Frozen Cocktail Recipes

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Top 5 Frozen Cocktails Best Frozen Drinks Vacation Cocktail Top Frozen Cocktail Best Frozen Drink How to make Vacation cocktails Best Summer drinks Bushwacker - Margarita - Pina Colada - Strawberry daiquiri - Miami Vice SUBSCRIBE: Best Mens Drinks Top Womens Cocktails...!
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Find out how to make these 4 fruity frozen daiquiris which are absolutely delicious. Make your next party one to remember with these impressive boozy drinks. __________________________________________________________________ Timestamps: 0:04 - Strawberry Daiquiri 0:46 - Banana Daiquiri 1:21 - Blueberry Daiquiri 2:00 - Peach Daiquiri _________________________________________________________________ Follow Twisted Bar on: Facebook: Instagram: https://...!
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As the weather heats up, weve taken some of our favourite cocktails and given them a frozen twist. From Espresso Martinis to Margaritas, theres a ice cold cocktail for everyone, so dig out the blender and fill up the ice trays. Cheers🥂. Subscribe to the Good Housekeeping YouTube channel: Follow us on Instagram: Click Like on our Facebook page: Head to our site for all the othe...!
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Keep cool in the best way possible by having a delicious cocktail in hand! With summer right around the corner, we’re bringing the heat with 7 Sensational Summer Slushies. Nothing screams summer more than a fabulous frozen drink, so get the party started and plan the perfect get together with some killer refreshments. Kick back by the pool or gear up for a summer BBQ by enjoying great drinks with good company. If you enjoy these videos, check out some of our other delicious cocktail recipes ...!
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This is my favourite recipe for a Frozen Margarita. Its an easy cocktail recipe to make at home, all you need is a blender and a few ingredients. If you would like to see more easy cocktail recipes to make at home then make sure to give this video a thumbs up! A printable recipe will be linked on my website here If you like this video and found it helpful dont forget to thumbs it up and subscribe for more recipe videos. I am always on the lookout fo...!
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Get your blackbelt in Bartending - ( In this episode of making you a bartending pro, youll learn how to make a perfectly blended drink, not to chunky or too thin and watery. Enjoy! ==================================== For more on expanding your skills, check out these PLAYLISTS: BARTENDING BASICS: POPULAR DRINK RECIPES: ALCOHOL 101: POPULAR SHOT RECIPES:!
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🥭Mango Daiquiri 3 cups Mangoes fresh or frozen 1 cup Mango nectar 4 cups of Ice Add sugar if u want it to be sweeter Remove kids portion than 1 cup of ice 2 shots of tequila 🍓Strawberry daiquiri 3 cups whole Strawberries fresh or frozen ( 2 cups if strawberries are sliced) 3 cups of ice 2 tablespoons of grenadine 1/2 cup of Jose Cuevo strawberry daiquiri mix 2 Shots of tequila Kids strawberry daiquiri 3 cups of strawberries fresh or frozen 2 cups of ice 1 cup of Minute Maid fruit pun...!
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Chill out Food Tubers! Jamie’s got a frozen margarita recipe guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Calzadores Tequila, orange liqueur and fresh lime juice are blended with ice to create a drink that looks fit for a top cocktail bar. Created in partnership with Bacardi. What cocktail would you like to see Jamie make? Tell us in the comments box below! Links from the video: Jamies World Cup Caipiroska Cocktail | More Food Tube videos | http...!
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#typsy #bartender #henny #frozen #drinks Hey Beauty Welcome or welcome back Come join the fun. Hit the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON IF YOU ARE UNDER 21, PLEASE LEAVE THIS VIDEO NOW! This video teaches you everything you need to make an amazing frozen hennessy drink. With summer approaching I figured I would start recording my frozen drink recipes. I get a lot of questions asking how to make, and I got tired messaging everyone the recipe.. Frozen Strawberry/Pineapple Hennessy Drink! Want more Drink Rec...!
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Whats poppin, Butterflies! 🦋 Were getting creative with this Laffy Taffy Frozen Cocktail tutorial! Want to try something different? Then this video is for you! This frozen cocktail video features a tasty Laffy Taffy frozen cocktail that can be made right in your kitchen (as long as youre over 21 years of age, of course). Give your adult taste buds something new and fun summer 2020! This tutorial and how to video is perfect for our tiresome and continuous Quarantine days. Drinking this wil...!
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Inspired by a recipe we picked up in Havana, Cuba, this is Danielles super simple Frozen Mojito cocktail. A slushie twist on the classic Mojito, its a delicious combination of white rum, mint leaves, freshly squeezed lime juice and agave syrup to add a touch of sweetness. Really easy to make, blend it up with ice and share with friends for a tropical holiday in a glass! Sponsored by Bacardi. Links from the video: Subscribe | Jamies Mojito | Be sugar...!
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Hey yall Im here with yet another drink I know I know! Lol This one is a Frozen Jolly Rancher cocktail! Its so refreshing!...!
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Wus poppin, Butterflies! 🦋 I’m back with another creative video! Today’s Tipsy Tuesday drink features Jolly Ranchers and Rum in what became my four layer, Jolly Rancher Frozen Cocktail. This tutorial does require multiple steps but it’s cheap! If you want something fruity and delicious then this is the drink for you! It’s starting to get warm outside so to enjoy this lovely drink, here’s what you’ll need: - Bacardi White Rum -Jolly Ranchers -Ice -High ball glass - Patience D...!
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Its Chef Sprinkle Back with another Recipe!! Grab your pen & paper and sit back and enjoy!!!! I LOVE YALL !!! CIROC White Grape Berry Lemonade!!! (EASY Frozen Cocktail!) *** How to purchase your JUST A SPRINKLE ALL PURPOSE SEASONING! (WEBSITE!! CHECK OUT THE LINK SQUAD!) *** To Purchase Cookbook visit: Follow Us: IG: @The_Sprinkle_Factory FB: @The Sprinkle Factory Twitter: @FactorySprinkle Book Us: For Bookings, ...!
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Frozen margaritas dont have to taste like dime-store tequila and be mass-produced in a slushy machine. In this weeks episode of The Easiest Way, Christine Gallary from the CHOW Test Kitchen uses fresh fruit and quality tequila to blend up the perfect summer drink, using our easy Strawberry Margarita recipe. Want to make this? Here is the recipe! - The Easiest Way is CHOWs weekly video recipe series. Every Wednesday well be debuting a new,...!
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These awesome cocktails are brilliantly blue and youll absolutely love them! Whether youre inspired to try a Breaking Bad themed drink or not, these will be sure to impress your friends! __________________________________________________________________ Timestamps: 0:08 - Blueberry Daiquiri Slushie 0:51 - Blue Moscow Mule Slushie Sharer  1:53 - Breaking Blue Margarita _________________________________________________________________ Follow Twisted Bar on: Facebook:!
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How to make a Frozen Grapefruit Negroni See recipe: A riff on a classic Negroni. The bitter flavours are more subtle due to the additional dilution and ice. Ruby red grapefruit compliments the bitterness of Campari. Enjoy! RECOMMENDED READ The Negroni by Gary Regan | INGREDIENTS - 30mL Gin - 30mL Campari - 30mL Sweet Vermouth - 60mL Fresh Grapefruit Juice HOW TO 1. Add a sugar rim to your glass (...!
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HOW TO MAKE A FROZEN STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI? 🍓🍸☀️ HERE IS MY FROZEN STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI RECIPE! ☀️🍸🍓 Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri is far from a classic Daiquiri. However some (lots) of people love this blended beast. Therefore I decided to share my recipe of the popular cocktail. It is a great one for any day where you just wanna go back to Summer! What you need: - White Rum 🥃 - Lime 🍈 - Sugar Syrup 🍯 (1 part water mixed with one part sugar) - Strawberry Syrup 🍓 - F...!
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Heres the recipe: NUTCRACKER FROZEN JUNGLE JUICES Per 15 oz Bottle: 1 ½ oz. (45ml) Vodka 1 oz. (30ml) Peach Schnapps 1 ½ oz. (45ml) Coconut Rum 1 oz. (30ml) Everclear Top with 10 oz of Juices and Sodas of your choice PREPARATION 1. Add liquors to bottles and top with juices and sodas. 2. Freeze bottles. Serve! Enjoy! Get a Tipsy T-Shirt: If you have a cool drink recipe or picture, send it to us: [email protected] Brand/Media Inquiries: [email protected]!
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Check out the Tasty One-Stop Shop for cookbooks, aprons, hats, and more at Here is what youll need! Strawberry Lemonade Servings: 6 INGREDIENTS 1 bottle of white wine, half frozen 1½ cups lemonade, frozen 1½ cups frozen strawberries ⅓ cup rum PREPARATION 1. Combine all ingredients in a blender, and mix until fully blended. 2. Serve and garnish with a lemon wedge. 3. Enjoy! --- Raspberry Peach Servings: 6 INGREDIENTS 1 bottle of rosé, half frozen 1...!
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#NewAmsterdamdrinkrecipes #Newamsterdampinkwhitney @newamsterdamspirits @Masterofmixes New Amsterdam Pink Whitney Daiquiri - Two shots of New Amsterdam - 1/2 cup of master of mixes sweet and sour - 1/2 cup of sugar - 1 scoop of pink lemonade - 4 cups of ice Business Instagram @goodiebagsbylee Personal Instagram @__meangirllee Business email @[email protected] PHONE NUMBER for collaborations 229-778-7632...!
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Another night another cocktail ! enjoy! :) Instagram _meshas_corner Website -!
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The delicious Blue Hawaiian is more than enough to chase away the winter blues and herald the coming of summer!...!
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STRAWBERRY PINEAPPLE HENNESSY COCKTAIL WANT MORE DRINK RECIPES CLICK HERE TO BE APART OF MY PRIVATE DRINK COMMUNITY MEMBERS WILL HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS TO NEVER BEFORE SEEN DRINK TUTORIALS AND WILL RECEIVE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS ON ALL products INGREDIENTS Hennessy Strawberry Daiquiri Mix Pineapple juice add 1 shot of hennessy 1/2 cup of strawberry kiwi juice 1 0z of strawberry daiquiri 1/2 cup of pineapple juice SHAKE pour over ice g...!
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Make frozen mango margaritas with Ataulfo mangoes! Great cocktail for hot days. New cooking videos every Thursday! Subscribe to be notified when I release a new video! Frozen mango margarita recipe at Check out all my video recipes: SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook : Twitter : Pin...!
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Here it is!!! My Facebook viral drink! How I make the #HennyThanGo’s Sorry for the noise of the cup trying to get those jolly ranchers out they got sticky!! #hennythangos #Hennessy #alcoholdrinks Eye ball measurement from blender cup: About 4 cups ice 2 cups juice 1 to 1 1/2 cups liquor About 10-15 jolly rancher or more (Measure these ingredients to your liking!) Like, Comment and Subscribe and share for more videos The original 😊...!
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Heres the recipe: FROZEN PINEAPPLE DAIQUIRI 2 oz. (60ml) Rum 1 1/2 Cups Frozen Pineapple Chunks 1 1/2 Cups Fresh Pineapple Chunks 1 oz. (30ml) Simple Syrup 1 oz. (30ml) Lime Juice 1 Cup Ice Pineapple Wedge Cherry PREPARATION 1. Add ice, pineapple, rum, simple syrup and lime juice to a blender. Combine until smooth. 2. Pour mix into glass and garnish with a pineapple wedge and a cherry. Enjoy responsibly! If you have a cool drink recipe or picture, send it to us: [email protected]!
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Frozen Tequila Slush | Margarita Sunrise SUBSCRIBE TO HELP FEED THE HUNGRY ~ Details Below~ The tequila sunrise margarita brings the beauty of a tequila sunrise into the world of frozen margaritas. It combines the best of both drinks and is utterly refreshing with its tropical fruit flavor! My Links: email: [email protected] Subscribe to my channel here: https://www.yo...!
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Lets learn how to make a blue hawaiian cocktail recipe for home or at the bar. This is a highly requested summer time drink at many bars and at many homes. Get your bar gear at The Blue Hawaiian, not to be confused with the Blue Hawaii cocktail, is a cream of coconut based drink, lands on the sweeter side of cocktail recipes and has a great coloring. The blue curacao definitely makes the Blue Hawaiian look delicious to the eyeballs. We are making the Blue Hawaiian wit...!
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Welcome to the Icely Done Ice Cocktail Bar. Here is Icely Done business owner and founder Lefti illustrating how easy and simple it is to use our slush machines with our versatile Icely Done Blends; Piña Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri and combining the two to make a Miami Vice. Cocktail Ingredients: Our Blends - Strawberry Daiquri / Piña Colada Bacardi Rum Its that SIMPLE! Frozen cocktails are great for festivals, weddings, corporate events, adding something different to the usual alcoholic b...!
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A tropical blend of rich coconut cream and pineapple blended together with Bacardi white rum and topped with Myers Jamaican dark rum makes this the best frozen summertime cocktail! Delicious! Jamaican Style Pina colada recipe using fresh fruit and juice with Myers Jamaican Dark Rum and Bacardi White Rum. Drink healthier and taste the difference with all fresh ingredients! Make sure to get a ripe pineapple! Pina Colada Recipe: 3/4 cup of Frozen pineapple (we used fresh and then froze it over n...!
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Theres nothing like a delicious Pina Colada poolside on a hot day! Make this homemade cocktail recipe in any Nutri Bullet or Ninja and enjoy! The yummy flavors of pineapple, coconut, lime and of course your favorite rum blend together to make an awesome cocktail. Get your Ninja here: For My Full Homemade Pina Colada Recipe visit: Any questions? Comment below this video or tweet: Subscribe for more fun ...!
Channel Title : WaysAndHow Views : 48460 DisLikes : 52 Published Date :2016-04-01T14:03:00Z Subscribe to Waysandhow: How to make a frozen strawberry margarita: Do you love frozen strawberry margarita? Making one at home is not difficult, learn how, now. What’s better than a frozen strawberry margarita on a hot summer day? Nothing, of course, unless you have two of them! Margaritas are one of the most versatile and delectable cocktails, and they always have you wanting just one more, then another. If you’re someone who loves cocktai...!
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How to make a Dirty Banana Delicious coffee, banana and rum flavours. Apparently very popular in Jamaica. We opted for an aged rum for added complexity whilst the original recipe calls for white rum. INGREDIENTS - 45mL White Rum (see video below for alternative) - 30mL Kahlua - 30mL Milk - 30mL Cream - Banana HOW TO 1. Add all the ingredients to your blender base 2. Blender for 20-30 seconds or until smooth 3. Pour into a large cocktail glass 4. Garnish with a slice of banana Music by Jeff Ka...!
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Im whizzing up three of my favorite frozen summer drink recipes in My KitchenAid blender: Chai-Spiced Pina Coladas, Strawberry Basil Mojitos & Blackberry Lychee Juleps. For more summer drinks, recipes & quick cooking tips, visit!
Channel Title : Ninja Kitchen Views : 6142 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2011-09-14T17:07:27Z
The Cranberry Cosmo Freeze is a delicious & natural frozen cocktail thats easy to make in your Ninja Pulse. Blend cranberries, juice, triple sec & vodka with some ice in your Ninja Pulse and youll have a delicious frozen cocktail in no time. For additional recipes and ideas on how to get the most out of your Ninja Pulse, visit!
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Looking for a guide on How To Serve Bushwacker Frozen Cocktail? This practical instructional video explains precisely how its done, and will help you get good at vodka, baileys, cream. Enjoy this tutorial from the worlds most comprehensive library of free factual video content online. Subscribe! Check Out Our Channel Page: Like Us On Facebook!!
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For a seriously refreshing slush drink, my frozen strawberry daiquiri cocktail recipe is easy to make and perfect to enjoy in the summer months. It’s made real tasty with delicious orange liquor, rum and fresh strawberries. Check out all my other cocktail recipes, including banana daiquiri, here: Get the directions for my frozen strawberry daiquiri cocktail recipe on my website:!
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Frozen Peach Bellini, amazingly delicious Want to try it? Quick Easy and Delicious. refreshing drinks all month. non-video recipes are posted Tuesday and video recipes on Friday check the blog for the list of Ingredients. Recipe: Im a teacher on Curious check out my available courses: Royalty Free Music by!
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If you liked this video, you will LOVE my Non-Alcoholic Drink Miniseries, they are all fruity, refreshing, beautiful, and delicious! Triple Melon Sorbet Float here: Strawberry Limeade: Homemade Raspberry Vanilla Soda Pop: Cantaloupe Agua Fresca:!
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Do you like Slurpees? Do you like rosé? Are you a relatively happy person who typically appreciates sunshine, other people’s grilling, and hammocks? Then yeah, you’re going to love frosé. Still haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► ABOUT BON APPÉTIT Cook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. Stay current on the latest food trends, dining destinations, and hosting ideas. How to Make Frosé (...!
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I kept hearing about this frozen drink called Frose recently and it just sounds so freaking good, so I had to try and make one myself. I mean, I did have this big bag of frozen strawberries chillin in my freezer, so why not put it to use. I looked up a few different recipes ... then decided to make my own with a little twist. So here it is, just in time for the warm weather! FROSÉ ... my froze rosé cocktail! Enjoy! How To Make: FROSÉ [Freeze a bottle of rosé overnight] -fill blender...!
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From our Party Bullet Frozen Cocktail Recipes series, heres how to make a Frozen Banana Daiquiri. A daiquiri is actually quite a simple recipe as it only contains rum, lime juice and simple syrup. For this banana daiquiri, we make it just as simple. To get more cocktail recipes, download our free bartending cheat sheet: Frozen Banana Daiquiri Recipe 2oz Rum Full goblet of ice Juice of 1-2 limes one banana 1oz simple syrup Add all ingredients to t...!

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