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Want to learn more? ❤ Visit our website: ❤ Visit the Gemstone Therapy Institute: ❤ Visit our shop: ❤ Visit our Facebook page: ❤ Visit our Instagram page: ❤ Watch demonstrations and techniques: ❤ Isabelles bio:!
Channel Title : Views : 293496 DisLikes : 82 Published Date :2014-04-15T03:56:11Z Please let us know what you think! What other gems do you think are underrated? These are Steve Moriartys top 10 gems that he believes to be underrated in the public eye. The may not be the most expensive or most rare, but these gems are some of the best that are beautiful, yet available. Watch and see which gemstones he thinks are the top gems that jewelers and consumers should take into consideration when looking for a beautiful new gem....!
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In this video I team up with friends and search for Amethyst crystals! Subscribe if you want to watch more crystal hunting videos like this! If you want to see more videos like this make sure to click the like button! Lets aim for 10,000 likes! The Crystal Collectors YouTube Channel: I Found 2 Stolen Laptops Underwater While Searching Drained River! VR180 (River Treasure) Found $10,000+ Wedd...!
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OPEN ME! My crystal collection! featuring beautiful gemstones like amethyst, labradorite, clear quartz, rose quartz, carnelian, lithium quartz, lapis, pyrite, agate and more! INSTAGRAM: MY WEBSITE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am wearing a red apple lipstick lipliner in Dusty Rose over my entire lip, for anyone wondering about my lip colour :) -------------...!
Channel Title : Your Average Jeweler Views : 3220 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2019-08-29T11:00:07Z
This video is intended to help you make sense of how jewelers and gemstone dealers view the value of gemstones. There are objective ways to view gemstone value and this is the first part of explaining the principles that determine how valuable a gemstone is. Part one looks at the Physical characteristics and what contributes to why one stone is worth more than another. These are the principles that general observation of any gemstone will tell you about its value. It details how what you se...!
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Check out the BIGGEST And MOST EXPENSIVE Gemstones Ever Discovered! From the most valuable diamonds and emeralds to the largest minerals, this top 10 list of super expensive crystals has some of the greatest discoveries! Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our REAL Mermaid Sightings Around The World! video here: Watch our 10 Sea Monsters ATTACKING A Boat! video here: Watch our STRANGEST Animals People Keep As Pets! vid...!
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The top 10 stones for attracting abundance, success, protection, health and happiness. This video talks about the meanings and metaphysical benefits of obsidian, Himalayan salt, clear crystal quartz, selenite, amethyst, citrine, black tourmaline, rose quartz, fluorite and moonstone. More information on metaphysical gemstones Dont forget to share and subscribe! Shop Gem Rock Auctions: https:/...!
Channel Title : Dan Hurd Views : 122081 DisLikes : 218 Published Date :2019-06-16T14:13:03Z
Gem hunting for Rhodonite in the Ashnola river valley. Dayna and I were in search of a gemstone on my new Rhodonite claim. Rhodonite sometime forms gem crystals, but most often around here forms masses which are often used for making lapidary cabs, cabochons, carvings, spheres and eggs. Rock hunting for rhodonite is common in the Keromeos area. Rock hunters often get rhodonite from the talus slopes all around the Keromeos area. We did not find much in the way of rhodonite, however we did f...!
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This video is all about the technique of Identifying Gemstones. दोस्तों ं, इस video से जुड़ा हुआ, आपका कोई भी सवाल हो तो मुझे comment पर लिक्खे ज़रूर, मैं कोशिश करूँगा आपके हर एक सावल का जवाब देनेका। धन्यवाद्। --------------------------------------------------------------------- To reach our labor...!
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Afghanistan is not only a country in perpetual turmoil, but also a geological miracle. Can they now harness 1,000 billion Euros worth of natural resources in order to lift the nation out of poverty? Facebook - Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Twitter: Content licensed from Journeyman Pictures. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Check out our new website for more incredible document...!
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How many of these can you guess in their raw form? Please let me know in the comments below. I, WHIMSY MEADOWS, DO NOT GIVE ANYONE PERMISSION TO USE THE CONTENT OF THIS VIDEO ON ANY SOCIAL NETWORKS WITHOUT USING MY NAME OR LINKS TO MY CHANNEL OR VIDEOS. YOU WILL RECEIVE A STRIKE IF YOU DO. ((My alt channel (This is my more whimsical media) full of fun, music vids, vlogs, life with Whimsy, Date with Whimsy, all alternative and eclectic videos will be uploaded here. Whimsynetic https://www.youtub...!
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How many of these do you know? Test your knowledge with this short video. Let me know in the comments below. Also if you would like to see more :) Blessed Be! ♥ I, WHIMSY MEADOWS, DO NOT GIVE ANYONE PERMISSION TO USE THE CONTENT OF THIS VIDEO ON ANY SOCIAL NETWORKS WITHOUT USING MY NAME OR LINKS TO MY CHANNEL OR VIDEOS. YOU WILL RECEIVE A STRIKE IF YOU DO. Contact info: [email protected] instagram: Music pr...!
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Here are the 13 most rare and valuable gemstones and minerals ever seen in the world like the blye Benitoite and red diamonds! Subscribe for new videos Monday Wednesday and Friday! 8. Jeremejevite This mineral was discovered way back in 1883 by a French mineralogist named Augustin Alexis Damour, who named it after the Russian scientist Pavel Vladimirovich Eremeev. The crystal was found on Mt. Soktui in Siberia, Russia. Since then, it has been described as being found in the Eifel District of...!
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Time to take a hike up to Diamond Flats And see What the gophers and other digging creatures have brought to the surface for us, gem stone treasures await, Because of confusion please be aware these are not Real diamonds , they are called moon tears by the natives, clear lake diamonds by locals, and California diamonds in many rock hounding books. Google: What is a lake county diamond ? Google answers : People also ask Lake County Diamonds Properties Theyre also known as Moon Tears, or Kon...!
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Aquamarine Beryl Gemstones being found by everyone at this brand new location!! Join us twice a year at this brand new spot! Current future digs will be had every spring and fall. So much fun! This site is on private property but the owners let us do two digs per year! The next one will be even more epic! Stay tuned to see future videos here and for information on future digs and how you can attend! Check out the instagram page of the locations owners and to contact them and dig. Its called...!
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10 of the most expensive stones / gemstones in the world. For copyright matters, contact us directly at: [email protected] Subscribe ► Share on Facebook ► Tweet this ► Share on Google Plus ► A gemstone (also called a gem, fine gem, jewel, precious stone, or semi-precious stone) is a piece of mineral crystal which, in cut and polished form, is used to make jewelry or other adornments. Howe...!
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Animated comparison of some of the most expensive material (per kg) in the world. And how big is stacks of money you will need to buy that. From cheap stuffs such as Iron ore & Granite, to expensive stuff such as Silver & Ivory, to super expensive stuff such as Diamond, Ruby & Sapphire, all the way to the extremely insanely expensive stuff such as Californium, Platinum 190 & Antimatter, and even beyond... Featured Comparisons: Tap Water, Limestone, Iron Ore, Granite, Marble, Steel, Wood Pulp, ...!
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In this video I team up with friends and search for rare gem stones! Subscribe if you want to watch more crystal hunting videos like this! If you want to see more videos like this make sure to click the like button! Lets aim for 10,000 likes! Subscribe to Criss YouTube Channel: Found Rare Amethyst Crystal While Digging at a Mine! (Unbelievable Find) Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwa...!
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#리리주 #ASMR...!
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Rick drives a hard bargain for Daveys stunning - and expensive - Kunzite gem, in this scene from Season 8 , Bad to the Bone. #PawnStars Subscribe for more from Pawn Stars: Find out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site: Check out exclusive HISTORY content: History Newsletter: Website - Facebook - Twitter -!
Channel Title : Dan Hurd Views : 234249 DisLikes : 139 Published Date :2020-06-21T14:15:01Z
I knew there was gem stone potential on my new claim, but what I found when I got there Blew my mind. The Ocean Picture Stone quarry was rumored to have been completely destroyed. The rumors were false and what we found was beyond my wildest dreams! And a rock hounding parricide! Real gem quality BC Ocean Picture Stone worth tens o thousands of dollars. I love Gem hunting as much as gold panning. And often gems can be far more valuable than gold. Pictures of finished items by Rob R. htt...!
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Gemstones form in a variety of different ways. This video will explore the main basic principles of Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary and Hydrothermal gemstone creation. Read more information here: Dont forget to share and subscribe! Share this video: Subscribe to Gem Rock Auctions on YouTube: ...!
Channel Title : Nick Uhas Views : 126557 DisLikes : 242 Published Date :2018-10-18T14:41:48Z
Go to to start your Wix website! Check out my Wix website at Share this video: Subscribe: I was recently out in Northern Nevada mining for opals at the Bonanza Opal. Mining for gems is literally one of my most favorite things to do on the planet. Roughly 16 million years ago in the area that is now Northern Nevada there was a lot of exploding volcanoes. This area eventual...!
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In prospecting for sapphires, finding the good wash or Ancient Wash is like finding the Holy Grail. Experience is the key to identifying this type of material. The wash is always laden with Spinel aka Black Jack which is the indicator for a good Sapphire bearing material. No Spinel equals No Sapphire. More spinel, more sapphires. MORE “How to Find Gold and Gems” VIDEOS - About this Channel -!
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Pearls, agate, sea glass, precious stones. Hunting by the sea every day. 珍珠,开蚌,寻找珍珠,开珍珠...!
Channel Title : Trend Max Views : 1109546 DisLikes : 652 Published Date :2018-10-09T22:00:03Z
Meet the strangest gemstones in the world. These gems are very scarce and can be worth a lot of money in the market. Here is the list of the most rare and expensive gems in the world. -Musgravite It was discovered in Musgrave Rangers in Australia in 1967, this rock has great similarity to the Taaffeite. -Black Opal Finally, in the list of multiple tonalities gems, one with a lot of different colors couldn’t miss. -Red Beryl Just listening to the name of this ultra-rare gem makes us ima...!
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We had a lot of fun putting this video together of us tumbling all kinds of gemstones a rocks in our new 15 pound Thumlers Tumbler. What AMAZING results. Check out the rock tumbler here: Here are some of the gemstones: Here is the grit:!
Channel Title : 祁丽英 Ying Views : 1104371 DisLikes : 920 Published Date :2020-06-01T12:16:27Z
Pearls, agate, sea glass, precious stones. Hunting by the sea every day. 珍珠,开蚌,寻找珍珠,开珍珠...!
Channel Title : Discovery Views : 1381676 DisLikes : 741 Published Date :2014-03-21T15:30:02Z
Don Kogen of Gem Hunters, Inc. leads a team of gem experts on a hunt for precious Sunset Rubies. Their search leads them through the backstreet markets of Thailand, through dangerous jungles and finally to the hidden mines of Cambodia where these precious rubies are mined. Can Don and team successfully negotiate with the heavily-armed local miners? Can he successfully transform the raw stones into gems worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on the open market? | For more Game of Stones, visit...!
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Channel Title : Awesome Creators & Ideas Views : 895 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-08-02T10:46:50Z
Art of Gem Stone Carving into Surreal Sculptures by Xiang Duan We are proud to present to you a stone carving art video by Xiang Duan and her team. Their stone sculptures are unique because she can carve either object, animals or critters while the creations are mind blowing and amazingly creative. A multi-faceted artist, Xiang Duan likes to define herself as an artistic explorer. A painter, draftswoman, sculptor and engraver, the young woman has studied all the techniques of sculpture and de...!
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How To Identify Gem Stones: Astrologer Dr Pradeep Joshi about Gem Stones Effects #HowToIdentifyGemStones #PradeepJoshiAstrologer #GemStonesEffects Mr Venkat TV is South Indias Best Trending YouTube Channel and your final stop for BEST IN CLASS content from TELUGU FILM INDUSTRY And Interview Today . మీకు ఈ వీడియోలు నచ్చితే LIKE , చేయండి , మీ COMMENTS ను తెలపండి , ఇంకా ఇలాంటి వీడియోస్ ...!
Channel Title : Views : 4852442 DisLikes : 1688 Published Date :2018-01-22T02:15:54Z
New Hyalite Just Cut - -- Rare, natural, and unique fluorescent opal cut and polished by Steve Moriarty. This gem is from Zacatecas, Mexico and came out to weigh 7.27 carats! It was cut into a shield shape. This faceted rock really glows in sunlight and direct UV light!...!
Channel Title : TheToyReviewer Views : 21518 DisLikes : 22 Published Date :2019-07-26T15:09:42Z
Thanks to National Geographic for sending me the Nat Geo Mega Gemstone Mine Dig Kit! We get to dig up 15 gems, rocks, and geodes. Discover the thrill of real scientific excavation, start a rock collection, and learn about precious gems and minerals with the National Geographic Mega Gemstone Mine. With 15 rocks and gems hidden in a plane brick of sand, kids use archaeological digging tools to uncover gems like amethyst, tigers eye, fluorite, hematite, pyrite, rose quartz, and agate. With the ma...!
Channel Title : Northern Mudlarks Views : 660040 DisLikes : 437 Published Date :2019-10-27T10:06:58Z
Join us on a wee adventure to the kingdom of Fife in Scotland as we go beachcombing at the aptly named Ruby Bay and hunt for rare British garnets on the beach! Please remember to like this video, subscribe for more adventures and share (It would mean so much to us and our new channel!) We LOVE to read your comments so please let us know what you think in the comment section below 😊 Subscribe to us here: UPDATE JUN 2020: We reall...!
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SUBSCRIBE to help our unintentional ASMR collection grow and hit that 🔔. One of the best unintentional ASMR gems is Isabelle Morton from the Gemstone Therapy Institute. Huge thanks to Isabelle, subscribe to her channel for more unintentional ASMR exams like this: In this video Isabella speaks with her very soft spoken voice performing a super soothing gemstone therapy session with a relaxing ticking clock in the background. The video has bee...!
Channel Title : Lawson Gems Views : 119639 DisLikes : 48 Published Date :2019-09-10T06:38:52Z
Join gemmologist and geologist Charles Lawson as he investigates the fascinating story of how a sapphire is mined in Rubyvale, Queensland, how it is cut and polished and finally set into a finished piece of jewellery. Special thanks go out to the Tiffany & Co. Foundation, the University of Queensland, the University of Delaware Rubyvale Gem Gallery and Lawson Gems for supporting the making of this film....!
Channel Title : impureuphoria Views : 34996 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2008-12-28T04:00:22Z
Popotan - UNDER17 & Funta Lyric: (se, no!) I save your dream I save your dream sakasete agetai Fantasy star Fantasy star mamotte ageru daremo ga motteru (motteru) kokoro no oku de nemutteru Twinkle gem stone iku yo Are you ready? Gem stone! iku yo Are you ready? iitai ienai tsutaetai tai tai kedo dame dame nandesu tarinai MEMORY hirakenai nai nai no yo kokoro ga Overflow dekinai dekinai dakedo yaritai tai nara ouen suru desu atashi mo atashi mo ashita mo sono tsugi no hi ...!
Channel Title : Gemporia Views : 10175 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2016-04-18T15:52:20Z
What is Tanzanite? Where is it mined? How was it discovered? Lynn Jinks guides us through this bright blue jewel, one of gemstone worlds most beautiful and newest finds - a gemstone said to be a one generational find. Find out about our Tanzanite grading system and see footage from one of the mines. Subscribe: - Facebook - Instagram -!
Channel Title : Gemporia Views : 18506 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2016-05-30T10:00:02Z
Opal is one of the oldest, most beloved and most colourful gemstones. Here, we take a closer look at this remarkable treasure. Please leave any comments below and hit subscribe for more episodes and information. Subscribe: - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter -!
Channel Title : Views : 15500 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2016-01-12T22:30:33Z Steve Moriarty shows his technique on how to cold dop, transfer, and remove a gemstone. He chooses to use a two part epoxy instead of dop wax when he sets up to facet a gem. Watch this video to find out why he dops his gemstone this way. If you have any questions regarding gemstone dopping or gem cutting, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below....!
Channel Title : Womans Era Views : 110953 DisLikes : 121 Published Date :2018-11-29T07:37:55Z
Many people wear rings and even necklaces made out of gemstones for having positive effect on our lives. Learn how to take care of the stones which take care of us! Recharge them and let them fill your life with positivity! #DrJaiMadaan #RechargeGemstones #Astrology...!
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イラストの応募作品はHPにて公開しております。 造型 撮影 編集 監督:中島広宣 募集を知り 短期間で着ぐるみを後輩と二人で製作。 ひと月半で週末に撮影 編集してギリギリ間に合いました。 最後のメイキングは賛否両論でしたが 興味の広がりと厚みを増すために入れる事に。 新しい切り口を求めた企画なので うちのチャンネルの...!
Channel Title : Dan Hurd Views : 72329 DisLikes : 37 Published Date :2015-07-13T15:17:29Z
Crystal hunting! I was out doing some gem prospecting, in search of a facatable gem stone.. Investigating all the Basalt Column talus slops in the area of my other Peridot claim. Found one that showed promising olivine nests. Then got to go see Aberdeen columns, a very impressive display of columnar basalt....!
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