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At a time when the crossover between fashion and celebrity is ever more apparent, one name has emerged to become popular culture’s go-to designer. With the industry undergoing its biggest shake-up in decades, we have exclusive access to Moschino’s first ever show at Made L.A., Los Angeles’ burgeoning fashion week. Join us, as we meet the man beneath the crown, and discover more about a bona fide i-D icon: Jeremy Scott. Director Tom Ivin Producer Declan Higgins Host Matthew Whitehouse ...!
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Jeremy Scott | Spring Summer 2020 by Jeremy Scott | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video - New York Fashion Week) Campbell E Browning - R Step/Sleep On It/Be Good To You...!
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Jeremy Scott reveals his passion for why he creates fashion, including connecting with people, and being a part of the fabric of peoples lives. Subscribe to the Times Video newsletter for free and get a handpicked selection of the best videos from The New York Times every week: Subscribe on YouTube: Watch more videos at: --------------------------------------------------------------- Want more from The New York...!
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On the 4th Episode of Kerwin Frost Talks, Kerwin sits down with his favorite designer, Jeremy Scott! Sponsored by our friends at Cash App! Listen to the audio on Spotify: Listen to the audio on Apple Podcasts: Follow Kerwin on Instagram:!
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Sugar Boy new single JEREMY SCOTT Available now! Follow SUGAR BOY on Instagram: Lyrics by Sugar Boy Mix Master by Marios Antoniou Directed by SAMI Location : Bulgaria Varna Supp by Vaporland Actors : masked guy Thanos Kotsobolos masked girl Florentia Nannou second guy Dimitris Katsaros...!
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Cardi B and Jeremy Scott recount their collaboration leading up to their appearance together on the 2018 Heavenly Bodies Met Gala red carpet. Jeremy and Cardi go into detail about how the idea for the Moschino dress came about and much more! Vogue will make a donation to both the Costume Institute and A Common Thread, and will ask viewers to consider contributing to either organization if they are able. DONATE HERE: Metropolitan Museum of Art:!
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Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott explains how fashion can be a way of amplifying what’s important and providing people with new perspective. Subscribe to The Daily Show: Follow The Daily Show: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free:!
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Style defines culture. Our people define style. What better way to sum up Complexs February/March 2012 issue, starring style kings A$AP Rocky and Jeremy Scott? Hip-hops hottest rookie has been rocking Jeremys outrageous designs for years, before LIVE.LOVE.A$AP and that infamous $3 million deal brought his Harlem Mob to the forefront of NYC rap. And while Jeremy is no stranger to hip-hops flashiest stars, its good to see the veteran fashion icon is still embracing the new generation with open arm...!
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A vivid illustration of exactly how far the designer, who now makes his home in Beverly Hills, has come” THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER COMING SOON JEREMY SCOTT: THE PEOPLE’S DESIGNER follows the story of Jeremy Scott’s ascent from a small town in Missouri to his current position as the Creative Director of Moschino. A notable favorite among celebrities, Jeremy has become one of the most, if not the most, polarizing figures in the contemporary fashion scene. V...!
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Moschino | Spring Summer 2020 (Menswear) + Resort 2020 (Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot - Los Angeles/CA/USA) by Jeremy Scott | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p)...!
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JEREMY SCOTT Spring Summer 2019 New York - Fashion Channel #jeremyscott #jeremyscottss19 #nyfwss19 #jeremyscottfashionshow YOUTUBE CHANNEL: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTEREST: INSTAGRAM: The best videos, the most exclusive moments of the international runway since 1982 until now, of the most repre...!
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This Action Hero Jacked workout, designed by Jeremy Scott and inspired by the king of muscle, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will give you a crazy pump for your chest and triceps. Dont rush through these movements; instead, focus on control and muscle contraction to get the most out of your workout. 1. Flat dumbbell bench press 2. Incline dumbbell bench press 3. Dips and cable crossover superset 4. Dumbbell skull crusher 5. Triceps rope pushdown 6. TRX triceps extension 7. Floor press and pushup ...!
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Watch the L.A. fashion star talk about dressing musics boldest names (Madonna, Rihanna, 2NE1), befriending Kanye West and rocking the runway. More from Billboards The Hook here:!
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Moschino | Fall Winter 2020/2021 by Jeremy Scott | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - MFW/Milan Fashion Week) #Moschinopatisserie Chris Bussey - Dance Moves Marc Jackson Burrows - Got Me On A Roll/Sun Begins To Rise...!
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MAC joins fashion icon Jeremy Scott in presenting his new documentary, Jeremy Scott: The Peoples Designer....!
Channel Title : djvlad Views : 47034 DisLikes : 66 Published Date :2015-05-25T21:10:48Z - From art and fashion to possible controversy, Jeremy Scott sure knows how to push the limits when it comes to his sense of fashion. Weve all seen his unique work with the classic brand adidas and it has gained him a very strong following over the years with the support of A$AP Rocky, Nicki Minaj and others. Placing wings on his kicks and giant stuffed animals, its safe to say that no one has a vision quite like Jeremy Scott. Unfortunately, Jeremy Scotts imagination may h...!
Channel Title : Tubular Insights Views : 106087 DisLikes : 41 Published Date :2014-08-26T14:29:54Z CinemaSins is one of THE biggest YouTube success stories of the past 18 months, with a current subscriber base of 2.8 million and over 415 million views of their video content. The Everything Wrong With…. guys deconstruct some of the best know movies – past and present – to highlight some of the biggest mistakes that really shouldnt have got past the cutting room. Its all ligh-hearted, or, in their own words: over-the-top, asshole...!
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Had to show off my Jeremy Scoot Adidas sneakers for you one time. Collected these some years back but I still get the same love. I love these and Jeremy Scott NEEDS TO GET BACK WITH ADIDAS!!!! LIKE SHARE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE IG: @mvrz_isza_villivn #adidas #jeremyscott #adidasoriginals #sneakerhead #sneakers...!
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Jeremy Scott | Fall Winter 2016/2017 by Jeremy Scott | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - NYFW - New York Fashion Week)...!
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Jeremy Scott Spring/Summer 2017 Full Show | New York, September 12, 2016 | High Definition (HD) © IMG Worldwide, LLC...!
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Nicki Minaj and Jeremy Scott talk to Vogues André Leon Talley on the Met Gala red carpet about Nickis amazing outfit and how creativity means expressing yourself freely. SUBSCRIBE TO VOGUE: ABOUT MET GALA 2016 Join André Leon Talley for an inside look at the 2016 Met Gala, including all of the best celebrity fashion and red carpet interviews. Watch Vogue’s exclusive videos with Anna Wintour, Taylor Swift and more as they celebrate the Costume Institute...!
Channel Title : SHOWstudio Views : 35882 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2013-10-15T15:05:52Z Designer Jeremy Scott interviewed by Lou Stoppard on 25 April 2013 as a part of SHOWstudio’s ‘In Fashion’ series...!
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Nothing gives a great first impression and scares away the bad guys like bulging biceps and a broad, muscular back. This Action Hero Jacked workout from Jeremy Scott will have you on your way to an absolute brick house of an upper body: 1. Barbell deadlift 2. Barbell row 3. Wide-grip pullup 4. TRX row (various grips) 5. Barbell curl 6. Dumbbell preacher curl 7. Chest-supported row and curl superset 8. Regular and reverse curl superset Mens Health Official Site:!
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2NE1 TV Season 2 E04-1...!
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Jeremy Scott | Spring Summer 2018 by Jeremy Scott | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - NYFW/New York Fashion Week)...!
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JEREMY SCOTT Fall Winter 2018 19 New York - Fashion Channel YOUTUBE CHANNEL: WEB TV: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTEREST: INSTAGRAM: The best videos, the most exclusive moments of the international runway since 1982 until now, of the most representative fashi...!
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Mikayla Lewis) -- Counting the number of wrongs in movies is proving to be the right move for the creator of CinemaSins. The YouTube sensation started with two men working in movie theatres for decades. CinemaSins co-founder, Jeremy Scott said, Its a pretty thankless job, that whole time we were loving movies, making fun of movies and watching them together. Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson took their passion out the theatre and online. Scott explained, Everything we were ...!
Channel Title : sneakerwatchtv Views : 80887 DisLikes : 108 Published Date :2013-09-24T20:17:53Z - Mayor shares his thoughts on Jeremy Scotts adidas designs and also weighs on in JSs controversial Handcuff sneaker....!
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Its time you give your legs the attention they deserve. In this Action Hero Jacked workout from Jeremy Scott, youll incorporate the following eight moves, leaving no lower-body muscle group unworked. 1. Dumbbell split squats 2. Goblet squat 3. Dumbbell stiff leg deadlift 4. Leg extensions 5. Dumbbell lateral lunges 6. Barefoot standing calf raise 7. Barefoot seated calf raise 8. Dumbbell walking lunges Mens Health Official Site: Mens Health on Facebook: https...!
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Find Us On Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: #JeremyScott #FW19 #Womenswear #NYFW...!
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INSTA @WHOISLMH Hey guys! Tried a styling video for once! Found these sitting in my closet and have literally had these for years!!! I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase them off! Lemme know what kind of new videos you want to see, during this quarantine time! SHOT ON A CANON 5D MK4 w/ SIGMA 24-70 ART 2.8...!
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No life but the Ugg Life! Desert shoots are always fire but Jeremy Scott collaborating with Ugg makes it lit! Check out all the behind the scenes of Jeremys Ugg Life campaign featuring myself and a special guest! Comment what you think and dont forget to subscribe so you dont miss a second of this madness! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!!! Here are some tools I use to make these videos! ↠ My Vlog Camera: ↠ Bendy Tripod Thing: ↠ Alw...!
Channel Title : djvlad Views : 25941 DisLikes : 52 Published Date :2013-10-31T18:49:08Z - Mayor shares his thoughts on Jeremy Scotts adidas designs and also weighs on in JSs controversial Handcuff sneaker....!
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Video Multi-Camera production EXCLUSIVELY by Anton Oparin / team @ NYFW S/S 2020 #JeremyScott #Spring2020 #JeremyScott2020 #NYFW #SS20 If fashion were a candy store, Jeremy Scott would be the wide-eyed, gape-mouthed kid standing smack-dab in the middle of it. #StellaMaxwell #GraceElizabeth #CandiceSwanepoel #YasminWijnaldum Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Scott was fashion obsessed from a young age. A graduate of Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, Paris was his goal, and he starte...!
Channel Title : The Platform Views : 41068 DisLikes : 31 Published Date :2014-09-12T22:57:23Z
​​​Watch as Claire takes you behind the scenes and into the mind behind the madness at the Jeremy Scott Show! Fun fact, Miley Cyrus designed the accessories for the show. Don’t miss a video, subscribe to The Platform! ► See whats next on Maker.TV ► Lookbook with ItsMyRayeRaye ► Join The Platform! Follow us on Instagram for our favorite looks: And...!
Channel Title : Baby Mode TV Views : 3763 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2016-11-30T12:18:17Z
Introducing the Cybex Priam Wings Lux Stroller by Jeremy Scott. Renowned for challenging conventions to the core: the American designer Jeremy Scott breaks up the design customs of the fashion world, creating works of art that are visually extravagant and also functional. Having dressed various superstars such as Rihanna, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, as well as a renowned collaboration with sportswear label ADIDAS, the Creative Director of Moschino now begins a second cooperation with CYBEX. I...!
Channel Title : Lily Aldridge Views : 48519 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2019-09-24T17:36:17Z
#ThatOneTime I found out 24 hours beforehand that I would be opening Jeremy Scott’s show at fashion week… and it was AMAZING!!! I wanted to give you a peek at the MAGIC that is the backstage of a runway show - I got to wear an electric-blue wig , some super gorge glam & 80s-inspired rocker looks (which is also one of my favorite music eras). Thank you Jeremy for transforming me into a rock star!! 🤘🏽🌈💃🏻😘 Subscribe! ➡️⬅️ Jeremy Sco...!
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Unboxing de los tenis adidas Jeremy scott JSWINS3.0 si les gusto el video un LIKE ;) Mis redes sociales FB: JessBlack Instagram: JessGackt...!
Channel Title : cybex_global Views : 4309 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2013-05-13T09:26:28Z
Jeremy Scott has created a collection for CYBEX, that is as colorful, loud and unique as the man who designed it: He took pizza and other fast-food classics and transformed them into irresistibly cute comic characters that dance around on strollers, car seat and carrier. See the official video from the global launch party of the CYBEX by Jeremy Scott collection in London and enjoy some backstage atmosphere with Jeremy and friends! See the full CYBEX by Jeremy Scott collection including the st...!
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Stars and Stripes edition...!
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14 day Carnivore Diet experiment my personal thoughts - experience - drawbacks - and advice to you Find this episode on iTunes at the link below: Become a supporter of this podcast, click the link below to subscribe: If you dig the podcast, drop us a 5 star review! Want a topic covered? Just message us and we will make it happen! This channel is dedicated FOR YOU! To help ...!
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We have teamed up with pop culture king Jeremy Scott to create an exclusive eight-piece collection. A mix of iconic UGG Classic and heritage styles updated with the bold and playful wit of Jeremy Scott. From the Classic Short Jewel which features hand sewn beads and jewelled hardware chosen by Jeremy, to the Classic Short Flames with fiery red and yellow embroidered signature flames. Click to see more:!
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HUGE Jeremy Scott fw15 SNEAKER HAUL Thanks for watching! Dont forget to subscribe to see more from my channel :) Follow me on instagram: Follow me on Twitter: facebook: lots of love! Dacob xoxo...!
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Official trailer for new documentary Jeremy Scott: The Peoples Designer Official trailer for new documentary Jeremy Scott: The Peoples Designer Official trailer for new documentary Jeremy Scott: The Peoples Designer Official trailer for Jeremy Scott: The... Official trailer for Jeremy Scott: The... Official trailer for Jeremy Scott: The......!

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