Glass Perfume Bottles

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Hello, and welcome to my channel! This video includes both tapping and scratching on glass perfume bottles :) Timestamps: 0:00 - Textured glass - vintage bottle (scratching only) 7:00 - Ralph by Ralph Lauren bottle (tapping only) 13:23 - Textured glass - Brit Rhythm Floral by Burberry bottle (scratching only) 21:29 - Guess Girl flower bottle (mostly tapping, some nail rubbing and fabric ruffling) Enjoy, and much love to you all! ----------------------------------------------------------------...!
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Birth of a perfume bottle in La Glass Vallée (France). La Glass Vallée represents 70% of the world production of luxury bottling and works with the most famous brands of the perfumery, cosmetics and spirits. La Glass Vallée gathers 65 companies and more than 7500 specialized employees. This network and his multisecular quite unique know-how is in the tradition of the luxury made in France....!
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Hello, and welcome to my channel! I cannot stress enough how much I love the sounds of textured glass! :) This video includes scratching, tapping, and liquid shaking with two different textured glass perfume bottles. Enjoy, and much love to you all! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to learn more about me? Whispered Q&A|Get to Know Me [15K Subscriber Special]: Whispered Q&A + Sipping Coffee [1K Subscriber Sp...!
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Perfume bottle printing is a troublesome process, specially if you want to print on glass perfume bottles. The iUV600s is the best industrial and durable solution to print customized, colorful, high quality, fast, and durable on perfume/ fragrance glass or plastic bottles. Not only that, you can also print, label and package perfume sets and perfume boxes using the machine. The most suitable solution for perfume & fragrance factories. This UV LED Flatbed Printer can go to a maximum media heigh...!
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Hello! My favourite perfume bottle tapping sounds, also including some lid sounds. Timestamp: 00:00 preview 00:38 Versace Bright Crystal 08:00 Burberry London 14:14 Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto 21:53 Giorgio Armani Si 29:34 Narciso Rodriguez Narciso This is my second try at this video, the first time the bottles kept hitting the mic! Hope youll enjoy this one and please subscribe to my channel if you havent already! If youd like to support my channel and help me improve: Paypal donation: http...!
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Thanks for watching and all the support!! Please like and subscribe! Instagram(only account) asmrbyk_...!
Channel Title : AsiaTravelTV Views : 90814 DisLikes : 19 Published Date :2009-08-11T09:11:24Z offers over 500,000 Hotels, Flights, Travel Packages, Tours & Attractions up to 75% discount. All with last minute availability & instant confirmation plus up to 5% cash rebate exclusively for our customers. For more information visit Pure silica (SiO2) has a glass melting point— at a viscosity of 10 Pa·s (100 P)— of over 2300 °C (4200 °F). While pure silica can be made into glass for special applications (see fused quartz), other substances are ...!
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Welcome back to OUR channel everyone! If you’re new here, I’d like to welcome you to our family, and I encourage you to introduce yourself below. We sound like a cult, because we probably are. Hello family!! This evenings video is a nice, relaxing, NO talking bit with tapping, scratching, and shaking of my glass perfume bottles that I own. The Dolce & Gabbana one I actually got for $20 when my local Bon Tom shut down lmao. So I hope today you enjoy some relaxing sounds, rather than my bust...!
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No Talking Crinkle ASMR Unwrapping Vintage Mini Perfume Bottles and Squishies (with tapping) Perfume bottles were ordered last year from BMunique on Etsy (*) Nails Today are Kiss Gel Fantasy Sculpted Nails in “Start Over” My favorite makeup & skincare you can buy on Amazon (updated regularly) (*) Disclosures: Products in the video were purchased by the channel for the purpose of ASMR video ...!
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☞ More scratching here → Sooooo, so many of you requested more scratching of this bottle and I finally got to film it for you guys. :) Hope you enjoy! 5 Minute Tingles: Need an ASMR quick fix? Only have 5 minutes to spare? Then youve come to the right video! ;) Enjoy these 5 minutes of scratching glass and continue your day more relaxed! ♥ Feel free to subscribe ♥ → MYSTERY VIDEO: ☟⬇︎☟⬇︎☟⬇︎☟⬇︎...!
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Cobalt perfume, art glass or crystal. Great prices in antique perfume bottles!!!...!
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♥ Welcome ♥ This video is all about: Fast tapping on Perfume! Very fast glass tapping sounds for your tingle experience and relaxation. Enjoy! Enjoy! Dont forget to like, subscribe, and click the notification bell if you havent already! Time stamps 00:00 Cartier: Le Panthere 05:00 Chanel: Bleu the Chanel 10:00 Lancome: La Vie Est Belle See you soon with my next video:-) Populair Videos *100 triggers ASMR: *Tapping on coasters:!
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music link!
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More detailed perfume reviews of the perfumes in this video... ❤ Bvlgari Omnia Perfume Range Review: ❤ Marc Jacobs Daisy Range Review: ❤ Mugler Angel Perfume Range Review: ❤ Versace Crystal Perfume Range Review: ❤ Dior Poison Perfume Range Review: ❤ Good Girl Perfume Range Review: ❤ Miss Dior EDT vs EDP: https:...!
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How to cut glass bottle at home | using perfume spray | 3 simple steps | best and easiest way | By Dots DIY The material you need to make these projects: • Glass bottle • Water • Scissor • lamp • Yarn • Perfume spray For more interesting updates Please do subscribe my Channel Channel Subscription Link : Watch More How to make a night lamp easy | lampshade | lighting idea | homemade lamp Make a homemade wrapped balloon lamb ...!
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Bring to life your favourite empty perfume bottles....!
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I am really getting into collecting antique Victorian glass and crystal scent bottles and Art Deco era glass perfume bottles, old atomizer pump perfume bottles and atomizer bottles with bulbs....!
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Hello, and welcome to my channel! I hope you enjoy this video of tapping on a variety of glass perfume bottles. This video also includes tingly liquid and lid sounds. Have a great week, friends! Why do I make ASMR? ASMR has helped me through many difficult times, including stress, inability to fall asleep, anxiety, panic, and depression. I know I cannot cure these for you, but my hope is that I can at the very least help you relax and make your day a little better. The main purpose of this c...!
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thanks for watching! :) thanks for watching! :) other social media: Instagram- @saraarios...!
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Glass Perfume Bottles...!
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A How To.... from Josh Simpson Glass Learn more about the handmade glass stoppers for Josh Simpson Perfume Bottles. These special stoppers are made to fit its paired Perfume Bottle perfectly. To tighten turn the stopper clockwise and to loosen turn counterclockwise. *Please make certain to avoid picking the perfume up by the stem! This specific Perfume Bottle is lifted by the stem to show it is locked. Video Recorded and Edited by Jacqui Proctor of Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass Visit Jos...!
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**TRIGGERS: whisper, lip-smacking, show and tell, glass, tinkling** In this video I will show you the items in my perfume-making kit -- my plastic pipettes, and my little glass bottles of essential oils. Crackly plastic, slow hand movements, rustling bags, plastic tapping, small glass bottles clinking together; all with a brief whispered introduction. I hope you enjoy this, and please dont forget to send me your requests. Miss Meridian x...!
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Used my premade Byredo fragrance and transferred it into an empty perfume bottle. Dont forget to rinse the empty bottle out before putting in your new fragrance.!
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glass printing machine for glass perfumes bottle, glass containers,glass cups, glass mugs etc. perfume glass CNC screen printer Website: Email: [email protected] The auto screen printer can print round, oval and square perfume glass bottle with full round by once time printing....!
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Hello! In this video I make sounds from different glass perfume bottles including liquid sounds, hope you like it. If you like the content I would appreciate if you leave your comment, subscribe and hit the like button it is very helpful. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND WELCOME !!! 💜💜💜 Timestamp: 💎 00:00 Intro 💎 00:06 Lady Million 💎 09:51 Diesel Fuel For Life 💎 19:45 Perry Ellis 360 Purple 💎 29:18 Diesel Only The Brave 💎 36:57 1 Million Paco Rabanne #ASMRsleepYuli #ASM...!
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Perfume Bottle Screen Printing Machine Cylindrical Screen Printer Specifications: 1:Max. printing size:φ70x180mm   2:Speed:2160PCS/H 3:Machine size(L x W x H):96x72x132cm  4:Net Weight:135kg  5:Air Pressure(bar); 5  6:Power: 220V/50Hz,110V/60HZ 50w 7. Max printing speed: 1800Pc/Hr; 8:Packing size:950*850*1350mm /91*76*140mm 9.Gross Weight:220KG(Volume Weight)...!
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If you haven’t already subscribed Thank you for watching, If you enjoy my films please would you like and share to help me create more, My Content is free however should you wish to dentate to support my channel please find a Paypal Icon in the Banner and a link at the end of the description. If you decide to support the channel , leave a comment I will give your channel a shout out. Hi guys, welcome to a film by antiques...!
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Subscribe for more glassblowing and to know when we go live! Hi everyone, this week Dustin is doing a couple of projects that he practiced many times as a student in Murano, Italy. He makes a rose vase with thorns and twisted feet, as well as a perfume bottle and dabber. He and Kevin also sit down to thank you all for 20,000 subscribers and to answer your questions. They also give away the three ornaments from last time! Two commenters from this week will be getting the projects, just leave yo...!
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Fancy up your vanity tray with these must have crystal perfume bottles! (Links Below) Stores to purchase inexpensive crystal perfume bottles: 1. Ross 2. T.J. Maxx 3. Marshalls Price range: $4.99 and up You can also purchase crystal perfume bottles on Amazon! I wish to be transparent with my viewers/readers. If you follow an affiliate link and go on to purchase that product or service, I will be paid a small commission. Oleg Cassini 135260 Square Crystal Perfume Bottle!
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Hello and welcome to my channel! Whats ASMR? a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck. |Socials| Instagram: (NOT ASMR) TikTok : @saraarioss Gaming Channel Gaming Instagram: @Toxicgunnergirl I DO ARTWORK! I do a variety from paintings to even twitch emotes! Art instagram: @saraariosart DONATE to my channel here:!
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Pink Milk Glass & Old Perfume Bottles & Antique Mall Shopping Finds. Went to the local antique mall and found some really nice pieces of Shell Pink Milk Glass. Also found a few other perfume bottles. On the little pedestal birdbath type, I did find some chips, so sorry! But it is still a little good piece. A tip on how to manage your letters and numbers for a light box. Come see what I got! Please subscribe, like, share and visit my other giveaway videos. I will subscribe back to you. Wou...!
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Hiiii friends this is Krunal Patel and you are watching my YouTube channel, On this channel you can get all types of Information, Tips, Tricks, Business Ideas, Review, Experiments and much more. So keep in touch and Subscribe my YouTube channel Krunal Patel. For Any Enquiry You Can Contact Me On [email protected] Whats app no. - +91 8140311023...!
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Fabrication du flacon La Glass Vallée et savoir-faire du Pôle mondial du flaconnage de luxe de la vallée de la Bresle. Témoignages sur plusieurs métiers de la filière. La Première du film et le lancement du flacon La glass Vallée ont eu lieu le jeudi 2 octobre 2014 au cinéma du Casino du Tréport en présence de 230 personnes dont Madame Martine Laquièze - sous-préfète de Dieppe, Monsieur François Codon - S.G.A.R. de Picardie, Monsieur Claude Gewerc -président de la Région Picard...!
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semi automatic 4 head vacuum filling crimping machine for glass perfume bottles semi automated 4 head vacuum perfume pneumatic filling machine liquid level filler equipment 4 heads Semi-automatic Filling Machine for Perfume nail polish vacuum liquid filler equipment for glass bottles This perfume filling machine is developed on the basis of overseas advanced technology it is specialized used in clarification and filtration of fluid after freezing in cosmetic water m perfume water, it is ideal ...!
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In this video we showcase various murano glass drink-ware and crystal perfume bottles....!
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Perfume glass CNC screen printer cosmetic glass screen printer Website: Email: [email protected] The auto CNC screen printing machine can print round, oval and square glass bottle with full round by once time printing....!
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Easy work... #glassbottlevase #bottlepaintingidea...!
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Come one, come all to our last and final installment of our glassy tingles in our A-Z series! So, I had taken a lot of time to write a long, lovely description for this video and then POOF! Word froze and I lost it all :’( After a bit o’ scotch and a few choice words I have come back to continue uploading this glassy epic! ;-P There are no time stamps for this video, but if any of you feel you would like them and are feeling so inclined to put some in a comment down below, I’m certain eve...!
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glass perfume bottle screen printing machine Company Website: Please Contact: Sarah Ye (Manager) Email ( Inquiry ): [email protected] Email ( Application for Sole Agent ): [email protected] Whatsapp:+8613416456286 Skype: sarah21232...!
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painting coating inside red,pink,blue,black 100ml perfume glass bottle,custom made different color of parfume bottle,MOQ:10000PCS,rectangular perfume glass bottle with cap...!
Channel Title : Jason Liu Views : 133 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2018-05-08T08:26:33Z Perfume bottles play a key role in boosting perfume sales. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality glass perfume bottles in a variety of designs. They can also be custom designed with a customized logo on them. The design and make of these bottles give them a polished and sophisticated look. The size of the bottle can be customized as well. vintage perfume bottles perfume bottles wholesale antique perfume bott...!
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#Perfumebottle #Perfumecollection #AmazonPrime 30 ML Perfume Bottles - This video is a quick DIY to refill your favorite perfume or refill your perfume to another bottle . All you need is a plier and an empty spray bottle ! DON’T FORGET TO LIKE ~ SHARE ~ SUBSCRIBE :-) -♥ ♥ ♥ -Some Great Deals for you guys-♥ ♥ ♥ - EBATES: SIGN UP TO GET CASH BACK WHILE SHOPPING ONLINE IPSY:!
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