Gibson Les Paul

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Gibson LP Standard, Studio, Classic, Traditional, Custom: what makes these guitar models unique? Were here to answer some of your questions and help you figure out which Les is more up your alley. Read more on Reverb:!
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Gibson vs. Epiphone, the ultimate Les Paul battle! Only way you can find out which model of this classic guitar reigns supreme is by checking out this video! Become a Patron - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - #lespaul #gibson #epiphone Become a Patron - https://www.patreon.c...!
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Which one of these iconic instruments is right for your playing style? Check out this comparison to find out! If you enjoyed the video, be sure to like, subscribe, and share! LES PAUL: STRATOCASTER: DARRELLS GUITARS & GEAR LIST! MY AMPS: H&K Grand Meister Deluxe 40 - Mesa Boogie - T-SHIRTS: TAB...!
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La guitarra single cut más famosa, la primera signature de la historia, la primera en llevar dos humbuckers, Si te pido que pienses en una Gibso seguro pensarás en una Les Paul. El modelo más famoso de Gibson tiene una historia detrás que deberías de conocer si te gusta la guitarra Historia de la Telecaster: Historia de la Stratocaster: La batalla de Fender VS Gibson:!
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Check out the full specs and purchase this beautiful guitar here: - The Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s Electric Guitar in Heritage Cherry Sunburst is a return to the classic design that made the Les Paul an icon of rock and roll. Crafted to the same spec as the guitars from Gibsons Golden Era of innovation, this guitar is authenticity personified, no weight relief here just pure vintage heritage....!
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For five watt world t-shirts, hats, hoodies, etc. Dont need another t-shirt but want to show your support for five watt world? Many folks have asked if we have a Patreon type account so that folks can support the videos, without needing to buy more stuff. Joining friends of five watt helps us be able to expand what we do. So thanks in advance for checking that out. friends of five watt world club memberships now available here: https://flatfiv...!
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Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 50s in Heritage Cherry Sunburst - Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 50s in Tobacco Burst - Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 50s Gold Top - Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 50s P90 Gold Top - Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 60s in Bourbon Burst - Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 60s in Iced Tea - Gibson USA Les Paul Standa...!
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Did I play the guitar that will bring Gibson back to the top?! Ill take a first look at the 2019 line up from the Original Collection! The Les Paul Standard 50s gold top ▶Tab of the intro/demo available on Patreon!◀ ▶FOLLOW ME◀ Instagram: ▶SUPPORT ME◀ Patreon: ▶GEAR◀ ▶GUITAR◀ Gibson Les Paul Standard 50’s, Gold Top, from the ‘Gibson Original Collection...!
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🛒: Купить гитару Les Paul - 🛒: Купить комбик Yerasov - ГИТАРНЫЙ КЛУБ- магазин и мастерская гитар. Адреса магазинов: 🔺В МОСКВЕ🔻 ✔️ Акустические гитары. Б. Новодмитровская 36/26, Флакон. Тел: +7-495-517-43-64 ✔️ Электрогитары. Б. Новодмитровская 36/15,...!
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►►Get My Free Fretboard Decoder Course! - ►►FREE Tabs HERE - ►SUBSCRIBE ►LESSON PACKS ►SKYPE LESSONS [email protected] ►STUDIO TOUR ►OFFICIAL WEBSITE (TABS!!) ►Business Inquiries [email protected] ►►DRAGONS HEART Picks PROMO CODE RBAKER10 FOLLOW ME ON Facebook ww...!
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The pots in your Les Paul - how much difference do they really make? My Line 6 Helix Preset: Tabs & Backing Tracks: Guitar Magazine article: Thanks to Huw Price for the work carried out. Be sure to check out ToneTwins TV: Time Stamps: 0:00 - Intro 0:08 - JAM! 1:20 - What are ...!
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In this video, Dagan shows us 8 facts about the Gibson Les Paul that you might not know. We also find out the CORRECT way to announce Les Paul... Did you know that Les Paul didnt have anything to do with the design? Did you know you could ONLY get a Les Paul in Gold until 1958? Did you know that Jimmy Page had teh first signature model Les Paul? Learn about the Les Paul in this quick history lesson. 1:23 Les Paul had almost nothing to do with the design - seriously 2:26 Humbuckers were only ...!
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A Les Paul At Every Price | 2020 Mark checks out the entire range of Les Pauls. Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50s, Metallic Gold £459 (Original Collection ) - Epiphone Les Paul Modern, Graphite Black £545 (Modern Collection) - Mention the Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute P-90, Natural Walnut at £899 -!
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Welcome to this in depth demo and review of the Gibson Les Paul Tribute electric guitar! These are cool Les Pauls with alot of vintage vibe and a comfortable satin finish. What do you think of them? Playing into a Supro Royal Reverb with a Wampler Tumnus Deluxe. Subscribe here:!
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Official website : Facebook : Twitter : Ive been playing guitar for 9 years now, and all this time Ive been dreaming of a Gibson Les Paul... My dream finally came true a couple of days ago !!! Let me introduce you to my new guitar : a 1997 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus Honey Burst (with Lollar Pickups of course :) ) Im totally crazy about it! It looks and sounds amazing, Im sooo happy and so p...!
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Gibson Les Paul Custom Pumpkin ฟักทอง อัสนี โชติกุล พี่ป้อมจะมาบอกเล่าถึงที่มาของกีตาร์รุ่นนี้ ว่าเกิดขึ้นเพราะอะไร ทำไมถึงต้องเป็น ฟักทอง และเรายังได้รับเกียรติจากคุณ Yasuhiko Iwanade ผู้บริหารจาก Gibson ประเ...!
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Today weve got another incredible Burst for you, a beautiful 1959 Les Paul Standard! This one came to us straight from Nerdville, and we couldnt be happier about it - especially in such great condition. This one is all original with the exception of Grover tuners, and it plays perfectly! Of course, this guitar has the excellent sound you would expect at this level, with a great set of pickups to drive any amp. Today weve got Aaron Hiebert on the demo with the Matchless King Cobra amp featured ov...!
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*Thanks to everyone for all your comments. Since we first posted this video in 2007, the 1959 Les Paul Sunburst has increased in value from $400,000.00 to $750,000.00. The 1959 Burst: This stunning film follows the path and the growth of interest in the most valued musical instrument on the planet Earth: 1959 Les Paul Sunburst. This awesome film features interviews with Slash, Billy Gibbons, Rick Neilsen and many others. It reveals a culture of collectors who covet the chance to own one of ...!
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As you might be aware, we often take delivery of enormous shipments of Gibson Custom guitars (you dont get much better than that!). While going through our most recent batch, we noticed something... In that shipment we were lucky enough to receive 5 reissue Les Pauls from the years 1957-1961. Given that we at Peach Guitars love Les Pauls we thought what better video than to put them through their paces and show the progress of the Les Paul model throughout its most iconic years! Check them o...!
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ลิ้งสินค้า Gibson Les Paul Standard 2017 T ทรงเลสพอลที่ว่ากันว่างามที่สุด เพราะบอดี้นั้นได้ไม้หน้าเป็นไม้เมเปิ้ลคัดเกรด AAA เผยให้เห...!
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**Nuovo corso Modale Facile** SUPER-SCONTATO da giov 19.03.2020 per pochi giorni, per info clicca qui! Cari Guitar-Nauti, nel video di oggi cerchiamo di capire quali sono le reali differenze fra due chitarre apparentemente molto simili, ma diversissime... sul listino prezzi! 💰💰💰 **Spartito/tab/di tutte le mie lezioni registrandosi al sito, clicca qui: **Scopri i miei corsi: **Scarica i MATERIAL...!
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Not really sure what this proves other than what we already knew!! And thats that you can buy a perfectly good cheap guitar & make great noises with it, but that if you want the best of everything you have to pay top dollar for it!! Rob is using a Victory RD1 & Lee is using a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. To find out more about any of the products used in this video go here - To watch the Diminishing Returns video with Prof Drew Bypass go here -!
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Rick calls in guitar expert Jesse to check the authenticity and value of a Gibson Les Paul guitar that the seller claims is from 1969. Subscribe for more from Pawn Stars: Watch more Pawn Stars on YouTube in this playlist: Find out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site: Check out exclusive HISTORY content: History Newsletter: Website -!
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How Gibson Les Pauls Are Made...!
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Rundown of this off-the-beaten-path Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom. Frankenstein of Gibson fixins – Body of a Standard, binding of a Custom, headstock of a 335, ebony fretboard. Ripper. ⚡️ 0:00 - Talking 3:42 - Playing Signal Chain: Pedalboard (Pedals used: BOSS DD-500) Friedman Buffer Bay Friedman BE-100 Deluxe Suhr Pete Thorn 2x12 Cabinet with Celestion G12H75s Shure SM57 & Shure SM7B Universal Audio Apollo 8p Logic Pro X Waves rVerb - Stereo My instagram:!
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The GIbson Les Paul Standard 2014 is an incredible instrument which combines everything you know and love about the classic Les Paul with some modern features that are really player friendly. Featuring the eTune robotic tuning system and coil-tapping humbuckers, this thing is a powerhouse of versatility. We took it for a lengthy spin so you can check out all the sounds on tap. Rather than a review or tutorial, we felt you should be able to hear the different sounds available on the Gibson Les ...!
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Eric Clapton shares his unique background story on the Gibson Harrison-Clapton Lucy Les Paul guitar with some of his most memorable moments. In collaboration with the George Harrison Estate and Eric Clapton, this historical guitar will be limited edition of just 100 guitars worldwide, available in America EXCLUSIVELY through Guitar Center March 21, 2013.!
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La increíble historia por la cual el mítico ex guitarrista de Guns N´ Roses termina eligiendo a la Gibson Les Paul como su guitarra de cabecera. Dejame tus comentarios y tu like! Fuentes: Guitarras de la Historia IV: La Les Paul de Slash Slash: historia de la Derrig 59 Mira mis cursos de guitarra TCDG PREMIUM ...!
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Here I am, stuck at home, without any Tele, Strat, or even my LP Junior :( (since I leave most of my guitars to storage between my gigs) Ive been wanting to play some Jimi Hendrix for a while, so heres my try at The Wind Cries Mary! Gear: - Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus - Bias FX plug-in (Get my tone on Tonecloud : LP Hendrix)...!
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The Dead Daisies axeman talks about and demos his 2006 Gibson R7 Les Paul Standard. Watch the Rundown: Dont Miss an Episode: Subscribe to PGs Channel: #gibson #dougaldrich #rigrundown...!
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Bilômetro GRÁTIS para economizar $$$: Diversos modelos de Gibson à venda aqui: E aqui diversas Epiphone: * Links acima são de afiliado * Consegui uma Gibson Les Paul Studio para usar por alguns dias, e resolvi fazer este vídeo falando um pouco sobre minha experiência com a guitarra. Redes sociais da Sapeca: - Facebook: - Snapchat: pequenasapeca - Twitter: @BRKsSapeca - ...!
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Dans cette vidéo on vous présente une Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus de 1993 . Cest une superbe guitare, avec un pur son Rock bien tranchant ! On lessaye aujourdhui sur un ampli Marshall 2061x , ampli Handwired fabriqué en Angleterre . Le micro quon utilise pour lampli : Tout est enregistrer là dessus : La Musique dIntroduction : Screen Boy by Nico Chona and The Freshtones :!
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Check out one of our favorite customer Michael Lemmo playing our 1986 Gibson Les Paul Custom here at Normans Rare Guitars. What do you guys think?...!
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~ The Gibson Les Paul ~ The Gibson Les Paul has long been an archetype of excellence in the guitar industry. Titans have wielded the LP for generations, and still they hold a tone and character unmatched -- thick, rich harmonics, evenly compressed, yet still very expressive. Over the years, Greg Koch has had (a not so secret) love affair with the Les Paul. Every time we present one to him for a video he is overjoyed, and its noticeable in his playing. Les Pauls bring Greg joy, and its qui...!
Channel Title : Guitar Express Views : 18975 DisLikes : 38 Published Date :2020-05-17T17:50:55Z
Disclaimer: Esta Guitarra Gibson Les Paul Custom R7 es de las mejores Gibson´s que he tenido. Muy resonante, sustain de otro planeta, sonidos limpios claros/cremosos y una patada en los huevos con distorsión. Tocar un Riff con esta guitarra hace que se te paren los pelos. Soy un afortunado de poder tener esta guitarra. La idea de este video es compartir lo que no me gusta de ella. Solo con fines informativos y de compartir con la comunidad. Espero no se tome a mal. Solo la vendería para ir...!
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Estimados, tenemos malas noticias. Otra Gibson con la paleta quebrada debido a la falta de protección en el transporte. El precio era interesante, el envío rápido y económico. Resultado: Guitarra quebrada. Esto pasa mis estimados cuando solicitamos envíos de bajo costo (USPS) a través de Correos de Chile Ya estamos en contacto con el seguro para ver que podemos hacer. ¿Que opinan que debemos hacer con este proyecto? ¿Deberíamos arreglarla? ¿Rematarla por partes? Quedo a la espe...!
Channel Title : session Views : 24196 DisLikes : 18 Published Date :2020-03-03T18:00:00Z
Ein großes Thema ist bei uns immer die Frage, soll es eine E-Gitarre von Epiphone oder doch von Gibson sein? Olli gibt euch in diesem Versus Video einen direkten Sound-Vergleich der Epiphone und Gibson Les Paul Modelle 50s und 60s. Wenn ihr Fragen habt, meldet euch einfach bei uns und den Jungs und Mädels aus der E-Gitarren-Abteilung. Jetzt aber viel Spaß mit dem Video! Du willst mehr Infos zu den Epiphone inspired by Gibson E-Gitarren? Klick dich rein: Epiphone LP 50...!
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The Gibson musical lineage continues with the Les Paul Traditional Pro V guitars. These easy-to-play Les Pauls have many of the classic features youd expect to find with some additional unique specs making them great a fit in the hands of the contemporary guitarist. With a mahogany, asymmetrical neck profile and compound-radius rosewood fingerboard youll find the feel and shape on these necks allow for instant playability and even more sounds within your reach. The custom dual Gibson Tradbucke...!
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Demo of the fantastic Gibson Les Paul 1960 60th Anniversary. This particular model is the V3 in Washed Bourbon Burst.!
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Vendas para todo Brasil 📞(98)3227-3127 📱 WhatsApp (98)98864-5535 📧 [email protected] Instagram: @slzmusicngames...!
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Hey guys in this video I take a look at the Gibson Les Paul Modern, I really liked this guitar, it has a lot of tonal options and it played great. Plus, for a Les Paul there is some weight relief in the guitar, which is a good thing. I wish I would have had if for a little while longer so I could mess around with the electronics a little more. Let me know what you think in the comments. This guitar is available at Main Street Guitars. Hey guys, I am...!
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