Hunger Games Problems

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Top 5 Biggest Hunger Games Plot Holes We all know The Hunger Games films... if you havent, then, wow! But just because its a phenomenon, doesnt mean its flawless. And we love criticizing the flaws with movies! So lets take a look at the 5 biggest Hunger Games plot holes. ► SUBSCRIBE for more ► The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 | Review: ►The Hunger Games VS Battle Royale: ...!
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*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 1/8/13* Also, TV Sins here: Did you love The Hunger Games movie? You probably read the book. Here are all the sins we found in the box office hit, The Hunger Games, recounted in three minutes or less. ______________________ •CinemaSins website: • •Channels• --TVSins: --MVS:!
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If youre new, Subscribe! → The Hunger Games did a lot of things right, faithfully adapting Suzanne Collins bestselling books into a blockbuster franchise that launched Jennifer Lawrence to worldwide superstar status. But as good as it was, it didnt quite do everything right. Heres a look at some dumb things everyone ignores about The Hunger Games... Idiocracy | 0:18 Drinking games | 1:05 Coaching fail | 1:30 Burn, baby, burn | 2:15 Cake wars | 3:12 Movie Re...!
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Things You Didnt Know About Jennifer Lawrence ►► More Celebrity News ►► Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Prim, Effie, President Snow, Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay’s, fire being caught, archery; all things we know about the Hunger Games, yes? Because the Hunger Games has grown to be such a large part of our lives we here at Clevver felt it was well overdue that we bring you a list of fun facts you Tributes may not know about the Hunger Game...!
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Well, youve been asking for it, and it was basically the biggest box office movie of last year, so fine... here are all the sins we found in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Please try and remember the books do not f*cking matter. Thank you, come again. Issues with the video? Go here: Next week: You guessed it... sins! No movie is without sin! Which movies sins should we recount next? Merch:!
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In the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen becomes the Mockingjay--a symbol of hope and rebellion for the people of Panem. Learn More: In today’s world, where new technology enables government surveillance and censorship, citizens are able to fight back by using that same technology to organize and rebel against abuse of power. Both in the fictional dystopia of the Hunger Games and the real, near-dystopian rights violations faced by people across the world today, the ...!
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Hi friends! Today we take a look at the geography in the Hunger Games series, and look at why no other countries intervened in the horrors occurring in Panem. Panem is home to some horrible things, potential nuclear war, terrible living conditions, and the obvious: the Hunger Games. So why did no other country step in and put a stop to this? Are there even any other countries, or is Panem the last one left? Please leave a like if you enjoyed this video, and leave me a comment with your thought...!
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Hankering for Hunger Games? Weve got it...HISHE style. Take a bite of How The Hunger Games Should Have Ended. The odds are ever in your favor that youll see a few surprise guests in this one! Watch More HISHEs: Subscribe to HISHE: Get some HISHE gear over at: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Like us on Facebook:!
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Episode 58 of Hunger Games! Join me and Jason as we attempt to pvp it up on The Archon server! Check out Jasons channel! Heres the Server IP! pvp.TheArchon.Net ● TWITTER - ● TWITCH - ● INSTAGRAM - #Team Element! StitchYT: Feral: NinjaCharlieT:!
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Hello everybody, and welcome to a minecraft xbox 360 hunger games video! Today myself and stampy are teaming up on this awesome hunger games map called Enchanted Kingdom build by wee wee gaming! Map Download - Check out the other players views/channels below. Finnball - Wee Wee Gaming - Tank Matt - JakeOnDaXbox - http://...!
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PREVIOUS EPISODE FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK: MY NEW MERCH! : ------------------------------------------------------------------------ INSTAGRAM: JoeyGraceffa TUMBLR: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ MY P.O BOX! Joey Graceffa P.O. Box 5344 Culver City, CA 90231-5344 ---------------...!
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Server: Lets aim for 750+ likes on each of these! I spent a lot of time planning and organizing this. Once everyone involved has uploaded their perspectives I am going to create a highlight reel of all the best moments! Till then enjoy this Lets Play format :) Follow me on twitter: Like my facebook page: Check Out Everyone Involved! Hosts -- 1. Bajan Canadian -!
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Have you ever read a book so good that you LITERALLY had a book hangover the minute you finished it? I have. Here are the #Top10 books that gave me a massive book hangover. Which books have given you hardcore book hangovers? Tell #EpicReads in the comments below! Subscribe to Epic Reads! - Books featured in this #Top10: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins: Amazon: Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis: Epic Reads:!
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WARNING! This video contains violent content which may be disturbing for young viewers. Parental discretion is advised. No one was harmed in the making of this film. Everything used this film both story and characters is a work of fiction. ——— Hey Steves! Thank you endlessly for being so patient with us! All the problems have been solved and you can finally sit back and enjoy the film. Dont forget to like, share, comment and subscribe if you havent already. Happy Hunger Games and may t...!
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#HungerGames #PresidentSnow #SJW...!
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I am finally back playing some more Minecraft Survival Games (MCSG) on the map Par 72. Today I talk about why I have been gone while I destroy some baccas on the hunger deans. My commentary is pretty crusty. SORRY. Its good to be back. Enjoy. ► Server IP: ◄ ► Twitter: ► Twitch: ► Intro Made By: MinetimeFx ► Intro Song: Fabian Mazur - Hippo (Dat Girl Got Booty) ► Outro Made By: Mlab ► Outro Song: Nathan Orti...!
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Katniss likes her purse, but everyone thinks she doesnt. Like on Facebook! Follow on Twitter!!
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Hope you guys enjoyed! Be sure to leave a like and subscribe! _______________________________________________________ The Spreadshirt Store: Guy who made intro: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat: crabbyeric900 Periscope: crabbyeric900 Steam: http://steamcommun...!
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Sorry for the little cut bit cause of the low fps. Recorded on the Hive: My server:!
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AFFORDABLE MINECRAFT HOSTING► People in this Video: Ryan (Doomface12): Michael (BrainDread): === === === === === === === === === === === === === === Subscribe to become a Friend today: Follow us on the Facebooks! Like us on twitters! === === === === === === === === === === === === === ==...!
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Sweatshirts! SUBSCRIBE: TWITTER: VLOGGING: MERCH: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: Page and Molly Love You... Go Rescue a Dog!...!
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Minecraft: Hunger Games #68 1.8 PvP Problems w/Drizzy_Gaming ================================================ MCSG Server IP: ================================================ ALL GRAPHICS/INTRO/OUTRO CREDITS: Drizzy_Gaming p.s. Yes, I do make my own graphics. If you would like some, buy them for cheap at this link. ================================================ VLOG CHANNEL: Check out my vlog channel and subscribe as well!!
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worst time for the mystery pearl why!!! want to play? the ips!
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- Bedankt voor het abonneren: - Vorige Hunger Games: Volgende Hunger Games: GameMeneer kleding verkrijgbaar bij: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: Instagram: http://www.ins...!
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Hey Guys sorry that you can not hear Blazingburns something went wrong working on getting it fixed but still hope you enjoyed the Video....!
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Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed please, ◆Like ◆Subscribe ◆Favorite this video Also if you can show this to anyone to help me get known! If thats to your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Friend, Even Dog and Cat. Who knows maybe they would like to see it too! Also Check out these lovely gamers down below, ◆ ◆ ◆ If you want to play this AMAZING SERVER and find me: ◆Ip-!
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Heute machen wir Hunger Games Modus in Fortnite! ►AANDRE: ►Odumanpique: ►Schmockyyy: ►Weaknezz: Mein Partner Runtime: ► 10% mit Rabattcode: KIDMAVE MERCH: Danke an jeden der das Video geliked hat und mich somit unterstützt & motiviert! ♥ #C...!
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Whos your daddy got some updates! Dave: Daz Black Channel: Follow Me: Twitter: Facebook Page : instagram: Snapchat: daz_black Headphones: Specs: Capture device: Elgato HD Capture card PO Box: Suite 57, 2 Mount Si...!
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Mockingjay: the end, the final, the ultimate. The Hunger Games is a pillar of the YA genre, and the final book, Mockingjay, took fans to an all-time reading high. Find out why with these quotes from the book! Are you a Tribute? Tell us in the comments below! Subscribe to Epic Reads! - More YA quotes from Epic Reads: Find MOCKINGJAY by Suzanne Collins Amazon: B&N: Apple: Google: http:/...!
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Hey Wats Going On Guys,Bajan99 Here And Hopefully U Like Mah New INTRO,I Got A Template And Smacked It In To Windows Live Movie Maker But Yeah,Hopefully U Enjoy Dis Survival Games,See U All Later! Servers I Played On In Vid: The Nexus, See U Der!...!
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Sorry I didnt get this one up last night. My computer wouldnt let me export the file, and in the middle of it my wifi went out. I have since dealt with both problems and this shouldnt cause any issue with my upload schedule in the future. I recorded chapter 10 this morning, and Im super excited for yall to hear it! The Games begin Tomorrow. If you want to be notified whenever I upload new chapters (which I plan on doing three times a week as long as quarantine lasts) then subscribe and hit the...!
Channel Title : DrunkandDishonorable Views : 40 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2012-08-20T15:02:09Z The amount of hours we have spent waiting on hunger games servers just to have them bug out or something when were finally in is crazy. This is just a compilation of salvagable footage. Enjoy :) *WARNING* This Video may contain Strong Language We upload videos together every Monday and Friday, and solo videos as and when we make them....!
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Hit That Like Button, U know u want to Visit the minecraft site now for your minecraft game!
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Here is the presentation I most enjoyed at Life, the Universe, and Everything this year. John Brown ( opines on the virtues of The Hunger Games, and teaches us how to improve our own stories at the same time. Thanks for watching. If you like the stuff on my channel, Id love it if you bought my book: The Demigod Proving, available as a Kindle eBook at Thanks!...!
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If youre new, Subscribe! → As any good tribute of Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games knows, the film series took a few creative liberties in adapting the novels to the big screen. From adding additional scenes to removing characters—and whatever was happening with Seneca Cranes beard—the movies were definitely distinct from their source material, for better and for worse. One of the subtler shifts came in the form of the characters looks, which tended to di...!
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►►►►►SUBSCRIBE HERE BigkayBeezy - “ Hunger Games ( Official Video ) Dir x @Rickee_Arts Follow Rickee Arts ►Instagram - ►Twitter - ►Facebook - For Booking [email protected] A Rickee Arts Productions #RickeeArts #RickeeDontShoot...!
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I Dont own the pics!!! But enjoy!!...!
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The 71st Hunger Games features Johanna Mason. This short film flashes through her experience during her games. Based off the trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Enjoy! *** I FORGOT TO MENTION: We had a longer version of this that I had to cut due to scheduling problems so it might not of been clear to how the girl dies in the end. That specific part of the river was infested with flesh-eating fish which ripped into her skin until she bled out....!
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May the odds be ever in your favor. Share on Facebook: Share on Twitter: MUSIC: Great Scott - Defective by slgreatscott Used with the artists permission. CREDITS: Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission Papa Pereiras E3 Scavenger Hunt / Lets Face It (Part 1) (1952)!
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I got all my audio problems fixed....!
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Because what if The Hunger Games was based entirely around the concept of finding Easter eggs? Donate and support my channel: WHERE TO FIND, STALK AND TALK TO ME: Facebook: Instagram: @caitiebrowne or @thecaitiediaries Twitter: Blog: Pinterest: key words: sketch comedy, the hunger games, skit comedy, comedy video, parody, eas...!
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The deleted scenes from Hunger Games The Musical! watch the original here: Again, I own none of this content. All video is from The Hunger Games (2012) Lionsgate. All songs used are listed below. Thanks for watching! A-Punk - Vampire Weekend Juliet - LMNT Wannabe - Spice Girls What Makes You Beautiful - On...!
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I just give a nice chill talk about what is in the title. Enjoy! p.s. no more free bacon GT:DHG dankol Twitter: Stream:!

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