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I have been wanting to do a video comparing these two bags for a while. This Chanel square mini and Furla bag are so similar! Love them both, but which one is your favorite? Buy Furla here: http://bit.ly/2zV64UP http://bit.ly/2zA2iQj - ON SALE http://bit.ly/2zVxQk9 Buy Pre-loved Chanel here: http://bit.ly/2AE8Ieb What I am wearing: Sweater (small - its HUGE, but I love it that way) - http://bit.ly/2yYVVpS Bralette - http://bit.ly/2zeDyNs Follow me here! My BLOG: http://www.luxmommyblog.com I...!
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Furla bags at the outlet. Mostly half price. #furla #shopwithme...!
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Hi! This is a review video of the Furla Mini Metropolis that is one of that brand’s most popular bags. I talk about its features as well as wear and tear. Enjoy watching :) ✨Check out my channel and SUBSCRIBE so we can be friends here on Youtube :) ✨I would love to know your thoughts! Feel free to leave a comment below. ✨Follow me on INSTAGRAM! https://www.instagram.com/leipetite8/ ————————————————————— ITEMS MENTIONED: Furla Mini Metropoli...!
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Created by Filmigo:http://filmigoapp.com/free #filmigo...!
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Hello everybody! Today’s video is about my new bag collection - Furla Metropolis Top Handle Bag (S) .I’m here to share with you about what’s good about the bag & what fits along with some styling tips! Hope it helps you guys! IG: @birdieliau...!
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This is the Furla Metropolis bag in the color moonstone with gold hardware. Sold out on farfetch here: https://www.farfetch.com/shopping/women/furla-camera-crossbody-bag-item-11778089.aspx?storeid=9446&ffref=hd_wish but there are other colors still available on Farfetch. I hope this video was helpful to some of you thinking about the bag! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments and thanks for watching!...!
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Very excited to share with you my fist Furla bag! Bought it from Furla at Serdika Center, Sofia, Bugaria, This is the Furla Luce Tote bag (bigger version). Thank you all for watching! :)...!
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Happy Saturday Loves!!! Coming to you with a couple unboxings from Furla and Gucci! One of the Gucci items I am still undecided about, but wanted to share my thought process :) I hope you find this video help and I welcome your feedback on the beauty from Gucci, especially if you own it or have thought about it as well. Thanks for watching and please don’t forget to LIKE, comment and SUBSCRIBE!!! Stay Fabulous!! Xoxoxo Furla Julia Mini Leather Crossbody Bag: http://go.magik.ly/ml/bm4h/ Gucci...!
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Thanks for Watching! Please COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and LIKE this video. I Hope you Enjoyed! This video. Items mention in the video: Metropolis Mini Bag in Black/ white gold hardware Julia Mini Bag in Blush Pink/ white gold hardware Pochette Julia Clutch Bag in Blush Pink/ white gold hardware PVC Blow up Bag in Gold/white gold hardware Furla Sunglasses YOUTUBER: lonela Torga her video titled: Fake Furla Metropolis Bag Stuff 2 Discuss do not own the rights to the : Beck...!
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• Furla 1927 mini crossbody bag DIMENSIONS: (inch) 7.87 (w) x 5.12 (h) x 2.76 (d) (cm) 20 (w) x 13 (h) x 7 (d) COLOR - DALIA f (Beige) https://www.furla.com/us/en/eshop/furla-1927-BAFKAREBW000ZTUK.html?dwvar_BAFKAREBW000ZTUK_color=TUK&cgid=#lang=en_US&q=1927%2Bmini&item=6§ion=0&start=1 • Furla Babylon Bi-fold wallet DIMENSIONS (inch) 3.74 (w) x 3.35 (h) COLOR - DALIA f (Beige) https://www.furla.com/us/en/eshop/furla-babylon-PR74B30PBF00ZTUK.html?dwvar_PR74B30PBF00ZTUK_color=TUK&cgid=#sec...!
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FB Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Pattypieee/?ref=hl Shop (IG): pattypieee.items Instagram: patpatra_ Email: [email protected]!
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A comparison and review on two very similar handbags: Furla Mini Metropolis vs Mini Julia! Great leather option mini bag for under $300! Mini Metropolis: Bottom Width: 6 1⁄2 in; Depth: 3 in; Height: 5 1⁄2 in, 22.5 drop 50% off here: https://bit.ly/2KHVGRl navy blue option: https://bit.ly/2OpIJ0Q Mini Julia: 7 W X 4 H X 5 D, 23 chain drop 30% off moonstone pink color: https://bit.ly/2M4H6sC gold option: https://bit.ly/2Mgqk9e Follow me on instagram @ clutchtocarryall for outfit ideas M...!
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Bought a new bag from winter sales and I love it so much...!
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I hope this video is useful for you) please Subscribe to my channel to get more info about other brand bags) Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nelatorgai/?hl=ru https://www.facebook.com/nela.torgai?ref=bookmarks...!
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เฟียร์ซบุกช็อปใหม่ Furla สาขาสยามพารากอน พาช้อปกระเป๋ารุ่นใหม่ล่าสุด 1927 มีให้เลือก 3 แบบ 3 สไตล์ งานดีแซ่บเว่อร์เข้าได้กับลุค!! พร้อมแล้วไปชมกันเลยค่าาา โปรแซ่บ - เพียงแจ้งกับทางหน้าร...!
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Hello everybody! Today’s video is about my new bag collection - Furla Mimí Mini Crossbody Bag! It’s their new SS19 Collection and I’m here to share with you about what’s good about the bag & what fits! Hope it helps you guys! IG: http://instagram.com/birdieliau...!
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This time I pulled the trigger in one style of bag that is not really mine. I found that the Furla Fantastica M DOME BAG is the perfect dupe of the Alma of Louis Vuitton, it is much cheaper with a great quality and the canvas monogram reminds a little bit of the Gucci one. So if you dont want to treat yourself with high ends purchases, this is the bag for you. I got also the Babylon keycase to pair with it. -Furla Fantastica bag: https://www.furla.com/se/en/eshop/search?q=Furla%20fantastica&pr...!
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#INAHFASHION Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/Inahfashion https://www.instagram.com/inah_fashion www.Inahfashion.com...!
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Hi everyone! Todays video is a mini bag review - I hope you find it useful! All bags listed below: 1. Chanel Black Mini (not available online, preloved here): http://bit.ly/2h3VQK5 2. Celine Nano (not available online, preloved here): http://bit.ly/2z614vH 3. Chanel Rose Gold Flap (not available online) 4. Saint Laurent WOC/ Clutch: http://bit.ly/2uUFUKT 5. Saint Laurent Kate: http://bit.ly/2h3VJhy 6. Chanel Rectangle Mini (not available online, preloved here): http://bit.ly/2h3VQK5 7. Gucci So...!
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Song: Jarico - Island (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/gZlDn4EmTvo Song: Chris Lehman - Flash (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/CZbq2c4p0cs...!
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I bought two black bags with the seasonal sales of Furla. And there are still sales, so dont be late. The video is not sponsored, I am just in love with the brand Furla. One is the Rialto Hobo XL for 197euros instead of 395 euros. This is the link: https://www.furla.com/gr/en/eshop/woman/bags/furla-rialto-BTB9VHCBI000ZO60.html And the other is the Metropolis Amoris S for 185euros instead of 370euros. This is the link: https://www.furla.com/gr/en/eshop/woman/bags/furla-metropolis-amoris-BVU3Q25BW...!
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Reviewed this amazing Furla Mini Metropolis I just bought! I found it on Poshmark for a slam dunk deal and was so excited to show you guys the bag and take you through the pros and cons! Let me know your favorite mini bag in the comments! ___________________________________________________________________ PRODUCTS USED & MENTIONED ✭ Furla Mini Metropolis (full price): http://bit.ly/2C8A2WG ___________________________________________________________________ LETS BE REAL FRIENDS ✭ BLOG:...!
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เฟียร์ซบุกร้าน Furla ร้านกระเป๋าแบรนด์ดังจาก Italy พาช็อปกระเป๋าคอลเลคชั่นใหม่ 3 รุ่น!! ดีไซน์แซ่บ หนังแท้ทุกใบ คุณภาพดีงาม ราคาสมเหตุสมผล!! พร้อมแล้วไปดูกันเลยค่าา โปรโมชันแซ่บ: สำหรับ...!
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FOLLOW ME ON: INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/weartoworkstyle/ FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/weartoFOLLOW ME ON: INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/weartoworkstyle/ FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/weartoworkstyle YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/weartoworkstylebytan BLOG: www.weartoworkstyle.com .......................................­­­­­­­­............. FURLA x HOTEL MUSE BANGKOK โปรโมชั่นสุดพิเศษสำหรับวาเลนไทน์นี้ ! เมื่อซื...!
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OPEN ME: MsFilis Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ashleeabella ********************************** FeedSpot 🏅 TOP 25 https://blog.feedspot.com/thrift_shop_youtube_channels/ *********************************** DM me on Instagram if interested to buy some of my Thrift Finds! 👍🏼 Instagram: nancylife_ig http://www.instagram.com/nancylife_ig *********************** WELCOME to my Channel! Im Nancy 100% Filipina, now lives here in Canada with my other half Jean-Paul, he is French-C...!
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I am back with a review of the JULIA tip handle crossbody bag from Furla. I purchased this last September 2018 for an amazing price at Saks Off Fifth on clearance! Follow me!! IG: @yenniemc_expatineurope Email: [email protected] Links to buy the bag: Nordstrom Rack https://www.nordstromrack.com/shop/product/1821442/furla-julia-leather-mini-top-handle-satchel?color=ONYX Neiman Marcus Last Call https://www.lastcall.com/Furla-Julia-Mini-Top-Handle-Crossbody-Bag/prod43200043/p.prod https://...!
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人並みにファッションを好きだし、楽しい! だけど、服によってBagを変えるほどオシャレじゃないし たくさんあっても使いこなせないので…😭 Bagは少なくていいかなと思って手放しました。 なので、選ぶ基準は 「シンプルで比較的なんでも合いそうなもの」 すごいお気に入りで、控えめに言って最高です◎ 【FURLA FANTASTICA ハンドバッグ S】 https://www.furla.com/jp/ja/esho...!
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Привет, меня зовут Лера Каменская сумка как у меня (цвет немного другой) https://goo.gl/pobWYm сумки furla со скидкой https://goo.gl/z5Z8uN магазин, где можно заказать любую сумку ( furla , coccinelle, Marc Jacobs, Chloe , Michael kors) https://ilakmus.com ЧТО В СУМКЕ У ЛЕРЫ ? ОБЗОР Furla Metropolis Bag ♥подписывайтесь на мой канал https://go...!
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::::::::::::::OPEN ME PLEASE::::::::::::::::: Hi Babes! A quick WIMB and first impression on the Furla Julia Bag :) Safe to say, I think Im going to want to add another! Thank you so much for watching! Please dont forget to LIKE, comment, and SUBSCRIBE!!! Stay Fabulous! Xoxoxo Furla Julia Bag: https://go.magik.ly/ml/bm4h/ Saks Off The 5th: https://go.magik.ly/ml/b77i/ Makeup in Video: Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear https://go.magik.ly/ml/92f4/ Eyes: Urban Decay Moondust Space Cowboy Ey...!
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훌라 FURLA 뻬루쟈 핸드백 매장을 찾아봤어요. 2019년 신제품의 종류과 가격을 영상으로 올려봅니다. 절대 협찬 아닙니다. Photo and Video :이탈리아 리까리까 RiccaRicca561 사용한 카메라 : Samsung Galaxy S-10+ 지지대: Velbon Ultra Stick Super 8, Lidl Selfi stick 마이크 : 소니 TX650 Music : Flowmusic 별의 춤:http://flowmusic.kr/home/sub01.php?mid=2&uid=710 이탈리아 리까리까 유튜브 홈 : https://www.youtube.com/channel/U...!
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สวัสดีค่ะ วันนี้มาแกะกล่องพร้อมกัน เผื่อเป็นข้อมูลให้เพื่อนๆนะคะ ถ้าหากผิดพลาดประการใด ขออภัยไว้ ณ ที่นี้ด้วยค่ะ...!
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Irresistible charm. It stands out for its bellows-shaped silhouette and an original pyramid-shaped closure. With a medium capacity, internal compartments and an external pocket on the back, its harmonious proportions make Furla Diva a must-have elegant and contemporary bag. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/2M4V2mR Follow us on social media: Facebook ➤ http://bit.ly/FBFurla Instagram ➤ http://bit.ly/IGFurla #thefurlasociety #furla #newcollection #accessories #fashion...!
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The BEST expensive luxury designer handbags in 2020? How not to spend a lot of money but still remains trendy? These are your question? If you are interested in designer items maybe get a dupe and see if you do like that style of bag and if its something that will fit into your collection. Today I am showing you some cheap alternatives to fancy celebrity designer purses! I found affordable bags inspired by top luxury designers from all over the world. We will consider such dupes as Bottega Vene...!
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#FurlaCandyBag #ThriftStoreCollection Hi Everybody, I have a treat for you starting today until next Saturday! This is day #1 of my thrift store bag/purse collection share. I will give a brief description and show you the basic features. This video is to entertain and keep you calm as we continue to stay safe and blessed.Thank you for watching!♥♥♥ **Check Out A Few Of My Thrifted Designer Handbags: https://youtu.be/cKBa-1NwxP4 Thrift Store Bags Day 2: https://youtu.be/PBbfEAZKYwk...!
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Check out this selection of Furla bags. Feel free to comment about your favorite Furla bag and why you love it. Or you can embed the video on your blog, Facebook page, etc......!
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While we cuci mata with the latest collection from Furla, we get to hang out and have a little chit chat with our homegirl, Yuna! Jom layan In & Out KL for more!...!
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“There’s not really any such thing as masculine or feminine, we are all very capable of being both or whoever you choose to be.” Aimèe, a young skateboarder, challenges the stereotypes and biases of those in the discipline with the new Furla 1927 Mini Crossbody at her side. The London underground scene is her stage: watch her story now. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/2M4V2mR Follow us on social media: Facebook ➤ http://bit.ly/FBFurla Instagram ➤ http://bit.ly/IGFur...!
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Furla mini Fantastica in Dalia 19cm x 15m x 9cm Sold out on Farfetch. On official Furla AU website: https://bit.ly/2LIk4pq...!
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Ciao dolcezze! Ecco un update del mio whats in my bag. Mi avete richiesto un sacco questo video, soprattutto con la borsa di Furla, quindi spero che vi piaccia!❤️ #furlabag #cosacenellamiaborsa #whatsinmybag #furlametropolis #pink Ultimo whats in my bag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOm4Q-a5rog&t=370s Iscrivetevi cliccando qui: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdFo... 🎀 Attivate le notifiche qua sopra ↑ cliccando sulla campanella 🔔 e se il video vi è piaciuto, non dimenticat...!

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