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Love old signs? Make them like a pro instantly, with Funky Junks Old Sign Stencils! - - - - - ABOUT Old Sign Stencils came about to fill a need. Donna of the blog, Funky Junk Interiors, is a 22 year sign shop veteran. When she started creating signs for DIY purposes instead of on vehicles, readers wished to create them too! But not everyone had the same fancy equipment nor sign design expertise. So stencils were created from Funky Junks originals, making it easy for anyone to now make a pr...!
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Making a cool looking garland out of twigs is so easy! This 2 minute video will show you how with full colour examples. Visit the full tutorial via pictures on the blog at:!
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Intro and tour to workshop website...!
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Love old, vintage styled signs? You can now make them in mere minutes, with no fancy equipment, with the help of Funky Junks Old Sign Stencils! Designed by a 20 year sign business veteran, all the hard works done for you. All you need to do is add paint! Starting with virtually any reclaimed wood board will work. Watch for old fences, pallet wood, gates, stairs, doors, all the way to weathered table tops or dresser fronts. Anything can wear an old sign with style! A special feature of many of...!
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Welcome to the newest Home & Garden app for mobile phones! Funky Junk Interiors and many other home and garden specialists reside on bHome, which is a mobile phone app that provides nearly everything youd desire for your DIY blog hopping. From reading blog posts to social media, you can do it all from this incredible app. Visit Funky Junks post to learn more at / Would appreciate any shares from the blog post direct, where all the info is. Thank-you! Get bHom...!
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Dress up your garden with these cool and inexpensive design ideas. Find more great content from HGTV: HGTV YouTube Channel: Subscribe to HGTV on YouTube: Follow HGTV on Twitter: Like HGTV on Facebook:!
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Junk Gypsies Amie and Jolie Sikes show you how to design the bedroom of your dreams — on a budget! First, get their tips for scoring the perfect thrifted headboard. Then, find out how to style a bed with just the right mix of patterns and textures. Subscribe to HGTV for more tips from The Find & The Fix! Junk Gypsies Amie and Jolie Sikes show how to find great junk and make it fit your style. Find more great content from HGTV: HGTV YouTube Channel: Subscribe to HG...!
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#solawoodflowers #DIYCraftTutorial #Wreathtutorial Lets get crafty! Create your very own funky junk wreath with sola wood flowers! This complete A step by step tutorial on how to create the perfect summer wreath for your front door. What youll need: Round Metal Ring (any round solid object) Chicken Wire (optional) Greenery Paddle Wire (22 gauge) Sola Wood Flowers (dyed and painted to look like succulents) Everything you need for this fun DIY succulent wreath can be found on our website: www...!
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Here you can see DIY Garden Decorations Ideas. Hope from this video you get inspiration for your garden decorations project. # Press CC to turn ON/Off subtitles ! 1. BRICK PATIO DIY SEATING AREA 2. Updated Front Porch 3. Glass marbles in your fence 4. Bac...!
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Painters tape no more! Master this small technique and youll be painting like a pro in no time....!
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One mans trash is another mans treasure... or in this case, funky furniture repurposed out of scrap car parts. Sean Moranes is gifted with the skill of upcycling junk and transforming it into one-of-a-kind home decor....!
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This is part 2 of the oak breakfast bar project. In the previous episode (here: ) we did some unusual wood-working to make a giant wooden hinge. In this episode we are upcycling with metalwork! Theres welding, milling, turning and other excitement to be had as we transform some old car parts into the swing arm fold-out support for the breakfast bar. Subscribe to my channel for more fun projects! Lets Conn...!
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View the entire project tutorial here: Funky Junk Trees Project Directions: Flip tart tin over and cover base with frosted mica flakes. Stuff a paper straw into a small spool and glue in place. Cut three circles from scrap paper. Cut from outer edge to center on each piece. Form a cone around the paper straw and glue each cone about 1 inch above the other to form the basic tree shape. Hot glue pen nibs around each level of the tr...!
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In this video I share with you how I help one of my viewers with her issue of decorating her living room. I share with you her space, along with how I would decorate the room if it were my space. I also have a free printable of the design board I created for this space on my website at Along with all of the shopping resources for the items shown. Home decor and decorating is so fun! I am not a professional decorator, organizer etc. I just have a passion for de...!
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Love the look of vintage grain sack stripes too? This video shows you how easy it is to re-create the iconic vintage look on anything you wish with our 6 Grain Sack Stripe stencils along with project ideas! Each stencil is designed to mix & match with each other so you have the ability to design your own look. All our stencils are made from high-quality 10 mil mylar, complete with unique registration marks for easy positioning. Buy the stencils at: ...!
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Follow my latest finds on Facebook!: Not So Shabby, Shabby Chic Blog: Molly Mos: Funky Junk Sisters:!
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Learn all about Funky Junk, a new store in the Ithaca Commons that focuses on upcycled, recycled and do-it-yourself products....!
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Visions of Vintage at our Junk Salvation Show in Puyallup, WA November 2011...!
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Texas sisters Jolie and Amie Sikes – otherwise known as the Junk Gypsies – find their inspiration on the open road. They build their business on transforming roadside finds into unique decor for everything from homes to tour buses. Their new collection with Pottery Barn Kids is a cozy take on the rustic style, from bedding to accessories. Visit for more....!
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**WARNING: As of Nov 2019, due to a moral disconnect with Community Aid, WE no longer support or patronize their organization.  Sue and I decided to visit our local thrift stores. We came away with a few good treasures, but hit the vintage purse jackpot at Community Aid. We were a little surprised to discover it was half off day! Stay tuned for the haul video tomorrow. Our Etsy: Our Ebay: Lamp Lady Merch: Due to the HIGH V...!
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Professional home economist Mairlyn Smith shows us how to edit your junk drawer in order to have that fresh start feel as Fall commences. You can apply these techniques to your kitchen, office or foyer junk piles. Cityline is the longest running and most successful daytime show for women in North American history. Host Tracy Moore brings her energy and enthusiasm along with her charismatic personality and flair for style - making her a perfect fit for North Americas top source for the latest in...!
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Dont toss those old trophies that are collecting dust in your closet! Amie and Jolie show you how to repurpose them as jar toppers, serving trays and wine stoppers. Subscribe to HGTV for more tips from The Find & The Fix! Junk Gypsies Amie and Jolie Sikes show how to find great junk and make it fit your style. Find more great content from HGTV: Stream full episodes and more: Get ideas and inspiration: Subscribe to HGTV on YouTube: http://www.youtub...!
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Sign up for my interior design sketch up course here! INSTAGRAM: How to enter WWRD: Watch next episode: Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson reaches out to her Subscribers to enter the #WWRD contest. Each week, Rebecca will select a winner and make at least 5 suggestions on how to improve your space. Todays winner… GABRIELLE JEFFERSON!! Gabrielles top 5 Things She Can Do To Imp...!
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Check out Miranda Lamberts New Album - Our latest collaboration with Junk Gypsy is all about dreaming big and believing your dreams. With teen room accessories like guitar-shaped jewelry holders and teen furniture like denim sofas, this line has a definite DIY appeal. The Junk Gypsy sisters -- Amie and Jolie are big believers of DIY and creating something yourself. The JG line has teen room accessories that are both fun and functional. The denim sofa can be paired...!
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We have collaborated with Amie Sikes and Jolie Sikes, the Junk Gypsies to create a unique collection of bedding, teen room accessories and teen furniture to help you make a unique fashion statement. In this video, they share the story of how they started their business. After college, Amie and Jolie had 9-to-5 jobs but the love of the road and junk led them to their business -- the Junk Gypsies. Their journey started with a firm belief of working with family and to follow their dreams. With the...!
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Tara takes an old window frame and transforms it into a unique, rustic looking cupboard for the kitchen....!
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Mrs. Munson shows highlights from a recent Funky Junk Show. She focuses on her repurposed junk lamps....!
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A fun and affordable treasure hunt! Scrapbooking, autograph books,shadow boxes and diaries are all wonderful ways of preserving your memories from almost anything. Funky Junk has a huge selection of vintage postcards, newspapers, buttons, bit and pieces to help tell your story. New Pieces Arrive Everyday ! Visit us at!
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Find the paint and products we use here. Jami Ray Vintage Home Decor: Channel Membership: JRV Stencil Retailer Locator: Mothers day Flowers idea in a DIY planter chair. Apothecary: Weathered Wood:!
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Heres a look behind the scenes at our Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market in Austin,Texas. We used an old west town as our backdrop......!
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This is a REPLAY - not actually LIVE. In this tutorial, I show you a few of my best tips for stencilling on furniture as I give these plain black stools an industrial/farmhouse style makeover! Have you tried stencils on your furniture? What are your biggest struggles? Let me know if you still have questions after this video in the comments. You can also find more tutorials on stencilling as well as other furniture makeovers on my blog/website: Use the search bar to type in ...!
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Does your makeup need a makeover? Beauty expert Bahar Niramwalla shares 4 décor hacks to brilliantly organize your beauty corner....!
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Fifty linden friday had a great round! i think ill use everything in it, in one way or another. Ill be out of town for a few days, so this is my last video until monday! Dont do anything I wouldnt do, while Im gone. xoxo Cass Seraphim: Group Join URL: secondlife:///app/group/4736f8f4-8b07-85c3-6952-ceafd0673096/about Flickr Group: This week, the designers ar...!
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#scrapbookingwithmecrafts #journal #minialbums Please click the show more button to see all of our links. If you are on an iPhone or a iPad click the little arrow on the top right. My Printer: HP2640 HP Instant Ink: MELINAS YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Other videos you might enjoy: Corner notebook pockets: Pocket w/notebooks: Clusters: Expandable t...!
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Junk Journal Printables: --------------------------------------- Add me as a friend on Facebook: Junk Journal Cool Kids Group: Follow me on Instagram: ---------------------------------------- Affiliate links to Tools used: HAITRAL Cotton Sewing Thread Sets - 24-Color Spools Thread, 1000 Yards Sewing Kits Thread for...!
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Creating a page in my Chunky Funky Journal - I create a mandala from candy wrappers, a few gemstones and some permanent marker pens. Music: Perspectives - Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License!
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Gardening is about thinking ahead, and with the freezers full of food for Christmas, Im starting to think about decorating, lol. Lia and I weed out our nasty weed - Virginia Creeper vine - and transform it into a pretty and useful wreath. And it is so easy, that you could do it too! After the camera died, I got ambitious and even made a basket, which I am so proud of that I am showing it off to all you :) Winter basket weaving tutorial?... say tuned to find out, lol...!
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In this video I re-use an old reclaimed table top to make a new steel and wood coffee table to fit my other furniture in the house. Its a nice mix of (less traditional) woodworking and some metal working. First I weld the legs as squares, the bottom side temporary. Than I cut the table top to size and roughen it with an angle grinder and various wheels / disks. Next step was to cut the holes in the table and put the legs through. When this is all done the legs can be welded on the bottom and al...!
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In this Live Demo via Hometalks Facebook page, I show you my top tips for stenciling. Are you a stippler or a swirler? Lets find out! You can order some of these stencils if youre in Australia, via my website:!
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Subscribe Follow on Purchase Products used in this video HERE: Become a member of Debis Design Diary here and get extra info- Visit Debis online shop- ht...!
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TRASH TO TREASURE HAUL | WALMART AND DOLLAR TREE HAUL | TRASH TO TREASURE DIY | VALENTINES DECOR This video is not intended for children under the age of 13. Hello everyone! its so good to be back from my small holiday break! I hope youre all doing well! Today I am showing you a huge trash to treasure haul, along with a few walmart and dollar tree haul items. The majority of the items I purchased are for some trash to treasure diy projects. I also started to collect some valentines decor as w...!
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Sue and I took our weekly trip to the thrift stores. We came away with quite a few resale treasures. Dont miss tomorrows haul video! Our Etsy: Our Ebay: Lamp Lady Merch: Due to the HIGH VOLUME of requests for appraisal and identification, I am unfortunately UNABLE TO RESPOND to these messages. Please feel free to post your items in my facebook group: --OUR CHANNELS-- Relic Recoverist (Treasure Huntin...!
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Funky Junk in Second Life Our little world thrives on junk (aka rubbish, garbage, trash, waste, cast offs). Were made of it, we build with it, we decorate with it and some of us even eat it. Yep, we treat recycling as an extreme sport. ******************* This/any Vdeo can never show you the junk wonderland. Come and visit it - it made your day! For first information see: Music GEMA-free: Prayer for Ocean by Atomic Cat Powerd by: Video Reco...!

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