Garden Sculptures

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Jason’s visiting a talented artistic duo who have carved out a very special space for themselves just north of Hobart. Folko and his wife, Maureen, make one-of-a-kind garden sculptures and water features out of steel, glass, bronze and stone, and Jason’s inviting you in to their studio and garden to check out their truly incredible creations....!
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Join Vicki Baumgartner on a stroll through GATOP, an 18-acre garden full of peaceful ponds, expansive lawns, and beautiful sculptures. Find tips on incorporating sculptures into your own garden: Find more great content from HGTV: Stream full episodes and more: Get ideas and inspiration: Subscribe to HGTV on YouTube:!
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In this video we take you to our favorite source for garden statues. Distinctive Statuary is a family owned mega store that has everything or anything you might be looking for! Water garden fountains, plant containers, statues in marble and concrete. So much to see here would highly recommend a trip to get that special piece to make your garden or house spectacular. They always give us a fair price and the customer service is fantastic. Thanks for watching! Distinctive Statuary, 17821 E C...!
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Garden sculpture ideas...!
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Garden Sculpture, DIY Garden Sculpture This YouTube video shows 47 Garden Sculpture Ideas for any landscaping space. Bobby K is a professional landscape designer from St. Louis, MO who takes on all types of projects providing solutions on HOW TO LANDSCAPE! He has videos on... Landscape Design Design Ideas Backyard Landscaping Ideas Backyard design ideas Backyard ideas Landscaping ideas Landscaping ideas for front of house Front yard ideas diy outdoor How to landsc...!
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The chook wire , fencing wire and bird legs were found at the tip ,and about one bag of cement was used for each statue . Make up a gravy thick mix of cement and water and then soak each rag piece in the mix and drape or wrap around the wire mould ....!
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Garden metal sculptures, garden sculptures metal, large metal garden sculptures, metal garden sculptures for sale, metal garden sculptures uk, metal garden sculptures, metal sculptures for garden. And other information you can follow on :!
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Want to learn how to make your own concrete sculptures for the outdoors? Then watch as Jason learns from a pro in the art. --- Welcome to the official Great Home Ideas channel, the destination for all your DIY, Food, Garden, Lifestyle and Pet needs. Here youll find DIY Lifestyle Hacks, Home Makeover Tips, Quick And Easy DIY How Tos, Gardening Tips and more....!
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Garden sculptures stone boy and girl sitting on a bench garden statue Garden Statues & Sculptures Youll Love contemporary garden #sculptures resin garden statues garden statues for sale near me concrete lawn statues garden #statues cheap concrete garden statues ☛For More Video - Latest News Video Clip ✪ For More Video ✔ LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE ✪ Latest News Video Clip!
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Last week Nige took you for a trip to the West of the country for a visit to Earlsferry House to meet Martin Jaine, a local artist who has filed his garden with some awe inspiring pieces and this week we take a look at how they’re made....!
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Garden sculpture design ideas Check out the videos and learn more about gardening ideas and tips for your yard, your garden or your front garden areas. Gardening can be more than just planting flowers. Gives an elegant touch to your outdoor space with these ideas of gardening with stone: Ideas for roads, patios, pharmacies, showers and more. In small gardens where space is too limited for the main focal points. Gardening can be more than just planting flowers. Creating nice and interesting garde...!
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Recycle copper into a lawn & garden sculptures. This is a simple to do sculpture. This one sculpture will give you ideas for expanding on this design. There is nothing difficult about this piece, although it does require brazing. This video builds upon my YouTube videos for making circles. Using this concept you can build larger sculptures than the one shown in this video....!
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This week, we take a look at the sculptures we are creating in our garden, using old roof tiles that are being replaced on the roof of our guest house. ARNE & CARLOS __ Hi and welcome to our channel! Who are we: Scandinavians Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison are highly regarded designers, textile artists and authors. They are best known for their craft books and their original, colourful and visually striking designs. Their work is highly influenced by their Scandinavian background a...!
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Garden Fairy project Part 1. Make a Fairy, Elf, Goblin face. This is Part 1 of a series of making your very own garden characters out of Pal Tiya Premium. So, why is Kim using Pal Tiya Premium? Its silly-easy to learn to mix and use it. Also, its like MADE for the outdoors, and will likely outlast you. 🖤Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe to our channel. Don’t forget to hit the 🔔 so you never miss a video! Come say hi 👋🏻 to us on our social channels and join the thousand’s of mak...!
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Jim Smith demonstrates the use of a dibble and plugs of cedar grass in creating one of the sculptures that are part of Imaginary Worlds display, opening May 5 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden....!
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Create interesting garden sculptures at home by casting them in concrete. While concrete does make the pieces heavier, its also very durable, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. Concrete is simple to mix and use. Just follow the manufacturers directions. For the ornaments in this oasis, we made the mix a little soupier than normal because it gave the final pieces an extra smooth finish. Almost anything can be used as a form. Try a tub, a bucket, or even a cone. Just be sure youre willing t...!
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#travel #tourism #finland #suomenlinna Parikkala, Finland, less than 1 km from the Russian border is one of the strangest art displays known to man. The sculpture park of Veijo Rönkkönen is a must see for anyone. Parikkalan patsaspuisto kesäkuussa 2013 ITE-taiteilija Veijo Rönkkösen Patsaspuisto. Puisto sijaitsee Parikkalan Koitsanlahdessa. Veijo Rönkkösen (1944-2010) yli 50 vuotta kestäneen taiteellisen työn tulokset, lähes 550 moni-ilmeistä ja -aiheista betonipatsasta My Instag...!
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I shot this video at the Mosaiculture Gatineau event in Quebec, Canada in August 2018. There were 45 sculptures at the exhibition. The giant horticulture sculptures were created by attaching thousands of annual bedding plants to a steel armature. As many of the plants are seasonal, the appearance of some of the living sculptures will change according to the season. Mosaiculture is a kind of horticultural art. It is different from traditional topiary art due to the use of the metal frames w...!
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Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey is a 42-acre sculpture garden and arboretum. With changing exhibits, workshops, concerts, dining and shopping, Grounds For Sculpture is your entrance to the arts....!
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A quick video showing a simple process of creating an aged effect on concrete statuary and pieces using acrylic paints and colour washes. If you enjoyed this video, please like and share. :) Any comments, please post below. :) Subscribe at: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Ebay:!
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Make your own #garden sculpture how to make metal garden sculptures garden art projects to make garden art ideas from junk garden crafts #ideas recycled yard art Diy Garden Sculpture Ideas yard art ideas to make diy garden art ideas ☛For More Video - Latest News Video Clip ✪ For More Video ✔ ✪ Latest News Video Clip ✔ Please Like, Comment, share and Subscribe to the channel to watch the rest of the video clips 15+ DIY Garden Decora...!
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New! 2019 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Gazing Balls Deals and Updates. Start Saving Here: 2019 Real Time Prices and Discounts:!
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Making a lion statue from a latex mold. The lion is primed with acrylic gesso, then painted with acrylic paint. Latex lion mold used in this video was purchased online. Buy me a cup of coffee to help support my channel!! ....!
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In this episode, I show you how to make a super easy and fun DIY garden art project.  Do you have Aqua Globes or water globes kicking around that arent being used?  Try this for a new exciting garden art piece!  The neat thing about the steel rods is they will patina to an electric orange over time and look amazing together with the glass accents!! Be sure to subscribe if you like this episode and stay tuned for more garden tutorials, diy ideas, tours and projects! Thanks for watching! Lit...!
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Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, often with their own unique touches. Today Nige makes the trip west to visit a garden on the banks of the beautiful swan river with its own special touch....!
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Brief video showcasing one of my stacked stone garden sculptures. Commissioned by the Friends of Brookside Gardens as part of their 20 year anniversary celebration. More stacked stone garden spheres: Brookside Gardens Sphere FAQ: Friends of Brookside Gardens:!
Channel Title : George Goehl Views : 8798 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2011-08-04T23:18:23Z
This is a preview of the Lawn & Garden Sculpture DVD. This video is loaded with techniques that can be used in other type sculptures. Nothing particularly difficult although there is work involved. The sculptures include copper forming, sheet metal bending, copper annealing, some drilling and oxygen acetylene brazing and welding....!
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Watch And Download Garden Decor Design Ideas. Different and Unique Garden Decor Design Ideas from Paradise Estate & Construction co. #Pakistan Biggest Platform for #Real Estate & Construction. Short Detail About Our Co. Paradise Estate & Construction Co is combination of real estate business and construction is fastly rising trusted name in the Pakistan real estate and construction business. Here is little detail about the co. We deal in real estate and work in construction house buildi...!
Channel Title : Richters Herbs Views : 5969 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2015-05-02T02:19:05Z
With a little ingenuity you can create a delightful piece of living garden art to bring joyful conversation into your summer harvest. Artist Heather Rigby explores ways to build a flowering sculpture with a few tools, found or recycled objects, proper soil preparation and tried and climbing plants that will enhance your outdoor space and create a haven of earthly delights. Heather’s vision is to interweave the body, culture and environment through her gallery and landscape pieces. Her shift to...!
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Stone garden ornaments ideas for garden design inspiration. Related keyword: stone garden grant stone garden gnome stone garden figures stone garden fountains stone garden furniture stone garden dogs stone garden dragons stone garden designs stone garden decor stone garden cat stone garden buddha stone garden balls stone garden borders...!
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Epic steel sculptures to take your garden to the next level Article:!
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To revive any garden can be with the help of landscape gardening sculptures, which will become its highlight. If you have your own garden or summer cottage, why not buy a garden figures to surround yourself and your loved ones a fairy tale, which stretches to the ageless soul. Garden sculptures enliven the local area, make it more beautiful and refined. Also there are Backyard décor thinks, that you can make yourself. Here you can find some great ideas to your garden decor....!
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Love the look of allium flowers? Enjoy them in your garden year-round with these DIY sculptures made from dollar store items. Find more great content from HGTV: HGTV YouTube Channel: Subscribe to HGTV on YouTube: Follow HGTV on Twitter: Like HGTV on Facebook:!
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At the Chelsea Flower Show, the gardens often feature sculptures. FT Weekend deputy editor Jane Owen visits Waddesdon Manor and talks to sculptor Johannes von Stumm to learn how to put sculptures in your own garden. ► Subscribe to here: ► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: For more video content from the Financial Times, visit Twitter Facebook!
Channel Title : Tyrone Newhook Views : 3219 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2012-04-23T06:26:02Z
dressing/gravy communications is excited to be working with Toronto ironworks artist and craftsman Mark Clark on his Garden Art Project. This video shows one type of artwork in his growing collection of garden art creations. His kinetic garden sculptures are not only fun and cool looking, from a physics point of view theyre amazing. Without that weight attached to the whimsical figures on top of the pedestals, the figures would topple over because they have no support base to keep them upright. ...!
Channel Title : Views : 191 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2013-01-11T00:51:44Z
Garden cat sculptures that will last a lifetime. You will enjoy viewing our sculpture cat selection. Visit our sculpture cat retail site:!
Channel Title : 2AwesomeAussies Views : 104 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2012-03-12T20:58:43Z
Australian Products and Aussie online Store - Authentic Australian Garden Art and Australian Garden Sculptures. EVERYTHING at is, you guessed it -100 Percent made in Australia. including Aboriginal Art, Ostrich Leather purses and bags, Australian Uggs and uggies boots, crocodile leather wallets, belts and purses, kangaroo leather purses and bags and even Australian Opals and Australian opal jewelry. If you are looking for Genuine Austral...!
Channel Title : John cole Views : 16707 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2008-09-05T21:12:37Z
Please Come and Visit this unique Show Garden, you will see what we have been creating for the last two year to make you visit something special to remember and to show you how you can use what people through away into unique Art Sculpture. Please Call John Cole On Home 01243 641490 Mobile 07973105360 Greenacres Nursery Show Garden GREENACRES NURSERY Keynor Lane, Sidlesham Chichester West Sussex PO20 7NG Open 5 Days a Week (Closed Sundays & Wednesdays) 10am to 5pm Daily!
Channel Title : connexscom Views : 95715 DisLikes : 21 Published Date :2009-02-24T15:35:20Z
Garden Deva Sculpture Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma creates fantastic and whimsical metal art and garden sculpture. Visit them on the web at!
Channel Title : Mark White Views : 37910 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2016-08-12T17:53:28Z
Join us on a relaxing, peaceful journey through Mark White Fine Arts sculpture garden. Located in what some say is the oldest continually-inhabited building on Canyon Road, our gallery features gorgeously rendered and structurally meticulous kinetic wind sculptures, designed to withstand wind speeds of just a couple miles an hour, on up to 100! Inside our elegant gallery youll find a trove of works in oil, acrylic, bronze, and more. Visit us at to learn more....!
Channel Title : Bahai on Air Views : 52 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2015-11-09T07:40:08Z
In this clip Wendy is showing and explaining the meanings behind some of the many beautiful sculptures in the gardens. After being a core part of the design and implementation teams at the world renowned Bahai Gardens in Haifa for 12 years, Kiwis Wendy Marshall and Tony White returned to Aotearoa and set up an inspirational nursery and garden in Matakana, New Zealand....!
Channel Title : Rick Rabjohn Views : 1444 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-08-20T23:52:17Z
This short video shows how I turned an old WWII rusty wheel from Brooklyn, New York into a garden art treasure over the weekend. Everlast Welder: My Etsy shop = My Facebook: My Email: [email protected]!
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Channel Title : Tate Views : 28792 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2011-12-29T13:46:48Z
Barbara Hepworth first came to live in Cornwall with her husband Ben Nicholson and their young family at the outbreak of war in 1939. She lived and worked in Trewyn studios, now the Hepworth Museum, from 1949 until her death in 1975. TateShots travelled to St Ives to explore the studio and its gardens, where Hepworths sculptures are seen in the environment for which they were created. Finding Trewyn Studio was a sort of magic, wrote Hepworth; here was a studio, a yard and garden where I coul...!

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