Granny Squares

Channel Title : Bella Coco Views : 8082607 DisLikes : 4633 Published Date :2014-04-28T08:18:41Z
THE GRANNY SQUARE is one of the most iconic crochet squares and quite often where beginner crocheters start their crochet journey, including myself. Please remember I am talking in UK terms throughout. Left handed version can be found here: Written instructions can be found here:- HOW TO JOIN YOUR SQUARES: I HAVE USED: Stylecraft Special DK: *Some links may be af...!
Channel Title : Jayda InStitches Views : 2338758 DisLikes : 1401 Published Date :2014-05-08T16:15:05Z
Were going back to basics today! Crochet Along with me to make this Basic Granny Square For Beginners :) I take it nice and slow so if youre totally new to crochet, this is a great place to start! * Solid Colour Granny Square - * Join Your Granny Squares Video - * Granny Hexagon Tutorial - * Granny Circle Tutorial - * Granny Star Tutorial - * Bor...!
Channel Title : Bella Coco Views : 3461530 DisLikes : 1976 Published Date :2015-02-07T22:11:59Z
A tutorial on a Solid granny square using UK terms with US references throughout. Heres the link for the Left Handed version: How to join your squares: Thanks for watching :) I HAVE USED: Stylecraft Special DK: (Turquoise and Sherbet) *Some links may be affiliate links which will allow me to make a small commission on any products purchased through my recommendation. Please note that this does n...!
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How to crochet a granny square. Step by step instructions for crocheting the basic traditional granny square. Includes how to change color in granny squares. See more crochet tips: * * * * Join a great monthly YARN SUBSCRIPTION CLUB: 20% off your first order with code TUULA20 * * * * Get the high-quality crochet hook Im using: (Affiliate links. If you purch...!
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Hey everyone! Thank you so much for 100 subscribers! I just want you to know that it means so much to me, knowing that all of you watch my videos and like them. So, thank you :) Sorry that this video is a little late, recently Ive been having a lot of trouble with my computer. Also, sorry that some of the clips in this video are pretty blurry, my camera would not focus while I was filming. Anyways, today Im showing you how to make a starburst granny square! This is one of my favorite things to c...!
Channel Title : Blossom Crochet Views : 53942 DisLikes : 46 Published Date :2019-07-13T20:00:00Z
Use this step by step crochet tutorial to make amazing, seamless and reversible solid granny squares! I hope you enjoy this new tutorial and make sure you check out all the information in the box! Left Handed: Granny Joining Tutorials: Find me on Instagram: Find my brand new facebook page here: Check out all of the links below fo...!
Channel Title : Mary Matthews Handmade Views : 4068 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2020-04-05T21:46:07Z
Learn to hook up an easy Granny Square with me, Mary Matthews. This is a beginner friendly tutorial so let’s get going ... once you start, you’ll be hooked !!! I am Mary Matthews and I live in a little cottage in West Sussex, England. I love all things ‘stitch’ related so you’re welcome to join me while I show you my projects. Please subscribe to my channel, follow me on Facebook and instagram (as Mary Matthews Handmade ) and take a look at my Etsy shop .......!
Channel Title : Fuad Azmat / YARNutopia by Nadia Views : 15772 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2016-04-30T05:00:01Z
Written Pattern: Hashtag #YARNutopia and #365DaysofGrannySquares in your photos!! View all Granny Squares: Teacher: Nadia Fuad Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat Wood Buttons: Stalk me: Website: Facebook: Shop: Snapchat: Y...!
Channel Title : Bella Coco Views : 51399 DisLikes : 20 Published Date :2020-06-07T07:00:22Z
CROCHET ZIGZAG SLIP STITCH JOIN | Learn how to join your granny squares together with the Zig Zag Slip Stitch. If you need the left handed version of this tutorial, you can find it here: CIRCLE IN A SQUARE TUTORIAL: SIGN UP FOR PATTERN INFO: FIND THE BLOG POST: #crochet #crochettutorial #easycrochet I HAVE USED: I HAVE USED PALE LILAC FOR THE STITCH FEATU...!
Channel Title : Blossom Crochet Views : 450476 DisLikes : 268 Published Date :2019-03-02T21:00:06Z
Welcome back to the Blossom Crochet channel! In this weeks tutorial I will be showing you how to crochet a perfectly seamless granny square, along with this I will also give tips for keeping them square and not distorting or twisting as they get bigger! I hope that this will be useful for you all. It is suitable for all skill levels from beginner and beyond... I used Paintbox Chunky and a 6mm hook but you can create granny squares with any yarn and hook size! If youd like to support my channe...!
Channel Title : Yarnspirations Views : 1516 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2020-07-24T21:00:05Z
Are you making your first granny square blanket? Learn the granny square basics with this tutorial. In this video you will learn how to seam together granny squares to complete your crochet project. For this tutorial you will need: - crochet hook - acrylic yarn Download the pattern used in this tutorial: Learn more crochet basics here: • • • Follow us for more inspiration: Instagram: http...!
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Para Fotos O Mensajes!
Channel Title : MotifSepetim Views : 21073 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2020-04-27T17:36:14Z
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Channel Title : Just Be Crafty Views : 83692 DisLikes : 47 Published Date :2019-04-09T12:00:16Z
Learn to crochet the Dainty Daisy Granny Square along with me in the step by step video tutorial. The Dainty Daisy Granny Square is a beautiful crochet motif that’s perfect for spring! For the complete list of materials and more details on this pattern, see my blog post below: Video Tutorial on Joining and adding a border: Blog Post on Joining and Adding a border: https://just...!
Channel Title : Jayda InStitches Views : 195605 DisLikes : 97 Published Date :2015-08-02T02:39:20Z
How big should your crochet granny squares be? How many do you need? There is an easy mathematical equation! Lets work it out together :) See more helpful crochet tutorials below: *Granny Square Tutorial - *How to Join Granny Squares - *Crochet Blanket Borders Tutorial - *Video Game Graphghan Tutorial - Etsy Shop: T-Shirt Shop!: htt...!
Channel Title : Ahuyama Crochet Views : 145639 DisLikes : 70 Published Date :2018-10-05T10:00:01Z
Cómo tejer una blusa a crochet a partir de granny squares. En este tutorial aprende paso a paso a tejer esta blusa o camiseta donde podrás combinar infinitos colores. Uno de mis proyectos favoritos en Ahuyama Crochet *** DESCARGA EL DIAGRAMA PARA TEJER TU BLUSA o CAMISETA A CROCHET: *** MATERIAL UTILIZADO (SOLO PARA ORIENTARTE): - Fair Cotton de Lanas Katia (hilo de algodón 100%) - Ganchillo de 4 mm Usé un ovillo de 50 gramos de cada color (no gast...!
Channel Title : Mary Maxim Views : 1121 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-01-25T22:50:49Z
Enjoy this quick and easy granny square tutorial. In this tutorial, we show you how to chain and make a ring, how to change color, how to double crochet, and how to join. In Part 2 of this tutorial series, we will show you how to single crochet around each square, how to block your square (if you need to block the square) and how to seam your blocks. Visit our other tutorials for more crafting inspiration! Chain Tutorial Slip Stitch Tutorial!
Channel Title : Carolines Welt Views : 213541 DisLikes : 89 Published Date :2019-01-04T19:01:13Z
Mosaik Granny Square häkeln lernen. Ein ganz besonderes Granny!! Häkelanleitung für Anfänger. Designer und Copyright-Inhaber dieser Technik ist Sandra Kuijer von, die mir erlaubt hat, diese Anleitung zu zeigen. Es ist ein Teil vom Elements Cal, einer riesigen Decke, die wunderschönen Anleitungen dazu gibt es auf ihrer Seite : Pattern: Sandra Kuijer - Man kann mit diesen wunderschönen Grannys Decken häk...!
Channel Title : Ahuyama Crochet Views : 195424 DisLikes : 106 Published Date :2019-10-30T22:52:40Z
Cómo tejer un chaleco cerrado a crochet o slipover con granny squares. Descubre más tutoriales de crochet paso a paso en: Nos vemos también en... Facebook: Instagram: @ahuyamacrochet Twitter: @ahuyamacrochet Pinterest:!
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Crochet handbag in Tamil...!
Channel Title : Ruby Stedman Views : 261392 DisLikes : 206 Published Date :2019-05-22T12:00:04Z Fácil De seguir instrucciones. Easy to Fallow instructions....!
Channel Title : Helmis Farbexplosionen Views : 7972 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-12-10T15:09:24Z
Hier zeige ich Dir Schritt für Schritt, wie man Granny Square ganz einfach mit Kettmaschen zusammenhäkelt....!
Channel Title : CraftyMaluz Views : 6644 DisLikes : Published Date :2020-02-03T14:36:25Z
Channel Title : The Crochet Crowd Views : 864406 DisLikes : 268 Published Date :2010-09-16T04:27:41Z
This tutorial will walk you through completing a granny square start to finish. It has a center circle and ends up being a square. Grab a hook and follow along. Welcome: Michael Sellick aka Mikey. Many patterns as seen on our YouTube Channel can be found on The Crochet Crowd Website. Join 10s of thousands of crocheters sharing projects, tips, pictures and more on our very active Facebook Fan Page. New ...!
Channel Title : ARNE & CARLOS Views : 82755 DisLikes : 63 Published Date :2016-04-03T16:00:00Z
Last week, we showed you how we crochet Granny Squares. This week, we’ll show you how we join them together, using a beautiful crochet stitch, to make an stunning blanket. // Buy the yarn here: - ARNE & CARLOS How to join Granny Squares - by ARNE & CARLOS __________________________________________________________________ Hi and welcome to our channel! Who are we: Scandinavians Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison are highly regarded designers, textile artists ...!
Channel Title : Esperanza y Ana Celia Rosas Views : 56319 DisLikes : Published Date :2013-05-08T15:52:29Z
Visita mi página: y encontrarás muchos tutoriales más!. Gorrito que hace conjunto con los mitones tejidos con las mismas pastillas cuadradas que pueden ver aquí:!
Channel Title : Blossom Crochet Views : 32196 DisLikes : 19 Published Date :2019-04-27T20:00:01Z
I know so many of you have been waiting for this tutorial! I hope you enjoy this Love Your Diamonds granny square blanket - you can use this pattern to work up huge squares or smaller ones too... baby blankets, throws and even a scarf! Find the LEFT HANDED tutorial here: SLIP STITCH JOIN TUTORIAL: This is also compatible with all of the other amazing granny squares in the Pick N Mix Granny Series!!
Channel Title : Fuad Azmat / YARNutopia by Nadia Views : 76805 DisLikes : 38 Published Date :2016-01-16T06:00:00Z
Hashtag #YARNutopia and #365DaysofGrannySquares in your photos!! View all Granny Squares: Teacher: Nadia Fuad Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat Wood Buttons: Stalk me: Website: Facebook: Shop: Snapchat: YARNutopia Instagram: Twitter: @YARN...!
Channel Title : Blossom Crochet Views : 78286 DisLikes : 40 Published Date :2019-04-20T20:00:00Z
In this new crochet tutorial I will show you how to join your granny squares with the Invisible Slip Stitch! Obviously its only invisible if youre using the same colour yarn as your squares BUT even if you dont, the look is still beautiful! You can use this technique on any type of square but also on the whole Pick N Mix Granny Square Series! Pick n Mix Granny Series: Find me on Instagram:!
Channel Title : Bella Coco Views : 1945437 DisLikes : 618 Published Date :2014-05-30T21:13:26Z
*WATCH THE UPDATED JOIN AS YOU GO METHOD HERE: Hi Everyone, After my last crochet video, a lot of you asked to see how to join your squares together. Here are two methods. The single crochet method and the join as you go method. I will be using UK terms FAQ To begin connecting with the join as you go method, You need to add a border to the first square, then each square will connect to the previous one. Thanks for watching :) I HAVE USED: Stylecraft Special DK: http...!
Channel Title : Marinderias Happy Creations Views : 2320 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-02-04T17:38:29Z
Σε αυτό το εκπαιδευτικό βίντεο μαθαίνουμε πως πλέκονται τα τετράγωνα της γιαγιάς ή αλλιώς granny squares!...!
Channel Title : Kyle Crochet Views : 778 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-03-26T21:23:53Z Hey guys I decided to add a little border down two edges of this pride theme blanket hope you all love it as much as I do xx...!
Channel Title : Lanas y ovillos Views : 606670 DisLikes : Published Date :2013-01-21T15:47:40Z
Suscríbete aquí a nuestro canal Tutorial con 3 formas de unir los granny squares. Encuentra este patrón y muchos más en!
Channel Title : Patchwork Fan Views : 123714 DisLikes : 64 Published Date :2016-03-05T10:06:17Z
En el vídeo de hoy os traigo otrro método que, depende del proyecto que tengáis entre manos, puede quedar bastante bien. Ya no se trata solo de unir las muestras sin más. Que sí, que el objetivo es ese. Que queden bien ensambladas unas con otras pero es que además, deja un efecto en la unión que a mí me gusta mucho y por lo tanto lo utilizo bastante a menudo en mis trabajos. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Si te gusta el contenido de es...!
Channel Title : ARNE & CARLOS Views : 67696 DisLikes : 32 Published Date :2016-03-27T15:00:02Z
Granny squares is the perfect thing to do when you have loads of leftover yarn from your projects. And they are easy too! In this weeks episode we show you how to crochet them. // Buy the yarn here: ARNE & CARLOS How to make Granny squares - by ARNE & CARLOS __________________________________________________________________ Hi and welcome to our channel! Who are we: Scandinavians Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison are highly regarded designers, textile artists...!
Channel Title : Ahuyama Crochet Views : 113397 DisLikes : 51 Published Date :2014-09-16T09:56:19Z
Aprende paso a paso tres formas básicas de unir tus cuadrados o granny squares a crochet o ganchillo. Punto bajo, punto deslizado o enano, y cosiendo, aquí verás cómo se hace. Descubre más tutoriales paso a paso en Recuerda que nos vemos también en... Facebook: Twitter: @ahuyamacrochet Instagram: @ahuyamacrochet Pinterest:!
Channel Title : Jayda InStitches Views : 403091 DisLikes : 230 Published Date :2014-07-28T11:52:27Z
Hi Everyone! This is a follow up video to our Beginners Granny Square Tutorial found here: In this episode, were going to explore 3 simple ways to join your Grannies! Just as soon as I clean up a small mess... * Granny Hexagon Tutorial - * Borders Tutorial - * Blanket Sizes FAQ - Free Patterns at - Etsy Shop:!
Channel Title : Carolines Welt Views : 25953 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2015-01-30T12:29:31Z
Eine von vielen Möglichkeiten, die Granny Squares zusammenzufügen....!
Channel Title : Biggis Tubee Views : 28529 DisLikes : 25 Published Date :2014-09-11T14:29:05Z
In diesem Video zeige ich wie man u.a. ein Granny Squares häkeln kann das ich für mein Groß Projekt -eine Tagesdecke- gehäkelt habe. Viel Spaß dabei eure Biggi✿ schriftliche Anleitung: 1. Runde: Magischer Fadenkreis, 3Luftmaschen, 11Stäbchen in den Kreis häkeln am faden den kreis schließen, mit einer Kettmasche die Runde beenden. 2. Runde: 5Luftmaschen häkeln, in die erste Schlaufe ein Stäbchen, 2Luftmaschen, in jeden Masche 1 Stäbchen -dann 2Luftmaschen, ende der Runde mit einer...!
Channel Title : B.Hooked Crochet & Knitting Views : 5723 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2020-05-16T16:00:29Z
Before you start another granny square project, read this article first to help you crochet neater granny squares (with no granny lean and no need to block!) MORE DETAILS : ORDER A CROCHET ALL DAY COMFY SHIRT → SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL → ⁎ ⁎ ⁎ SHOP AMAZON AND SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL! To help me keep making helpful tutorials all year long, place your next Amazon order through the B.Hooked affiliate link. It doesnt co...!
Channel Title : Carolines Welt Views : 91936 DisLikes : 33 Published Date :2016-06-07T20:13:04Z
Granny Square zusammenhäkeln, Grannys verbinden Diese Methode des Zusammenfügens von Grannys ist eine sehr einfache, da man während des Häkelns gleich verbindet, was zusammen gehört. Hässliche Nähte und Ränder werden so vermieden. Eine schöne Methode für Decken und Kissenbezüge. Viel Spaß dabei!...!
Channel Title : Handwork diy Views : 45839 DisLikes : 37 Published Date :2018-11-22T13:00:06Z
Cómo tejer chaleco a crochet con dos cuadrados, tutorial paso a paso. ❤Para no perderte ningún tutorial SUSCRÍBETE: ❤Mi otro canal de accesorios a crochet para el hogar: ❤Para acompañarme en mis redes sociales puedes hacerlo aquí: Google+ : Facebook: Pinterest: ...!
Channel Title : Bella Coco Views : 1025972 DisLikes : 766 Published Date :2018-01-21T08:30:00Z
How to crochet a granny square for absolute beginners. This tutorial will talk you through set by step of how to make a granny square offering hints and tips alog the way. Need the left handed version? Here is the written pattern:- Tutorials that may help Joining squares: Blocking squares: *Some links may be affiliate links which will allow me to make a small commissi...!
Channel Title : Blossom Crochet Views : 385154 DisLikes : 205 Published Date :2017-09-02T20:29:25Z
A quick video showing you a technique for joining your granny squares. Granny Square tutorial: Find me on Instagram: Music: Music:!
Channel Title : Fuad Azmat / YARNutopia by Nadia Views : 298178 DisLikes : 102 Published Date :2016-12-18T06:00:01Z
Written Pattern: Link to written pattern can be found at the bottom of this blog: Hashtag #YARNutopia and #365DaysofGrannySquares in your photos!! View all Granny Squares: Teacher: Nadia Fuad Video and Editing: Fuad Azmat Wood Buttons: Stalk me: Webs...!

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