in this video is fine Jewelry) I am sharing my diamond, gold, silver and different gemstones ring with you all. this is not my entire ring collection, but these are my favorite rings. I hope you guys like this video. please leave me a comment down below telling me the one that is your favorite. thank you so much for watching. please follow me on social media. Instagram: @addictionlux...!
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Welcome to part 4 of my Tiffany & Co. collection where I show you my entire Tiffany fine jewelry collection. I have included the current prices for any pieces that are still available to purchase at Tiffany and have noted the ones that are discontinued. I am a former Tiffany SA and wanted to share my collection plus some tips and tricks I learned while working for Tiffany. This video is not sponsored in any way- just hoping to connect with other jewelry and Tiffany lovers out there. Please su...!
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What is fine jewelry? Is sterling silver fine jewelry? Award winning jewelry designer Jill Maurer answers all of your jewelry questions. Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE! Other videos you may enjoy: More short JEWELRY LEARNING videos: Learn about your BIRTHSTONE: More videos on JEWELRY including CARE here: Collecting VINTAGE JEWELRY:!
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Im so excited to share this brand with you! Access 79 makes shopping for fine jewelry simple, fun and convenient. Access 79 works with a variety of talented independent designers. All designers are vetted by the Access 79 team for their unique point of view, use of quality materials and fair pricing. Discount code: ALLI10 How does Access 79 work? 1. Take the style quiz on 2. Get matched with your own personal stylist 3. Your stylist will create a look book for you 4. You get to...!
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Watch me LIVE creating fine jewelry, cooking, gardening and gaming over on Come say hey! - A jeweler in training & Twitch TV live streamer & partner, sharing what I love and what I learn! - Welcome! Here is my list of beginner jewelers tools! The bits and pieces you need to start creating silver, gold, base metal and even platinum jewelry! If you enjoyed the video and perhaps found it useful, dont forget to hit that thumbs up & subscribe button! THE TOOLS YOULL NEED... Unive...!
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GIA Grad + Founder and Front Man of F&B Michael describes 5 metal types that youll want to consider when jewelry shopping. Visit us at Follow us on social media! Our handles are as follows: Instagram - /fireandbrilliance Facebook - /fireandbrilliance Twitter - /fire_brilliance Pinterest - /fire_brilliance YouTube- /FireAndBrilliance Snapchat- /fire_brilliance . . ....!
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Cash app: $Peasly IG Tags My IG: @Goldbytheounce Chain: @Jacojefinejewelry Pendant: @thankyoucharlie or @j_di_jeweler Shirt & Bracelets: @danieljewelryinc Pistol: @trailblazerfirearms...!
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My Fashion & Fine Jewelry Collection Welcome back to my channel! DON’T FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THE BELL FOR NOTIFICATIONS, IT’S FREE!!! During this time of self-quarantine, I’ve decided to finally film my collection series. Since, I have to limit my time outside and can’t vlog I thought this would be the next best idea. For the second episode I wanted to focus on Jewelry. As you guys know I’m a bracelet connoisseur so it’ll be quite natural that my collect...!
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#analuisany #jewelry #style #sustainability Ana Luisa Jewelry, with pieces starting at $39, is currently running an exclusive sale. Check them out With their unique designs and cute gift boxes, theyll make sure you and your loved ones feel special whether youre with them or sending from afar! Love, Tatyana! Follow Tatyana on Instagram | @tatyanab Follow Ana Luisa on Instagram | @analuisany...!
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My Patreon: Dustins Etsy shop: Thanks for watching! I make new videos every Monday & Friday, so subscribe if you wanna see more! ♥ OPEN ME♥ My Instagram: My beauty blog: Please send all business inquiries to [email protected] DISCLAIMER: I am not being sponsored or...!
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Thanks for watching!!😊😊...!
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hi guys. welcome back to my channel. in this video I am sharing with you fine jewelry every woman should have in their fine jewelry wardrobe. I hope you guys enjoy this video. please click on the subscribe button so you can see more videos from me. thank you so much for watching....!
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Our collection of effortless mementos, keepsakes and heirlooms, designed and priced for the modern girl....!
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I HAVE A $1000 GIVEAWAY FOR THIS MONTH OF APRIL 2020: To Enter ➡️ Click Link Below: Winner will be emailed by April 30th - Heres How To Enter: To Enter Shoptagrs $1000 Giveaway: #1. Download Shoptagr Here For FREE (Already signed up? Use another email address and sign up again, shhh don’t tell them I told you this :p ) #2. Save at least one item from *ANY* website that Shoptagr supports (Shoptagr works on near...!
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Local Legends delves into the thriving jewelry industry in Meycauayan, Bulacan. Edison Alayon recalls how he became a master goldsmith. Goldenhills Jewelry owner Boy Atienza praises Alayons dedication and rare talent for making fine jewelry. Meycauayan Jewelry Industry Association Incorporated chairperson Cecila Ramos talks about the countrys jewelry-making heritage and how it became the crowning industry of the province. Alayon then talks about his undying dedication in making fine jewelry. T...!
Channel Title : Christopher Duquet Fine Jewelry Views : 6625 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2016-06-08T01:40:39Z
Learn about the time honored tradition of lost wax casting and how award winning designer, Christopher Duquet, uses this technique along with modern innovations to hand craft one of a kind custom jewelry in Evanston, Illinois....!
Channel Title : MedicineManGallery Views : 324 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-12-28T00:01:00Z
Dana Busch explains how she chooses here stones and materials to create her one of kind jewelry. Dana is a highly regarded jeweler who is known for her unique designs and stone selection and handcrafted pieces. To learn more about Dana Busch you can listen to hear interview on the Art Dealer Diaries. Dana Busch on Art Dealer Diaries: Discover Dana Busch Fine Jewelry:!
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My Patreon: Subscribe to my friends: Thanks for watching! I make new videos every Monday & Friday, so subscribe if you wanna see more! ♥ OPEN ME♥ My Instagram: My beauty blog: Please send all business inquiries to [email protected] DISCLAIMER: I am not being sponsored or paid by any company ...!
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In this video I show the 1.2 mm jacoje link in 22 inches, explain a couple properties of Gold, pair it with other chains and pendants and give an overall visual and opinion on this smaller size jacoje chain....!
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Brad & Vandy Reh Fine Jewelry offers fine estate jewelry, representing the major jewelry houses of the world. These include Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Boucheron, Tiffany, Bulgari and many others. Here, Brad Reh discusses one of the exquisite pieces from their collection that will be on display at the 2020 Newport Show. This year, the Newport Show is going virtual! Join us on July 24-July 30, 2020, for what is sure to be an entertaining and beautiful event. Visit to learn m...!
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Discover an exclusively designed and curated fine jewelry collection that adds style to every outfit. Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View to view the current selling price.SHOP NOW Find Your Thrill: Watch Live: StayConnected with HSN: Like HSN on Facebook: HSN Instagram: Follow HSN on Twitter: https:/...!
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My organization tips and storage solutions for my fine jewelry collection, including pieces from Cartier, Tiffanys, David Yurman and more! Open for links... Im wearing convertible pearls necklaces: Nouvelle Pearl Website: NEW Nouvelle Pearls Lavender Blooms collection: Potter Barn Jewelry Box: David Yurman Prasiolite Ring: David Yurman Cable Classics Bracelet:...!
Channel Title : VIVIENNE & TAMAS Views : 20858 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2019-04-02T07:34:14Z
New fashion film for CHANEL directed by Tamas Sabo featuring the brands, Fine Jewelry Collection. Shot in Paris, France for MOJEH on RED Digital Cinema camera. #Chanel #Jewelry #FashionFilm #Paris #Jewellery ►►► JOIN US ON PATREON: ►LIKE & SUBSCRIBE: ►LUTS for Color Grading: ►PRESETS for Lightroom & Capture One:!
Channel Title : Luna DeApril Views : 13149 DisLikes : 17 Published Date :2018-02-25T22:03:56Z
2018 jewelry trends! Name plate jewelry fine jewelry and other luxury! Jewelry with your name, initials, nickname or the names of loved ones Yellow gold and Sterling silver Vintage jewelry and new fine jewelry Do you collect jewelry? In this video I am showing you some of my personal jewelry collection. Thats right I am opening my jewelry box to show you some of the trendiest jewelry! Where to Shop: Ross Simons, Tiffany & Co, Pandora,!
Channel Title : Bergdorf Goodman Views : 18515 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2016-09-06T14:47:02Z
In celebration of the new Chanel Fine Jewelry collection Coco Crush, we worked with esteemed videographer Charlotte Wales to capture women from various artistic fields including actress Ellie Bamber, ballerina Courtney Lavine, artist Kilo Kish, author and fashion blogger Leandra Medine, and Taylor Patterson, the founder and creative director of Fox Fodder Farm. In celebration of the new CHANEL Fine Jewelry collection Coco Crush, and the recently opened CHANEL Fine Jewelry Boutique at Bergdorf G...!
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Discover an exclusive designed & curated collection of fine jewelry that adds style to every outfit. Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View to view the current selling price.SHOP NOW Find Your Thrill: Watch Live: StayConnected with HSN: Like HSN on Facebook: HSN Instagram: Follow HSN on Twitter: https://...!
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Experience the exciting process of the initial stages of creating a beautiful gemstone ring. See more beautiful designs at The concept, the sketching, the shading and highlighting; bringing a design from your imagination to life. Design created and drawn by one of our expert Jewellers, Kate....!
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A cameo is created when an image is carved in high relief in a piece of jewelry. The image may be carved into a stone like lava rock, sardonyx, onyx, or carnelian. Or it may be carved into another material such as shell or coral. The value of a cameo has more to do with the quality of the carving than with the material it is carved from. The imagery on cameos are usually romantic such as beautiful women, gods and goddesses, or flowers. However you will sometimes find royalty on cameos as well. C...!

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