French Braids

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Follow us on IG: @GetGlamFam Looking for an affordable mannequin for practice? Heres a link: So Glamfam, as a cosmetology instructor, I see areas where people tend to struggle on a regular. One of those areas is braiding, especially french braiding. I find that often people want to jump right into french braiding, without first learning the basics. That is why I made this in depth tutorial for beginners to help them learn how to french braid, better! As always, please f...!
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How to French Braid: This is the 5th video in my How To Braid series! If you are learning anything in these videos, please give them a thumbs up and share with a friend who is learning how to braid! To buy the mannequin Im using, click here: Looking for a Denman Paddle Brush like the one I used? Heres the link: If you want it in white, click here: Here are the videos coming up in this playlist: -How to braid (overhanded): h...!
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Watch the updated video tutorial here: Need more instructions? Check out this blog post: Heres a tutorial of a Basic/Classic French Braid. If you master this style, you can pretty much learn & master any other, more intricate styles as well, where a french braid is the basis of the style. SHOP LUXY HAIR: Hope you guys e...!
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Remember to Like and Subscribe: Hey guys! In this hair tutorial I teach you how to braid your own hair in a super trendy double-dutch braids style. I hope you love this one as much as I do, trust me, it will come in handy on those bad hair days! MY Instagram: MY Snapchat: MY Facebook: MY Twitter: MY BLOG: http://www.maryammaquillag...!
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French Braids Tutorial (Hip Hop Competition) for Bunker Dance Center Website: Instagram: Helpful French Braid Basic Tutorial: --- Hair by Ashley_Cardon_Hairstyles Instagram: --- MUSIC CREDITS: Please provide the following in the description of your upload: Music: Funk Down - MK2 Up Above by Pyrosion https://soundc...!
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Hi beautiful! Today’s the day you learn how to braid! I’ll be teaching you the basic three-strand braid and the french braid so you can become a braiding pro. The final look is a recreation of the character Nimues braids from the new show Cursed now streaming only on Netflix: - Thanks again to Netflix for sponsoring today’s video! Shop XMONDO Hair: Salty Sea Salt Spray: ...!
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hiiii guys! i wanted to sit down today and film a step by step tutorial on how i french braid my own hair. this is literally my go to hairstyle and once you get the hang of it, it becomes super easy! hope this was helpful, if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below. thank you so much for watching and make sure youre subscribed to catch my next video! xx ................................................................................................. my favorite hair gel...!
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French braiding instructions step by step, and how to hold the strands! Awhile ago, we put out a how to do a french braid for beginners video (which basically showed the mechanics of how a french braid is made.) Im hoping todays tutorial will help to show how to hold the strands while you are french braiding hair. Keep in mind that there really is no right or wrong way to hold the strands in your hands. Whatever works for you to get the job done is...!
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HOW TO FRENCH BRAID. A STEP BY STEP FOR BEGINNERS! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ check me out: instagram: @daniofficiall twitter: @daniofficiall snapchat : @ITSDRIZZIBITCH soundcloud: daniofficiall...!
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In order to become a skilled hair braider, you absolutely MUST know how to properly #FrenchBraid! In today’s video, I’m going #BackToBasics and giving you an updated, #StepByStep video on how to french braid! Do you prefer the french braid, or the dutch braid?? 💁🏻‍♀️ ✅ Shop ALL Hairitage Products at Walmart HERE: ✅ Follow Hairitage on instagram HERE: (@hairitagebymindy) My family and I have been soci...!
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Do you guys want to see the hair tutorial from my Valentines Day video? Let me know!! XO **2 VALENTINES DAY LOOKS! *My exact eye makeup is LOOK #2 in THIS VIDEO: ***IF U HAVE SHORTER PIECES OR LAYERS: use hairspray as you pull the hair tight! It will help keep it smooth! ALL DETAILS ON MY BLOG: ----------------------------------------­­­------------------------------------- Hiii!! I feel like these bra...!
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I found this tutorial difficult as I usually stand very close to the head when I braid...but had to stand back so everyone could see!! I felt the braids didnt look as tight I usually do but oh well thanks for watching guys and Ill see you next week for feed in braids xxxx...!
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OPEN for INSTRUCTIONS! ↓⬇︎↓⬇︎↓ Click to subscribe➜ How to do a basic french braid whether you have short, medium or long hair! :* I am super excited to post my first video, I really hope all of you guys like it and subscribe for more! :D ☟☟☟ Step by Step INSTRUCTIONS: Pick up a section of hair from the top of your head. Spl...!
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Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share 8 different ways to wear dutch braids. All of these dutch braids are SO cute. We have regular dutch braids, messy bun dutch braids, updo dutch braids, half up half down dutch braids, side dutch braids, etc. Make sure you pay attention to the 1st dutch braid because thats how youll want to do ALL of the dutch braids. Let me know what other braids you would like to see me do! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe. :) #dutchbraid #howtodutchbraid #dutchbraidtut...!
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Simple and easy step by step tutorial to help you master the beautiful French braid. This braid can be used in so many different ways to create so many different and beautiful looks [email protected] music by epidemic sound...!
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OPEN FOR MORE INFORMATION! Braiding 101 Series: __________________________ ♥COME HANG OUT WITH ME ♥ ♥BLOG PAGE: ♥YOUTUBE: ♥INSTAGRAM: ♥PINTEREST: ♥SNAPCHAT: alexsismae ♥E-MAIL: [email protected] ♥SALON APPOINTMENT INQUIERIES: [email protected] ♥✉SEND ME MAIL!✎♥ ALEXSIS SCALETTI P.O. BOX 15428 NEWPORT BEAC...!
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Be sure to SUBSCRIBE { } to our channel for all the latest videos!! Learn how to do a basic French Braid--the first and most important braid! Master this EASY french braid and you will be able to do just about anything with your hair! We hope this video makes learning the french braid easy and fun! Weve updated our old video from a long time ago, making it more complete and a little more clear. Check out our older version here:!
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skip to: 8:15 to see when i start braiding. I used “ Xpressions Prestretched Hair” I OWN NO MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO! Hey my loves! I hope you enjoyed this video. passion twist tutorial Instagram: niabia_ Snapchat: thatgirlniaaa Email: [email protected]!
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This is my first time trying the #2frenchbraids #hairstyle and I am in love. It is such a great #protectivestyle and the method I used is much easier the the #feedin method. Hope that you all enjoy! 📌Hair Used: Hergivenhair Glam Full Head set Kinky Blow Out Clip ins in length 20 🚨Link to kinky blow out clip ins: 📌Exclusive Link to the hergivenhair website:!
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Hey Everyone, this is a step by step tutorial on feed in braids on natural hair. My client wants to take a break on heat for the summer. So we decided on feed in braids. I will show you my simple be effective braiding technique. Thanks for watching!! Please Subscribe and SHARE!!...!
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Be sure to SUBSCRIBE { } to our channel for all the latest videos!! #phifperfectfrenchbraid You guys requested a Dos and Donts of braiding, and here you go! We hope these tips and tricks of perfecting a french style braid will be helpful for you. French braid can be a challenge, and getting it to look just right may seem hard--but if you tweak just a few things, youll be braiding like a pro in no time! Some spots to jump to and from: TIMESTAMPS: Where to Start: 1:22 Hand P...!
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Hey guys! In this hair tutorial I teach you how to French braid your hair and do space buns. I hope you love this one....!
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Heres How to French Braid Natural Hair. Ill show you How to French Braid Natural Hair for beginners step by step! You can use this braiding technique to achieve creative updos & lazy day hacks! Watch How to Plait Natural Hair► ::::::::::::::::SHOP::::::::::::::: ➜ SHOP MY NATURAL HAIR EXTENSIONS Coupon Code► CURLFRIEND ::::::::::::::::OOTD::::::::::::::: ➜ Pink Afro Puff Girl Dangle Earrings ::::::...!
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In this video I show you how to do Criss Cross French Braids. The inside sections of both braids cross over to the other braid to hide the part and give these neat woven look. I parted all the hair before I began to braid but you could criss cross the hair sections over as you braid if you prefer. At the end of the video I show you two alternate ways to finish the braids. Which one do you prefer? Let me know and have fun braiding! XOXO Erin...!
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Lauren + Kristin show you how to create the classic french braid. You can double up, do a milk maid braid, or french braid the front of your hair. Either way... heres how its done! XO...!
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Subscribe:💜 Watch More Videos: #marissaandbrookie #braid #braidhair #Howtobraid Here are our other Hairstyle Tutorials: ▶ Instagram: @Marissa_and_brookie ▶ @Brookiewookie07 ▶ Facebook: @Marissa-and-Brookie ▶PopJam: MarissaandBrookie About Marissa and Brookie: They are sisters and great friends. They have 2 others sister and a brother too. They love to...!
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Follow me on instagram! - @emilysusanah Open for more stuff! Second channel: Snapchat - emilysusanah Twitch -\ Twitter - @emilysusanah If you want an actual french braid tutorial: ! Coupon Codes ! UBER - emilyi1045ue LYFT - EMILY11672 (Im not affiliated with either of these - these are regular referral codes like everyone gets! but if you do sign up I would soooo appreciate you using mine!) Arctic Fox Hair Col...!
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Be sure to SUBSCRIBE { } to our channel for all the latest videos!! #phif5frenchbraids Ah France.....anything that comes from France is good, right? Including their bread, chocolate, pastries and their braids, right? 😜If that is indeed where these braids come from........😅 If you are learning how to braid and want to learn some easy peasy cute french braids--then we hope youll love this braid tutorial! Learn how to do a french braid, dutch braid, waterfall braid, fren...!
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✦ New! Amazing Braids Hairstyles 2017 | Easy Braids Tutorial Compilation 💜 Thank you for watching, if you like this video tutorial please like&share! 💗 Best compilations with makeup tutorials, lip art. nail art, hairstyles compilation EVERYDAY! 😘 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ▪ Credit : Instagram: @braids_in_action 🔹Check out more videos: Top 10 Amazing Vintage Hairstyles | Best Hairstyles Tutorials Compilation🔥 - htt...!
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French Braids - Legend (Lyrics) ft. Brandyn Burnette French Braids - Legend (ft. Brandyn Burnette) For more quality music subscribe here ➡ Were on Spotify ➡ 🔔 Turn on notifications to stay updated with new uploads! ✖ Stream / Download: ✖ Follow French Braids: ✖ Follow Brandyn Burnette: 🎤 Lyrics: She said don’t leave I wa...!
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Hi guys!!!! Sorry for missing a few weeks as we were on vacation😊 Were back and this week Ill be filling a special request for a detailed tutorial on the French Braid. Because of all the detail, its a bit longer than our usual tutorials Items needed: Comb Rattail comb Water spray bottle Elastic bands Optional: Hair clip Hair spray Gel Hair accessories Thanks for watching!!! See you all next time❤️ 💕Kerry and Graycie💕...!
Channel Title : On Hair With Erin Views : 3611973 DisLikes : 2081 Published Date :2017-09-03T15:00:35Z
Here is how I do Boxer Braids (which are a version of Dutch Braids). I like to start with a very small section of hair but you can start with a larger section if you like. One tip on this braid, try to follow an imaginery diagonal line starting right next to the middle part and working back to the crown of the head. You can also prep the hair before braiding with gel or mousse to help it hold. Have fun with this one:) XOXO Erin Products I used in this video: The Wet Brush!
Channel Title : GlamFam Hair & Beauty Views : 78132 DisLikes : 51 Published Date :2017-10-18T12:00:02Z
Hey GlamFam! Today I will be showing you how to do a French Braid with weave! I already showed you all How to do a French braid, and then got several requests to do this video! I hope that you find it super helpful and informative! If you love this video and would like to learn more styles of braiding, be sure to check out my braiding playlist: Here are the tools I used for this video: Mannequin head:!
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PRODUCTS USED ⇣ Cantu Leave-In Cream - Lottabody Setting Lotion - Annie Mesh Rollers - Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer - ————————— CONNECT WITH ME ⇣ INSTAGRAM: SNAPCHAT: chicisnatural...!
Channel Title : EverydayHairInspiration Views : 220330 DisLikes : 120 Published Date :2020-03-25T19:49:14Z
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I wore this braid to the beach a couple weeks ago and forgot how much I love a simple french braid. I pulled it apart a ton to make it look big and loose and love the way it turned out. I hope you guys like it and please give this video a thumbs up if you do. Thank you so much for watching! ______________________________­_________­­___________________________ MY LAST VIDEO: ______________________________­_________­­___________________________ ...!
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**************************** Subscribe : Instagram : Facebook : For Business Contact : [email protected] **************************** #hairstyles #easyhairsytles #simplehairstyles #highbunjuda #weddinghairstyles #partyhairstyles #hairstyleforgirls ****************** PlayEven Fashions,bridal hairstyles,everyday hairstyles,hairstyle,hair style girl,hairstyles for lo...!
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Hi Guys! The 10th Braid in my Series is a French Braid into a messy ,curly Ponytail hairstyle . This is a perfect hairstyle for a lazy day ;) As always , if you like this tutorial dont forget to give it a thumbs up, subscribe and leave and comment below ! Bye Guys! ;) Happy Holidays! ♥ Subscribe for more DIY Hairstyles : ♥Email : [email protected] Key Words: Glamorous ,french braid ponytail , french braid, pon...!
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**Disclaimer** Im not a rep for any of the companies or products I use in any of my videos. I do have my cosmetology license However in all of my videos I am only showing and sharing what works for me and my hair....!
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Hey guys Im back with a tutorial on how to french braid on natural hair. i did this style a few months ago before i had a channel and everyone asked for a tutorial so i finally uploaded on lol. i hope you guys enjoy the tutorial. Let me know if you wanna see more of these, i would love to film them....!

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