French Typography

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With so many formatting options to choose from in InDesign, which should we use to enhance the readability of our text? What steps should we take—and what common errors should we avoid—to maximize the chance of our text being read and understood? This session will look at considerations for choosing type, and then, how to determine an appropriate size, column width, and leading value for that type. We’ll talk about how InDesign composes paragraphs, and the importance of going beyond the d...!
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I did this for a poetry lecture in my French class....!
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Made this in like 20 mins before I had to go to work...!
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The King star Lily-Rose Depp showcases how to nail a French accent when speaking English. Watch as some of Hollywood’s biggest talents showcase a surprise skill! The cover stars of Vanity Fair’s 26th Hollywood Issue have more than a few tricks up their sleeves for our Surprise Showcase Theatre. Check out the stars of the 2020 Hollywood Issue here: Still haven’t subscribed to Vanity Fair on YouTube? ►► ABOUT VANITY FAIR Arts and e...!
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After 30+ hours of animating I present to you the French Taunting from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This project was created in Adobe Illustrator + After Effects. Its my first time using After Effect for a real project so I hope you like it! All of the rights to the audio belong exclusively to the Monty Python Franchise....!
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Animation for type 227 based on a sketch by french and saunders...!
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Brie Larson demonstrates her typography skills. Watch some of the biggest actors and actresses in Hollywood show off their secret talents. From Oprah Winfrey cleaning up dog poop and Emma Stone hopping on a pogo stick, to Natalie Portman translating Hebrew slang and Dakota Johnson sticking things in her teeth, the cover stars of Vanity Fair’s The Hollywood Issue have more than a few tricks up their sleeves. Producer for Vanity Fair: Krista Smith Director of Photography: Sylvain D’Hau...!
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Years after Avatars release, theres one thing Steven (Ryan Gosling) just cant get over. #SNL #SNLPremiere #SNL43 Subscribe to SNL: Stream Current Full Episodes: Watch Past SNL Seasons:  Google Play -  iTunes - Follow SNL Social - SNL Instagram:  SNL Facebook: SNL Twitter: SNL Tumblr: htt...!
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This is Drafting Tools 101 In this series we will discuss the tools used in drawing and drafting. In this episode youll learn everything you need to know about french curves and how to you a french curve like a drafter! Visit for more information! Also be sure to check out our hosts, Doug Patt, channel How To Architect!
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The hippie aesthetic owes a lot to Art Nouveau. Become a Video Lab member! When you picture hippies, you probably picture bell bottoms, long hair, and LSD. You might also think of a very specific graphic design and illustration style, seen on concert posters and album covers: curly, cloudy, barely legible lettering, trippy color combinations, and decorative meandering borders. This style was first conceived in San Francisco by a handful of designers in the late 1960s. ...!
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Join my FREE UX Course The UX Process for Beginners - In this weeks video I am giving you an introduction to typography to help you become a better UX designer. Check it out! #typography #productdesign ____ 👉 FREE UX COURSE FOR BEGINNERS 📸 SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL 🌍 CONNECT WITH ME ____ 🔥RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS & SERVICES These are affiliate links that hel...!
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Why Hollywood kept using Trajan. Subscribe to our channel! For the past 25 years, one typeface has dominated Hollywood typography: Trajan. It’s everywhere, from Shakespearean epic classics like Titus to gory modern flicks like The Human Centipede. It was even the official typeface of the Academy Awards for a while. In movie poster design, if you want to make a film look official, you use Trajan. So how did that happen? Designer Yves Peters set out to answer that question...!
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How do you design a nice layout? How do you design a good magazine spread? How do you design typography over a page? What makes for good type, layout, and design? The principles of typography and design are discussed in the second part of Chris Dos review and art direction of graphic designer, Minhye Cho. In this Futur classic episode, Chris reviews Mins work on The Futurs upcoming magazine. Here he sheds light on his process while critiquing the work of Minhye Cho, an amazing graphic designe...!
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A short introduction to early 20th Century Modernist design and the art movements they evolved from including De Stijl, Dada, Constructivism and Futurism with work by Jan Tschichold, Walter Dexel, Piet Zwart, Kurt Schwitters and more. Talk recorded in Joshua’s Typography Studio class at MCAD, Spring 2015. Follow Joshua: For more information about his teaching or design:!
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In this video, learn more about the basics of working with typography. Visit for our text-based lesson. This video includes information on: • Using and combining various fonts to make graphic elements stand out • Fonts to avoid • Other important terms, like hierarchy, leading, tracking, and kerning We hope you enjoy!...!
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What do the Empire State Building, the iPhone, and Times New Roman have in common? They were all designed. Artist and designer Mia Cinelli opens our eyes to the decisions designers make in the world of typography and reveals how these decisions impact our daily lives. Mia Cinelli is an Assistant Professor of Art & Design and the Director of the Women’s Commission Art Gallery at Defiance College in Defiance, Ohio. After studying Graphic Communication at Northern Michigan University, Mia earn...!
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Hey guys! Im back with the next episode of my new graphic design series, and were kicking it off with one all about typography. Covering some of the language youll hear throughout this series, as well as some vital information about how to use type properly. Comic Sans Criminal: -- ** Typeface/Font Websites: ** Google Fonts: MyFonts: Creative Market: https://creativemark...!
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Sophie Elinor is an Australian typographer and graphic designer who uses letterforms to tell stories (sometimes meaningful, other times downright silly, but always thoughtfully crafted). She obsesses over type in all forms - illustrated, animated, hand-lettered, calligraphic - and loves to flip between analogue and digital mediums. Youll learn: - layout and composition with type - experimenting with styles and establishing a typographic tone of voice - vectoring hand-lettering with the pen an...!
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Porsennas tomb is a monstrous, incommensurable object of wonder that haunted the Western architectural imaginary from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. Against the backdrop of architectures interaction with archaeology, this lecture treats various reconstitutions of the fabled Etruscan royal monument. The cryptic description left us by Pliny the Elder (after Varro) prompted architects from Antonio da Sangallo the Younger to Jean-Jacques Lequeu to evoke an impossibly colossal structure premis...!
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Introduction to Typography Module 1 Talking Type To get certificate subscribe at: ============================ Typography ============================ Youtube channel: ============================ About this course: Typography is the art of manipulat...!
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Stephen Fry talks to Professor Marc Fumaroli, the director of The French Academy. Made up of 40 people including writers, politicians, scientists and philosophers, they rule on which words may or may not be officially included in the French language. Taken from Frys Planet Word. This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback!
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A video I created for the French School of Sophrology....!
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Well cover display typefaces, super families, typeface versus font, and wrap up with some typography best practices. Watch the full course, in order, for free: ---------- Get started with Webflow:!
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We know times have been pretty tough these days, so to help you pass the time during quarantine (and to thank you for your continued patience), weve decided to make the Patreon Preview for MHAA 2 public. Hope you enjoy it!...!
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In this tutorial, familiarize yourself with the different parts of an InDesign grid, a useful page layout tool. Watch more at This tutorial is a single movie from the Designing with Grids in InDesign course presented by author Nigel French. The complete course is 2 hours and 5 minutes and shows how to use grids to create better-looking InDesign l...!
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HAND EMBROIDERY FOR BEGINNERS | how to Embroider 26 Letters Using 15 basic hand embroidery Stitches: When it comes to hand embroidering letters, the choice of embroidery stitches is nearly endless. From basic hand embroidery stitches like back, stem, cross, seeds, satin or running to more complicated stitches like double chain, lazy daisy, fly, cheaf and french knot, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Despite all those choices, I find myself coming back to the same 15 basic hand embroider...!
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History of Typography --- Inspired by The History of Typography By Ben Barrett-Forrest...!
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Aus alten Gläsern, ein bisschen Farbe und nostalgischen Schriftzügen auf Decalfolie ist ohne großen Aufwand ganz einfach eine bezaubernde Dekoidee gemacht Ob als romantische Blumenvase, nostalgischer Stiftebecher oder als Kosmetikpinsel- oder Zahnbürstenaufbewahrung im Badezimmer - sooo schön! Viel Spaß beim Nachmachen! ❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊...!
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Louise Fili believes designers need to have their own creative projects to find their design voice. She draws much of her inspiration from Italy and eating. “Italy is my greatest source of inspiration, both typographically and gastronomically,” Louise Fili said at Design Indaba Conference 2013. She’s been obsessively photographing all things to do with Italy and eating – two of her great passions – which has become the archive that she draws upon in her creative endeavours. Here she...!
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In this tutorial, see how to space the type for a Constructivist poster. Watch more at This tutorial is a single movie from the Type Project: Constructivist Poster course by author Nigel French. The complete course is 32 minutes and shows how to create a poster design that invokes the style, spirit, and typography of the Cons...!
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Roxane Jubert, author of Typography and Graphic Design: From Antiquity to Present discusses her interest in the artistic and technical nature of writing systems and shapes. Jubert talks about the transformation and experimentation in letter depiction throughout history, as she shows examples of geometry-infused type from as early as the 1500s. Jubert adds that these types of atypical alphabets continue to inspire graphic designers. She provides additional examples of alphabets from the early 190...!
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This video shows how to make a Typography image . In Telugu in a simple way Pls watch share and subscribe...!
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This Adobe InDesign overview discusses the different typeface and font terminologies and conventions used when working with typography. Watch more at This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter three of the InDesign Typography course presented by author Nigel French. The complete InDesign Typography course has a total d...!
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CEED | UCEED | NIFT | NID 2020 Introduction to Typography Join our Telegram Group: Facebook: #kaphalstudio #Typography #CEED2021 #NID2021 #NIDExam #ceedstorydesignquestion #DesignExam #CEEDexam #fontdesign #fontideas...!
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Tutoriel vidéo consacré au motion design. Un cours théorique sur les procédés utilisés en animation. Un tuto réalisé avec After Effects. ► ABONNE TOI ! : ◀ Le motion design est un art de plus en plus répandu, un mode d’expression à part entière où saccumulent éléments 2D, 3D, vecteurs, sons, bruitages, images et typographies. Avant de se lancer dans lanimation, il est nécessaire de connaître quelques règles de base. Créer une vidéo nest pas chose ...!
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A section of the song D.A.N.C.E. by Justice in typography. My first go at typography (not including a 5 minute thing - look on my channel) Used After Effects CS3 and Sony Vegas. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated....!
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Text permeates our world. On the street, we face marquees, billboards, digital displays. At home, letters, magazines, and books surround us. Their design may seem arbitrary, even random. But it never is. Their typography is at once immensely creative and surprisingly influential--artful aesthetics carefully designed to maximize impact on the viewer. Chicagos Jason Pickleman, the graphic designer responsible, among many others, for the iconic looks of Art Chicago, Artforum, and Avec restaurant, r...!
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Read the whole article here: This is part 1 of our video series about typography. Typography has a great effect on your website in many different ways. It affects user experience, your brand identity as well as the overall look. In this video, we had a closer look at some important aspects that typography can influence as well as the terminology you might come across. Ill explain what is the difference between Serif an...!
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This video was done as part of a university project and all research was conducted by myself. The video was fully constructed in Adobe After Effects. Voice Over sourced from Music: Available Soon SoundFX: Available Soon...!
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Opening Keynote by Gerry Leonidas, University of Reading...!
Channel Title : The Futur Academy Views : 14885 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2020-04-21T20:42:59Z
(4 of 7) Welcome to the Typography Week 4 Critique If you are interested in the typography course, check it out here - Have you ever been stuck while designing something and wanted professional feedback on your work? We understand that the design process can be tough without guidance through the process. If you want to learn why basic typography skills matter, this critique is for you. In this episode, we asked students from our Typography 01 class to submit their ass...!

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