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After getting after someone on the sidelines for talking while he is speaking, George Morris talks about how position is not meant to be pretty, there is an absolute function behind every part of our position and it is important to know what that function is in terms of how you will be using your aids. Back to the basics is what George has to say in this video from the WEF, horsemastership program. Click here to support Dressage Hub For more great videos...!
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My lesson with George Morris...!
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GHM Clinic @ Heathman Farm in the 36 section This video shows the progress of three days worth of exercises. In addition, it shows a small clip of George Morris riding Cheval Z....!
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George Morris was well known as the legendary trainer, coach and chef déquipe for the United States. George showcased his talent when he jumped double clear on Rio to take the 1988 du Maurier International at Spruce Meadows. He said after the win it was one of the biggest thrills of my life Join us each week as we look back at some of the memorable moments in Spruce Meadows history....!
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Top hunter/jumper trainer George Morris rides Sloane Coles mare at his 2007 Horsemastership Training Session. Buy the complete video at and read postcards from the session at!
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This is a great exercise that you can do at home. George first wants you to establish that your horse does in fact move off the leg. You can start the turn on the forehand long before you are even ready for a simple change. Then the way he introduces the simple change is so easy and effective for your horse, that he barely even knows it is about to happen. This is a great exercise to teach correct and straight changes in preparation for the flying change. For access to more awesome videos, subs...!
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The George Morris Schooling Series Featuring Tori Colvin, McKayla Langmeier & Emma Kurtz In part one of this series, get an in-depth look at a typical day in the teaching life of George Morris as he helps rising equestrian stars hone their craft on super talented horses. In this episode, he is ringside while Tori Colvin expertly pilots the lovely chestnut jumper, Felina, through a meaningful schooling session. George holds court during this efficient, yet thorough lesson that incorporates funda...!
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2011 George Morris Horsemastership Training Session - Presented by USEF. Palm Beach International Equestrian Center - Wellington, Florida...!
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George Morris demonstrates how to supple and loosen a horse during a clinic. He focused on riding back to front, using inside leg to push the horse into the outside rein, and using lateral work to supple the whole horse and put the horse on the bit. George Morris gave a clinic hosted by Diane Carney at Telluride in November 2010. For details, see the notes on my blog:!
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#SafeSport #GeorgeMorris #MichaelBarisone This video is of a Facebook Live that I made with my husband who is a practicing attorney in North Carolina to discuss the recent breaking news in the equestrian world including SafeSport, the lifetime ban against George Morris and the shooting involving Michael Barisone. Deanna Corby with Deanna Corby Dressage is a dressage trainer, riding instructor and dressage competition judge based out of Waxhaw, NC, just outside of Charlotte. Deanna offers riding...!
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Beezie [Madden]. Meredith [Michaels-Beerbaum]. Nick Skelton. The Whitakers. You can’t name one rider that is really consistent at the top that isnt hard. And if you don’t have that put into you at some point, you’re always going to fail. — George Morris...!
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As one of the lucky people that managed to attend the George Morris Horsemastership program I can truly attest that George day after reiterated the importance of dressage training for the jump horse. So regardless of the discipline you ride these exercises establish a solid set of basics for the riding horse. The responsiveness of the horse to the aids not only sets the tone of riding for the day but will directly impact your progress. So try these at home....!
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Join George Morris, former Chef dEquipe of the US Show Jumping Team, as he demonstrates his favorite dressage exercises as they apply to jumping sports. In this schooling session, George uses his system of training on the flat and over fences to produce a relaxed, supple, and attentive equine partner. View the full length version at: In November of 2019, George H Morris was deemed by Safe Sport to be Permanently prohibited from participa...!
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The George, riding without stirrups, evicts someone on her cell phone from his clinic. Video by Karen Robertson....!
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This video is about George Morris Clinic October 8th and 9th Caledon Equestrain Park...!
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George Morris schooling riders over a liverpool, teaching how to educate a horse to a spooky jump. George Morris gave a clinic hosted by Diane Carney at Telluride in November 2010. For details, see the notes on my blog:!
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April 4th 2014. George Morris Clinic at Willow Dell Equestrian Center in Senoia, Ga. Here George Morris rides Chandler, Jamie Bertones 16 year old Thoroughbred gelding. My battery died, but at the end he said Theres some horses I cant wait to get off of, and theres others I dont want to give back and could just ride off into the sunset. (Chandler being one of the latter!)...!
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The first of five parts about the interview of George H. Morris!...!
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George H. Morris Clinic at Canterbury Farm, Nov. 2010. Preview clips from the DVD series. Contact Whitney Allen at the USHJA ( for rental info. Contact Diane Carney ( for purchase info....!
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We will be bundling up for the George Morris clinic this week end. Always well worth it to learn from a great horseman. The clinic is hosted by Rich Fellers Stables, LLC located at Whip-N-Spur Farm in Wilsonville, Oregon....!
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George thinks that no stirrup November is for the weak and faint of heart. George doesnt need stirrups... ever! So when he takes a seat to show us how the magic of a flying change works, he of course does so without them. So watch and learn as George Morris conducts the magic of a flying change and demonstrates the seat aid, all without stirrups!...!
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Rider: Katie Uloth...!
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George Morris riding Sharon Whites new horse Leon in Wellington, Fla., in January of 2012....!
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Runsten Equestrian invited George Morris for 3 days of trainings in August 2018. A huge thanks to George, the audience and all the riders for a successful weekend!...!
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George Morris, Riding Demonstration on Day 2 of 2009 National Coaching Symposium with George Morris, Ingrid Klimke and David OConnor. ECOGOLD was a sponsor - visit!
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Spend an hour with George Morris and demonstration riders Cynthia Hankins and Darragh Kenny as they illustrate the most fundamental aspects of the American Hunter/Jumper Forward Riding System, a system endorsed and taught by George and advocated by the USHJA Trainer Certification Program. Includes a bonus video, The Roots of Forward Riding in America, where George introduces the American style of riding and its evolution. View the full length version at:!
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An interview by Jimmy Torano, NARG Board Member, with George Morris, United States Show Jumping Chef DEquipe...!
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As good as it gets ... two legendary riders, George H. Morris, riding Brussels, and Conrad Homfeld, aboard the great Abdullah, in an battle for points in the Gamblers Choice Accumulator at the 1984 Washington International Horse Show....!
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Full DVD set available at!
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Part I One of the final jumping lines at the end of the first day of last weeks (11/30) George Morris clinic hosted by Rich Fellers Stables located at Whip N Spur Farm in Wilsonville, Oregon. In his closing remarks Mr. Morris discusses the importance of training lateral and longitudinal suppleness. Video by: Equine Video Productions...!
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A riding lesson from one of the greats. Basics, basics, basics is how it is done... no matter what kind of saddle you put on your horse. Absolutely one of the best George Morris clinics this past week end which was hosted by Rich Fellers Stables, LLC at Whip n Spur Farm in Wilsonville, Oregon. Video by: Equine Video Productions...!
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2019 WEF Week 11 #4117 ECLIPSE | MAGGIE HILL | George Morris Equitation Championship Rider: Maggie Hill on Eclipse Finally Farm...!
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Closing remarks with added footage as Mr. Morris announces his sabbatical from clinics. December 2015 participants included some of the top horse and rider combinations in the N.W. and beyond. Excellent clinic with invaluable information from the master himself. Filmed at Rich Fellers Stables, located at Whip N Spur Farm, Wilsonville, Oregon by Equine Video Productions. All Rights Reserved!
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Final day, Liza and Shiver...!
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The George Morris Schooling Series Featuring Tori Colvin, McKayla Langmeier & Emma Kurtz This is the third part of George Morris’ schooling series. This time he acts as a mentor to the 2015 ASPCA Maclay Finals Champion, McKayla Langmeier, as she schools her talented jumper mount. We get to see how a top junior prepares for the show ring with sophisticated exercises on the flat and over fences. View the full length version of this video topic on at: http://www.equestrianco...!
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George H. Morris describes what is Animo for Him!...!
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Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center brings George Morris to Buffalo...!

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