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HOW TO SHADE WITH A PEN ▶️ HOW TO PAINT WITH INK ▶️ 🌟 new! 10 MIN. 1 MIN. 10 SEC. CHALLENGE - ▶️ Learn how to art with ink. Im gonna go over the supplies & materials I use to draw & paint with liquid black india ink. Im also gonna show you some techniques you can use. Do not be afraid. Step closer. Closer...closer.... c l o s e r . . . . Subscribe to the official Mary Doodles Y...!
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Bloom expression with 4 drops of alcohol ink a straw , some isopropyl and a good set of lungs 😄😉 . copic various : Black . thank you for watching please like and subscribe .!
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Hey guys I realized i didnt have a tutorial for beginners so thats why I made this step by step video. If you are new to alcohol ink , then i hope it can help you on your alcohol ink journey. You are welcome to share my video. . I use Ranger ink in this video isopropyl alcohol a straw and yupo paper. . Ranger ink: Currant Oregano and Denim . Thank you very much for watching Please like and subscribe 🙏 . More art on Instagram!
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Abstract alcohol ink tutorial using Ranger colors Teakwood and Stream, and Pinata metallic Brass. I used 91% isopropyl alcohol and 9 inch x 12 inch Grafix opaque white craft plastic. I also use a brush style hairdryer to move the ink. Here is the link to the one I use, but any dryer with a cool setting on it should work about the same - Revlon Hot Air Brush hair dryer - Links to some of the other supplies that I use frequently are below. Thank you all for taking the tim...!
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Harrow County artist Tyler Crook shares his creative process in this time lapse video of original art. Harrow County #1 is available May 13th!!
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Alcohol inks are a great way to add vivid colors to your art or craft project. Learn some easy tips and techniques for beginners here. Alcohol ink can be used in art projects or fun DIY crafts. See more on the blog: _____ 💸SALES AND DISCOUNTS💸 » SCRAPBOOK.COM » Save BIG on craft supplies by shopping at my link here ➡️ » SIMON SAYS STAMP » See the latest releases from my favorite...!
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What techniques have you learned recently? Instagram: @devinellekurtz Twitter: @devinellekurtz Tumblr: DeviantArt: Supply list: -Canson smooth bristol, 9x12 pad -Huion LB4 Wireless Battery Powered Artists Tracing Light Box - 12.6x9 inch -Black Sumi Ink - Yasutomo -Black Winsor & Newton ink -Dr. Martins Bleed Proof White ink -Uni-ball Signo white pen -Deleter White 2 Ink -Zebra brush pens -Zebra Zensations fineliners -Utrecht ...!
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Hi, for this video tutorial (which is very long so try not to fast forward if you can bear it and also apologies for the low volume, Ive since changed my microphone!), Im using inks on cotton stretched canvas, with gilding and a touch of bling. Enjoy this video and happy arting ❤ ____________________________________ Materials used in this video: 100% cotton stretched canvas pre-primed (No sealing required, use good quality) Alcohol inks by Tim Holtz Pinata Metallic Brass Alcohol Ink 99%...!
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Hi All....Im back! Its been a tough year for me, I battled cancer and a heart condition...but Im doing better and ready to start my tutorials up again! I recently started playing with alcohol inks on Yupo paper. Ive been asked to share some of the Basics of what you need to play and I thought Id do a little tutorial as well. Hope you all enjoy! Products used in this Video: ~Pipettes (plastic eye-droppers) --- (Amazon) ~Alcohol Ink (I used only one color - Eggplant by ...!
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Visit me on FB: Follow Fine Art Tips on Google+: My website: Do you want to help me translating it into your language? (Note: First check if it hasn´t been translated already by pressing the CC button on the lower part of the video). All you need to do is to please translate the file at the link below and send it to me:!
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For this painting I used 12x12 inch Grafix opaque white craft plastic and Ranger ink colors pitch black, currant, and pink sherbet, along with Pinata brass for the metallic. I also used 99% isopropyl alcohol and my Revlon styling brush hair dryer with the brush attachment removed. Scroll down to find my affiliate links to the products I use. 💜💜 Thank you all so much for taking the time to watch! Dont forget to give it a thumbs up you if enjoyed this video. Thank you most of all to my subs...!
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Try watercolors for the first time with this beginner friendly project! We’ll paint pretty pink and purple flowers and then finish them with ink illustrations. Get the illustration worksheet here: Check out Norgreens watches: (dont forget to use code Campbell at checkout to get 15% off!) Check out my Watercolor E-course ON SALE NOW: GIVEAWAY CLOSED- Winner: Genevieve Lalonde ------------------...!
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My Other Channel: My Patreon: Social Media: • Instagram _annabel.margaret_ Music: • all music from Deeper Than the Ocean - Bonnie Grace Forevermore - David Celeste Heart Hold On - Max Anson Meadow Thoughts - Cody Francis...!
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Suminagashi translates to floating ink in Japanese. Learn how to create this mesmerizing marbling technique—and print your creation onto paper or fabric—with artist Linh My Truong of the Textile Arts Center in New York City. Linh My Truong is one of dozens of artist who will be hosting workshops, master classes and demonstrations at the 2019 Craft in Focus Festival on May 18, 19 & 20 in Industry, City, Brooklyn. For the full list of workshops and to purchase tickets: http://craftinfocusnewyo...!
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For more information see product page: Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink is a range of 30 extremely fluid acrylics that use super fine pigments suspended in a state-of-the-art acrylic emulsion. They dry quickly, are permanent, water resistant and non-clogging, which makes them ideal for a variety of techniques from watercolor effects to stamping. Try some today!!
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Want some fresh ideas for using inks? I have 10 ideas for getting the most from your acrylic inks in this video. Click Show More to find supplies, and find more art tutorials on Acrylic inks are perfect for all these ideas and techniques I am sharing with you today and they are great for all sorts of projects from fine art, art journaling to mixed media and drawing. But you can also try these ideas and techniques with other inks too - drawing inks, dyes and eve...!
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Learn how to draw a tree with pen and ink in this lesson. Well take a look at drawing two different types of trees and explore the 3 key elements to finding success. Micron pens are used on smooth Bristol paper to develop the drawing. For more on this lesson, visit Free course videos and ebooks... Video courses, Live Lessons, ebooks, lesson plans and more...https://thevirtu...!
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Learn how to make a painting magically appear with ink and water. This bleed effect is one of my favorites and super easy to practice. Comment to share your tips or suggest the next video! Subscribe to the official Mary Doodles YouTube channel - 🔔 Help support this channel on PATREON - Watch next... ALL NEW Zodiac series - ARIES ▶️ HOW TO PAINT WITH INK ▶️ Follow me @marydoodles 👁️ ...!
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#Ink #HDR #DolbyVision Download 4k Drone Footage Footage were shot on 6k sensor and upscaled to 8k so we can can get best quality out of YouTube video compression. Note: Use Google Chrome to play video in 8k Technical Specs: Camera: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k Blackmagic RAW Constant Bitrate 5:1 ISO 1000-3200 6k 5744 x 3024 17:9 60fps Lens: Venus Optics Laowa 24mm Probe Lens Sigma 18-35mm ...!
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I have been trying to do an alcohol ink painting for quite a while without using the hairdryer much, but have just never managed to come up with anything that I like. Thanks to @Zimino Art I finally managed a couple that I am much happier with! I am sorry for the length of this video, but this is only the second time that I have tried to do this technique with any success, so I am rather slow at it. It also just takes longer to do a painting with this technique than the way I usually do. I did ...!
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ASMR Relaxing Binaural Sound Triggers of calligraphy nib pen doodling on black paper with blue ink. You can hear the scratching of the sketching, STARTS at 3:14 If this is too harsh, you might prefer this drawing video with marker pen: #Art #NoTalking for sleep Buy this ink: Kind of nib I use: 🔻🔻✨ALL INFOS ✨🔻🔻 Thumbs 👍🏼when you wake 👍🏼 SUBSCRIBE & click on 🔔to get notified! ...!
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Get 2 months PREMIUM Skillshare Membership for FREE! (Sponsored): Get Jazzas ARTY GAMES! iOS: Android: Share your creations using the Hashtag #ArtyGames More on Inktober: ➨ Get my APP, Courses, eBooks, Brushes and more: ➨ MERCH ...!
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Products and Links ~ Yupo Paper --- ( ~Ranger (Tim Holtz) Pitch Black Ink --- ( ~ Copic Alcohol Ink refill B97 Night Blue --- (Amazon) ~Copic Alcohol Ink refill BG72 Ice Ocean --- (Amazon) ~Copic Alcohol Ink refill BG75 Abyss Green --- (Amazon) ** You can also use Ranger Alcohol Inks--- ( ~Jaquard Pinata Brass col...!
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This is how I start to create my alcohol abstract art pieces. I am using Duralar paper, isopropyl alcohol, alcohol inks, and a heat gun....!
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Fantasy art illustrator Sam Flegal inks the Norse goddess Freya using black ink on grey tone paper. The ink drawing is finished with black and white colored pencil. Winsor Newton Series 7 Brush: Strathmore Mixed Media Gray Tone Paper: Dr PH Martin Black Matte India Ink: SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL: Join the Mailing List ► Get your FREE ebook “The Wisdom of Odin,” excerpt from The I...!
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Among all the parts of our body, eyes are the most beautiful and magical part but also it is the only part of our body that can recognize the light. Drawing eyes are one of my favorites things. please enjoy...^^ 우리 신체중에 눈은 아마도 가장 아름답고 신비한 부분인듯 싶습니다.. 또한 유일하게 빛을 인식할수 있는 part 이기도 하고요. 신체중에서 묘사할 부분이 참 많은 곳 이기도 합니다... 눈을 가만히 들여다 보면 마치 ...!
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Amazing Sales and Specials: (always updated so free to bookmark) The Basics of Alcohol Inks! Lets create two hard panel custom art pieces using the same color alcohol inks, but resulting in two completely different looks! Super duper easy techniques, I pinkie swear!!! ——— S U P P L I E S ——— • Brea Reese - Alcohol Ink - Slate ——— [ ] ——— [ ] • Brea Reese - A...!
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How to draw light bulb...!
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Sumi-e: The Art of Japanese Ink Painting by Shozo Sato ISBN: 978-4-8053-1096-0 $39.95 hardcover In this Japanese ink painting book renowned Japanese master Shozo Sato offers his own personal teaching on the beautiful art of sumi-e painting. Available wherever fine books are sold....!
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Doodling with glow ink with a glass pen like this makes every drawing a little more magical. I felt like some sort of wizard etching mystical runes into ancient manuscripts or something, it was really cool. Join Peters Doodle Club for early vids, art raffles, Q&As and more! Peters Line Almanac Vol.1: Peters Line Almanac Vol.2: Peters Line Almanac Vol.3: Some of the supplies I used in this v...!
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Instagram: marmeladescience Super super Video! Lest euch nach meinem Video mal ihre Bildbeschreibung durch. Das ist übrigens auch der Föhn, den ich mir auch holen würde (ein normaler schwacher Föhn geht natürlich auch). Es ist eine Rundbürste nur ohne Bürste (600w) ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ 10 % sparen mit Marmelade10 bei und Silikonformen:!
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Всем привет! Наконец-то алкогольные чернила Katrevich INK ART появились в продаже в нашем магазине. В этом видео #1 я вам покажу как ими пользоваться и какую красоту можно сделать с ними и эпоксидной смолой. Приятного просмотра! Если видео оказалось полезным для вас, подписывайтесь...!
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New experience compilation : The ink Art (on water) Instagram : Support & News FB : Web Site : Music: [Chill] OFTRT - Soon [Heroboard Release] cc...!
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Were pleased to introduce the second edition of VANS INK ART, to be presented at the Milan Tattoo Convention next month. 10 international artists will showcase their talent by inking directly onto some very special Vans Slip-Ons, crafted from a material designed to mimic the skin these artists are used to working on. Thanks for the inked Slip On to Clod the Ripper TATTOO - More details SUBSCRIBE: Connect wi...!
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The art of Hong Kong-based painter Wucius Wong is profound and enchanting, just like the ever-changing form of water. Eternal Water is a curated exhibition of works spanning six decades by the outspoken leader of contemporary Chinese ink art. Learn More: Download The Sotheby’s App: FOR MORE NEWS FROM SOTHEBY’S Newsletter: Instagram: ht...!
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This is a quick process video on alcohol ink, it doesnt go into too much detail because I have all of that in the skillshare class! In the class youll find different ways to use alcohol ink, some cool effects and how to seal your artwork for display. You can get 3 months of skillshare and check out this course plus many others here: Download the free wallpapers! Check out my alcohol ink work: htt...!
Channel Title : Lisa Jordan Views : 21472 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-07-31T21:57:51Z
No sound! Sorry! Here is a process video on making loose, romantic, Infinity Palette Roses. The fun part of this technique is making your flowers utilizing whatever palette you lay down as a background. I start by simply scribbling my alcohol ink markers on a 6x6” tile. While it looks like a mess, there is actually some strategy, lol. Here I wanted a border of greens and a variety of pinks/purple/orange in the center to build my roses. I take 99% isopropyl alcohol in a sprayer and douse my ti...!
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Thank you for watching the making of Beginners tips and tricks for Alcohol inks art. For custom artworks and all other inquiries: [email protected] Art for sale on Etsy: Resin art by Sheri Follow: Instagram: Sheri Vegas You need: Gloves paper towel Alcohol inks Rubbing Alcohol paints brush or dropper dishes yupo paper...!
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Im really getting into art journaling! See my two new octopus ink drawings using my October Smart Art Box supplies! This video is sponsored by Smart Art Box who provided me with these supplies. Any fees paid to me by Smart Art Box for these videos beyond the art supplies are donated to Artists for Trauma. This is a great charity that helps so many people! Find out more to donate or volunteer at To sign up for your own Smart Art Box subscription, head to http:...!
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Ranger Ink Mehron gold powder mixed with alcohol 91% isopropyl alcohol Yupo paper. If you would like to donate to our channel to help offset costs, it is greatly appreciated but not expected nor required. Use this link to donate!
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Enjoy the video and leave any comments or questions down below! Don’t forget to visit my online store and take advantage of a 5% discount on all orders when you subscribe to my newsletter, so hop on over and maybe something will catch your eye! Also, follow me on Instagram for pictures and short videos that I dont post here! All the products used Ive bought myself; I am in no way being paid to promote any of the products...!
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Quick time-lapse video of my alcohol ink experiments. More details can be found on my blog: or my instagram: Music - Where I Am From Artist - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena...!
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In this 2-part video, Nancy Crawford - artist, teacher, public speaker and author - reveals her top 5 materials for breaking out of your creative comfort zone. All the materials she demonstrates are affordable and versatile, perfect for both beginners and established artists to experiment with, coaxing the extraordinary out of the essentials. -- Nancy Crawfords passion for sharing the joy of creation is revealed in all her endeavours. The idea tha...!
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Watch this step by step tutorial to make these vibrant alcohol ink painted plexiglass art with interchangeable backgrounds. Easy, fun and inexpensive to create. Hang with 3M damage free peg style hooks for a cool look. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNNEL: JOIN MY NEWSLETTER for NEW E-Course Notification! PURCHASE ITEMS FROM MY U.S. AMAZON SHOP: JANE ON SOCIAL!

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