Found Object Art

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Make art using nature! For this lesson, you will only need items that you can find outside! Artist Highlight: Andy Goldsworthy...!
Channel Title : CGTN America Views : 24593 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2014-10-09T16:17:23Z
Brian Petro gives a new meaning to the old adage “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” A dedicated artist, Petro is always on the lookout for items he can incorporate in his next work of art. He searches through abandoned buildings, and even dumpsters, to find objects that have been discarded or forgotten. Full Frame joined Petro on his search for treasure and learned how the artist’s unique work manifests the memories that can be found in the most unlikely of objects. ...!
Channel Title : NDTV Views : 17569 DisLikes : 25 Published Date :2016-08-15T15:43:51Z
Have you ever debated on the difference between found object and ready made in sculptures. Why is that people cant seem to digest it as art? And most importantly why does everyone seem to think its something they could have made? If so then do not miss this exclusive episode of Art Insider. Watch full video: Download the NDTV news app:!
Channel Title : Artrageous with Nate Views : 16837 DisLikes : 14 Published Date :2015-02-01T14:30:00Z
Join Nate as he travels to Chicago to visit artist, Bernard Williams, for this episode of The Artist in Your Backyard! Bernard focuses on a variety of mediums, and compares his creative process and space to that of a scientific lab. We absolutely enjoyed meeting him and seeing his work, and I think you will too. Be sure to stick around for an art-home project inspired by Benards work, which you can get started on! Get more Artrageous content! SUBSCRIBE:!
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Multi-media artist Patrick Dougher upcycles found metals to create stunning African-inspired Sculptures. Also a painter, musician, and teaching artist, Patrick brings the spirit of making something out of nothing to all his disciplines. @patrickdougher Produced by Kecia Élan Cole. -- This video is from BRIC TV— the first 24/7 television channel created by, for, and about Brooklyn. It is the boroughs source for local news, Brooklyn culture, civic affairs, music, arts, sports, and technolog...!
Channel Title : ArtTV with Mr. McLean Views : 2446 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2020-03-26T23:06:38Z
Watch Mr. McLean make a sculpture out of all of your old dried out markers. Also, learn about the artists Marcel Duchamp, Vanessa German, and Jim Gary. Then, make your own readymade sculpture with found objects and email a picture of it to: [email protected] Finally, meet Mr. McLeans artist friends as they discuss what found objects they use in their art. Hi WOODROW WILSON STUDENTS -- I MISS YAA! -Mr McLean...!
Channel Title : The Museum of Modern Art Views : 79220 DisLikes : 28 Published Date :2015-09-25T17:24:04Z
Many artists use or combine everyday objects to challenge assumptions about what constitutes “art” and how it should be made. Learn how Marcel Duchamp, Meret Oppenheim, and Robert Rauschenberg did the same with a bicycle wheel and a stool, a teacup, and a bed. Subscribe for our latest videos: Explore our collection online: Plan your visit in-person: See short films about other themes: Keep learning: http:...!
Channel Title : Brian Reverman Views : 4234 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2017-10-30T02:24:35Z
One persons trash in another persons treasure. This video explores 5 artists who use recycled materials in their work: Betye Saar, El Anatsui, Song Dong, Subodh Gupta and Marina DeBris...!
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Have you ever debated on the difference between found object and ready made in sculptures. Why is that people cant seem to digest it as art? And most importantly why does everyone seem to think its something they could have made? If so then do not miss this exclusive episode of Art Insider. Watch full video: Download the NDTV news app:!
Channel Title : Art With Trista Views : 7716 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2020-03-31T19:27:49Z
Find some small objects and turn them into a creative drawing!!
Channel Title : Sothebys Views : 23985 DisLikes : Published Date :2011-11-22T19:17:16Z
The latest selling exhibition in Sothebys S2 gallery is Hunters & Gatherers -- The Art of Assemblage. Join Sothebys experts, Lisa Dennison, Elizabeth Gorayeb and Heinrich Schweizer as well as artists Noble & Webster, as they discuss both the history and practice of creating art from found objects. Learn More: Download The Sotheby’s App: FOR MORE NEWS FROM SOTHEBY’S Newsletter:!
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Dear friends, my channel is now without any ads and earning, thats why I really need your support to continue with your favorite videos. You may donate as much as you wish and send me money to my account [email protected] by Skrill. Your help is really appreciated. ======================== If youre new – welcome and subscribe! → This video is about junk art signs and wall art recycled craft ideas. 1. Junk art signs ideas with words LOVE, HOME, HAPPY, FAMILY and...!
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Tutorial begins 0:42 Make art using plates!! For this lesson, you will only need items that you can find from around your home! Inspiration from @youngschoolartwithmr.g Artist Highlight: Jim Shores...!
Channel Title : Adam Savage’s Tested Views : 40101 DisLikes : 39 Published Date :2019-09-30T14:00:02Z
Designer toys and found objects get remixed in the assemblage art of artist Gmonik, who we meet at this years Son of Monsterpalooza. Gmonik walks us through a few of his pieces, how he mashes up found objects together, and the stories hes trying to tell with them. Check out Gmoniks art at Shot by Joey Fameli and edited by Norman Chan Subscribe for more videos! Follow us on Twitter: Get updates on Facebook:...!
Channel Title : Doodles and Scribbles Views : 5738 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2020-03-29T20:21:38Z
Tutorial begins 0:42 Make art using laundry!! For this lesson, you will only need items that you can find from around your home! Recreate a famous artwork or make an artwork of your own! Inspiration: Art Teacher friend, Amanda Mast Music: Steffen Daum - Awakening is under a creative commons music license (CC BY 3.0) Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: Song: Markvard - Happy Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:!
Channel Title : Sandy Babb Views : 2829 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2018-09-27T03:04:55Z
Ideas for using found objects and nature finds in your mixed media artwork. Victory Shields and Wisdom Keepers by Roxanne Evans Stout: An Artist Field Kit by Sandy Babb: Metal and Tag Rust Journal by Thespa McLanghlin: Little Book of Whispers by Laly Mille:!
Channel Title : Zach Wolfson Views : 12421 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2014-01-30T23:00:02Z
Join the discussion over at: Meet Jimmy Descant, a sculptor and assemblage artist from Salida Arts District, Colorado Certified. Jimmy shares more about building his confidence as an artist: Did you know that Colorado has seven Certified Creative Districts? Learn more over at Colorado Creative Industries: This episode features the song Towering Prince by Denver musician I...!
Channel Title : Art With Trista Views : 2431 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2020-03-30T13:14:01Z
Find objects around your house and place them together to create a Louise Nevelson inspired assemblage.!
Channel Title : Jaime Holderbaum Views : 554 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-04-05T20:29:22Z
Elementary art lesson by Mrs. Holderbaum on found object art....!
Channel Title : Makeology Views : 12652 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2018-02-13T17:52:18Z
I Make Things - Episode 6 - Robin Davis Studio Robin Davis was born a creator and builder. While her artistic life may have started in a way familiar to most crayon-wielding preschoolers, her art has evolved to a place where she now claims it as her passion. Her professional career started with children’s illustration and art licensing, but her current endeavours now have her immersed in various forms of upcycled art, 3D sculptures and assemblage art, including her incredible found object rob...!
Channel Title : Mugsy Makes Views : 3948 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2018-04-07T10:21:54Z
Hello! Creative community Welcome to my art channel Mugsy Makes. Recycled/Junk/found object collage dollar store faries I used up a lot of my random junk stuff. I think I am good with the gluing of everything for now. Got junk collaging outta my system again for a bit. I did just find a awesome spring in a parking lot the other day. Always collecting. Lots of smaller pieces of costume jewelry, beads, broken pottery, broken cat toy cat lasers, medication bottles, nuts and bolts, random objec...!
Channel Title : Art With Trista Views : 14241 DisLikes : 27 Published Date :2020-03-30T00:01:36Z
Find objects in your house and make a color wheel!!
Channel Title : Bloomberg Markets and Finance Views : 35547 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2018-01-19T20:19:36Z
Vietnamese-born Danish artist Danh Vo often draws on his own personal experience to investigate larger historical, social or political themes, especially those relating to Vietnam towards the end of the 20th century. In this episode, Brilliant Ideas looks at Vos signature use of found objects (often rich with emotional or historical significance), and how his life and the lives of his family, friends and other artists are a part of his art....!
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We hope you like this video. Please subscribe to our channel. Write a comment below and press the like button. Subscribe: ------------------------------------------ Nature is beautiful as it is, but James Brunt is constantly finding new ways to make it look even more appealing. James creates artworks using natural objects he finds around his home in Yorkshire, England, and their intricacy will please both your eyes and your soul. --------------------------------------------...!
Channel Title : Art With Trista Views : 3553 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2020-04-01T13:25:43Z
Use found objects from around your house and create a portrait!!
Channel Title : Ovation Views : 13373 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2019-01-10T20:01:22Z
Finders keepers! 🔍 This artist uses ANYTHING he can find to create his sculptures! Subscribe to Ovations YouTube - Watch the latest from Ovation - Watch Ovations most popular videos - Like Ovation on Facebook - Follow Ovation on Twitter -!/ovationtv For More Art Stories - Ovation is Americas only arts television network, whose mi...!
Channel Title : LorriMarie Jenkins Views : 2962 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2018-03-09T19:40:32Z
transformed altoids can...found object 3D assemblage piece on an old book cover... amazon links US amazon links UK!
Channel Title : Evla Studio Views : 258 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2020-03-30T02:48:21Z
Use the power of reusing to create art!...!
Channel Title : Santa Barbara Museum of Art Views : 533 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-04-15T19:26:00Z
SBMAs Art Making at Home Playlist - -------------------------------- CONNECT WITH US -------------------------------- Facebook - Instagram - Twitter -!
Channel Title : Datacube: awesome facts and interesting top lists Views : 5481 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2015-09-19T17:10:14Z
Optical and art illusions seem to be in the prime today, as more and more artists employ these techniques in their projects. But some artists try to evolve and create new effects of using optical illusions in art installations, one of them is the anamorphic effect. Today Bernard Pras is probably the most popular creator of anamorphic artworks, as his works both bring the attention to the problem of consumerism worldwide and amaze with the level of detalization. His unbelievable found-object i...!
Channel Title : SNProductions100 Views : 11689 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2010-08-30T19:46:09Z
The art and thoughts of Jay Sawyer from Warren, Maine. Jay is a self taught artist who uses found objects to create works of art for all to enjoy...!
Channel Title : NE 1 Views : 8172 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2017-04-21T02:45:31Z
Studio visit with assemblage artist Rosalie Koldan. You can see a few of her finished pieces and hear her talk about some of the materials and her processes. More information can be found on her website at: Rosalie Koldan Self taught artist!
Channel Title : San Jose Museum of Art Views : 962 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2020-04-20T22:53:48Z
Lets explore materiality, which brings many different ways to create art! We were inspired by Andy Goldsworthys Burnt Patch (1995) and his ephemeral art practice. Spend time outside and get creative with whats around you! *Reminder: Stay at home to complete this project! If you cant gather natural materials, try using objects inside your home! #SJMAED #ArtAtHome...!
Channel Title : Art With Trista Views : 2020 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-03-17T19:51:06Z
Find objects around the house and write your name!...!
Channel Title : TEDx Talks Views : 3687 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2013-04-12T17:57:49Z
The magical world of Ritch Branstroms artistic vision fashions Michigans raw material of cast off automobiles, wood, worn farm implements and the homely detritus of family and friends into three-dimensional works of eloquence, humor, and heart. Those who feel an affinity with the tapestry of cultures, endurance, natural resources, beauty, and socioeconomic realities that comprise The Great Lake State, will find its expression in the work of this Michigan native whose Found Object Art is a natur...!
Channel Title : Debbie Ridpath Ohi Views : 5427 DisLikes : Published Date :2014-06-07T03:37:49Z
***UPDATE March 13, 2020: If you have a young artist at home (especially one affected by the current Coronavirus situation), feel free to post their art on Twitter with the hashtag #ArtForDebbieOhi; Ill check daily and will try to respond to each artist. A slideshow selection of Debbie Ridpath Ohis found object doodles created between Dec/2013 and Jun/2014. There is potential art EVERYWHERE. You just need to look. From Debbie: Im hoping that my doodles encourage some people to look at the wor...!
Channel Title : Mary Tardito Views : 15187 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2017-03-05T03:33:05Z
Dear friends, my channel is now without any ads and earning, thats why I really need your support to continue with your favorite videos. You may donate as much as you wish and send me money to my account [email protected] by Skrill. If you don’t have Skrill yet it’s easy to sign up Skrill using my referral link Your help is really appreciated. ======================== If you mad for vintage tin boxes (just like me) this video is spe...!
Channel Title : 6abc Philadelphia Views : 247 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2018-05-08T19:50:51Z
The Philadelphia Museum of Art has a unique exhibit called Jean Shin Collection....!
Channel Title : BronxNet Views : 63 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-11-26T15:22:56Z
Gallery Bergen presents new works by the Bergen Community College Visual Arts faculty in a diverse multimedia exhibition titled (Pro)found Objects. Rep: Kibin Alleyne | Cam: Steven DeCastro | Edit: Marcos-Justin Lucas...!
Channel Title : Recycled metal garden art Views : 10215 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2015-09-24T22:29:38Z
These are our latest found object art sculptures. We made these found object art projects these last two days. You can see more items we have made and contact info at!
Channel Title : Taylor Newman Views : 4019 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2018-02-25T17:43:20Z
Channel Title : himayrivera Views : 1388 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2007-05-03T03:35:53Z
where did the box come from? how was it made?...!
Channel Title : Ymelda Salas Views : 31015 DisLikes : 46 Published Date :2020-03-20T16:19:46Z
Color is ALL AROUND you, LITERALLY! Watch this video for steps on creating your own Found Object color wheel from home....!
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Channel Title : Blue Line Arts Views : 372 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2015-06-27T20:16:08Z
Extra Parts: Recycled and Found Object Art at Blue Line Arts June 5th- July 11th 2015 video by Bob Kat Productions-!

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