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In this video, we talk to game artists about the purpose art serves in games, as well as some of the foundational tools they use to achieve a desired experience: shape, color, and detail. These tools are leveraged across the full art pipeline, and this video provides a brief overview before we dive into each of the art sub-disciplines later in the series. Visit our website for additional resources:!
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5 game art styles that bad artists can use to make hugely successful games. Want to support my game dev tutorials and content? Wishlist my game Blood And Mead on Steam: Join the discord community Subscribe for Unity and game dev tutorials Unity game making asset I created: #gamedev #gamedesign #gameart...!
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In this video Ill talk about game art ! How to get started, the tools I use, ways to stay motivated and how to improve your artistic skills ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT ME : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GET the UDEMY COURSE :!
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Anyone can make gorgeous 2D game art! It just takes practice and patience! Wishlist Coma: Support on: Play Pinstripe: Check out my games: Coma & Pinstripe Tees:!
Channel Title : Jonas Tyroller Views : 78406 DisLikes : 131 Published Date :2018-07-01T14:00:01Z
How do you make game art when youre not an artist? How do you create sprites for your game when you cant draw? How can you get awesome graphics when youre just a programmer? Earlier or later youll need some art for your game! But lets be honest: A lot of game devs cant draw. We cant come up with awesome color pallets and we dont know how to create the slickest sprite sheets. In my opinion beginners just need to try a ton of different styles and in order to do that youll have to find an efficie...!
Channel Title : Trent Kaniuga Views : 141803 DisLikes : 61 Published Date :2020-04-08T17:00:00Z
Tutorials/Templates/Brushes - Amazon (Books) - Lulu (Books) - Ikeda (free game on Steam) - digital/ebooks - Twitter- Cubebrush - Equipment I use- Everyone wants to be the quarterback, the front man, the rockstar character designer at a game studio. B...!
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Which aesthetics serve the interactive arts the best? Lets find out! ►Subscrooble! - ►Our website - ►Keep up with me here: ►And here: ►Team Pizzas Facebook: ►Team Pizzas Twitter:!
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Tutorials/Templates/Brushes - Trents Books on Kindle - Twitter- Equipment I use- I wanted to make a video with a few ideas about how to make yourself more valuable as a video game developer. Many people dont know the kind of work that a concept artist does at a video game studio, so I wanted to pull the curtain back a bit and explain a bit more of what y...!
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Get ART School here, the full art education program and join my 3000+ students! 🎨 My Cubebrush store: 👦 Facebook: ✏ Twitter: 📷 Instagram: __________________________________________________ Marinas Portfolio: 📷 Instagram: ✏ Twitter: Brandons ...!
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While this is a discussion generalized around Ringling College of Art and Design, I do believe this is a nice crash course in general of things to know, and consider before you hop into any Art College with the desire to be a Game Artist. The League of Legends videos featured were Get Jinxed Music Video Imagine Dragons Warriors Worlds 2014 And Bard: Mountain!
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Use code [thomasbrush] to get a 1-month free trial of Ecrett! Join The Brush Club: Get Pinstripe on Switch or Steam: Wishlist Coma: Check out my games: Coma & Pinstripe Tees: Follow My Editor On Twitch: Edited by Caleb Furrow...!
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Tutorials/Templates/Brushes - Free Kindle U books - Twitter- Shirts and Merch- Artstation- Equipment I use- Games Ive worked on: CannonBallers (Mobile) Overwatch (PC, PS4) League of Legends (PC) Diablo 3 (PC,PS4) Hearthstone (Mobile,...!
Channel Title : Riot Games Views : 194664 DisLikes : 85 Published Date :2018-12-13T18:04:43Z
Check out this video to learn a bit about a concept artists role on a game team, from establishing constraints and preparing to design a concept, to narrowing in on an idea and rallying the team around it. Visit our website for additional resources:!
Channel Title : FlippedNormals Views : 7083 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2020-07-27T18:43:42Z
All products are 40% off during the FlippedNormals Summer Sale! We cover our best Game Art training in this video. 00:00 Intro 00:45 Handgun Tutorial – Complete Edition 02:50 Making a Zelda Environment in Unreal Engine 4 04:02 Modeling & Texturing Props for Games 04:51 SWORD & MACE Tutorial – BUNDLE EDITION 05:50 Trim Sheets for Game Artists 06:49 Military Radio – Modeli...!
Channel Title : Ric Views : 621746 DisLikes : 342 Published Date :2019-10-25T14:42:42Z
Its officially been 2 months ever since I started working on Quantum Ruins! Heres a little overview of how I started and everything Ive accomplished over the past 2 months ;) Thank you so much for 400+ subs! Resources: YouTube: GameEndeavor (Godot tutorials): MortMort (pixelart): GDQuest: - Udemy courses: Godot:!
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Mega Legs & Horn Boy Take Care of Business Subscribe for weekly Jakey Support Hot Boy Nation - Support Gamer Girls - Dog Ass Fashions - Twitter - Instagram - SoundCloud - Snapchat - dingusjacob Twitch - Spotify - https://open.spoti...!
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In this tutorial Ill show you one way to go about painting game art (characters, props, environments) ! Here are the steps we will go through : - Sketch - Sketch Shadows, Light source - Main Colors - Paint Shadows, Light source - Smoothing things out - Details ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUPPORT ME : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...!
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For more information about the Animation and Game Art Design program at JCCC, email [email protected], or click on!
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Please wishlist The Pedestrian on Steam: Sources: Polygon Academy: Insomniac Games: Single Trim Sheet: Texel Density: Music:!
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Special offer 70% discount on my Gumroad. You can find the full normal speed video with materials and step-by-step with comments on English by this link (hurry only 71 items left)--------------▶ ● Subscribe the Channel: Hope you like it, dont forget to Subscribe to the Channel and Press the Bell button 🔔 Thanks for watching and support! --- ● Follow Me↴ https://www.facebook....!
Channel Title : Kazone Art Views : 5146 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2020-05-20T19:19:06Z
In the past twenty years, video games have evolved from relatively simple screen representations to complex 3-dimensional worlds where the characters seem to leap off the screen. Along with more complex imagery, the job of video game artists has evolved into a number of different roles, each with its own distinct tasks: concept artist, 2-D animator, 3-D animator, and 2-D texture artist. Charles Lee talks about his career path as a concept artist for RIOT Games. Charles Lee is co-founder of...!
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Song used: -My stuff- Twitter: Website: Patreon: Twitch: Discord:!
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Do you want to know how to art direct a video game? If you have ever wanted to bring your artistic vision to life in a video game, you should know, it’s not as easy as one might think. Getting a team onboard with your vision requires a structured process... and in this video were going to let you in on how the pros do it! ► Check out Stela: Check out the Stela Launch trailer: Get Stela on Xbox One:!
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Lightning Talk...!
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Game Art is a critical component of any successful video game. For many of us, we have game development ambitions without the ability to create beautiful and interesting models, textures, vectors, or animations. These are the best Gamedev Art channels on Youtube that can help you improve your game art creation skills. We are Ask Gamedev and this is the Best Game Art Channels on Youtube! ► Here are the channels: Cubebrush - Blackthornp...!
Channel Title : Matt Sanz Art Views : 25158 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2017-11-01T14:13:44Z
My latest painting, it features in my Action Game environment package Ill be posting later this month on my several websites. Contact details! Blog: Artstation: Facebook: Behance: DeviantArt: Amazing Music by Gustavo Coutinho! Check him out here: Please feel free to contact me abou...!
Channel Title : Vector Monster Views : 6525 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-01-05T14:12:28Z
Adobe Illustrator is widely used for video game or mobile game art. It is a really powerful vector program where you can create all your video game art from scratch. In this tutorial I will share 5 pro tips on how a video game artist from the industry approaches the creation of a game art asset. These 5 mindsets will help you improve your game art creation and produce more professional game art. Theres a fine line between a game artist and a professional game artist. And I hope that my tips and...!
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This is a fun game you can play with two or more people. Play it at home with your family or at school with your classroom. Also, watch until the very end of the video for this weeks Challenge Time! Visit #howtodraw #artforkidshub 🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love (Amazon affiliate links): Faber-Castell Art Supplies For Kids! Sharpie Markers Printer Paper Prismacolor Pencils https://a...!
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Free months of Skillshare Premium ➤➤➤ Follow me on Instagram ➤➤➤ Hi there! In this video, I draw in Photoshop Chest for Game in isometric projection, from rough sketch to finished work. Subscribe for more videos like this: dont forget press the bell button 🔔 Thanks for watching and support! Thanks for watching and support! ● PATREON: ...!
Channel Title : orangepixel Views : 887 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-01-16T15:00:00Z
Time to do some good old fashioned drawing for the new game, see if you can guess what the game will be! #gamedeveloper #indiedev #gaming #programming #art #graphics __ Im Pascal a Dutch independent game developer since 2004 known as Orangepixel. I talk about my games, my days and my experiences. Follow me? I post a new video once a week. MERCH: DISCORD: __ If you want exclusive sketches and behind the scenes info delivered to your...!
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Subscribe: ☼ Personal project Potata VK- ☼ Personal project Potata FB- ☼ Chanel - ☼ Artstation - ☼ Facebook - ☼ Instagram - ☼ VK - Music by ColdMorning CryiningMyBeer EgyptianCeawl Essence2 EventHorizon ...!
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Get 81% off NordLocker for just $1.49/month by going to using the coupon code: HolidaySale3Y Help ya boi out on Patreon :) This month I focus on drawing up a Forest Biome whilst learning how to draw pixel art along the way. Tools used in this video: Aseprite (Drawing Pixel Art) Microsoft OneNote (Planning) VSCode (Programming) Trello (Feature Tracking) Community Discord - Twitter - https://twitter....!
Channel Title : LavenderTowne Views : 888142 DisLikes : 315 Published Date :2017-06-15T01:01:26Z
Passpartout is a game where you have to make a beautiful masterpiece...with no pressure sensitivity, eraser, or layers. Its super cute and silly and I love it even if these random Frenchmen are being rude about my Naruto fanart. End Music ~ Lighthouse -GhostnGhost My Comics ∆ Patreon ∆ Twitch ∆ Facebook ∆ Twitter ...!
Channel Title : GDQuest Views : 51664 DisLikes : 20 Published Date :2017-03-23T10:00:08Z
This video will explain how to get the resolution right for your game sprites, following a simple rule of thumb. Learn professional game art with Krita: ---- Krita brushes for game artists: Subscribe to the channel now and become a member of the community! Get in touch! Twitter: Google Plus: h...!
Channel Title : TEDx Talks Views : 36711 DisLikes : 18 Published Date :2016-02-16T15:55:12Z
As cultural objects, games date back to at least 3000 BC, and video games date back to 1958. This talk explores the reasons that games are indeed an art form and perhaps the greatest art form of all. Brenda Romero is an award-winning game designer, artist and Fulbright scholar who entered the video game industry in 1981. As a designer, she has contributed to many seminal titles, including the Wizardry and Jagged Alliance series and titles in the Ghost Recon and Dungeons & Dragons franchises. ...!
Channel Title : Anna Lepeshkina Views : 47422 DisLikes : 23 Published Date :2018-07-12T18:01:52Z
Music by HappyUkulele 12Mornings AcousticGuitar1 Alison AcousticMeditation2 Clouds CalmBlueLake licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Subscribe: ☼ Chanel - ☼ Artstation - ☼ Facebook - ☼ Instagram - ☼ VK -!
Channel Title : Blackthornprod Views : 26497 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2019-02-02T18:07:16Z
In this 4th unity devlog episode, I share the progress I make on my puzzle platformer game project ! This week I worked a lot on game art ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out our GAME DEV BEGINNER COURSE : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT ME o...!
Channel Title : Warren Marshall Views : 1699 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-11-13T21:17:42Z
Use Code: WarrenM (in the Epic Games Store or the Fortnite Item Shop) Throw a buck in the tip jar : Join the Discord server : Enhanced MOP Boolean Assembly : Visit my main web site here : You can email me directly if youd like : [email protected] Questions, business inquiries, support - or just to say hi! --- Motion Graphics : Skye Nelson, aka SkyeShark ( [http://skyeshar...!
Channel Title : Views : 184544 DisLikes : 304 Published Date :2016-09-29T19:00:03Z
Top 10 Video Game Concept Artists Subscribe TIMESTAMPS BELOW! Who are the most coolest, most influential, widely used and most talented concept artists that work in the video game industry? Whose artistic vision has shaped the amazing visuals that we see in some of the best games out there, both past and present, modern and retro? Join Watchmojo as we look and some of the names that have made our video games into the works of art they are known as today. 00:36 #10: Hideta...!
Channel Title : GDQuest Views : 51720 DisLikes : 20 Published Date :2016-08-04T09:40:14Z
In this video series, we look at the big steps that game artists follow to create game assets from scratch. Krita brushes for game artists: Krita tutorial series (free): ---- Subscribe to the channel now and become a member of the community! All tutorials: Portfolio: Ge...!
Channel Title : The Art Institutes Views : 2691 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2017-01-13T15:52:26Z
Learn about The Art Institute of Houston student Ana Pereira. Check out all of the Game Art & Design degree programs offered at The Art Institute of Houston here: To learn more about The Art Institute of Austin, please visit Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:!
Channel Title : Ask Gamedev Views : 79011 DisLikes : 41 Published Date :2018-03-10T00:45:18Z
Game Art can be the difference between an average game and something memorable. This video outlines the three best developer tips to help you get beautiful game art for your indie video game development. So lets say you have your game designed, your mechanics are solid, and you even have a prototype ready that feels great. The next step would be to produce some beautiful art to complement your game. Now this is where a lot of indie devs can hit a roadblock - but fear not - you have A LOT of opt...!
Channel Title : Dominik Hackl Views : 11215 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2016-09-17T08:58:32Z
In Easy Game Art we are creating awesome looking graphics for your games with a very simple but effective technique based on vector graphics. ############ In this episode we create a prehistoric character guy with an axe in his hand. ############ Get INKSCAPE for free: Visit my Website for games and game development things:!
Channel Title : Polygon Academy Views : 61530 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2018-10-17T13:36:34Z
Today I dive into the critical planning phase of level design and creating environment art for video games. Learn from my past mistakes and 10+ years experience as an artist in the video game industry! Follow Me on Artstation for more: Planning out the assets and creating mood boards is an important part of level design or the level art process. It is going to be critical to success that I stick to these reference images, all inspired by the amazing conce...!

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