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Support this channel on Patreon and join the Discord chatroom: WHERE TO FIND ME: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► Letterboxd: ► Goodreads: ► Website: ► Patreon: ► E-mail: [email protected] Like my chair? Use the code aggre...!
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Whether youre moving back into the dorms or are just tired of staring at your blank walls, Omar and Mia share tips on creating a classy geek haven on a budget. Create your ultimate bat-cave with things you have laying around your parents garage, free con posters, local thrift shop finds, and more. Follow us! Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: Come share your tips for broke-geek decorating your room in ...!
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SUBSCRIBE TO CORAL: Join Dani as she shows off her home office in this mini episode of This Is Home! Balancing the creative and analytic, Danielle uses this space to its fullest, finding the balance between duelings personalities. Get your geek pet art here: And watch more Home Tours here: ____ FOLLOW CORAL:    Youtube (@TheCoral...!
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Voici tous les goodies de mon tout nouveau décor ! Comment trouver les goodies de la vidéo ? - Coussin Hedwige (Harry Potter) : Primark - Coussin Caca : - Lumière Texte : - Bluray Marvel : - Figurines VRAC Marvel : - Marvel grand Quizz : - Pioche Minecraft : - Stormtrooper : - Ruban LED : - P...!
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My ULTIMATE MAN CAVE tour... the past 2 years I have been building a relaxing space that me and my brothers can kick back and relax while gaming or watching movie. Business Inquiries: [email protected] Austin Medz: Austin Reviews: Austin Talks: My Setup + Film Supp...!
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Quer decorar a sua casa inteira com estilo e gastando pouco? A gente te ajuda! Em nosso primeiro desafio de #decoração conversamos com Thiago Romariz e Ricardo Henequim sobre universo #geek e como as referências do que gostamos podem estar presentes na decoração de um #quarto. Os arquitetos Fernando Gorski e André Henning nos deram dicas de como unir praticidade e estilo na hora de decorar. Lista de produtos: Agradecimentos: Thiago Romariz Ricardo Henequim ...!
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*Me encontra nas redes!! instagram: facebook: twitter: Músicas [No Copyright Music] A DAY OFF - Nicolai Heidlas Music [No Copyright Music] BLUE SKY OVER HAWAII - Nicolai Heidlas Music [No Copyright Music] Boost - Joakim Karud [No Copyright Music] CARTOON - Nicolai Heidlas [No Copyri...!
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Tour pelo meu cenário novo, como prometido, vem se inspirar e pegar algumas dicas! :) TOUR PELO CENÁRIO ANTIGO! SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2017 | Vem ver como foi! CCXP 2017 | Loja do Harry Potter, Trono da Dany e muito mais! ARTISTAS E LOJAS: MODHERO - (@modhero) Sofá vermelho e poltrona preta - Openbox2 Outlet http://www.instag...!
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Need some cool & affordable DIY Gift Ideas every Gamer & Geek in your life will love? If a gamer is on your holiday shopping list, these geeky & nerdy DIY gift presents for the gamer boyfriend, gamer girlfriend, gamer friend in your life are a great alternative! These handmade gifts for nerds are great geeky DIY gifts for Christmas, Birthday, Valentines day and any other occasion for your best friends, boyfriend, girlfriend and family or for yourself! All of these nerdy DIY project ideas are sup...!
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INCREDIBLE GADGET TRICKS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER In this video we showed hidden phone functions that you didnt know before! Besides, youll find out macOS hotkeys and keyboard life hacks. Dont forget to subscribe and click the bell🔔) TIMESTAMPS: 00:13 Phone case decor using nail polish 01:11 Phone holder 02:15 Useful trick for students 03:26 Keyboard life hacks 04:36 Hidden phone functions 05:46 Phone hacks 06:45 Best idea for people with poor eyesight 07:42 Trick with alarm clock 0...!
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In this video I show how I made this warp pipe desk organizer. Totally inspired by Nintendos Super Mario games and the Back to School season, I made this recycling this empty container I had at home. Materials are easy to find. You can do it yourself! #diy #geek #nintendo Stalk me on instagram! Follow me on Twitter! SHOP MY EQUIPMENT: 📷 Primary (vlogging) Camera: 🎥 Secondary (DSLR) Camera: https://amzn...!
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Группа VK VKONTAKTE INSTAGRAM fosssaaa TWITTER ffoossaa11 Для ваших писем: Лукашевич Анастасии Андреевне, Ростовская область, Россия, Ростовская область, Усть-Донецкий, Строителей 110-4, 346550...!
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I finally got around to making an apartment tour video! Link to the Collection Video:!
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Hello les amis, content de vous retrouver pour une nouvelle vidéo ! Vous mavez manqué. Aujourdhui je vous présente la nouvelle déco dans laquelle je devrai tourner les prochaines vidéos. Retrouve moi sur Instagram:!
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BEST Geek Apartment Decor Best Home Design Ideas...!
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In this video I show how to make a shadow box diorama (Its like a 3D-ish frame) of your favorite game. I made mine using screenshots from the game 99vidas! Its pretty easy. You can do it yourself! If you want to make one exactly like mine, here are the templates: #diy #geek #diorama Stalk me on instagram! Follow me on Twitter! SHOP SIMILAR MATERIALS: Shadow box: htt...!
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Olá Jovem Padawan, no vídeo de hoje mostro a vocês como fiz essas Placas geek lindas!! Tem do Harry Potter, do Star Wars, do Hotel Transylvania e da Alice no país das maravilhas... Sem contar nessa linda placa de pare super retrô, e uma misteriosa da Área 51. MAIS VÍDEOS DE DIY NESSA PLAYLIST SUPER NERD QUE FIZ PARA VOCÊS: DESENHEI NA PORTA DO MEU QUARTO, STAR WARS:!
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Галамарт Галамарт конкурс Выжигательный аппарат Часовой механизм Рама Подушк...!
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Finalmente, depois de 3 meses de trabalho, podemos compartilhar com vocês o resultado da primeira transformação com mil (e cem) reais. Transformamos uma sala branca e sem graça, em um ambiente geek e acolhedor para um casal nerd super querido. PATROCÍNIO Loja Leroy Merlin Taguatinga @leroymerlintaguatinga PARA CONSEGUIR SEU DESCONTO E O MIMO QUE FIZEMOS PARA VOCÊ NA LEROY MERLIN TAGUATINGA PROCURE O BALCÃO DE ATENDIMENTO! APOIO: Arqflex @arqflex_marina Ateliê Voador @atelievoado...!
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SUBSCRIBE to The Domestic Geek here: SUBSCRIBE to Simply Cher Cher: Make sure to follow The Domestic Geek, her recipes are out of this world! Snapchat: thedomesticgeek Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Blog: Its Halloween YAY and I couldnt be ...!
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Vince and Cap discuss the practicalities of geek stuff as home decoration....!
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In this video I show how to make the classic Nintendo 64 cubic logo, a 3D model in papercraft! Its pretty easy. You can do it yourself! Template for A4 paper: Template for lettersize paper: #nintendo #diy #geek Stalk me on instagram! Follow me on Twitter! SHOP SIMILAR MATERIALS: 110lb cardstock: ht...!
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Working from home? How to set up your work from home office. Check out my 2020 update 👉 We all need a space where we can feel productive, focused, and creatively inspired. In this video Ill take you through my DIY process of updating my workspace, how I set up my MacBook Pro & PC, and give you a tour of my home office. Want to buy something from the video? See a breakdown of all the items in my office on my Kit link*: 👉!
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Nesse vídeo eu mostro dicas de decor nerd e DIY pra você deixar o seu cantinho com uma decoração mara! Visite o site da Leroy Merlin Pinterest com as coisas que usei! TOUR PELO CENÁRIO NOVO! | Dicas de decoração geek! TOUR PELO CENÁRIO ANTIGO! | Carol Moreira MTAS Ideias INCRÍVEIS Decoração Ge...!
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5 DIY GEEK GAME DECORAÇÃO para sala do Super MARIO BROS - gaming setup - faça Luminária, porta Lápis, bolsa para DECORAÇÃO do Super MARIO BROS - Games Antigos Faça uma linda decoração de games antigos a minha foi do Super Mario Bros, com alguns personagens :Super fácil, simples e incríveis. #nostalgia #DiyGamesAntigos ( DIY GEEK GAMES ANTIGOS) O Chain Chomp é como um cachorro que mais parece uma bola de prisioneiro e ficou pendurado no teto enfeitando minha sala, junto com o boo (...!
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Nuestras PCs LEGA Aqui: ** Mi insta personal: Playeras de SeGeek aquí: Correo para PCs hechas a tú medida: [email protected] -------------------------------------------- Compra juegos y soft. para tu PC a bajo costo Licencia Windows 10 OEM: Office 2019: 2 Serial Keys de windows 10: Office y windows juntos: https://g...!
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DECORAÇÃO DO LIXO AO LUXO NO TEM JOGOS - MINECRAFT E SUPER MARIO PARTE 1: Download das imagens: 🏬 Conheça minha Lojinha Virtual: 👇👇👇 📩 EMAIL PARA CONTATO/PARCERIA: [email protected] MINHAS REDES SOCIAIS, SEGUE LÁ ❤ 💜 INSTAGRAM: 💙 FANPAGE: https://www.facebook....!
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Ready to make your first cake but dont know where to start? Today Im going to show you how to decorate your very first cake and explain every step from tools, baking, trimming, frosting with sharp edges and of course decorating! Decorating a cake doesnt have to be difficult. In fact, when I first started decorating cakes I knew nothing about it! This video is a great tutorial for beginners and a great way to learn the fundamentals of making beautiful cakes. RECIPE & SUPPLIES ►https://suga...!
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• Find everything on Davids Things - Website: - Facebook: ~ Featured Websites from $25+ Patrons ~ • Joel Shaw: Web Developer | Graphic Designer - • SeekWiz | A Location Sharing Platform - • Michael Engs YouTube Channel - • Pledge now to feature your website! - Social: | http...!
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Nouvelle vidéo Driscool & SpaAzer sur Amazon nous espérons que elle vous a plus, bonne soirée et bon jeu a tous ! [ Déroule la description pour plus de renseignement. ] Twitter : Des questions ? :!
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Olá pessoal, tudo bem? Depois de um tempo sem postar vídeos voltamos!!! Neste faça você mesmo mostramos como colocamos a mão na massa e fizemos a montagem e decoração da nossa sala Geek! Se você gostou não se esqueça de curtir esse vídeo, se inscrever no canal e também nos acompanhar nas redes sociais. Ah... e não se esqueça de dar uma passadinha na loja mais legal da galáxia: facebook: instagram: @maisl...!
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Our new house is quickly getting geekier! Music: More Than A Weapon - MC, SGX (!
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A Decoração Quarto GAMER é o sonho de muitos jovens e adultos! Por isso reunimos 12 ideias Geek para você planejar o quarto dos sonhos! ❤️ Aprenda como fazer Boneco Harry Potter: 👉 Curso recomendado: Decoração com Arte: 👉Se inscreva no canal: A cultura geek está super na moda, e cada vez mais os meninos estão sonhando com uma decoração de quarto gamer. Essas ideias podem ser adaptada...!
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Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter, vous avez de TOUT ! Vous mavez vendu du rêve ... Vous souhaitez apparaitre dans le prochain épisode ? Envoyez vos collections à [email protected] ► Abonne toi à La Chaîne du Geek : ► Vous souhaitez sponsoriser une vidéo ? Cest ici : ► Viens nous rejoindre sur les réseaux sociaux pour encore plus dactualité geek ! Sur le web : Sur Facebook : https://www...!
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REDES SOCIAIS Facebook.: Instagram.: garoto.geek #MEUSETUP Mais um vídeo de decoração geek/nerd/gamer simples mas muito legal pra quem quer gastar pouco ou também não pode pintar a parede :D Music: Avenza - Game On Link: Avenza Social Media:!
Channel Title : SimplyCherCher Views : 16234 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2015-08-27T17:15:06Z
Hi Lovelies! Im so excited to share a fun collab with my dear friend Sara Lynn aka The DOMESTIC GEEK! YAY! Were throwing a dinner party today; Im creating a Modern Farmhouse look and Sara Lynn is taking care of all the yummy food. Deliciousness + Decor coming together sounds like a match made in heaven, dont you think? Click to SUBSCRIBE: Check out Sara Lynns 3 Dinner Party Recipes HERE: Get inspired by ...!
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Gosta de pokémon ou conhece alguém que goste? Aprenda a fazer lindos quadro para enfeitar algum espaço ai na sua casa! Molde pokémon aqui: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Siga nas redes sociais: Snapchat: ideiasemcasa Instagram: Facebook: Google +: Twitter:!
Channel Title : HamsterBomb Views : 407 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2017-12-06T22:33:35Z
Kimothy and I have just decorated our figures and house for the holiday and need to show off our accomplishments to our fellow nerds!...!
Channel Title : Ana Karina Views : 135132 DisLikes : 173 Published Date :2016-10-29T21:15:14Z
Olá meus amores ! Hoje eu decidi me inspirar em jogos clássicos e fazer uma decoração no meu quarto, ficou muito legal e divertido. Download: - LABIRINTO PAC MAN: - LAKITU: Se você quiser pode dar sua sugestão de decoração, assim como essas de jogos, filmes etc ficarei muito feliz e anotarei tudinho para sair nos próximos vídeos aqui no canal. *Minha Lojinha:...!
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▲ INSCREVA-SE : ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ INSTAGRAM - geektutoriais_dr: TWITTER - geektutoriaisdr: EMAIL: [email protected] ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ Itens mostrados no video: LIVROS: Livro da Karol Pinheiros -!
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/!\ Informations importantes en descriptions ! /!\ Salut les geeks ! Un top un peu spécial cette semaine puisque je vous parle de gadgets geek, il y en a pour tous les goûts et si vous recherchez une idée de cadeau pour un geek vous devriez trouver votre bonheur ! Plus dinfos et prix par ici : 5 Boite inutile 4 Galium 3 Projecteur pour smartphone 2.0 2 Ferrofluid 1 PowerUp 3.0!
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Josiah and Penny share the geeky ways they decorate for Christmas. New to Josiah? Subscribe here: Check out Josiah’s blog: Follow Josiah on Twitter:!

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