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Greys Anatomy has some of the most memorable speeches in medical drama history. Heres a look back at some of those key character moments. TV Guides official YouTube channel brings you behind-the-scenes access to your favorite shows and interviews with your favorite celebs! For more news, videos and photos click HERE: Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE to the TV Guide channel: TV Guide on Facebook: TV Guide on Twitter:!
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Love is complicated — especially on Greys. TV Guides official YouTube channel brings you behind-the-scenes access to your favorite shows and interviews with your favorite celebs! For more news, videos and photos click HERE: Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE to the TV Guide channel: TV Guide on Facebook: TV Guide on Twitter: TV Guide on Google+:!
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Hey guys! This is my video where I put together a few of my favourite speeches throughout the show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, I hope you enjoy it. If you would like me to post a part 2 or maybe make this a series then please let me know by liking the video or commenting!...!
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Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) is asked by a doctor about the adoption of Meredith Greys (Ellen Pompeo) daughter. Meredith stops the questioning to tell the doctor who she is and confront him about killing her husband, Derek. Watch Greys Anatomy THURSDAY 8|7c on ABC. Subscribe:!
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If theres one thing Greys Anatomy has consistently done throughout the past 15 seasons, its cause all of us to openly weep with every​ single emotional, perfectly written line brought to us by queen Shonda Rhimes. These quotes are so good that fans have tattooed them permanently upon their skin and can be brought back to the exact gut-wrenching moment of an episode with one glance of the words. So when we had the chance to sit down with Dr. Maggie Pierce herself, Kelly McCreary, we had her pay...!
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So, this is kinda my second video from the *quotes edition*. This time its not about happy and funny moments, but...well, everything that makes Greys Anatomy heartbreaking. This show is seriously depressing sometimes. But also its stories and characters are so strong and I tried for this video to show it. I consider all moments or quotes I included to be really good and defining, but I definitely didnt use all I could, because GA has so many of those. I just didnt want it to be too long and want...!
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the saddest greys anatomy scenes in my opinion😭😭 you can have your own opinion, but these were the scenes that had me crying for days. if you don’t watch greys you probably won’t understand the scenes. Subscribe for more greys posts ❤️❤️ follow my tik tok @greys.editsz...!
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Greys anatomy some quotes from all womans in this serie...!
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omg thanks so much for all the likes and comments :3 i feel honoured!! The song is New Moon (The Meadow) from the New Moon soundtrack. I dont really get what people like about a´twilight, but it must be the music - because its certainly not the story or the acting.. Subscribe, comment & rate if you like :) #48 - Favoriten (heute)) - Unterhaltung #101 - Beste Bewertung (heute)) - Unterhaltung...!
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My mom is a filthy whore greys anatomy out of context s1-4 I was bored. *me so bored* #greysanatomy #greys This is randomly put together, as you can see. I picked the first idiotic scene/line I came across while sorting through the episodes. Its not all of them but uh, I doubled up in some cases. Greys playlist!
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*Sorry if the music at the beginning is kinda loud. It took 6 hours to just render it, I honestly dont have the patience to re-render it again* A compilation of funny quotes and scenes from season 1 and 2. There were tons of scenes... squishing all of them under 10 minutes is impossible. Ill make another video of season 3 & 4 soon. No copyright infringement intended Songs used: Young Folks- Peter, Björn & John Forevermore- Katie Herzig Kids Glove- Voxtrot...!
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Mark Sloan sure loved Mark Sloan a lot! TV Guides official YouTube channel brings you behind-the-scenes access to your favorite shows and interviews with your favorite celebs! For more news, videos and photos click HERE: Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE to the TV Guide channel: TV Guide on Facebook: TV Guide on Twitter: TV Guide on Google+:!
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Top 10 Grey’s Anatomy Moments That Made Us Happy Cry // Subscribe: Unless you don’t have a pulse, these are all Grey’s Anatomy moments that make us happy cry. We’re looking at wholesome and beautiful moments in the hit medical drama that had us reaching for the tissues. This show has made us shed many tears over the years, but let’s focus on the happy ones. MsMojo ranks the Grey’s Anatomy moments that made us happy cry. Which Grey...!
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Music: Kodaline - All I Want I dont own anything, not music nor the video. This is just the cut from the episode which l couldnt find on the internet and it really made an impression on me. So this is what is about: Meredith to Cristina: This is a place where horrible things happen. You were right to go. Youre probably escaping disaster. Look at me, I practically grew up here. And youre right, its hurt me in ways Ill probably never get over. I have a lot og memories of people, people Ive lost...!
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Credits at the end of the vid. Yay, I had to make VOL #2 of this shows funny moments (VOL #1 here: )...theyre just amazing :D. I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think ;)...!
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Grey’s Anatomy Quotes , lines , Grey’s Anatomy instagram captions...!
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Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) explains how Merediths (Ellen Pompeo) license should not be called into question because of her abilities as a doctor. Watch Greys Anatomy THURSDAY 8|7c on ABC. Subscribe:!
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12 Years of Greys Anatomy // The Carousel Never Stops Turning // Music: AudioMachine: Breath of Life Soundtrack The Island: My Name is Lincoln...!
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this is old and i just found it. ill never post it if i dont do it right now, dont ask me why. enjoy this legend. ______________________________________ No copyright infringement intended. I own nothing except the editing. All contents belong to their rightful owners....!
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In March 2019, Katherine Heigl made headlines when she was cast as the lead in a new CBS comedy, Our House. According to Variety, this is the first time the actress has been cast in a television comedy. But more than ten years ago, Heigl actually made many, many more headlines because of her comments about her role in a big screen comedy, comments that, at the time, seemed like theyd ruined her career overnight. She was riding high back in 2007. The former Greys Anatomy star not only won an Emm...!
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Season 2, Episode 5: Bring the Pain Episode summary: A storm rages in Seattle. Izzie is very disappointed by her date with Alex, and Meredith is upset with Derek. They both complain to George, which drives him crazy. At the hospital, Cristina has a patient that uses porn as a pain killer and Meredith takes care of an Asian girl who needs to see a Shaman before surgery. There is a power shortage and George and Alex are stuck in an elevator with a critical patient. They need to perform heart sur...!
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Hey my tingly tingly friends! Thank you for the amazing and loving comments in yesterdays video! This channel is always going to keep growing and I love reaching out to amazing people! Stay safe and if you haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy yet... GO WATCH IT NOW! Well, after you watch this video of course😂💕 Follow me on: ✨Insta: @alykatstinglesasmr ✨Twitter: @alykatstingles ✨Tik Tok: @AlyKats Tingles Asmr...!
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VOL #2 here: ;) Please, RATE and COMMENT, feedback is seriously like the best thing in the world! O:) All credits are listed at the end of the video. I hope there wont be any problem with the music used in this video /copyright issues/. Anyway, its made purely for fun, I do not profit from it. Yeah, here it is! Finally something lighthearted and positive :D Because as much as I love the drama of this show, they just need to pull out more moments like t...!
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This video consists of Greys Anatomy quotes. It uses only Greys music, and has no actual video, so dont get your hopes up. This is my first movie, so please cut me some slack. And if you use it in an external site, please give credit....!
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Breathe Dr Yang. Dont be crass. Youre skulking! Women of your generation are graceless, its an affront to nature. Mediocre surgeons will see you and feel themselves wilting in your shadow. Do not shrink to console them. Do not look for friends here, you wont find them. None of these people have the capacity to understand you. They never will! If your lucky, one day when your old and shrivelled like me, youll find a young doctor with little regard for anything but their craft, and youll train the...!
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After a close call with another woman, Derek calls post-it and tells Meredith that he loves her and cant live without her. subscribe:!
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Greys Anatomy my favorite quotes...!
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The most feminist Shondaland moments will have you feeling fearless and ready to take on the world! We’ll be looking at strong and memorable moments of the female characters from Shonda Rhimes’ hit shows. Our countdown includes Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and more! What’s your favorite Shondaland show? Let us know in the comments! Watch more great Shondaland related content here: Top 10 Most Feminist Greys Anatomy Moments - Top 10 ...!
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You can see more on: Follow us on twitter @iMovieBlanket...!
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I always said Id be happier alone. Id have my friends, my work. But someone in your life all the time is more trouble than its worth, but apparently I got over it. ♣ Meredith Grey. - Unacompanied Minor, 7x22 ♣song : A drop in the ocean (Meredith & Derek)...!
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the video I was inspired by: by heely queen I do not own the copyrights to the video clips and/or the music...!
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I OWN NOTHING ALL RIGHTS TO GREYS ANATOMY GREYS ACTORS CN AND THE REST hope you enjoyed please leave a comment and subscribe byee...!
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motivational clip from Greys Anatomy, season 6...!
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TOP GREYS ANATOMY TIK TOKS OF 2019👩🏼‍⚕️❤️👨🏻‍⚕️...!
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❝Grey’s Anatomy❞ Alex Karev inspirational quotes and he`s best lines through 16 seasons. Were saying goodbye to Dr. Alex Karev 😭 His time come to an end on Grey’s Anatomy, but we’ll always have 16 seasons worth of infamous Alex Karev quotes to look back on. Alex Karev, played by Justin Chambers, has been a series regular on Grey’s Anatomy since the show started. He was part of the original cast along with Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang, Katherine Heig...!
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thank you all for all the support recently! thank you for all the comments! my channel is growing so fast its so so crazy! sorry for the glitches!! im making more of these and hopefully i can post again next week! edited by ezriasanatomy on instagram may 2020 cc: pumpkin dont repost my edits i use vegas pro to edit my videos where else you can find me: INSTAGRAM: (very active!) TWITTER: (im not very active on twitter) ...!

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