Hualien City

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More video from my trip to Taiwan! We scootered around the city, stopped at a night market, and found some sweet treats. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to see more adventure videos with Nowski and friends :) Background music listed as free for reuse at Artists: Podington Bear and RocketMaxx...!
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I had been wanting to visit Hualien Taiwan for such a long time! It felt amazing to finally make it there and explore some of the things Hualien has to offer. I spent my first day in the Taroko Gorge in Hualien, which was amazing! You can watch my video of it here In this video I spent more time exploring some more interesting and random things around Hualien city and the county. If you love the outdoors and scenery, Haulien is a must visit for...!
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Ever heard of Hualien? its on the East coast of Taiwan. Its mostly famous for Taroko National park and its pristine beaches....!
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I had a day to spend in Hualien City. I didnt have much of a plan but I needed to spend my time doing something. I spotted the Martyrs Shrine that I didnt know about before. I also stopped at the night market for dinner. Much love and happy travels xo Meggie Kay - - - - - Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: - - - - - Music from the YouTube Audio Library - - - - - Hey! Im Meggie Kay! Im a travel and lifestyle vlogg...!
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One man, one camera, 197 country around the world Click here to subscribe The majority of journalists around the world have chosen to develop their subject on controversial and sensational themes: violence, war, crime. But all these facts represent only 1% of our world and its inhabitants, forgetting the remaining 99% of which we never speak. I chose to visit every country on the planet and film them to present them in High Definition format but in a raw way, without mu...!
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Presenting to you, Beautiful Hualien! From a secret view point of Chingshui Cliff and the famous Taroko Gorge, all the way to the vast rice fields and majestic rocks of Shitiping… it was definitely a day we will never forget. Ended our day by rising 3275m above the ground at Hehuan Mountain :) If you have yet to watch PART ONE, watch it here: Special mention to Far Eastone for providing us with speedy internet throughout our trip. For more information, head over to: ...!
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Setiap Weekend aku selalu jalan jalan di Hualien city sebelum masuk gereja. Karena aku masuk gereja yang malam jam 7 pm. #hualiencity #ceritafriska #taiwan Instagram :!
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We spent 8 days total in Hualien and couldnt be happier with our decision. It is definitely a change of pace from all of the other cities in Taiwan that weve visited, but in a very good way! The vibes of the place, the sights that are only a short bus ride away and the friendliness of the locals all add up to a must visit in here in Taiwan....!
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The City of Hualien on the East Coast of Taiwan has a really great night market called Dongdamen night market with lots of food! The night food market is located near the ocean and I really liked the set up of it, it wasnt too busy but there was lots of food including vegetarian and vegan food and aboriginal food. I tried the coffin bread, fruit corn, tofu fries and BBQ rice stick. I liked them all except the tofu as it turns out it was stinky tofu which I didnt realise! Hualien is the base c...!
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I take an early morning stroll near my hotel at Hualien City in the industrial area at sunrise, get chased by puppies, and lose my microphone cover in a drain. Google Maps Route: Filmed December 27, 2019 Support me on Patreon : My website: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: The links below contain Amazo...!
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#PETA [Petualangan Kita] Balik lagi di edisi PETA! Kali ini Tasya sama Jessica masih jalan-jalan diluar Taipei yaitu di Hualien! Dan kita mau kasihtau tempat-tempat apa aja yang wajib dikunjungi kalau kalian ke Hualien. Penasaran? Yuk langsung cek videonya! ► Subscribe Kita! Temukan kami di : Facebook → Instagram → Email → [email protected] LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE! Project Manager: R...!
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What’s Up mga par share ko lang ang company tour namin dito sa Taiwan...So destination namin ngayon year ay sa Hualien City kung saan nagtataasan bundok ang madadaanan bago mkarating dito sa lugar na to i hope na magustuhan nyo mga par ang video ko salamat sa inyo mga par! Follow at my FB page: Music in this vlog Keep On Going by Joakim Karud Buddha by Kontekst Don’t...!
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We made it to Beautiful Halien City on the east coast side of Taiwan. We grab a scooter and aimlessly explore finding the hidden beauty of this city. We found our selfs getting attracted to the harbor and the near by beach beside the break water. Forrest and I can have fun doing anything even kicking around some beach rubbish as a ball. Best Friends show My Camera Gear :!
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Beauty of Hualien Latest tourist spot of Hualien IMAX MALL NANPIN PARK Enjoy the view everyone God bless...!
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Hualien City Food Guide. MUST WATCH. We have sorted the list of Best Restaurant in Hualien City for you. With the help of this list you can try Best Local Food in Hualien City. You can select best Bar in Hualien City. And Lot more about Hualien City Food and Drinks. Its not the Ranking of Best Restaurants in Hualien City, it is just the list of best Eating Hubs as per our users ratings. Dont forget to Subscribe our channel. Click on Bell ICON to get the notification of updates Immediately....!
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Today we are going to Hualien! A lot of people have told us that is the most beautiful place on the east coast so we are really excited to get there. Instead of taking the bus or the train we decided to hitchhike to Hualien instead. We of course picked one of the hottest days of the year to travel to Hualien and soon were questioning our choices... Especially when the sun was setting fast and we still had almost 2 hours to go. Want to support us to keep making videos? Have a look at our Patreo...!
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On an early morning job I stumbled across a nice shortcut to the beach from the city center. Join my for a short but scenic journey and I make a discovery on the way back....!
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Exploring Hualien City via scooter. Taroko National Park, Qingshi Cliffs, Stinky Tofu, and more ! Guy Next Tour Travel Taroko Gorge Tour Spring Garden Homestay;label=gen173nr-1FCAEoggI46AdIM1gEaKQCiAEBmAExuAEHyAEN2AEB6AEB-AECiAIBqAIDuAKHlbrwBcACAQ;sid=401a14e326af6721555ab6de781ca6a7...!
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In this video our travel specialists have listed best hotels and resorts of Hualien. We have tried to do some extensive research before giving the listing. Its not the Ranking of Best Hotels and resorts in Hualien, its list of best hotels. If you want the details of good hotels in some other area, feel free to ask us in comment box, we will try to make the video of that listing also. Dont forget to Subscribe our channel to view videos of some of the best Hotels. Click on Bell ICON to get the...!
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#TAIWAN #hualien city...!
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A few shots from our Typhoon Soudelor chase, unfortunately another night time crossing with terrible lighting so unable to capture much of the action but it was certainly a reasonable system for a period there with the backside of the storm sustaining hurricane strength winds for close to an hour just before sunrise. Only minimal damage in Hualien City however. Looking forward to the next WestPac chase....!
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Bear forest Happy farm Hualien Taiwan Enjoy the view everyone...!
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哈囉大家好我是餅妹,演戲的時候叫紅豆餅 身兼數職雜七雜八購物狂、科技宅、吃貨、胖虎型youtuber 剛開始做頻道,有任何意見都歡迎大家提出 我們可以互相交流呦 住宿:北吉光背包客民宿(其實住宿還是有先定啦) 行程: 清水斷崖→砂卡噹步道→燕子口→長春祠→東大門夜市 FOLLOW ME ON------------------------­--------------------------- 臉書| Instagra...!
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After a week in Taipei we take a 2-hour train to the east coast city of Hualien. It is the largest county by area in the country and it is famous for some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in Taiwan. It provides for the ideal base to explore the nearby Taroko National Park, Qixingtan Scenic Area and the rolling hills and lakes in the area. Music By: Joakim Karud ABOUT US: Hi! Were Andre & Lisa! Nomads and experienced budget travellers. ...!
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Among Taiwan’s lesser-known cities is Hualien, home of the beautiful Taroko Gorge. It’s known for its surrounding natural beauty, but the city itself has a lot to offer. In this video, I’ll show you how to get there and what to do in this vibrant city. 🚘 LOCATIONS 00:38 Taipei Main Station 02:17 Hualien Station 02:29 Scooter rental in Taiwan 04:07 Martyr’s Shrine 05:07 Dongdamen Night Market ------------ 🎥 WATCH MORE VIDEOS ▸ Taipei 1 Day Travel Guide (Episode 1): https://yo...!
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Hello beauties! WATCH IN HD! I went to Taiwan for 6 days for my Christmas vacation. I moved to South Korea a few months ago and have been inspired to travel throughout Asia. More vlogs in Asia to come! For more info on things to do in Taiwan, check out my blog post at ------------------------------------------------------ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! INSTAGRAM: @chelssology TUMBLR: ...!
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Subscribe to the channel Top10 Recommended Hotels in Hualien City, Taiwan 1. Waterfront Villas B&B 2. The Fantasy Apartment 3. Ziteng Hua Homestay 4. Angel Inn!
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This was my second visit to Hualien City and it continues to amaze me. Its a very scenic place for hiking. Taiwan is definitely one of my favorite travel spots!...!
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CGTNs Mike Walter spoke with Ross Feingold, a senior adviser with DC International Advisory, who was a witness to Tuesday 6.5 earthquake that shook Taiwan’s Hualien City....!
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Vlog#43 On the second day of our trip to Hualien we enjoyed cycling around Liyu Lake - 鯉魚潭 and after lunch hiked to Emerald Valley - 翡翠谷 and enjoyed the waterfall. In the afternoon we cycled along Nanbin Park - 太平洋公園 and finally had dinner dinner at Dongdamen Night Market-東大門夜市. Accompany us on our Taiwan travels and experience life in Taiwan by subscribing to our channel. Retired in Taiwan and loving it. Gavin & Teresa Filming Locations: Liyu Lake - 鯉魚潭: 9...!
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Taiwan’s Dongdamen (東大門) is the largest street food night market in Hualien. This night market is situated at the Eastern edge of the city at the coast and occupies the grounds of the old train station. There used to be many small-scaled night markets in Hualien, but they have all come together at Dongdamen. The market is separated into a few divisions – from Futing Night Market to Streets of China Cuisines to Streets of Aboriginal Cuisines to Ziqing Night Market. Each area offers a de...!
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isa sa magandang place sa hualien city d ko kabisado ung place nia pero madadaanan cia papuntang tarako park...!
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Tire cake /CHe lun bin...!
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In todays vlog, Lacey takes a trip to Taiwan with some friends! Their first stop is taking the train from Taipei to Hualien. In Hualien, they rent bikes and dilly dally around the beach, and top the night off with some karaoke. ++++++++++Thanks for watching!+++++++++++ ------Remember to LIKE. SUBSCRIBE & SHARE!----- Social Media: *Facebook---- *Twitter---- *Instagram---- WANNA SEND US...!
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.stance Hualien Bboy City (organized by Taipei Bboy City) Undisputed 1v1 DJ OneUp...!
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.stance Hualien Bboy City (organized by Taipei Bboy City) Undisputed 1v1 DJ OneUp...!

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