Josef Albers

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Josef Albers transformed the teaching of art and design in the 20th century by asserting that the process of making and looking at art is more important than the finished product. “Art is not an object, art is an experience” is a simple and profound idea we still contend with today. For Albers, in artmaking, ideas are borne of material and perceptual possibilities and limitations. The same was true for his teaching: any theoretical position had to be formed and reformed through events in the...!
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Josef Albers is known for his endless study and teaching of Interaction of Color. We think we know what we see but color can change each other. Josef Albers is the man to tell you otherwise. In his book Interaction of Color, Josef Albers explains, but especially gives you exercises and tells you the only way to learn is to do. With his series of paintings Homage to the square and his optical illusions he is put into the art movement Op Art or Optical Art. When you look at his paintings I can und...!
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CAW Drawing + Painting faculty member Fritz Horstman guides students through exercises from Josef Albers’ book Interaction of Color using colors and materials from home. This video is a recording of a live Zoom demonstration held on April 28, 2020. For more information on CAWs online offerings, visit!
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Channel Title : Yale Press Views : 24056 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2014-03-25T14:19:45Z Color in Practice: Artist and Teacher Anoka Faruquee talks about incorporating concepts from Josef Albers Interaction of Color into her painting classes. Watch more videos like this in the full version of the Josef Albers Interaction of Color app: Packed with elegant and innovative features, the app helps students understand the books ideas, view the plates, experiment, and create and share yo...!
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Learn how colors react differently based on what is around them !...!
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Working from Josef Albers’s book Interaction of Color, we will experiment with colors that you may already have around your home. We will try our hands at exercises that Albers invented in his time teaching at the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College and Yale, such as One-Color-Becomes-Two, Reversed Grounds, and Afterimage. Before the session begins, please gather the following materials. The more colors the better. Old magazines, gift wrap and packaging (we’ll be finding flat colorful areas tha...!
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At the Yale Presidential Inauguration Symposia on October 12th 2013, Anoka Faruqee, Associate Professor of Painting/Printmaking at Yale University, presented a lecture entitled, Color in Context: Revisiting Albers. In 1963, Josef Albers published his masterwork, Interaction of Color via Yale University Press, as a limited silkscreen edition. Fifty years later, the original volume and its various descendants continue to enlighten and delight art students, instructors, designers, and artists. Th...!
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As promised I follow up the lesson color arrays in Illustrator with the lesson on making the Dick Nelson Color Matrix. Skip to 5:30 in if you want to skip the *reasons* for the color matrix and jump right in to the tutorial. This tutorial assumes you have watched the first one, and I spare no time talking about keyboard shortcuts or specifics- I assume you know how to use illustrator. The power of the color matrix is that it is always a perfectly harmonious palette. Every color is aware of e...!
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Interaction of Color — Josef Albers iconic book that taught legions of students and professionals alike how to think creatively about color — has been given a modern makeover as an iPad app, just in time for the 50th anniversary of its publication by Yale University Press....!
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On the occasion of the exhibition Josef Albers Minimal Means, Maximum Effect at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Director Nicholas Fox Weber of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation gives a presentation of and valuable insight into a selection of works in the exhibition. The exhibition is curated in collaboration with Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Bethany, CT, and Fundación Juan March, Madrid, Spain. A catalog, To Tricks, No Twinkling of the Eyes is published by HOK on the occasion of the exhibiti...!
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Bauhaus Master of Geometric - Josef Albers (1888–1976) was an influential teacher, writer, painter, and color theorist. He was in charge of the preliminary course, where he formulated a pioneering approach to art education. Discover Josef Albers!
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Michael Murawski discusses Josef Alberss Homage to the Square: Aurora (1951-55), part of the Kemper Art Museums permanent collection. Presented in conjunction with the Museums Spotlight Series....!
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We do not own the rights to this story. Please support the official book here:!
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Esta exposición --primera retrospectiva dedicada a Josef Albers (1888-1976) en España-- está compuesta por más de un centenar de obras, además de mobiliario, objetos, fotografías y diverso material documental. Su obra está absolutamente regida por una economía de medios que constituye el auténtico principio rector de su práctica artística. La exposición explora también el proceso del trabajo artístico y la labor pedagógica, teórica y práctica de Josef Albers. La muestra ha sido ...!
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Michael Coe, Nicholas Fox Weber, Mary Miller, and Jennifer Reynolds-Kaye Thursday, February 2, 2017, 5:30 pm Celebrate the opening of the special exhibition Small-Great Objects: Anni and Josef Albers in the Americas with an evening conversation moderated by Jennifer Reynolds-Kaye, curator of the exhibition and the Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman–Joan Whitney Payson Senior Fellow, Education Department. Learn about the importance of the Alberses as collectors from Michael Coe, the Charles J. MacC...!
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In 1950, Albers an inspiring art teacher began what would become his signature series, the Homage to the Square. Over the next 26 years, he produced hundreds of variations on the basic compositional scheme of three or four squares set inside each other. In 1965, he wrote of the series: ‘They all are of different palettes, and, therefore, so to speak, of different climates. Choice of the colours used, as well as their order, is aimed at an interaction - influencing and changing each other forth...!
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Nicholas Fox Weber, director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, will evoke the personality and sensibilities of Josef Albers, the Bauhaus faculty member, through reflections on his personal acquaintance with Albers at Yale as well as descriptions of recent projects by the Albers Foundation that affirm the Bauhaus spirit of design and continue its commitment to improving human life generally. Toshiko Mori, Robert P. Hubbard Professor in the Practice of Architecture, will share her recent pr...!
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Laura Martínez de Guereñu reconstruye el viaje por Europa que Josef Albers realizó en el verano de 1929 junto a Paul Klee y Wassily Kandinsky, tiempo en el que visitó Barcelona para conocer los espacios expositivos y el pabellón de Mies van der Rohe en la Exposición Internacional. La inspiración arquitectónica que le produciría este viaje quedó patente en sus fotografías y en su nuevo tipo de pintura sobre vidrio de superficie gris. Conferencia del ciclo Entorno a Josef Albers, con ...!
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🔲 Our next artistic style dives into the colorful works of Josef Albers. We use his painting and printing style found in White Line Squares XIII (in our permanent collection) to dissect our image of The California Golden Poppy and hone in on the colors of the photo. To view Albers work in our collection visit Image: Josef Albers (aka Joseph Albers), White Line Squares XIII, 1966–70. Lithograph on paper, 21 x 21 in. (53.34 x 53.34 cm). Collection of San José Museum of ...!
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In the second installment of their two-parter on color theory, the Babes discuss the color experiments of Josef Albers, explore the connection between color and emotion, and get weepy about the tragic life of van Gogh. Artists discussed: Josef Albers, Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter, Eugene Delacroix, & Vincent van Gogh. Extra Episodes: Subscribe on iTunes: Insta: @arthistory...!
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Josef Albers Sunny Side Up January 13 - March 10, 2017 24 Grafton Street, David Zwirner, London...!
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Josef Albers had enormous influence as a teacher, writer, painter and color theorist. First a student, then a master, at the legendary Bauhaus in Germany, he immigrated to the United States, where he taught at Black Mountain College and Yale University. His wife, Anni Albers, was considered one of the foremost textile artists of the twentieth century. JOSEF AND ANNI ALBERS: ART IS EVERYWHERE is the first and only documentary to revel the work and the lives of the artists in tandem. It includes ...!
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Based from the teachings of Josef Albers, I will demonstrate how to how to make two colors look the same by changing the ground color. Josef Albers called this illusion “Subtraction of Color”....!
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Josef Albers (19 de marzo de 1888 - 26 de marzo de 1976) fue un artista y profesor alemán cuyo trabajo, tanto en Europa como en los Estados Unidos, creó la base de algunos de los programas de educación artística más influyentes del siglo XX....!
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Nicholas Fox Weber, director at The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, presents Josef Albers: Minimal Means, Maximum Effect, first comprehensive exhibition about Josef Albers (1888-1976) in Spain. Comprising more than one hundred works of art in addition to furniture, objects, photographs, and a range of documentary material, the exhibition has been devised and developed over the last years in close collaboration with The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation (Bethany, Connecticut). More about the ex...!
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This months must reads will be all about my favorite obsession: Color! ——— Expand for Links ——— Must Reads, published every Month, is comprised of a short list of art-related articles, books, YouTube videos, TV shows, Movies and Podcasts that are worth a look. Check out last month’s must reads Mentioned How we see color - Colm Kelleher What...!
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Nicolas Fox Weber, Director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, explores day-to-day life at the Bauhaus: the personal relationships, the struggles and even the scandals. Showing little-known images of Bauhauslers frolicking on the beach, sitting around a samovar, parading at costume parties, and even feigning lovers duels, Weber sets the enjoyment and challenges of Bauhaus life in context. More Bauhaus? Pushing the boundaries of theatre, dance, film, music and visu...!
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This video is about Josef Albers and how colors work together to create feelings....!
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Josef Albers’s innovative approach to photography remains an underappreciated aspect of his career. Josef Albers in Mexico brings together never-before-seen photographs and collages taken by the artist during his frequent trips to Mexico, offering a new perspective of his most celebrated abstract works. Josef Albers in Mexico is on view at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum November 3, 2017–April 4, 2018....!
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Josef Albers Bottrop 1888 - New Haven/Connecticut 1976 The German-American painter and art teacher Josef Albers was born in Bottrop on March 19, 1888. In 1905 he trained to be a teacher in Langenhorst and Büren and worked in Büren up until 1913. From 1913 to 1915 he attended the Königliche Kunstschule in Berlin, where he also took the examination for art teachers. He moved to Essen in 1916 and attended the School of Arts and Crafts until 1919. Afterwards he attended the Munich Academy and...!
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By Carol Schwartzott. Letterpress printed on Somerset Rag with monoprinted color; typefaces used : New Century Schoolbook and Bauhaus--Colophon. Limited edition of 10, numbered and signed by Carol Schwartzott. Four hand-sewn sections bound in accordion-folded format pasted to back cover. The cover is made of cloth covered board with colored paste paper lining. Issued in four hinged board box covered with purple linen cloth, secured with blue ribbon....!
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GUARDA IL VIDEO INTEGRALE SU: Josef Albers, Sublime Optics. Fondazione Stelline, Milano, dal 25/9/2013 al 6/1/2014 Videoproduzione UnDo.Net per Fondazione Stelline, ottobre 2013. Riprese e regia Domenico Palma...!
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What was your favorite Josef Albers quote? Like and leave a comment below, then jump over to and make a list of your favorites, so youll never forget! We update our Twitter and Facebook with new quotes every few minutes, dont miss out! | If you enjoyed these quotes, please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! Who is Josef Albers? A German-born American artist and educator whose work, both in Euro...!
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Interactions of colors...!
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Josef Albers Interaction of Color....!
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Bauhaus 3D Paper Structure: Spiral Exercise Bauhaus philosophy centered on the act of building. Artist and Bauhaus master Josef Albers challenged his students to think deeply about the art of construction by using a single sheet of paper to create a 3D design. Explore how one of these designs was created, and then build your own 3D structure. Considered one of the most influential schools of art and design of the 20th century, the Bauhaus forged a unique educational vision that blended theory ...!
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Trailer for film by Anoka Faruqee Josef Albers transformed the teaching of art and design in the 20th century by asserting that the process of making and looking at art is more important than the finished product. “Art is not an object, art is an experience” is a simple and profound idea we still contend with today. For Albers, in artmaking, ideas are borne of material and perceptual possibilities and limitations. The same was true for his teaching: any theoretical position had to be formed ...!

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