Josephine Wall

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Painter Josephine wall talks about her work at the Elf Fantasy Fair Arcen 2009 Language: English!
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First of all, I want to say that I do not own anything, I just made this video for fun and I just wanted to share people Josephine Walls incredible paintings. Enjoy her art, rate and comment :)...!
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This video is Josephine Wall talking about her art, her life and her inspiration. It was produced by Courtyard of Romance the company who worked with Josephine Wall to produce her first book titled The Fantasy Worl of Josephine Wall We hope you enjoy this video. For more information about Josephine Wall Visit!
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The Fantasy World of Josephine Wall. Her paintings are mainly fantasies, influenced and inspired by the illustrative talents of Arthur Rackam, the surrealism of artists such as Magritte and Dali, and the romanticism of the pre-Raphaelites, which combined with her own imaginative ideas has led to a wide and varied range of work....!
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A selection of some of the wonderful paintings made by Josephine Wall with one of my favourite relaxing songs, I hope you like it ;-)...!
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♪ music : by Vincent Bruley and by Yanni ♪ Peintures surréalistes et romantiques Surreal and romantic paintings...!
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Welcome back to my channel! And of course hi if you’re new here! This is part 2 of a 2 part unboxing from Diamond Painting Deutschland! This is the first time I have ever ordered from this website and so far, it looks good! The drills look to be excellent quality and the canvas is super clear! If there is anything you’d like to know about this canvas that I didnt cover, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Ordered on 28th May Posted on 29th...!
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Josephine Wall fairy fantasy artist displays her art at the Enchanted Manor Hotel (Bed and breakfast) in the Isle of Wight, UK. See reviews for this magical hotel (Enchanted Manor) through Trip Advisor!
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I own nothing of this. All credits belongs to real owners. No copyright infrigment intended. My understanding of the lyrics of this extraordinary song (Osvrt na Hrvatskom je ispod...) Sweet allure can be understood as Maya, The Goddess of Illusion, mentioned in the ancient scriptures of India. These scriptures suggest that the true Reality for the proper human being is the one expressed in aphorism: athato brahma jijnasa; Now, in the human form of life, it is time to inquire about Brahman, t...!
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Music By Enya: Caribbean Blue Josephine Wall Josephine was born in Farnham, Surrey, England in 1947. Educated at Farnham and Parkstone Grammar Schools, her family moved to Poole, Dorset when she was 14. Her paintings are mainly fantasies, influenced and inspired by the illustrative talents of Arthur Rackam, the surrealism of artists such as Magritte and Dali, and the romanticism of the pre-Raphaelites, which combined with her own imaginative ideas has led to a wide and varied range of ...!
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Music : Loreena McKennitt - All souls night Josephine Wall (born May 1947) is a popular English fantasy artist and sculptor. Educated at Farnham and Parkstone (Dorset) grammar schools, she studied fine art at Bournemouth College and worked at Poole Pottery as a designer and painter of Delphis Ware[1]. Her pottery figures include characters from Tolkiens Lord of the Rings and mythological creatures. Pieces of this work now feature in a book on the history of Poole Pottery. Her paintings are ma...!
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My favorite fantasy artist is Josephine Wall, her work is so enchanting. I fell in love with her artwork the very first time I saw it. I am proud and happy to say I became and always be a member of the Wall Clan These are only but a few of her imaginative artworks and I hope you enjoy them as much as I. A brief message regarding the music...when I first uploaded the video (6 years ago) it was accepted as is, with the music I originally used (Enya). A short time later I was contacted by YouTube r...!
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In this video I unbox my long wanted and saved up for Josephine Wall diamond painting with 215 colors 84x64 cm. The painting is licensed from Josephine Wall and the copyrigth belongs to her. Link to the painting - there are many others amazing paintings:!
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**CLICK to subscribe: //MY NEW BOOK// What is your experience with dream journaling? Let me know in the comments below. ~*~SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL~*~ ~*~MEDIUM~*~ ~*~INSTAGRAM~*~ @shethewriter ~*~FACEBOOK~*~ ~*~WEBSITE/BLOG~*~ ~*~FIVERR~*~ http://...!
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Song is, Deanash, from the CD, Fairy Heart Magic by Gary Stadler. Copyright MM Sequoia Records. CD purchased from All images were taken from the internet and are the work of Josephine Wall; ....!
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This vid is dedicated to my dear and best friend ( eliasloverin on youtube ) she is as enchanted as I am of the Josephine Wall art. So its just a little thank you for her. The art of J.W. is very cailm so its not because of missing creativity that the vid is kept very simple. The reason is that calmness and silence are better to use for this than action. Although I think its well done. Please watch it till the end , because I think it developes itself over the video. Im so sorry about the yout...!
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Endlich habe ich mir das Bild gegönnt und freue mich schon wenn ich es in 44 Jahren endlich machen kann :D Ich habe das Video neu gemacht, weil es mir einfach nicht gefallen hat. Daher ein neuer Upload. Ich hoffe es gefällt euch trotzdem :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Falls ihr Fragen habt, werft einen Blick in diese Playlist. Ich beantworte Fragen die ich sehr häufig gestellt bekomme. Eventuell sind auc...!
Channel Title : Coloring with Alena Views : 537 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-04-13T15:40:02Z Disclaimer: This video was made in educational purposes. All copyrights to the pictures belong to J.Wall Enchanted fairies Coloring Book flip through - Amazon - Bookdepository - Celestial Art: The Fantastic Art of Josephine Wall (Gothic Dreams) - Celestial Journeys by Josephine Wall Wall Calendar 2020 (Art Calendar) - Josephine Wall Magic Jigsa...!
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Josephine Wall fantasy and visual art. Photos, Music, Yakuro From childhood Josephine has had a passion for light and colour, fantasy and visual story telling. The life of a painter was clearly her destiny! Enchanting and detailed images flow freely from her imagination in an endless cascade of ideas. Her first employment after leaving Art College was at Poole Pottery, where she painted the dynamic and boldly coloured d...!
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Peintures de Josephine Wall, peintre visionnaire Musique de Michel Pépé...!
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Enchanted Fairies by Josephine Wall Amazon - Bookdepository - Ways to support channel: Patreon page - Ko-fi (one-time donation) - AmazonUSA Influencer shop - **************************************** For collaboration, please contact me at [email protected] ********************************...!
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Welcome to Lavender Cottage Tarot. A supportive place where you can receive healing, guidance and clarity about your lifes journey through the self care tool of tarot. As your tarot reader it is my goal to guide you on your lifes story, while allowing you to get to know your soul self at a deep and profound level. I will use tarot and oracle cards to give intuitive and tangible answers to the questions you have regarding love, career, financial, and general life readings as well. My hope is to l...!
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Dank der kleinen Hilfe am Samstag konnte ich dieses Bild bestellen. Vorweg: Ich würde jedem empfehlen sich die Seite anzusehen. Alles was ich bemengelte, führt nicht dazu, dass es unklebbar oder absoluter Mist ist. Wie erwähnt, ist es meckern auf höchstem Niveau. Ich bin sehr überrascht über die Qualität und habe meine Mengellatte wegen dem Preis sehr hoch geschraubt. Alles in allem ein tolles Painting, mit dem ich sicherlich freude haben werde. Stream: In...!
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Hallo ihr Lieben, hier ein Unboxing Video zum Thema Diamond Painting. Viel Spaß beim anschauen. Mein Gamingkanal: Instagram: rinaninajackson / phoenixfeathermink Die gezeigten Produkte sind selbst gekauft. Ich werde nicht gesponsert. Wegen der gezeigten Produkte habe ich das Video als Dauerwerbesendung gekennzeichnet....!
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LINKS TO BUY ENCHANTED FAIRIES BY JOSEPHINE WALL ARE BELOW:- Buy on Amazon US here Buy on Amazon UK here Buy on Amazon Ca here: Worldwide Book Depository here: (in stock now) See the full review here: Paper: 150gsm paper If you enjoyed this video I would love it if you LIKED subscribed and shared with your friends. My new Instagram account is here - My ...!
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Es ist ein Unboxing Video zum Josephine Wall Bild mit dem Titel 4 Jahreszeiten Baum von Diamond Painting Deutschland Bildgrösse 100 x 75 cm Bestehend aus Steinen mit 300 Farben abgepackt in Wiederverwendbare Zip-Beuteln Lieferzeit unnomal Fix Kontrolliert und alle Steine vorhanden. P.s. - Problem mit dem Sprung an dem großen Schiffchen ( Schale ) wurden mit Verkäufer Fix und Problemlos geklärt. Das Video enthält unbezahlte Werbung Bild wurde von mir gekauft und bezahlt. Bewertungen be...!
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In diesem Video zeige ich euch, wie meine Vorbereitung aussieht für ein 300 Farben Bild. Link zum Bild wo Ihr es kaufen könnt. Video enthält UNBEZAHLTE Werbung...!
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Enchanted Fairies Josephine Wall Delve into the intricate detail of Josephine Walls exquisite paintings and connect with the magical worlds depicted in her art.(Amazon) Can be purchased here Amazon (this is an affiliate link and I do make a small percentage from the sales from this link) ***My Favorite Product List*** (these are affiliate links and I do make a small percentage from the sales from these links) *Copic markers *Xpress it blending c...!
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A tribute to the beautiful and stunning artwork of my favourite artist, Josephine Wall. Set to So Magical by ATC....!
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Review and comparison of these three oracle decks with art by Josephine Wall....!
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Dedicato a mia figlia e ispirato a questo suo scritto : Mi volto e alle mie spalle vedo una ragazzina; ha i capelli lunghi, le sfiorano il viso. Indossa un vestito a fiori. Mi sorride, è felice. Guardo davanti a me, cè una donna dagli occhi grandi e scuri. Non è ancora madre, ma il suo cuore è pieno di attesa. Mi guarda...le manca poco per essere felice...è solo una questione di tempo, dice con voce sottile. Io le guardo entrambe, sorrido, e spero. [email protected] Jo...!
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A video of the fabulous fantasy artwork of Josephine Wall, she is one of my favorite fantasy artists....!
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Женщина это особый Мир | Картины фэнтези Жозефины Уолл. Pictures Josephine Wall. Жозефина Уолл (Josephine Wall) создает #картины в стиле #фэнтези Они красивы и добры, наполнены своеобразным очарованием, особым женским миром, #женщина как Богиня, дарит ощущение погружения в счастливые детские...!
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Dauerwerbesendung - unbezahlt, selbst gekauft Hallo ihr Lieben, heute gibt es mal wieder ein Unboxing von einem Josephine Wall Bild. Diesmal habe ich das Call of the Sea für euch. Viel Spaß beim anschauen. Mein zweiter Kanal: Hauls, Produktvorstellungen etc.: Mein Gamingkanal: Instagram: rinaninajackson / phoenixfeathermink Diamond Painting Deut...!
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BOOK DETAILS: Paperback: 96 pages Language: English ISBN-10: 0738757527 ISBN-13: 978-0738757520 ..................................................... Where to order ------------------------------------------------------------------- Are u CoBoHolic too?? Lets be friends!! 😉 Instagram Facebook!
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Dauerwerbesendung - unbezahlt, selbst gekauft Hallo ihr Lieben, heute habe ich mal wieder ein paintet mit mir Video. Ich painte heute weiter an meinem Josephine Wall Spirit of flight. Mein zweiter Kanal: Mein Gamingkanal: Instagram: rinaninajackson / phoenixfeathermink Mit welcher Kamera 🎥 filmst du? Panasonic LUMIX G DMC-G70KAEGK Wie lange pain...!
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Seit ihrer Kindheit hat Josephine Wall eine Leidenschaft für Licht und Farbe, für Fantasie und dafür, Geschichten für das Auge zu erzählen. Das Leben als Malerin war ohne Zweifel vom Schicksal für sie bestimmt! Bezaubernde und detailreiche Bilder entspringen ihrer lebhaften Vorstellungskraft und werden zu einem endlosen Fluss von Ideen. Einen großen Teil der Inspiration für ihre mystischen Bilder zieht sie aus der genauen Beobachtung der Natur und dem Interesse an ihrer Erhaltung. ...!
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Falls ihr Fragen habt, werft einen Blick in diese Playlist. Ich beantworte Fragen die ich sehr häufig gestellt bekomme. Eventuell sind auch eure Fragen dabei. Bei Diamond Painting Deutschland bekommt ihr viele Werkzeuge und Lagermöglichkeiten für fast den selben Preis. Diamond Painting Deutschland: https:/...!
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song by:Enya - Caribbean Blue art by:Josephine Wall...!
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Test für Beschreibung Link für Diamond Painting Deutschland: Falls ihr mich unterstützen wollt könnt ihr hier spenden!

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