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Hey guys! If you have any tips or stocking ideas for my 10 gallon tank please comment them down below! This is gonna be like a mini series here on my channel so stay tuned for that! I am SO EXCITED and hope that you all will come along with me on this journey! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ WATCH MY LATEST VIDEO ? ‣ PREVIOUS VIDEO ~ SUBSCRIBE TO MY VLOG CHANNEL ?!
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Thank you for 130 Subscribers! When I started this channel I never expected to have 130 of you eager to watch my videos and be a part of my bettas lives. Thank you so much! Today I show you how I store all my betta supplies and what it is made up of! Ikea Sofa Table: Music is Royalty Free from!
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Shopping For Fish & Tank Supplies ARENT FISH SO CUTE. hope you guys enjoyed this video of my local fish and reptile store. its one of my favorite to visit. Hope you enjoyed looking at all the fish! PO BOX 1572 White House, Tn 37188 Business Email: [email protected] INSTAGRAM: LITTLELOTTI24 SNAP: LITTLELOTTI24 FAQ CAMERA: CANNON G7X Markii SHIRT: rugrats shirt amazon EDITOR: IMOVIE & FINAL CUT PRO ALL ITEMS PURCHASED BY ME AND ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. ALL MUSIC IS ROYALTY FREE, AND N...!
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If you are setting up your first tank you should plan on getting these items before you get your first fish and if you’re an experienced fish keeper and you don’t have all of these items you better get them now cause you never know. I will put links in the description for all of these items. The first thing every fish keeper should have is a master test kit. These are critical in the hobby to make sure everything is okay in your tank and that it’s a healthy environment for your fish. htt...!
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All our fish supplies and organization.These are the supplies we use for our Bettas, community tank and Goldfish. We used single units securely attached together and added a solid top along the whole unit. Our fish supplies have been collected over a long period of time. We keep all our decorations and plants so we have collected a lot!! We have a variety of foods and medications. Lets Connect! Instagram *Disclaimer ~ This video is not sponsored in anyw...!
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Fish supplies at the dollar store!?!?! MIND BLOWN ————————————————————————— ✓ If you like this video or found it helpful drop a like and share this video with friends! ✓ Also, if you want to watch more of my videos, click the subscribe button! ✓ Contact me at   [email protected] ————————————————————————— Equipment I use to ...!
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Huge Fish Tank Supply Haul Supply haul of everything I have bought for my tank so far! PLANTS Discount code: lotti10 Enjoy! PO BOX 1572 White House, Tn 37188 Business Email: [email protected] INSTAGRAM: LITTLELOTTI24 SNAP: LITTLELOTTI24 FAQ CAMERA: CANNON G7X Markii SHIRT: rugrats shirt amazon EDITOR: IMOVIE & FINAL CUT PRO ALL ITEMS PURCHASED BY ME AND ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. ALL MUSIC IS ROYALTY FREE, AND NOT MY OWN....!
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I posted a fish supply collection and storage a few years ago at the start of my YouTube career. Today, I show you what has changed and what is similar. That video is my second most popular video of all time, so I hope you enjoy this one as much as the last! Instagram: officialbetterbetta My Second Channel: SydneyT1D My Second Instagram: sydneyt1d Music by YouTube Audio Library and For urgent fish care assistance, please visit the Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care forum. You can...!
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This video goes over all of the supplies needed for a person new to taxidermy. It covers basic supplies and cost. It should cost around $300 to get started and roughly $10 a fish after the first initial purchase. To order the supplies listed in this video visit Use code BGTMT at checkout! I am not an expert taxidermist and do this for my fish only. Feel free to ask any questions. Prices on products listed are accurate as of 2/16/20 and are subject to change. ...!
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Today is a collective pet haul! Its filled with everything from a brand new tank, to cool ornaments I technically dont need. I really shouldnt go to 2 pet stores in a row. However, I absolutely love everything I bought! Who hasnt impulse bought at a pet store at least once? A HUGE thank you for 500 subscribers! :) See you next week! New Video Every Thursday. Find Me on Instagram: officialbetterbetta Intro Music by All remaining music by YouTube Audio Library....!
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So much stuff!!! Feel free to ask any questions about any of it. Thank you Fish4Ever for the request! it took a long time to get to it though (:...!
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This video responds to several requests I have received asking me to go over the fish shipping supplies I use and where I source these supplies from. If you are into shipping aquarium fish, this will be interesting. If not, this will probably be about as pleasant and chewing nails....!
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We receive $1000 in Fish tank/aquarium supplies! This is CRAZY! I want to turn the tank into a saltwater tank, what do you think? If you want to help SUPPORT the channel there will be a donation link here: But if you would link to give a one-time donation, here is the link you can do that: GIVEAWAY (FOLLOW RULES BELOW!) 1, Follow me 2, Follow 3, Comment...!
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Some Walmarts have much larger pet sections than others, so I thought I would show you one of the larger in my area. This particular store even has a small fish section, which I dont really think is a great idea. Does you Walmart sell fish? Pickles Pet Shop: Want to send me something? Pickles Pets PO Box 14473 Lenexa, KS 66285 Save 10% at using my affiliate link: Save 15% at using my a...!
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Thank You for Watching!! Like the video if you enjoyed!!! Subscribe and Stay Tuned for more videos!!!...!
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This was requested so I hope you enjoy! Sorry the quality isnt the best... OH WELL update: Both neon tetras died so I only have the black tetra; dont worry Ill get more for his school very soon. Do you Guys to see how to give your betta a salt bath? Ok... please dont leave hate!!!! All of you haters are stupid! *you know it really isnt goid for you to spend your days leaving rude comments on a childs youtube channel... you might want to see a doctor. But really guys, please dont jump to con...!
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I had to restock on a whole load of aquarium supplies so thought I would share what I bought with you :) Products mentioned (Affiliate links) Siphon- Filter Sponge- Shrimp food- Heater- Almond Leaves- Food Clips- Instagram- gracii_lacii Fishies Instagram- betta_gracii Hellloooo Im Grace and welcome to my little space on the interwebs where I cr...!
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what is UP YOU GUYS! In this haul I bought so many cool things for my 10 gallon tank that I am excited for yall to see! I got a couple live plants as well as some new fish friends for the two I already have!! havent seen my previous video? heres the link: - find me on social media! instagram: twitter: - BUSINESS EMAIL: [email protected] - A little about me ... :) Age: 17 (senior) Where am I ...!
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Are you looking where to get cheap fish tanks? In this video I go over the top 5 ways I get cheap and sometimes even free fish tanks, fish and other aquarium related items. Fish Cave Friday Episodes: Fish Keeping FOR PROFIT Videos: Fish Cave UnBoxings:!
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This video is about Buying a Pet FISH and Supplies From Walmart!!? •Let’s get This Video to 100 Likes• Idk why the video quality got bad, but oh well.. :) Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed it! *if your reading this description comment your favorite sea animal!* Betta fish fighting scene-credits: Background music-credits: And Lullaby by Joakim Karud:!
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Clean with me as I declutter and organize all my fish keeping supplies that have piled up over the years! 😛 🛒 MATERIALS I USED ▶ Similar shelf (not sure of weight limit): ▶ Similar fabric baskets: ▶ Actual baskets I got from Target (larger size): (As an Amazon Associate, I may earn commissions from the links above.) 🐟 SUBSCRIBE so yo...!
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Hey guys! Todays video is of a little pet supply haul from things I have gotten recently at petco, through the mail, and even from fan mail! This is stuff that I also plan on using really soon and I cant wait for it! I really hope you guys enjoy it!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE EVERYONE! IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME💓 P.O. BOX ADDRESS: P.O. BOX 624 Tullahoma, TN 37388 MY WEBSITE FOR MY BETTAS FOR SALE: GET MY MERCH HERE:!
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Where to get cheap fish tanks and more importantly HOW to get those cheap fish tanks will save you ALOT of money in the fishkeeping hobby. Buying, selling, and trading fish tanks and related items is what allowed me to build the Fish Cave on the cheap. Jessies Channel: Fish Cave Friday Episodes: Fish Keeping FOR PROFIT Videos:!
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Hey guys, This video I will be showing you guys stuff that I picked up from petco. Thank you so much for watching and subscribing to my channel. Welcome all the new subscribers....!
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email: [email protected] instagram: purplebettafish...!
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Im super excited to review the new June: My Aquarium Box Fish Monthly Subscription Box. As an aquarium hobbyist I am always curious to try new products. This is a subscription box for both freshwater and saltwater fish and has food, decor, tools, and supplies. Every box will contain approximately five aquarium related products. Boxes ship around the 15th. Order before the 4th to get your box the same month. Each My Aquarium Box comes with a list of every produc...!
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HOW TO Save and Make Money To Buy FISH and FISH TANKS! (CHEAPEST FISH/ FISH TANKS) In this video I tell you all how to save money when buying aquarium products and how to make money so you can afford to buy these things. A lot of you wanted me to make this video so I figured I would take a quick break from the Betta videos and make this one. I shared a lot of tips on how to save money fish tanks, filters, substrate, plants, and fish! I also mentioned some non traditional ways to earn money at A...!
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In this video I show me and my dad going to walmart to look at what kind of fish supplies they had. I got a (aqua culture) glass thermometer and a (tetra ColdFusion) light. I make a point in the video the this light is kinda dim. For a 10 gallon I would recommend you getting 2 of the light for adequate lightning or just get a higher power light. Hopefully Ill be able to get a heater and water quality tester kit and after I get that Ill be able to get the first fish!!! 🐟 🐠🐡🦐...!
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All the times needed for setting up a betta fish tank. Betta fish need a good sized tank, filter, heater, substrate, water conditioner, food and a test kit. To give betta fish the care they need effort needs to go into to buying the right things for them. Our USA Online Store: Tank dividers. Sponge filters Air Pump Kit Bridge Decorations https://www.lifewithpetsgci....!
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I have a lot of stuff, sorry the video is so long...!
Channel Title : Natalie Lauren Views : 566479 DisLikes : 1050 Published Date :2015-08-14T19:43:28Z
hi everyone :-) this video will tell you everything you need to keep your betta living a long and happy life! if i’ve made any mistakes, please let me know politely! betta checklist: - 1+ gallon tank with hood and light (they can jump) - dechlorinator/conditioner - food - filter - thermometer - heater - substrate (gravel, marbles, sand, etc) - decorations (at least 1 they can hide in) - plants (silk, live, or soft plastic) - net for water changes set up: 1. wash hands 2. rinse off everything...!
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You have multiple tank syndrome and dont want to break the bank. Or maybe you just want that one nice showpiece tank but cant stomach paying a weeks salary for it. Today I share with you how Ive bought dozens of tanks for a great deal and how you can too. The fish keeping hobby can be expensive with aquariums, filters, pumps, decor, and of course fish - but it doesnt have to be. Well also be giving away some merch in celebration of the Fish Cave Crew reaching 20,000 strong! *NEW* Official Webs...!
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This video took a really long time to edit for some reason... so I hope you guys liked it:) Do you want to see an all my fish supplies video? Tell Me Down Below ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ GO AHEAD AND STALK ME ON... Google+: Blazing Bettas & Instagram: blazing_bettas ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇ Please Subscribe!...!
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Today I go through all of my fish supplies and get rid of a few things I dont use in order to tidy up my fish area. We were doing some spring cleaning in the house anyways, so I decided it would be the perfect time to do this! Decided to film it for you guys as well. Let me know what you think! Find Me on Instagram: officialbetterbetta Music by YouTube Audio Library. For urgent fish care assistance, please visit the Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care forum. You can guarantee a much quicker res...!
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via YouTube Capture...!
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I hope you enjoy this video and tell me what you think in the comments bellow...!
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Try DrTim’s Aquatics foods for freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish and more! Shop Now:!
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Channel Title : AlexandrasPets Views : 2517 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2014-06-09T21:02:33Z
This video is all about my plans for my future Betta fish. In this part I have got some of my ordered supplies home- The gravel and some decorations! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT NOTES: * has awesome products for aquariums- check it out! * Be sure to choose a good type of gravel to your aquarium. Too finegrained gravel is harder to keep clean, and too light gravel will easier get green of algae bloom. * Betta fish loves ...!
Channel Title : 915Mang Views : 9435 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2014-04-28T04:00:00Z
I wanted to make this video available in order to show you different options. When I usually order, my typical wait time for Aquarium Supplies is a week! With this option, I can take advantage of the free 2 day shipping that comes with this service. I do not work for or get anything from Amazon, but Just wanted to let you know about the other options available. Thanks for watching! LIKE/SUBSCRIBE! Happy Reefing!...!
Channel Title : Thor’s World Views : 2745 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2011-04-28T20:22:55Z
Everyone use filter floss in almost every tank and it needs to be change when worn down or dirty. In this video, I will show you how to REALLY save ALOT of money and keep your fishes, wallet, and tanks happy for a very long time!! Filter floss can be customize to fit in any filter ...that is why its so GOOD!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COST OF SAVING RESULT: Since a 3 pack of filter pad cost about $10 with 8...!
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고양이와 생선 다꾸 세트 만들었어요! [고양이와 생선 랩핑지/고양이와 생선 떡메모지/고양이와 생선 인스/고양이와 생선 마스킹테이프/고양이와 생선 책갈피] ♥구독과 좋아요 부탁드립니다~꾸벅♥ ♥Thank you very much for watching my video♥ ♥예뿍스토어♥ ♥Gmarket Global♥!
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Of course, I have used all of these. If I havent, then I would NEVER recommend them. Other than the places listed.... Of course these items are available in other fish supply carrying stores. I only listed places where I have seen them ✨ ✨Social Media IG: serenading_siren (personal) IG: theinflatablesealion (YouTube) ✨Frequently Asked Questions 1. What do you film with? iPhone 5c + Canon Powershot SX530 hs Thanks for watching! Click subscribe to join the shark pool and become a little s...!
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I saw Tithra do this on her channel, so I decided to do it too! ~I already did something simular to this on my oscar channel~ CHECK OUT MY OTHER CHANNEL HERE! :!

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