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Buying the right indoor guinea pig cage can be so confusing! This video explains how much SPACE guinea pigs really need and why so many pet-shop bought cages get it wrong. Not all of them though: I take a look at the three best pre-made indoor cages on the market today - links are provided below! For C&C and other DIY cages, check out the follow up video here: The 3 Recommended Cages: Midwest Guinea Pig Cage (7.5 or 8 square feet): Ferplast ...!
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The Truth About Guinea Pig Cages. The Good, The Bad and the Really Good!! Link to Midwest cage Saskia discusses some popular guinea pig cages including the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat, C&C cages, Living World, guinea pig starter kits and others. THE SMALLER CAGES IN THE BACKGROUND ARE OUR HOSPITAL & QUARANTINE CAGES. Everything we use in the videos can be found right here Has Saskia has helped you in the past w...!
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Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed this video of my Guinea Pig Cage Tour! I hope this can give you some ideas for your own cage, and would love to do a cage tour for you guys. If this is your first time finding my channel then I hope you SUBSCRIBE for new videos EVERY DAY, if you have any video ideas for this channel COMMENT them down below! Follow us on INSTAGRAM! Here are some links to the items in the cage! WATER BOTTLE: https://www.ama...!
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In this video, I show you guys how I built my piggies a C&C cage! I did a general overview of the process. Its very simple to customize the cage to your needs. If you have any questions, please ask them down in the comments and I will get back to you ASAP! Thank you so much for watching! :-) My social sites (follow me!): Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: stefiecentauri Pinterest: ...!
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AVAILABLE IN HD! (Please excuse the music choice, I had to choose audio that Youtube provided!) ~Blog: (scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN for measurements!!) -------- ♥Other videos: ~Guinea pigs daily diet: ~Piggy Roadtrip: ~DIY C&C cage: ~Tye Dye Cage Tour: ~Cleaning the C&C cage:!
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Cage = 46 sqft of floor space Cage Cleaning Daily Routine . . . . We Are One by Vexento Music promoted by Audio Library!
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Thanks for watching this video! My inspiration for this cage : Instagram: Zella.Nova...!
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Reacting to YOUR guinea pig cages! There were so many different cages and most of them were really great, thank you for sending them to me! ↓↓↓Little Adventures Shop Links:↓↓↓ America, Canada & other countries: Europe: UK version: AD: GuineaDad creates premium Guinea Pig products for the guinea pig parents who only want the best for their childr...!
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Giant guinea pig cage unboxing and setup! With addons like the hay buffet, cavy café and more! The Guinea Pig Cage Store The Guinea Pig Market New Videos every week Store & Blog Patreon www.fb...!
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The guinea pig cage is getting a deep cleaning and a makeover! Paper bedding is out and fleece bedding is back! Thanks to Little Adventures (@Little Adventures) for enlightening us about the wonders of IKEA TOFTBO bath mats as guinea pig bedding. They are super soft, comfortable, cheap, and absorbent. They are easily the best guinea pig bedding we have used yet. Plus they fit Midwest cages perfectly. The guinea pigs love them and have been popcorning a lot more often! The humans are loving the ...!
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PetTuber reacts to their subscribers guinea pig cages! You sent me lots of pictures of your really great cages, thank you so much!! ↓↓↓Little Adventures Shop Links:↓↓↓ America, Canada & other countries: Europe: UK version: ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●­­...!
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Scotty wanted to make the definitive How to build a C&C cage for guinea pigs guide. Ive demonstrated how to make a C&C cage before:C&C Crids I like: I wanted this video to be very straightforward and to include all the tips and tricks that Ive learned over the years that make a C&C cage easy to clean. All the supplies I use:!
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This video is all about building a wooden DIY guinea pig cage, what supplies you need for it and how to build it. I saved most of the footage from when we built our new cage so that you can see the process. Hope you find it helpful! ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●­­●●● Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: https://twitter.c...!
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Open me⤵ Thank you for watching! Please comment Video Requests! Subscriber count: 5.002 This video is not sponsored! ☼Business E-mail: [email protected] ☼Instagram FAQ ➵What is your name?: Mara ➵How old are you?: 15 years old ➵What camera do you film with?: Canon T61 ➵ What editing software do you use?: Final Cut Pro (please contact me if you want to trade plugins) ➵Where did you buy your cage from?:!
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The 5 Best Guinea Pig Cage 2020! Here Is The Product Links, 1. Living World ► 2. MidWest Guinea Habitat ► 3. Ferplast Pig Cage ► 4. Kaytee ► 5. Pawhut ► ------------------------------------- ►Canada Links◄ 1. Living World ► 2. MidWest Guinea Habitat ► 3. Ferplast Pig Cage ► 4. Kayt...!
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In todays video BUILDING GUINEA PIG CAGE / DIY Cage #withme we are decide to try on another DIY project for our beloved pets. They have cages, but its not big enough for them, so we decide to upgrade there cages with one big cage and plus we are going to put them together for the first time. Watch part 2 video (well post it 2 days after this video) where kids are going to decorate the NEW cage and put Butch and Diva together, come and see there reaction to all the updates and to each other. W...!
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He everyone! Please enjoy this video of my new guinea pig cage set up. BE NICE IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE/ TIPS FOR ME! As promised, here is a list of items i used in this video: ~ CAGE: ~ LITTER BOX: ~ LARGE WATER BOTTLE:!
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Hey guys in today’s I’m going to be gibbing the piggies a MAJOR Guinea Pug Cage Change! I hope you guys enjoy I find some inspiration. Thank you all so so much for watching have a pawsome rest of your day! GUINEA PIG VIDEOS: HAMSTER VIDEOS: BUNNY VIDEOS: Products we use L...!
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Hey everybody, this is a quick video of me cleaning my guinea pigs cage and giving a little back story on when I first got him. Enjoy! +Please share this video, subscribe and turn on your post notification so you know whenever I post a new video. : : @shadaepalmer...!
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► Checkout These Links For Updated Price Of Best Guinea Pig Cage 2020! ❥ 1. Living World ►► ❥ 2. MidWest Guinea Habitat ►► ❥ 3. Ferplast Pig Cage ►► ------------------------------------- ►Canada Links◄ ❥ 1. Living World ►► ❥ 2. MidWest Guinea Habitat ►► ❥ 3. Ferplast Pig Cage ►► -------------------------------...!
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All the need-to-know information on DIY and C&C guinea pig cages, including the pros and cons of C&C cages and steps to creating your own guinea pig palace in 2020! Well also take a close up detailed look at my piggies own timber and plexiglass DIY cage! This video follows this 2020 video on CAGE SIZING and a review of the top 3 pet-shop bought cages on the market: Check out the blog for this video here:!
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This is a video about setting up my new cages for my 4 guinea pigs. These C&C cages are from the Guinea Pig Cages Store with awesome Pigture windows. My piggies love their new cage and they have so much more room to run around and play! Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed watching and love the new cages. Also subscribe to my channel for more awesome guinea pig videos! Have a good rest of your day! 💕 Cage website: —————————...!
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!REALLY WORKS! Our guinea pigs cages have been smelling really bad lately, so my grandma suggested we do something different. So far this technique has worked incredibly well for us. Even after nine days you couldnt smell a thing! Please do not use this technique with wood shavings or any other kind of bedding other than fleece. I have only had experience with the fleece, so please research other ways if you dont have fleece! :D Buy baking soda here: Buy fleece blanke...!
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Hope you guys enjoy the video! Thank you all so much for watching put in the comments what you thought of the cage and also how cute!!! Buttercup and Reese where when they did Binky’s! GUINEA PIG VIDEOS: HAMSTER VIDEOS: BUNNY VIDEOS: Products we use Links* *Our hay:https://...!
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*AVAILABLE IN FULL HD* *READ FOR LOTS OF INFORMATION & LINKS* FAQ: - Are you getting another guinea pig? NO I am not getting another guinea pig this was just to help and educate people. - Does your guinea pig have a friend? Minstrel is single but here is a video explaining all that: - Where did I get the strawberry house? Amazon & Ebay - What do I edit and film on? Nikon Coolplix L830 & Edit with Final cut pro 10.1 x - Where is the cage from? My g...!
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This is a tutorial video on how to clean a C&C cage when using fleece. It is kinda long, but I hope it is useful for some people! :) FACEBOOK:!
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What is the best guinea pig bedding? Fleece or pine shavings? Or maybe paper bedding? What type of bedding is not going to make my guinea pig cage smell bad. All these questions will be answered and more....!
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Reacting to my subscribers guinea pig cages part 2. There were so many awesome guinea pig cages and some not suitable store bought cages! ↓↓↓Little Adventures Shop Links:↓↓↓ America, Canada & other countries: Europe: UK version: AD: GuineaDad creates premium Guinea Pig products for the guinea pig parents who only want the best for their childre...!
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Guinea Pig Shopping The Perfect One. Macey is getting two guinea pigs for Christmas. We went by two pet stores we hadnt been to yet in the search for the perfect one. One of the stores had the one. Shopping for guinea pig supplies to get an idea of what all we need. First we have to get their home. Watch more of The Greers using the playlists below: ******** Family Vlog ******** ******** Slime Videos ******** https:...!
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Nobodys a perfect pet parent and theres always room to grow and learn new things :)...!
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Support The Guinea Pigs: Amazon Store Front: Facebook: Instagram: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trusted Guinea Pig Related Shops -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sherwood Pet Health (pellet/su...!
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Tropical Fiddle Sticks Flexible Hideout LA Guinea Pig Rescue Space House: What are the most common things to see inside a guinea pig cage, besides a guinea pig of course, would be a plastic igloo. The best word to describe them is ubiquitous. If you go into a pet store one of the first items and employee would suggest for you to buy for your guinea pig would be an igloo. Guinea pigs need some form of a hidey house. ...!
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Introducing our new, patent-pending Fleece Flippers™ for guinea pig cages! Fleece is a popular bedding for guinea pig cages, especially C&C Cages (Cubes and Coroplast). This new system will make your life with fleece much easier and more fun. Find them on and check out the new cage store on!
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get out shirts here! *DISCOUNT CODE: REELAandSMERCH Thanks you so much for watching!(: I hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you have any requests for future videos just comment it below! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow Ashley And Steph Social Media Links! Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...!
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In this video we show you some great cages and some terrible cages for guinea pigs! More info on C&C Cages C&C Cages!
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What up guys! ahhh im finally back! I am currently working daily on new videos to upload to this channel again! I will be trying my best to start posting at least once a week. Also The Small Animal Kingdom now has an INSTAGRAM! the username is: The_Small_Animal_Kingdom124 Anyways I hope you enjoyed the video and if you have any comments or questions be sure to leave them down in the comment section and i will answer you as soon as possible!...!
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Dear Subscriber And Visitor in this video Technology Daily will show you about Build Most Beautiful Guinea Pig House With 7 Towers Temple And Tiny Swimming Pool Thank you for watching! Please SUBSCRIBE to get more videos....!
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Like and Subscribe for more video ! Building a C&C 2x4 with a loft and ramp for guinea pigs To Buy a C&C cage and all accessories head to our store: World Wide Shipping on many items...!
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Homemade Guinea Pig Cages | August 2013 This video is a tour of all my guinea pig cages, made from wood and perspex - these cages make a better alternative to pet shop cages as they provide more space, look attractive and it is great fun to create your own guinea pig home! Update - My guinea pigs no longer live in these wooden runs. Here is an updated tour of their home: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------...!
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Hello fellow wheekers~! Hopefully in this video I was able to answer most of your questions regarding my cage. If you have anymore questions make sure to leave a comment below. Have a lovely day! ^^ Where I got my stuff: • C&C grids & connectors - Half of my grids are from and half of them are from amazon. My old cage was from GPCS so I took apart that cage to make this one. The grids and connectors from GPCS were thicker and better quality compared to the Amazon ones ...!
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This is a video about me reacting to your guinea pig cages you sent me! Thank you for all the people that sent me their cages! I really appreciate it and your support! I tried my best and I hope nobody takes anything personally!☺️If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more awesome guinea pig videos! Have a good rest of your day!💓 How I built my cage: ————————————————— Here are som...!
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How To Clean a Guinea Pigs Cage | Step by Step Tutorial This is an instructional video which demonstrates how to clean a guinea pigs cage. The steps will help new owners which dont have much experience with guinea pigs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✿ Social Media ✿ Instagram: erinspets Snapchat: petspalacetv Pinterest:!
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Tour Cercadinho Porquinho da Índia / Guinea Pig Cage Tour ∆ Primeiro Tour do Cercadinho, assista aqui:!

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