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Scott talks about the beauty of video games in a room. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Music Used: Cocktail Lounge by Dick Stephen Walter Championship Ranking from NES Remix 2 Options/Extras from Sonic Mega Collection Grooses Theme from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Bonus Room Blitz from Donkey Kong Country Cool Cool Mountain from Super Mario 64 Shrimp Kicks from Splatoon Game Ov...!
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Its a new house and new Metal Jesus Game Room tour for 2020! Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: Web: DISCORD CHAT: T-shirts: My Video Gear & Equipment: Sony FDR-AX53 4K camcorder : Rode Shotgun microphone : Audio Technica AT4033/CL (voice overs) : https://a...!
Channel Title : Last Gamer Views : 3263469 DisLikes : 2792 Published Date :2018-09-21T23:17:27Z
► My Games rooms have been a long journey over 32 years that have finally become a reality. ► Please tune in each Tuesday and Fridays. ►Facebook ► ►Instagram ► ►Twitter ► Index 00:00 Introduction 00:40 Modern Room 03:20 Computer Room 05:45 Hall 06:43 Library 10:32 Retro Room 13:10 Arcade room...!
Channel Title : CNBC Prime Views : 129045 DisLikes : 142 Published Date :2020-01-22T20:59:46Z
Hidden inside this mansion is a 6,000 square foot game room that cost millions to build. The massive space includes a full arcade, golf simulator, bowling alley, racket ball court, a bar for snacks and drinks, plus a movie theatre that doubles as a giant video gaming room. We strapped on a GoPro and went inside to get you the ultimate tour. » Subscribe to CNBC Prime: » Subscribe to Secret Lives Of The Super Rich: » See what channel CNBC is...!
Channel Title : Retro Rick Views : 20977 DisLikes : 18 Published Date :2020-04-20T22:30:09Z
Subscribe now to see new Retro Video Game Videos every Monday! Last game room tour of the current room and complete teardown of the collection. On to the new game / toy room! INSTAGRAM: @retro__rick FACEBOOK: @RetroRick MUSIC: HeatleyBros: Goblin From Mars: #GameRoom #GameRoomTour #RetroVideoGa...!
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Turning My Room Into A GAMING ROOM (17-Year-Old Boy Room Tour 2020!) So Im Completely Remaking My Gaming Setup Room For A Renovation Video, Its Going To Be A Blue And White Gaming Room Or A Grey, Blue And White Gaming Room, So Cleaning My Room And Turning It Into A Gaming Room. Links To Every Thing I Used LED Lights Mic In Video New Mic Yeti Nano!
Channel Title : Modern Vintage Gamer Views : 245471 DisLikes : 189 Published Date :2019-07-22T11:45:01Z
Its been 5 years. How about a game room tour? ► Consider supporting me - Social Media Links : ► Check me out on Facebook : ► BandCamp : ► The Real MVP Podcast : ► Follow me on Twitter : #GameRoomTour #GameRoom #GameRoom2019...!
Channel Title : DThomasFromNC Views : 97196 DisLikes : 106 Published Date :2020-01-06T17:05:31Z
What up gamers! I hope everyone is having an awesome 2020. Here’s a tour of my wife and I game room set up so far. We still have a few things to add to complete the look we’re going for. But for now, here you go. Hope you enjoy. Thumbs up for more. New to my channel? Want to see more videos like this? CLICK to Subscribe - Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Twitter #GameRoomTour ...!
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Channel Title : Nintendrew Views : 294128 DisLikes : 162 Published Date :2018-05-24T05:00:44Z
Check out the newly updated Nintendrew game room, and take a behind-the-scenes look at my new studio setup! Thanks for watching! Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: Instagram: Discord: Wanna send something in for the channel? Feel free to use this mailing address!: Nintendrew P.O. Box 30 Woodbu...!
Channel Title : GamingTheSystems Views : 4664 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2020-07-11T11:28:16Z
60 Systems HOOKED UP all in a single game room + portables systems displayed on a wall. Ill go over what is happening within this crazy room and explain why I created it. Hope you enjoy. Dont take is too seriously. Links: How to Build the Ultimate Gaming Setup: VIDEO COMING SOON Gameroom Renovation Playlist (painting, expanding shelves, etc): How Much Is my Video Game Collection Worth? LED l...!
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🔷️ Κάνε εγγραφή στο GameRoom : Youtube: Twitch : 🔷️ Στηρίξτε με ενα donate __________________________ 🔷 Ακολούθηστε μας στα social : Facebook : Instagram : #fifa20 #pes2020 #videogames...!
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My Game Room is a TERRIBLE MESS, this Game Room TOUR video isnt the BEST idea. Nintendo Switch Games, PS4, Xbox & Retro Games. I have had HUGE Game Rooms (some ruined by floods) I dont have the space anymore for my video game collection. But you know, whatever watch this maybe. SUBSCRIBE! Help SUPPORT the channel and join exclusive chats with me! - #NintendoSwitch #GameRoom #Nintendo Beatemups MERCH! - All th...!
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I built my own Tiny House, and its getting better and better every year until I can save to afford a real house! It was nearly 8 yrs ago when I started my Tech Channel, & this is my update! Thank you for your support. I cant wait to see what comes up next in life, as I set a goal to start looking for a house in 2020. Its going to be tough. Can I make it? Smartphone Protection & Accessories - Business Contact: ALL MY GEAR IN 2020 - CAMERA &...!
Channel Title : TorontoR Views : 558777 DisLikes : 245 Published Date :2020-02-17T16:13:23Z
Check out my latest video, this is my old setup and Ive been making LOTS of changes, video here: Check out my instagram post for updated pics: Facebook: *updates since this video - changed out the old theater seats and upgraded to much nicer red leather seats as seen in the thumbnail. Moved the entire seating further back as I will be doing an acoustically transparent scr...!
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Watch full episodes with Universal Kids on TV or stream on Peacock! Claire and JBJ help Danny transform his older brother Nickys room into a gamers paradise! ►►SUBSCRIBE: ►►WATCH ON TV: ►►STREAM ON PEACOCK:!
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Alright, you’ve been asking for it is! The game room tour! The audio in the beginning is not great as I ended up having to use the camera mic, but beyond that it should be okay so bear with it! I had some fun going through my collection and trying to find the interesting stuff. Hope you enjoy -- and look forward to more history stuff soon! Intro by: Astrophobia ( Music by: and Royalty Free Music: 8 Bit Win! By...!
Channel Title : Disk Cart Views : 6626 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2019-07-10T14:00:27Z
So this video is on an Interesting topic for me. Creating places of interest in a game room is one of the coolest things you can do and everyone seems to do it differently. The idea is to draw the eye to a specific area that you want to look at. Its awesome! Collect what you love! SOCIAL LINKS (Follow me up!) PATREON ➔ TWITTER ➔ INSTAGRAM ➔ MERCH ➔!
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Today we take a look at my new game room..or man cave, or whatever you want to call it! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE for more gaming content in the future! ebay store: #GameRoom #ManCave...!
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The ULTIMATE gaming room, a new host of Wheel Unfortunate, and a hilarious hot dog betcha ► Come to the DP Summer Tour!!! 🎟 🎟 ► Thanks for subscribing! - ► Special Thanks to NZXT for the custom DP gaming PCs Check them out HERE: NEXT LEVEL STUFF ------------------------------------------- 🎒 NEW Merch - 🎮 Play our FREE iPhone game! - 📱 ...!
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Life’s short follow your passions In life whatever they may be. Happy collecting all. My Facebook Page My Instagram Buy a portable here Buy a hoodie because purples awesome.!
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Links / Product Names / PC Specs below! TV Area: TV - Samsung UE55NU7470 (55 4K Ultra HD HDR LED) PlayStation Icons Light (UK: RGB Spotlights (UK: US: TV Backlighting (UK: US: Soundbar - Samsung HW-K450 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar Cable Trunking - (UK: US: Cube Shelving Unit -!
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I finally had a chance to update my Game room a bit. Its so retro its in 4:3 😂...!
Channel Title : ROME RUSH Views : 406 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-07-26T23:49:12Z
A quick update to my man cave. Etsy Merchant 3d thing Trademark gameroom NBA Court. NECA TMNT Ill add more links per request. Thank you for watching...!
Channel Title : TV Ben Views : 41 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-07-28T20:51:51Z
Taking you through all of my games...!
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My third tour on this channel in a 3rd location...!
Channel Title : Rob Noire Gaming Views : 77 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-07-31T16:00:05Z
Hey everyone, so my Game Room Tours used to be a yearly thing, and having skipped ti last year, I felt it was definitely time to bring it back! In this video I cover all my video game systems, including which I have hooked up & ready to play at a moments notice, as well as my games, highlighting some of my favorites, gaming memorabilia, amiibos, and lots of other fun stuff. I had a lot of fun making this, enjoy! ROB NOIRE GAMING on Twitch: FOLLOW me on TWITTER: h...!
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#Gameroom #nintendo #gameroomtour Please Follow me on Social Media!
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Subscribe for more CRT-Hero Hey everyone, its been awhile. Some, if not most, of you have been requesting this and to be honest its long overdue. Heres the most recent, up to date, look into my game room for 2020. Some aspects of the room and collection have changed a little but most of it is new. Hope you guys enjoy. - CRT...!
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Abone olmayı ve videoyu beğenmeyi unutmayın ^_^ Selamlar millet! Bu videoda yeni oyuncu odam yani gaming room u gösterdim, eğlenceli ve komik bir video oldu. İyi seyirler! Oyun içinden beni desteklemek için platenistaken kodunu kullanabilirsiniz Her gün canlı yayın! ● Twitch - ● Discord Sunucumuz ● Instagram - ● Twitter - For Business Inquiries:...!
Channel Title : Disk Cart Views : 585 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-07-31T14:00:08Z
While looking for display ideas I came across what many may consider a scam. What blows my mind is they exclusively deal in gameroom display ideas and rip people off! Links to Official Sites for the Display Ideas in the video : Syncoplay Retro Gaming - Unikeep - Rose Colored Gaming - Collector Craft - https://collectorcraf...!
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JUST_ FORGEEKS Для желающих поучаствовать в развитии канала: Станьте спонсором и получайте бонусы Также есть Patreon Также вы можете помочь любой суммой 💳 Номер карты Сбербанка 4276 1600 1635 9607 💰 Дона...!
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WELCOME TO MY GAMES ROOM TOUR. Please find links below to all items featured in this video. My Courses: Affiliate Masters: Affiliate Secrets: Brand Building Secrets: Brand Building Masters: SHOP MY GAMING ROOM SET UP: Logitech Brio Gaming Webcam - Blue Yeti Microphone (Black) - ASTRO Gaming Headset - Razer Mamba E...!
Channel Title : Cross Chop Views : 129984 DisLikes : 144 Published Date :2018-08-01T11:00:09Z
Here is my new game room tour for my new houses gaming setup! At the time of this video, I had 22 systems and more than 900 physical video games in my collection. This tour also includes an overview of my video editing work space and a quick look at my Blu-ray movie collection. Do you have any questions for me about my game room, or any suggestions for making it even better? Comment below! SHARE this video with a friend! SUBSCRIBE for all new videos! 🔔 https://...!
Channel Title : The Ruggles Views : 183 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-07-26T16:00:18Z
A brief tour of my favorite place in the house....!
Channel Title : Pixel Pursuit Views : 12288 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2020-02-07T15:46:49Z
Welcome to my new game room tour 2020 video! Late last year I moved into a new house which me and my girlfriend bought and weve turned the entire attic room into a game room with over 20 game systems, 2 TVs, 2 PCs and more gaming merch than you can shake a stick at! So, join me as we take a look around the place and we peek at all the nooks and crannies! My Game & Console Collection: Twitter:!
Channel Title : RGT 85 Views : 48892 DisLikes : 134 Published Date :2020-03-07T16:26:31Z
A new year means a new game room tour! Take a look at my massive game room with everything from Arcade1Up cabs, a basketball goal, new Nintendo Switch games, Sega games, consoles, and tons more! Enjoy a look at my man cave! Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: #GameRoom #GameCollection #Gaming...!
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Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon. A tour of my PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch gaming setup for 2019! Its my game collection. TV Model Number: QN65Q6FN ⚡️Social Network Things!⚡️ Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:!
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🔷️ Κάνε εγγραφή στο GameRoom : Youtube: Twitch : 🔷️ Στηρίξτε με ενα donate 🔷️ Ευχαριστούμε πολύ τους Members και Donaters Γιώργος Gamefangr __________________________ Η Ελλάδα πάει Euro 2020 __________________________ 🔷 Ακολούθηστε μας στα social : Facebook : Instagram : https:...!
Channel Title : Retro Rick Views : 12175 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2020-04-27T22:30:03Z
Subscribe now to see new Retro Video Game Videos every Monday! We finally got moved into the new house and the Game Room is taking shape! Today I show you guys me getting the Nintendo cabinets and main pieces set up in the new space. INSTAGRAM: @retro__rick FACEBOOK: @RetroRick MUSIC: HeatleyBros: Goblin From Mars:!
Channel Title : Mysteriozone Views : 13942 DisLikes : 19 Published Date :2020-01-21T20:00:01Z
I have been actively collecting now since 1988. I have always been fascinated with old school arcades and have dedicated my basement to my obsession. Hope you enjoy the tour and thank you for watching....!
Channel Title : Raketenjansel Views : 75782 DisLikes : 60 Published Date :2019-09-07T14:00:05Z
Raketenjansel führt euch mal wieder durch sein riesiges Gaming-Zimmer. 3500+ Games, Fast 20 Konsolen und alle Infos zum Gaming Setup gibt es in dieser epischen Game Room Tour. Viel Spaß im geilsten Zockerzimmer der Welt! #Raketenjansel #GameRoom #Zockerzimmer ► PS4-Schutzhüllen bei Amazon (Affiliate-Link): ► Twitter: ► Instagram: Wer Lust hat mich zu unterstützen, kann über den folge...!
Channel Title : TechBlock Views : 2234744 DisLikes : 2390 Published Date :2018-10-06T22:59:00Z
Ive gathered a bunch of cool tech that you can add to your gaming setup! Including a Smart WiFi Power Strip, a USB Fingerprint Reader, an RGB Mouse Mat, an AirPods charging station or dock, an Anker Wireless Charger Stand and finally, a wireless key finder! ✅ EVERYTHING in my Gaming Setup: Cool Tech Under $30 - Smart Power Strip On Amazon: - USB Mini Fingerprint Reader On Amazon: - USB Extension Cable On Amazon: http:/...!
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Inscreva-se e seja bem vindo pra ver também os outros videos do canal !!! Se gostou clica em gostei + favorito que ajuda demais ^^ meu segundo canal somente de gameplay: Agenda do Canal: vídeo novo toda Segunda e Sexta. Fan Page: Twitter: @fabiokade...!
Channel Title : La mazmorra de Isaac Views : 4903 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2020-06-14T16:30:03Z
00:00 - Intro 01:39 - Presentación 02:07 - Zona de juegos activa (Kinect & VR zone) 03:09 - Armario de cajas, periféricos y extras 04:15 - Portátiles, libros y guías 05:37 - ZONA PRINCIPAL 05:44 - Zona CRT, consolas expuestas y accesorios 08:51 - Main setup (consolas principales) 10:02 - Ediciones limitadas 10:50 - Estantería Microsoft 15:48 - Estantería Sony 26:50 - Estantería Nintendo 40:56 - Estantería SEGA 44:50 - Despedida Como me lo habéis pedido mucho, aquí lo tenéis chicos, u...!

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