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A look at the work of horrors most influential designer. Support this channel at Follow me at Music: Home - Overflow Buy his latest album here!!
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SCORN Trailer #3 NEW (2020) H.R Giger Inspired Horror HD New Trailers 2020! Subscribe To Gameclips To Catch Up All The Trailer Clips....!
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HR Giger is best known for his alien creature which were brought to life in the Alien films franchise, though for almost 50 years Giger has been producing artwork and has established himself as one of the world’s most popular bio-mechanical contemporary artists. A 14 minute interview / documentary about the Swiss artist. ... Explore Light 7 Time Gallery Subscribe to get 10% OFF at Light 7 Time on YouTube https://www...!
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Found a VHS of this at a Japanese video store in Downtown LA that was going out of business. We bought the tape and went back to the video studio we worked at and transferred it to 3/4 for posterity, as we knew we could never afford the laserdisc ^_^ See playlist of all my H.R. Giger documentaries and shorts here:!
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A recent interview with Ridley Scott has led many to believe he may be considering a more prominent showcase of the Xenomorph creature than originally planned. Though no definitive statements are made in regards to the next movie, Scott shares his appreciation for H.R. Giger, whom he describes as a real, real original. Be sure to subscribe for the latest videos! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:!
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RISD Adjunct Professor Clara Lieu and Art Prof Teaching Artist Alex Rowe critique H.R. Gigers artwork. In Crit Clash, we assign a point of view to each artist for the purposes of this debate. In this case, Prof Lieu is arguing against Giger and Alex is arguing for Giger. This isnt nececssarily what Prof Lieu and Alex think in real life by the way, so you might see them making statements they wouldnt normally make! PURCHASE A PORTFOLIO CRITIQUE OR SKYPE SESSION!
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SCORN Trailer (2020) H.R. Giger Horror Video Game Scorn is an atmospheric first-person horror adventure currently in development by Ebb Software. #Scorn #XboxSeriesX SUBSCRIBE for more all the LATEST JoBlo Horror here: For more daily horror news updates, check out the ARROW IN THE HEAD: Check out all of the JOBLO YOUTUBE channels: MOVIE TRAILERS: MOVIE CLIPS: TRAILERS:!
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Hans Rudolf Ruedi Giger; (5 February 1940 – 12 May 2014) was a Swiss surrealist painter, whose style was adapted for many forms of media, including record-albums, furniture and tattoo-art. Gigers first success was when H. H. Kunz, co-owner of Switzerlands first poster publishing company, printed and distributed Gigers first posters, beginning in 1969. Gigers style and thematic execution were influential. He was part of the special effects team that won an Academy Award for Best Achievement i...!
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Finally, the brilliantly absurd Superego podcast is realized in animated form beginning with H.R. Giger at Home! Created by clinical psychiatrists Dr. Jeremy Carter, Ph.D, Dr. Matt Gourley, Py.T., and Specialist Mark McConville, The Superego Podcast mission is to observe and record the phenomenon of megalomaniacal personality disorder, or MPD. Wanna listen to more Superego? Then check it out! Follow Superego on Twitter: Animation by Ma...!
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If you like this video, feel free to comment and subscribe !!! Hans Ruedi H.R. Giger (5 February 1940 – 12 May 2014) was a Swiss painter, whose style was adapted for many forms of media, including record albums, furniture and tattoos. The Zurich-based artist was best known for airbrush images of humans and machines linked together in a cold biomechanical relationship. Later he abandoned airbrush work for pastels, markers, and ink. He was part of the special effects team that won an Academy A...!
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An UPHIGH Production...In memory of Surrealist painter, sculptor and set designer H R Giger, winner of an Academy Award for best achievement for Visual Effects for his design work on the film ALIEN (1979). Giger was born in 1940 in Chur, capital city of Graubünden, the largest and easternmost Swiss canton. His father, a chemist, viewed art as a breadless profession and strongly encouraged him to enter pharmaceutics, Giger recalls. Yet he moved in 1962 to Zürich, where he studied Architecture a...!
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Another great Downtown L.A. / Little Tokyo video store find! Here we have H.R. Giger designing all his production elements for the 1979 Alien film On Set! Playlist of all my H.R. Giger documentaries and shorts:!
Channel Title : justsaygotv Views : 142890 DisLikes : 25 Published Date :2010-04-29T01:35:06Z HR Giger is probably best known for his creature which was brought to life in the franchise of Alien films. But for almost 50 years Giger has been producing artwork and has established himself as one of the words best Fantastic Realism artists. Born in 1940 in Chur Switzerland he know resides in Zurich Switzerland. But JustSayGos television host and travel journalist Ron Stern caught up with Giger at his bar in Gruyeres Switzerland. The artist is not known for giving man...!
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WARNING... this video has very adult subjects and imagery in it so i strongly advise against children or those with weak stomachs viewing this one. In this video i shine light into the darkness that is H.R. Giger and his satanic art works & far reaching influences on movies, music & video games as well. I also tie his hellish imagery to a mysterious black goo that appears in movies. At the end i tie it all together and bring it back to the bible and the power of christ over all darkness ...!
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HR Giger museum also known as the Alien museum has been on my bucket list for many years due to it being one of the most bizarre museums in Europe and as an avide fan of the Alien movie franchise especially Alien, Aliens & Alien 3. A creation by HR Giger where he displays all his incredible surreal art works. The Alien franchise is one of my favorite movie series out there, the surreal science-fiction horror genre became one of my favorites after watching these movies. I am extremely looking fo...!
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A short semi-interview with the man himself, done in 1987....!
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HR Giger is best known for his alien creature which were brought to life in the Alien films franchise, though for almost 50 years Giger has been producing artwork and has established himself as one of the world’s best bio-mechanical contemporary artists. Accompanying Oscar winner Giger for 1 year while working on Sil for the film Species In 1994 Giger created the magnificent female creature, Sil, for this film. His design featured both erotic elegance and powerful lethality. The design w...!
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In this video, I’m looking at the Alien in Alien – the xenomorph in the enduring Alien series, design by Hans Rudolf Giger. Giger was a surrealist painter who began to come to prominence at the end of the 1960s. He studied architecture and industrial design in Zurich. A remarkable artist, Gigers seminal work was perhaps his his Necronomicon where he creates incredible, nightmarish landscapes, characters, and details, of what he called his biomechanical world. Perhaps most widely known fo...!
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HR Giger had made a mural that showed his thoughts of the Aliens life cycle. It would get removed from the final film, and directors cut, but it is an important piece of art. It would also have two versions, with the latter including the space jockeys race. Music: TeknoAXEs Royalty Free Music Synthwave E - Royalty Free Music Epic Blast Radius Background Music Royalty Free 11 Minutes (Atmosphere)!
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Hommage to Jodorowskys Dune ; as huge fans, were remaking in real-time 3D some key materials of the Greatest Movie never made, to project into it through Virtual Reality. Our dream to [re]make this movie in VR continues here with HR Gigers emblematic Baron Harkonnen Castle Follow Monochrome Paris :!
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Производство: Швейцария, 2014 Жанр: документальный, биография Режиссёр: Белинда Сэллин / Belinda Sallin Описание: Как правило, создатели самых ужасающих произведений искусства в жизни оказываются людьми дружелюбными, доброжелательными и притягательными, и швейцарский художник-с...!
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The Xenomorph from Alien is synonymous with the work of artist Hans Ruedi Giger. However, that didnt stop the production team of Alien 3 doing everything in their power to erase him from ever being involved with their movie. Subscribe for more: ----------------------------------------- The Most Fearless Lion Tamer In History Was a Horrible Human Being A Fictional Band Sold 3 Million Singl...!
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HR Gigers Name ist längst ein Synonym für Fantastische Kunst. 1940 wurde er im bündnerischen Chur geboren, studierte Innenarchitektur und Industriedesign. Als Künstler ist er mit seinen surrealistischen Traumlandschaften und dem unverwechselbaren biomechanischen Stil seiner Airbrush-Motive bekannt geworden. Seit dem oscargekrönten Filmdesign für Ridley Scotts Film Alien (1979) gilt er auf dem Feld des Sciencefiction- und Horrorkinos als Leitfigur. Beat Kuert und Michael Lang haben den Kün...!
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Swiss artist H.R. Giger was responsible for some of the most internationally recognizable “dark” art of our times. He had the uncanny ability to literally put faces upon his own fears, somehow channeling many of our own in the process, and rendering the images through paint, sculpture and other mediums. He is most famous for his creation of the mother of all monsters, the extra-terrestrial species in the movie Alien, but his art transcends into the realm of eroticism and that which we could ...!
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Bienvenidos al terror, a la oscuridad y las pesadillas mas profundas. En Retrogamers queremos rendir homenaje al inigualable artista H.R. Giger dando un repaso por muchos de sus trabajos mas significativos e influyentes de nuestra época. En esta entrega dedicaremos el tiempo a hablar sobre la vida de Giger y su legado en el mundo de los videojuegos. Hablaremos de Darkseed, la única producción donde participó creando obras originales y te descubriremos donde se encuentra su mayor exposición...!
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Heydiiihooooo Salut tout le monde ! Voici la première vidéo de lannée, et elle porte sur un artiste que jaffectionne tout particulèrement, le grand Hans Rudi Giger. Tous les verbatims et éléments biographiques sont extraits de lexcellent livre Taschen sur Giger appelé ARh+ et qui a été une mine dor dinformations ! (préfacé par Thimothy Leary) Jespère que cette vidéo va vous plaire jy ai passé un certain temps mais jai tout fait pour traduire ma fascination pour son travail ♥ ...!
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“SOLO CON LA NOCHE”, LA GRAN EXPOSICIÓN DE H.R. GIGER, AHORA EN UN RECORRIDO VIRTUAL Ya tenemos disponible a la venta y con envío a tu casa la playera y catálogo con todas las obras de H.R. Giger y textos de Patrick Gyger, Alex Grey, Jonathan Davis (Korn), Carlos Arenas y Stanislav Grof. Edición bilingüe Español-Inglés con 171 páginas. Compra tu catálogo y playera aquí: ------ Los visitantes y fanáticos del trabajo de H.R. Giger vieron obras originale...!
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Full 73 min version of this video can be downloaded at (scroll down to the ART section on the page to view the listing). Support me on Patreon if you want to see more frequent uploads Follow me on Facebook And Twitter!
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La oscuridad de la noche se apodera de la Ciudad de México. El genio de H.R Giger llega a Reforma 109 con solo con la noche para sumergirnos en las tinieblas y mostrarnos sus fantásticas creaciones. HR Giger transformó la industria del cine dando forma al miedo a lo desconocido con Alien, pero aunque Alien sea la más famosa aportación de Giger en Solo con la noche descubrimos todas las etapas y facetas de este artista en las que desarrolló pinturas al óleo, esculturas, sus famosos paisaj...!
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A Giger Bar is a bar themed and modelled by the Swiss artist H. R. Giger. There are two Giger Bars: the first, the H.R. Giger Bar in Chur, Switzerland, which opened in 1992, and the second is The Museum HR Giger Bar, located in Château St. Germain, Gruyères, Switzerland, which opened on April 12, 2003. There was a third Giger Bar, located at The Limelight in New York City, but when the Limelight was closed, the Giger Bar was shut down. A fourth Giger bar was located in Shirokanedai, Tokyo in ...!
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Este informe lo hice varios años atrás para mi viejo y desaparecido canal y decidí resubirlo por pedido de los subscriptores. Esta narrado con loquendo, con lo cual no estoy demasiado conforme, pero la información que tiene es muy valiosa, espero le sea de utilidad a alguien. Descripción: H R Giger fue un artista plástico suizo famoso por crear la criatura de la franquicia Alien y otras colaboraciones en películas de ciencia ficción/horror. Su obra se encuentra plagada de simbolismo sat...!
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Heres a VHS capture of a tape that Ive had around for ages about the visionary painter and sculptor H.R. Giger. Features music by Joel Vandroogenbroeck of the band Brainticket....!
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HR GIGER FELL IN LOVE WITH AN ALIEN Documentary about the legendary Swiss Artist Hans Ruedi Giger. With Words from the Maestro himself. Austria 2014/2015!
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SCORN Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer #2 (2017) H.R Giger Horror HD[NEW Official Trailer] Subscribe To Furious Trailer To Catch Up All The Hot New Movie Trailer, Movie Clips, TV Spots & Trailer Compilation Just For You. Subscribe Now and Turn The Notification On To Never Miss Any Official 2017 Movie Trailer From Us....!
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H R Giger ist tot! Du möchtest mehr über Hans-Ruedi Giger erfahren? ► Klapp mich auf... Hans-Rudolf Giger Geboren am 5. Februar 1940 in Chur, verstorben † am 12. Mai 2014 in Zürich. Abschiedsworte an den genialsten Künstler unserer Zeit [German / Stereo / HD+] Der Bündner Künstler, der sich weltweit einen Namen als Schöpfer des extraterrestrischen Wesens «Alien» gemacht hatte, starb am Montag im Alter von 74 Jahren in Zürich, wie mir das Museum HR G...!
Channel Title : Balma Vlogs Views : 80 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-10-01T15:03:34Z
(Video resubido) de un viaje a Gruyeres donde pudimos apreciar el magnifico pueblo que se alza alrededor de un castillo medieval. Ademas visitamos el museo y el bar de Giger, artista conocido por haber construido las esculturas de Alien por ejemplo... Si aún no te suscribes dale al botón rojo y a la campanita, y si te gusta comparte!! . Seguime en mis redes sociales: *FACEBOOK: *INSTAGRAM: Otros Videos: -INSECTO...!
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La exposición Solo con la Noche llega a México...!
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Spielzeug-Roboter im Wandel der Zeit: Aus den putzigen Kerlchen der 1950er Jahre sind gesichtslose Maschinen geworden. Sogar «Alien»-Designer H.R.Giger (5:31) | SRF Archiv findet seine Figuren für Kinder zu Furcht einflössend und zieht Parallelen zu unserer Gesellschaft. [«Schauplatz» vom 13. Dezember1985]...!
Channel Title : sunsetz777 Views : 39946 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2013-03-18T18:12:30Z Debbie Harry,Chris Stein and the late H.R.Giger are interviewed for Newsnight....!
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Er setzte Standards des Unheimlichen: Die Kombination aus Schönheit und Gefährlichkeit des von ihm geschaffenen Alien-Monsters lehrte Millionen Kinozuschauer das Gruseln. 2014 ist der Schweizer Künstler nach einem Sturz an den Folgen seiner Verletzungen gestorben. Star TV blickt in der exklusiven Reportage zurück und Zeigt Interviews und Einblicke des Wahren HR Gigers. #StarTV #TV #Television #Fernsehen #TVProgramm #TVTipp #FilmTipp #Film #Movie #Filmabend #Spielfilm #HR #Giger #CH #Schwe...!
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Harold Russell and Farrah Fawcett present the Oscar® for Visual Effects for Alien to H.R. Giger, Carlo Rambaldi, Brian Johnson, Nick Allder and Denys Ayling at the 52nd Academy Awards in 1980. Hosted by Johnny Carson....!

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