Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

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Hey everyone! This is the last video of 2018 omg! The year went by so freaking fast. You guys know Im obsessed with shoes so thats why Ive made this video showing you my Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Im very happy with the end result and I hope you like it too. Dont forget to subscribe, like and leave a comment : )...!
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All sorts of useful info below, including websites where JCs are available and how to calculate your customs charges for packages from the US to the UK! EXPAND FOR ALL INFO: Dont forget to bump the quality up to 1080p! ----Links---- 2nd Channel: Blog: Twitter: Formspring: Instagram: (@sunbeamsjess) ----The Shoes---- Litas - 5 Lanas - 5 Damsels - 6 1/2 Fredas - 6 1/2 Tardys - 5 1/2 Ni...!
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Jeffery Campbell Legion Boot Review...!
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hey yall! i love versatile, good quality shoes that work for multiple seasons and i have been on the hunt for the perfect black boot! i thought i would show yall how I shop to find the cutest shoes--a lot of the time i find the cutest styles of my favorite brand on AMAZON! If you enjoyed this video, please show your support by giving it a THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for new videos every week! :) You can also find me on INSTAGRAM: @marah.czyk Boots #1:!
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Unboxing my new expensive AF boots. Its been a while!...!
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Shop for your holiday gifts (use code blndsundoll4mj for 20% off) :::::BUY MY SECOND BOOK THE STRIPPER DIARIES ON AMAZON NOW!!!! ::::::BUY MY FIRST BOOK THE HISTORY OF MY INSANITY ON AMAZON!!!!!!
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click to keep updated on vlogs: This week we survive the Toronto polar vortex, have a get together at Kelseys apartment, and go to an interior design show! THINGS WE MENTIONED // Red flags game: Kelseys ring: Jeffree Campbell Boots: Lash Extensions by __ OTHER PLATFORMS @thesorrygirls everywhere! BLOG // INSTAGRAM //!
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A small glimpse into my excessive shoe collection! Shop all shoes mentioned in this video at the links down below (unless theyre old/sold out)! Lmk which pairs were ur favs in the comments !! Sneakers: Nike Air Force One Shadow: Converse High Tops: Nokwol Grind Yeezy Mud Rat Heels: Public Desire Bossy Missguided Heels h...!
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WELCOME! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE & help me get to my 10,000 subscriber goal by the 1st day of SUMMER June 20th 🙏🏽 It would be greatly appreciated! ❤️LIKE❤️ and hit that NOTIFICATION 🔔bell🔔 so you’ll be notified when I upload new videos Join Me on my NEW Instagram page for my Poshmark Closet _styledbysylvia_ 📌What to expect from my new Instagram page for my Poshmark closet? - EXCLUSIVE follower Discounts,SALES & access to limi...!
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Hellllllllllllooooo to all of my ghosts, witches, vampires, and whatever spooky creature you identify as. FAQ How tall are you? 58 What size do you wear? Small to X-Small What shoe size are you? Size 8 Favorite Brand? Any Small Business! Music: PublicPool...!
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Hey guys Hey, The secret is OUT! Im OBSESS with Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Listed of shoes in this video coming soon~ THANKS for watching my video, hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions or just want to say hey! hit me up in the comment box below.👇🏾 To see what I do on a daily, Add me✨: Facebook: Instagram: Instagram (My beauty page): Until next time, SEE YA!...!
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Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on Instagram! GregoryGorgeous Giving into the Jeffrey Campbell shoe trend and of course all my favorites from the previous month of May! What Jeffrey Campbell shoes are YOUR favorite?? Which do you own? Hope you enjoy! XOXO Friend me on Facebook!!
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Hi! I posted a picture on my Instagram coupe of weeks ago where you could see some of my shoes and I got comments saying I should do a shoe collection video, so that’s what I did! I know I have quite a lot of shoes, and when I looked at the video I realized it looked like I’ve spent a ton of money one then, but I really haven’t. Some of these shoes are 6-7 years old, and I just like to collect cool looking shoes. I also think I’m really good at buying stuff and getting good deals, I actu...!
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link to buy these shoes (free shipping): MINI REVIEW : Ive been wearing them every day since I got them, so about 5 days and they are very comfortable, havent gotten any blisters. They are very bouncy.. when you run in them you can feel the rubber bouncing, if that makes sense? The only part that concerns me are the straps, they seem like they are very thin so thats the only thing im really worried will wear down over the months. instagram @yaknowme_hi...!
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Hey guys! I really love Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Like a lot. So I thought Id share my collection with you all. I did purchase these over a period of four years and was able to buy most of them on sale. Be sure to like Solestrucks Facebook, they occasionally post sales there and you can really snag a deal or seven. If you enjoyed this please give the video a thumbs up and subscribe if you havent. xx Angie Join me here too: My Ets...!
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This week Giselle is obsessed with her new Jeffrey Campbells. Watch to find out what they are and why we love these shoes so much!...!
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Heel Less Platforms - Jeffrey Campbell Shadow Stud Lady Gaga Shoes I hope you enjoy it :) Still cold in Poland :(...!
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Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed the video! What’s your favorite pair? ❤️...!
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Venditore Ebay: Link Spartoo: Link Yoursporty: ♡ ℱℴℓℓℴω me ♡ INSTAGRAM: @ila0203 TWITTER: @190513DREAM TUMBLR: @ila0203 SECONDO CANALE VLOGS♡: Pagina FAN facebook♡: ♡If you are a make-up company contact me here →[email protected] ABOUT ME ♡ ~Filming: CANON EOS 600D ~Editing: iMovie / FinalCutPro ~...!
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OPEN ME YOU WILDLINGS! TURN ON THE 1080P HD TOO! IS IT BETTER QUALITY?:D Facebook Moi!? Subscribe you Wildings :P! Tweet away! Twit Twit!!/WildYoungThing Everyday Im Tumblrin.... Curiosity was Framed; Ignorance Killed the Cat. Creative Style Vomit: My Book Channel - Words That Consume: http:/...!
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Jeffrey Campbell shoes west la store sunset mall dubai designer shoes accessories blogs in dubai Thumbnail courtesy:!
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Hello everybody! I know I have been away now for quite some time and I didnt come back with a crafting video, I am so sorry. Over the last few weeks of summer, I was busy doing full time work and so when I wasnt working, I was sleeping and catching up with friends and getting ready for school. Another reason I have been delaying, is because even though I now have my ipad, the video quality still wasnt the best! so I decided to buy a camera, and that is what this was filmed on today. Apologies f...!
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Hey everyone! Hope you enjoy this shoe unboxing and thanks for all the support helping me reach 500 + subs!!...!
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Unboxing my Jeffrey Campbell shoes :D...!
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Heres my Jeffrey Campbell Shoe collection, Enjoy !!!...!
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Where to find this shoe: Follow me on tumblr : Follow me on twitter :!/hellforchildren read my personal blog?!
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This is an inspired Jeffrey Campbell shoe. I made several changes to the original design to make my shoe my own....!
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Hi everyone! So just a quick vid to show you my excitement for my Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I got on black friday in the SoleStruck sale ( All the shoes are size 5 (American sizing) or size 3 (UK sizing) except for the boots which I am going to email them about as they sent me the wrong size. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching! Tumblr account: Tripoli- Ice Suede - £40 Coltrane- Fuchsia Neoprene Black - £60 Lita Fab- Rainbow Galaxy - ...!
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My little sis opens her Christmas gift - Jeffrey Campbells Shoes...!
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My unboxing of my new sterling light heels from as well as my #ootd. Check out my blog at Songs by: Brandy- Do you Know and Kelly Rowland- Mike WILL made it...!
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That Shoe Lady shows how the Jeffrey Campbell Controlla Boot shines - even in the peak on Winter. Shiny Boots for the win....!
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Jeffrey campbell coltrane (mens) Jeffrey campbell coltrane (womens) INSTAGRAM!
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Hello Fashionistas, Welcome to MarysFabLife Here is my Jeffrey Campbell small lookbook / Collection, my Collection is not much but i hope you guys enjoy watching.. WATCH in 1080p HD, LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE,💞💞💋 SOCAIL MEDIA FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM : YOUTUBE:!
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Coltrane boot in distressed black...!
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SHOP MY STORE: MY BLOG: | MY FORMSPRING: MY TWITTER: MY INSTAGR.AM: @amyvagabond Published 0%?!! Whats wrong, YOUTUBE? It was requested to do a video on what to style your Jeffrey Campbell Litas with. So here are two different ways you can style them or get inspiration from. Plus funny outtakes! haha Shoes were bought at!
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Open me!! Hello! I was super lucky and scored these bad boys for 50EUR, so I decided to share with you the moment I opened the box and let the magic out! Loads of photos up on the blog: Twitter: Instagram:!
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Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this video :)...!
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Yes, IT IS possible to find shoes at the thrift store. Here’s my recent collection of secondhand shoes from Buffalo Exchange, L Train Vintage, Episode, and others. Let me know which ones you guys liked the best! instagram: haleyinthedetails...!
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follow me on twitter: LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: GET THESE SHOES HERE FROM SOLESTRUCK! please check out MY ETSY PAGE!!: please take a moment to subscribe!! FTC- I am not being paid by any of the mentioned companies or designers to make this video. The views in this video are strictly my own and I am not affilia...!
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Heres my Jeffrey Campbell Shoe Collection 2014. I hope you guys like it! Please Subscribe:) INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: WEBSITE: ETSY SHOP: *THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO. ...!
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My Blog : Le Twitter:!/paintedREDD Grav3yardgirls Channel : Buy the shoes here : QOTD: Do you like the shoes?! would you like to see an OOTD with them?! How would you style them?! Song: Copper Mountain-!
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