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► ListJumbo is a Disney Partnered Channel! The gemstones on this list rival their well-known counterparts for their rarity, clarity, and over-all wow factor. Here are the top ten coolest gemstones. ListJumbo brings you fun and informative top ten lists in a variety of different topics. Join us and sub for regular posts. If you have a top ten topic youd like us to do make a video on, let us know in the comments! We usually focus on top tens that bring educational / informational value to th...!
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Shirley Bassey said diamonds are forever. Marilyn Monroe told us they’re a girl’s best friend. But are diamonds really all they’re cracked up to be? Sure, they’re stunningly beautiful, but are we right to consider them an indicator of wealth and status? This video might surprise you. From a world-famous jewel of the Australian outback to an unmistakable icon of Chinese culture, here are five gemstones more expensive than diamonds! ► For copyright matters please contact us: OfficialAm...!
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On Saturday October 27, 2012 at CMPLX 2010 on Chicagos South Side, surrounded by loved ones and supporters, Demarco Gemstones Castle exposed the world to his mixtape Elephant In The Room. As he played the mixtape, he explained each track and rapped along with each song. This is Fire In My Heart!...!
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Hi, it’s Katrina! Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but believe it or not, there are other stones that are much more valuable. From Sapphires to emeralds, here are 12 things that are more expensive than diamonds! Follow us on instagram! Subscribe For New Videos! Check out these videos you might like: Unbelievable Animals SAVING Other Animals! 🐯 LARGEST Animals Ever Di...!
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This video is intended to help you make sense of how jewelers and gemstone dealers view the value of gemstones. There are objective ways to view gemstone value and this is the first part of explaining the principles that determine how valuable a gemstone is. Part one looks at the Physical characteristics and what contributes to why one stone is worth more than another. These are the principles that general observation of any gemstone will tell you about its value. It details how what you se...!
Channel Title : Views : 292036 DisLikes : 82 Published Date :2014-04-15T03:56:11Z Please let us know what you think! What other gems do you think are underrated? These are Steve Moriartys top 10 gems that he believes to be underrated in the public eye. The may not be the most expensive or most rare, but these gems are some of the best that are beautiful, yet available. Watch and see which gemstones he thinks are the top gems that jewelers and consumers should take into consideration when looking for a beautiful new gem....!
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Purchase song on Amazon: Gemstones - God Is My Rock Gemstones - God Is My Rock Gemstones God Is My Rock God Is My Rock Gemstones gemstones god is my rock...!
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The official music video for Gemstones latest single Circles produced by J.R. Circles brings more awareness of black on black crime - especially in Gemstones city of Chicago. Buy on iTunes: Follow Rapzilla! Visit for more Christian Hip-Hop & Rap...!
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Gemstones releases a music video for Selfish, track No. 8 of his album Blind Elephant that dropped today. Buy on iTunes: or Amazon: Follow Rapzilla! Visit for more Christian Hip-Hop & Rap...!
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►Please Support us & Subscribe: ________________________________________________ 13 Stones That Outdo and Outshine The Popular Diamond : Diamonds are one of the most sought-after gems. Due to its materialistic qualities and beauty, it’s regarded as the most precious material. However, did you know there are many other materials that are just as or even more beautiful than the diamond? What are some stones or minerals you should consider for your next jewelry purchase? __...!
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Check out the BIGGEST And MOST EXPENSIVE Gemstones Ever Discovered! From the most valuable diamonds and emeralds to the largest minerals, this top 10 list of super expensive crystals has some of the greatest discoveries! Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our REAL Mermaid Sightings Around The World! video here: Watch our 10 Sea Monsters ATTACKING A Boat! video here: Watch our STRANGEST Animals People Keep As Pets! vid...!
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Introduction to gemstones with emphasis on alternatives to the more commonly known ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond. This video on gems also looks at some basic concepts that determine value and the origin of gemstones. My website has a series of articles on various gems at, hope to see you there soon....!
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Before being set into jewellery, gemstones go through a variety of steps to ensure theyre cut and polished in the most efficient way. Coming are 10 of the largest and most expensive gemstones of all-time. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected] Credit:!
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Subscribe for more Top 10 videos: - More Top 10 Trends Videos - Trending Now! ► YouTuber Top 10s ► Gaming Top 10s ► 10 Things You Wont Believe Exist! ► Welcome fellow amateur geologists and Minecraft enthusiasts, today, we’ll be taking a look at ten of the rarest gems and jewels found on planet earth! Note: just because it’s found on earth, doesn’t mean it’s from it! 10...!
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OPEN ME! My crystal collection! featuring beautiful gemstones like amethyst, labradorite, clear quartz, rose quartz, carnelian, lithium quartz, lapis, pyrite, agate and more! INSTAGRAM: MY WEBSITE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am wearing a red apple lipstick lipliner in Dusty Rose over my entire lip, for anyone wondering about my lip colour :) -------------...!
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Hello Dear Friends A Nice Day I Would Like To Show About How To Test Gemstones That Found In Cambodia With Diamond Selector II Please Follow On Facebook Page!
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We had a lot of fun putting this video together of us tumbling all kinds of gemstones a rocks in our new 15 pound Thumlers Tumbler. What AMAZING results. Check out the rock tumbler here: Here are some of the gemstones: Here is the grit:!
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Aquamarine Beryl Gemstones being found by everyone at this brand new location!! Join us twice a year at this brand new spot! Current future digs will be had every spring and fall. So much fun! This site is on private property but the owners let us do two digs per year! The next one will be even more epic! Stay tuned to see future videos here and for information on future digs and how you can attend! Check out the instagram page of the locations owners and to contact them and dig. Its called...!
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On this weeks episode, Natalie is getting all patriotic for the 4th of July with some of Americas top state gemstones! Watch along as Natalie gives an in-depth look into one of Americas most celebrated day and into some of Americas favorite gems! Subscribe to #JTV: Check out JTVs Gemopedia: JTV is one of the leading experts on gemstones and is the best source on YouTube for all things gem related. Featuring gem history, the s...!
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From high quality to low! Examples of how to grade loose emeralds color clarity and cut. A helpful guide to distinguish high end to low end quality emeralds. We are JR Colombian Emeralds, a family-owned brand specialized in the fine Colombian Emeralds. Click the link below to see our official website: Instagram: www.instagram/colombianemeralds Contact: Email- [email protected] Phone- 1800-840-6828...!
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In this video I team up with friends and search for Amethyst crystals! Subscribe if you want to watch more crystal hunting videos like this! If you want to see more videos like this make sure to click the like button! Lets aim for 10,000 likes! The Crystal Collectors YouTube Channel: I Found 2 Stolen Laptops Underwater While Searching Drained River! VR180 (River Treasure) Found $10,000+ Wedd...!
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SOP Records artistes, The Gemstones comprising of the beautiful twins Rubee and Pearl, presents the official music video of their hit single FEVER. The Gemstones comprises of a set of beautiful and identical twins Rubee and Pearl Awa-Agwu, born 9 minutes apart and signed to SOP Records which is owned by JJCSkillz and his wife Funke Akindele Bello. They also play the roles of Jane and Mary in INDUSTREET a music TV drama from the stables of SceneOne Productions. The video features Nollywood ve...!
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OPEN TO FIND LINKS AND RESOURCES! Hi guys! Welcome to the miniseries of videos about buying gemstones. Today I will share the tips from lapidary artist and gem cutter - Mineral Rare. Magda and Darren answered our questions and shared their experience and advice! Sourcing gemstones can be tricky. How to buy gemstones that are ethically sourced? How to buy gemstones online? I will try to answer these and other questions in this video series. Enjoy watching and as always, comment below if you have ...!
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Gemstones form in a variety of different ways. This video will explore the main basic principles of Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary and Hydrothermal gemstone creation. Read more information here: Dont forget to share and subscribe! Share this video: Subscribe to Gem Rock Auctions on YouTube: ...!
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In this weeks episode, Natalie explains all about how to identify gemstones, by sight and with tools, whether theyre precious gemstones or semi-precious gems. Subscribe to #JTV: Check out JTVs Gemopedia: JTV is one of the leading experts on gemstones and is the best source on YouTube for all things gem related. Featuring gem history, the science behind the stones, gemstones in pop culture, and much more, you too can become a ...!
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Watch Part 2 & 3 of #StevenUniverse Characters here: We’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a Steven Universe video so here’s our first one! Natalie finds the parallels between a few Steven Universe characters and their real life gemstone counterparts. What an awesome show… Let us know in the comments if you want to learn even more about Steven Universe and gemstones! For more info about amethyst: http...!
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Check out the new The Righteous Gemstones Season 1 Trailer starring John Goodman! Let us know what you think in the comments below. ► Learn more about this show on Rotten Tomatoes: Want to be notified of all the latest TV shows? Subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon to stay up to date. US Air Date: August 18, 2019 Starring: John Goodman, Danny McBride, Edi Patterson Network: HBO Synopsis: Danny McB...!
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New Hyalite Just Cut - -- Rare, natural, and unique fluorescent opal cut and polished by Steve Moriarty. This gem is from Zacatecas, Mexico and came out to weigh 7.27 carats! It was cut into a shield shape. This faceted rock really glows in sunlight and direct UV light!...!
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Pearls, agate, sea glass, precious stones. Hunting by the sea every day. 珍珠,开蚌,寻找珍珠,开珍珠 Crystals, gems, agate. I found bright gemstones on the rock!水晶,宝石,玛瑙。我发现岩石上有亮晶晶的宝石!...!
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In prospecting for sapphires, finding the good wash or Ancient Wash is like finding the Holy Grail. Experience is the key to identifying this type of material. The wash is always laden with Spinel aka Black Jack which is the indicator for a good Sapphire bearing material. No Spinel equals No Sapphire. More spinel, more sapphires. MORE “How to Find Gold and Gems” VIDEOS - About this Channel -!
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Check out the Most EXPENSIVE Gemstones In The World! From the biggest emeralds ever sold to expensive diamonds and other minerals, this top 10 list of rarest gemstones sold for thousands per carat will absolutely amaze you! Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our DEADLIEST Animals In Africa! video here: Watch our Most TERRIFYING Extinct Creatures Ever! video here: Watch our AMAZING Animal Superpowers! video here: https:...!
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Discovery and Science Channels How Its Made Gemstones episode. All copyrights go to their respective owners....!
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Inspection of practical gems Gemstones Identification Sinhala Episode 06 LIFE By KAMIDU Thanks for visiting and make sure to subscribe and join with us LIFE By KAMIDU YOUTUBE CHANNEL LIFE By KAMIDU FACEBOOK PAGE LIFE By KAMIDU instagram LIKE/comment/SHARE/ followe...!
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Gemstones Identification Sinhala Episode 03 (කළු පාට ගල් හදුනාගන්න) LIFE By KAMIDU අප සමග සම්බන්ධවන්න LIFE By KAMIDU YOUTUBE CHANNEL LIFE By KAMIDU FACEBOOK PAGE LIFE By KAMIDU instagram LIKE/comment/SHARE/ followe #SRILANKAGEMS #lifebykamidu #SRILANKA...!
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Preorder my BOOK: My Etsy (art): 7 Major Chakras video: Hope you enjoyed this vid & learned something new xx INSTAGRAM → @annietarasova TUMBLR → KEEP SHINING X...!
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SONOROUS Ft Mary played by PEARL one half of GEMSTONES from the Television series INDUSTREET. Based on the entertainment industry in Africa. The video is a feel good romantic montage that depicts the growing affections between the two characters. Song is produced by Puffytee and Video directed by JJCSKILLZ. Full episodes are available on WWW.SCENEONE.TV and song downloads available on WWW.INDUSTREET.TV...!
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Meet the strangest gemstones in the world. These gems are very scarce and can be worth a lot of money in the market. Here is the list of the most rare and expensive gems in the world. -Musgravite It was discovered in Musgrave Rangers in Australia in 1967, this rock has great similarity to the Taaffeite. -Black Opal Finally, in the list of multiple tonalities gems, one with a lot of different colors couldn’t miss. -Red Beryl Just listening to the name of this ultra-rare gem makes us ima...!
Channel Title : JTV Views : 34730 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2019-10-01T16:00:05Z
On this weeks unboxing, Natalie is joined by a special guest, Jaimeen Shah to unbox a few very unique gemstones. Watch along as the two go in-depth on chrome tourmaline, tanzanite and all of their unique features like the way its mined and formed! Subscribe to #JTV: Check out JTVs Gemopedia: JTV is one of the leading experts on gemstones and is the best source on YouTube for all things gem related. Featuring gem history, the ...!
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Lahore Nagina Market | Precious Aqeeq Stone On Cheap Prices | Precious Gemstones | Allrounder Vlogs Contact No= 03060493711 This channel pervoid you bussiness ideas,Career Advice,Education,Entrepreneur,Urdu,Hindi,Urdu Videos,Hindi Videos,How To Make Money,Ideas,India,Indian ,Inspirational Stories,Inspirational Videos,Inspirational Videos in Hindi,Inspirational Videos in Urdu,Life Changing,Life Coach,Motivational ,Motivational Speaker,Motivational Speech,Motivational Videos,Motivational Videos ...!
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We always have to keep in mind that a Documentary, after all, can tell lies and it can tell lies because it lays claim to a form of veracity which fiction doesnt. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( What created the land we see today? Powerful forces deep below the Earth surface are propelling the continents on a restless journey across the face of the ....!
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Gemstones Identification-මැණික් හදුනාගැනීම EPISODE 01 පාඩම QUARTZ පළිගු මැණික් පෙර විඩිය‌ෝ නරඹන්න LIFE By KAMIDU YOUTUBE CHANNEL LIFE By KAMIDU FACEBOOK PAGE LIFE By KAMIDU instagram #SRILANKAGEMS #lifebykamidu #SRILANKA...!
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Thanks to National Geographic for sending me the Nat Geo Mega Gemstone Mine Dig Kit! We get to dig up 15 gems, rocks, and geodes. Discover the thrill of real scientific excavation, start a rock collection, and learn about precious gems and minerals with the National Geographic Mega Gemstone Mine. With 15 rocks and gems hidden in a plane brick of sand, kids use archaeological digging tools to uncover gems like amethyst, tigers eye, fluorite, hematite, pyrite, rose quartz, and agate. With the ma...!
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This video opens the mysteries of gemstones in astrology....!

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