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I am finally taking down my two month old box braids. There was so much build up, but there is also a secret to removing it easily. So sit back, relax, and watch me take down my box braids! Also, dont forget that I am blogging my way through the month of October so stay updated by visiting my website! I will link todays blog post here: Thank you so much for your endless support! Be sure to subscribe to my channel an...!
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Exfoliating with a scrub 1-2 times a month stimulates hair follicles, removes product buildup, helps rebalance pH levels, and detoxifies the scalp—ultimately promoting healthier hair growth. The easiest way to apply is by dividing your hair into sections so you can really get to the root of your scalp and then very gently massage the product throughout your hairline. You should avoid exposing your scalp to direct sunlight after exfoliating. If you need to go outdoors, make sure you wear a ha...!
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Love bugs! We are removing build up from our braids and laying these edges for the summertime. ♡Lets Be Friends♡ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!! INSTAGRAM: @cieranikole_ SNAPCHAT: iamc0c0(0 are zeros) TWITTER: CieraNikole_ * I will soon have a P.O. Box for you guys to send me cool things* P R O D U C T B R E A K D O W N : Business Inquires ONLY: [email protected]!
Channel Title : HairClub Views : 23 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-07-31T13:00:16Z Contact us or follow us on social media: √ Phone: 1-888-716-2692 √ Facebook: √ Instagram: √ Twitter: TO COMBAT BUILDUP AND KEEP YOUR HAIR LOOKING HEALTHY TRY THESE HELPFUL HINTS 1. USE A CLARIFYING SHAMPOO REGULAR SHAMPOOS ARE FORMULATED TO REMOVE DIRT AND EXCESS OIL FROM YOUR HAIR, BUT CLARIFYING OR ANTI-RESIDUE SHAMPOOS ARE SPECIFICALLY...!
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Hey Loves, Have you ever tried the Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse on Natural Hair. Apple cider vinegar is none to remove build up from natural hair. Today I will be testing out the ACV Rinse on my natural hair to see how well it works for me with my hair build up. Watch to see my process and thoughts. #ACVRINSE #AppleCiderVinegarRinse #NaturalHair Information Provide by: NaturallClub Not Sponsored. MY EBATES LINK | HOW TO EARN CASH WHILE SHOPPING: HTTPS://GO.EBAT.ES/QJHKVQBKOQ SHOP ON MY AMAZON PA...!
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In this video I will be removing product buildup from my hair that resulted from a much recent Wet N Define/Wash N Go. Check out my Wash N Go Week playlist here: You can even see the flakiness that fell on my skin from my hair. I will be clarifying my natural hair and scalp. Products used: My concoction: 1 tbsp of Dr. Bronners 18-In-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure Castile Soap, 1 tbsp of Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Water ...!
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My daughter has had her hair in cornrows for nearly 5 weeks. In this video, I show taking down one month old cornrows and how I remove product buildup to avoid breakage Product Used Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein Treatment Click Subscribe and the bell icon to get notified when I upload: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NATURAL HAIR CARE TIPS: ----...!
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This thing is seriously AMAZING! Try it and let me know what u think! Again, its originally $40 but use my code avap and ull get 50% off, so $20! Woo hoo! Link for Vanity Planet Scalp Massager: CODE: Avap Follow Ava Pearl: Instagram: @AvaPearl SnapChat: @AvaPearlMusic Business Inquiries: [email protected]!
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..::OPEN for more info::.. NEW VIDEOS EVERY THURSDAY Watch in HD!!! - FASTEST Box Braiding Technique + EASY Head Wrap Style: - BOX BRAID BANTU KNOTS: - 4 Creative Braid Styles Ive Never Tried PRODUCTS MENTIONED: -Carols Daughter® Hair Milk Nourishing and Conditioning Refresher Spray: -Cantu Shea Butter Natural Leave-In Conditioning ...!
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If your hair looks dull, lacks shine and is excessively dry, it might be signs of product buildup. To get rid of this problem, you will need to clarify your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos acts as a deep cleanse to rid your hair of product buildup, grease, toxins and other impurities that might be weighing your hair down. This way, your hair will get a fresh clean start! Clarifying shampoos also acts as an exfoliate scrub for your skin. 💜 WHY DO I NEED CLARIFYING SH...!
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In this video, we look at sebum buildup, how it can cause hair loss and how you can prevent it. 📦Claim your FREE Derma Roller: 📝Hairguard FREE Quiz: 🛒Hairguard Products: Specifically, we look at: - What is sebum? - Can sebum build-up cause hair loss? - Sebum build-up and hair loss: understanding the process - What causes sebum build-up on the scalp? - How to reduce and preven...!
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hello friends welcome back. please check out my other videos music:Colorful Spots - Nicolai Heidlas :!
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Squeaky Clean Hair! DIY Hair Clarifying Rinse This simple homemade rinse has really made my hair/scalp feel amazingly clean. Please let me know if you try this or have tried this and your thoughts! Ive also had good results with a more diluted vinegar solution. I’ve tried 1 Tsb with 1 cup water and it was too diluted for my hair. But 1/2 cup vinegar with 2 cups water seems to work well for me. Instagram - thekristenkchannel Blog - Twitter - @kristenkchann...!
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The spunky latina from the block is back...and better than ever. In this tutorial, Jezebel will show you how to make a simple clarifying shampoo to remove dirt, oil, and product build-up from the hair, using only one application.***Do not use if allergic to the ingredients in this tutorial*** IM GOING TO PLAY LIST LIVE MARCH 23&24! DARE ME TO VLOG HERE: Sub my channel: Follow me on Twitter:!/...!
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Can a sulphate-free shampoo remove silicones and product build-up? Or do silicones only buildup on curly hair when we dont use sulfate / clarifying shampoos? Whats good everybody, and welcome back to Melthbusters. I’m your host and Mane Girl, Mell, and this video is part of playlists on my channel where I put theories, beliefs and/or the MYTHS of the beauty world to the test. Todays test has to do with SILICONES & SULFATES, both ingredients that are frowned upon by the curly hair method and pr...!
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My first step in my New Haircare Journey of 2020 is to clarify my hair, lets see how it goes :o also I know I -just- said I was being good about uploading consistently and here I am posting this a week late even though I filmed it over two weeks ago oops x.x Socials: Instagram+Twitter @lexieexile Music: Curtains by Artificial.Music Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0 Free Download / Stream: Mu...!
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Hey guys today Im going to show you how to remove buildup out of your hair. this video may seem a little complicated so Im going to put steps down below hopefully it will make it easier step 1: leave vinegar mix in your hair 30 to 40 minutes. Step 2: put second diluted vinegar rinse in your hair to rinse out the palatinate vinegar rinse. Step 3: shampoo your hair as many times as needed until buildup is removed out of hair. Step 4: follow up with your favorite oil and do a hot oil treatm...!
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Even under protective styles our hair and scalp are still prone to build up and dryness, Heres my routine to care for my hair in braids! This video is not in any way endorsed or sponsored and is a genuine review of the products mentioned. Where I got my Products: Apple Cider Vinegar : Healthy U Coconut Oil Peppermint Oil Cantu ACV Root Rinse and dry co-wash: Super cosmetics Westlands Branch https://ww...!
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- We ship worldwide | -- Original by BluMaan. - The Best Way to Wash and Condition your hair. - Best Short Film Youve EVER SEEN: My Favorite Dry Shampoo: - (USA) - (International)!
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Hey guys! In this video I share how I safely remove and take down my box braids and cornrows to prevent hair breakage and tangles. Detangling and removing the excess shedded hair before washing and deep conditioning your hair prevents a nightmare in the shower! Taking care of your natural hair before, during and after wearing protective styles is very important to achieve healthy hair and growth! Related videos: How to Remove Buildup: How to M...!
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You can use any herbs like rosemary, nettle, mint, or sage to infuse with vinegar. Store the infused vinegar for 2-3 months in a cool, dry place. Follow us on Instagram - Website - Pinterest - PRODUCTS USED - ROSEMARY - APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - #healthyhair #addshine #vinegarrinse...!
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What’s Poppin Everybody?!?! I’m here today with a new comp video from one of my favorite Youtuber’s! For those of you that don’t know, I’m a popaholic just like all of you that have clicked on this video! But I’ve come to notice that with most 15-20 minute videos, only about 2-5 minutes actually show any juicy content. So I’ve dedicated this channel to creating compilations of all of the best pops from my favorite videos across the internet!!! Today’s video features a compila...!
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A big part of my current natural hair regimen is all about preserving my stretch and keeping my scalp clean and my hair moisturized for an extended period of time. It’s a balancing act that’s all about technique. HERE ARE THE DETAILS Please don’t feel pressure to copy this regimen verbdom. At the very least I hope there are a few things you learn that you can use to upgrade your current regimen, if needed. #ScoopandSpread #NaturalHair #StretchingNaturalHair IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO ...!
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watch this if you want to see me put dish soap on my head....!
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Subscribe to Caters Clips: Subscribe to StoryTrender: ID: 1603278 *MANDATORY ON SCREEN CREDIT - Jada Kennedy /* Ingrown hairs and blackheads are satisfyingly removed by a ‘pimple popping’ expert, with a variety of tools and methods used to extract the gross build up. Extraction expert Jada Kennedy has clients come to her clinic in Saint Louis, Missouri, in search of clear, smooth skin and she delive...!
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This is the absolute best drain cleaner on the market. Comes with a full money back guarantee. This stuff is amazing and never fails! Buy it on Amazon here:!
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Subscribe Now: Watch More: Cleaning buildup from your hair with tea is a really fun activity that you can use right at home. Clean buildup from your hair with tea with help from a nutritional professional in this free video clip. Expert: Lindsey Smith Filmmaker: Alex Rodia Series Description: Taking care of yourself and living a healthy lifestyle involves making sure that youre eating the rig...!
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WATCH IN HD :) ♡ Are you subscribed? ;) *Not Sponsored* Timestamps: Hey Guys! In todays video I will be taking down my crusty box braids! Being that a lot of gel is used when doing box braids, I do have some build up so I will be showing you guys how to safely remove that as well ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Products Mentioned: Aussie Moist 3 minute Miracle Conditioner Let me know your thoughts in the comments :) ♡...!
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HAIR EXPERIMENT TIME! In my quest to remove my semi permanent hair color without bleach, I tested two common tips you find online- dish soap and dandruff shampoo (Head and shoulders). I show my before, after, and everything in between. Have you ever tried to get color out of your hair? Did you cry in the bathtub too? I hope its all better now :) Love you! WATCH THIS NEXT: Feburary Favorites + UNfavorites | Makeup, Hair, Nails EAT IT OR WEAR IT CHALLENGE with Grav3ya...!
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..::OPEN for more info::.. NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK!! Taking Down My Braids: OMBRE BRAIDS: LaVidaRosa Playlists to Binge Watch: My Natural Hair Vids: Beauty on a Budget Vids: My Wig Reviews:!
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Hellurrrr remember the twists I did back when I was in Ghana? Well I kept them in for a loooong time and I finally removed them! If you’re interested in knowing how I safely removed and detangled my hair, this video is for you. Enjoy! PART 2 is out! TREATMENT & STYLING AFTER 4 MONTHS OF PROTECTIVE STYLING // SLEEK BUN ON GHANAIAN 4C NATURAL HAIR Check out my previous videos! 4C HAIR WITH SPLIT ENDS!!! || NATURAL HAIR CUT || GHANAIAN YOUTUBER!
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Hey guys! Today I wanted to show you how I clean my hair brushes and combs at home. Comment down below how you clean your hair tools at home. Enjoy! Don’t forget to: SUBSCRIBE~LIKE~SHARE ************************************************* OTHER GREAT VIDEOS: Vlog Get to know me! Moisturize and seal 6 Hairstyles in 6 minutes Detailed BRAIDOUT WA...!
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Distilled Water, Baking Soda and Applecider Vinegar. It really strips the oil build-up from your hair. I will leaves your hair dry, but you have to place the Oils back in at a fresh start. Disclaimer: Every item I paid with my own money...!
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Shampooing sitting up and applying shampoo on dry hair directly on the scalp...!
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hi friends today i am going to show you how you can deep clean your hair ,detoxify your hair with natural remedies,,,it is very easy and simple treatment to make your hair toxin free and healthy,,,so lets get started,,, how to deep clean hair how to clean hair how to detoxify hair...!
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Hey Lovelies, in this video I will be showing you how to safely remove dirt build-up fast from braids and twists. Enjoy! ♥️ #Naturalhair #Takingdownoldbraids #Haircare LETS GET THIS CHANNEL TO 20k SUBSCRIBERS!!! VLOGS ABS in 2 weeks? I tried CHLOE TINGs belly Challenge -Shocking RESULT! FASHION IN MY 30S - FASHION NOVA - 3 MUST TRY SMO...!
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OMG OMG OMG!!! How have I only just found out about this... UPDATED VIDEO: DIY Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Removal So happy to have finally found a method that removes permanent hair dye (any colour) from your hair. Permanent hair dye was the last thing I thought could be removed from your hair without spending hundreds at a salon. To be able to remove the permanent dye that was 3 weeks old, at home and for less than $20!! thats awesome. ---------------...!
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+Toenail removal is necessary when toenails build up becomes impacted. +Symptoms Of Ingrown Toenails Include: -Pain around your toenail -The build-up of fluid and thickening in the skin around your toenails -Redness & swelling around your toenail -Infection with draining pus around the toenail. Please, Subscribe to get more videos upload. If you like or dislike please, comment in my video. Thank you for watching!...!
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In this video I touch on being self employed, how to remove lint from hair, being black and British in this Brexit economy, the time I wanted to be a mummy blogger. SECOND CHANNEL MUSIC DISCOVERING NATURALS VIDEO!
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Has my channel helped you in any way? Leave me a testimonial please: 😍 N E W Videos Every MON, WED & FRI @12pm EST!! 😍 Click Show More for more info & related vids boo! #CleanHairBrushes #NaturalHair #HairStylingTools ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈ Send me stuff! I may review or mention it. I like letters too 😉 ATTN: Kimb...!
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**❤️Subscribe❤️️** Finally showing you guys how i removed color out of my hair without using bleach. I used baking soda and 10vol with a few other ingredients to completely remove left over color and turn my hair back to white blonde. GIVE THE VIDEO A THUMBS UP IF YOU ENJOYED, AND DONT FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY SOCIAL MEDIA! S O C I A L M E D I A: INSTAGRAM: @aka_aislinn H A I R P L A Y L I S T:!
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How to use the OWAY cleansers & conditioners: Products Mentioned (OWAY): Volumizing Hair Bath, Frequent Use Conditioner, Smoothing Conditioner Go to my website for a full product guide and styling courses: You can shop OWAY on and use code HHT2650 at checkout for $5 off....!

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