Keyboard And Harp

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Acoustic guitar - 0:44 Banjo - 6:39 Orchestral Strings - 9:45 Choir - 13:06 Flute - 15:17 Saxophone - 17:32 Trumpet - 20:14 Harp - 22:33 Marimba - 25:20 Electric Bass - 26:49 Synth rack expander: Kurzweil K2500RS MIDI controller keyboard: M-Audio Axiom 61 The Handel piece is from the Passacaglia from the Suite No.7 in G minor, HWV432 - the italian children of my generation all learned that Händel piece from the RAI interval - it was magical and hypnotic to us (the music with photos of towns f...!
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My other half told me she imagined a Japanese love story with this in the background. Hope you enjoy this music played on the sound of a harp, relaxing I hope also....!
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This a harp improvisation I recorded on my keyboard. Very relaxing and meditative. I used garageband....!
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The glass armonica is a musical instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin, that works on the wet-finger-around-the-wine-glass idea....!
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Minuet of Forest from Zelda Ocarina of Time Inspired by Spencers Ocarinas version. Harp (finally a real one): Nadia Gigandet Strings and ocarina: Me on Korg Kronos Please thumb up and share if you like this version. Enjoy !...!
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So happy I found this instrument! Subscribe → Thanks to XLN for sponsring, check out XO here: Merch is back! Learn more about production & music theory with this playlist: Support my work on Patreon and be the first to get all my new music: ★ FOLLOW ME HERE ★ Instagram Twitter ...!
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Cmaj (0:15) - D (0:30) - E (0:45) - F (1:00) - G (1:15) Am (1:30) - B (1:45) - C (2:00) - D (2:15) - E (0:00) Play Rhodes on YouTube! Use Keyboard Buttons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 0. Mobile users Please use pinned comment. #YouTubeHarp #PlayHarpWithKeyboard #PlayHarpYoutube -- This YouTube video is an interactive video where you can simply use your computer keyboard and mouse to play the YouTube Harp. Instructions: Play the video and use your computer keyboard (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) keys to play...!
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World Bach Competition prizes are generously sponsored by Robertson & Sons Violin Shop WBC High School: Keyboard & Plucked Inst | Victoriia Smetana, harp J.S. Bach–Suite for Lute BWV 996 Prelude Allemande Courante World Bach Competition is presented by Boulder Bach Festival, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.!
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ICStation - DIY Kit C51 MCU Laser Harp Kit String Electronic Keyboard Kit DIY Module Electric Production Sensor Music Controller Item ID: 13056 made 15% off coupon for me and my fans to show their support for my work: Code: zolics Discount Amount: 15% off Max Use: 1 (one for per user) Amount Limit: 300 The Hungarian children song played in the video: ...!
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“Elegant City” featuring The Fractal Harp Mark2 The tune features the newly minted upright version of the Fractal Harp. This performance was tracked live, in real-time keeping the intro/top of the piece (written on the instrument (s)) somewhat sparse and basic so you’d get the gist of what the Fractal Harp is and how it works. The Fractal Harp Mark2: The new prototype features a 28-string pivoting slide harp/guitar  ergonomically fused with a 5-string bass guitar, midi keyboard and oth...!
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World Bach Competition prizes are generously sponsored by Robertson & Sons Violin Shop WBC University: Keyboard & Plucked Inst | Marina Tiffany, harp J.S. Bach–Partita for Violin Solo, BWV 1004 Giga World Bach Competition is presented by Boulder Bach Festival, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.!
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Check my brand new album: Official video: Making of: Live music video by Madis performing Carrying The Fire Written, composed, produced and performed by Madis. Video produced and edited by Madis-Music. © 2019 Madis-Music Buy MP3: Spotify: iTunes:!
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Tetris Piano (Keyboard) with Harp sound...!
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Musician and instrument builder Tom Kaufmann recorded The River is Wide on piano, then played along on the 3rd generation of his friction harp, and harmonica...!
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!!!! Pre-order a Laser Harp: !!! Tetris theme (my own remix) on Laser Harp. DOUBLE SPEED VIDEO!: How does it work? : ---- MORE Laser Harp & THEREMIN videos : ----- On Soundcloud: [UPDATE] Soundcloud download limit reached... available now on BandCamp The...!
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Traditional Harp Air/Waltz by Turough OCarolan (1670 - 1738) Irelands most ronowned harper. I play it using keyboard harp voice, adding harpsichord and strings....!
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ROCK VERSION: Live version, practice needed. Look for improvements later. Well use this as the before video, since I have had no lessons and havent practised in years. I am exploring the possibility that knowing a little bit about composers helps you play better, so I am including some research here: Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the most acclaimed and influential composers of all time, was the German composer and virtuoso pianist who was also famed for being somewh...!
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Second in a series of reviews of the new sound set from Sibelius 7....!
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Free sheet music is here along with the other Zelda games (And other games too):!
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Wasco composition performed on Wasco invention...!
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I love my keyboard...!
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သီခ်င္း သစၥာမၿပတ္ေၾကး (Thit Sar Ma Pyat Kyay) is a song about a love that transcends distance and time, and the promise to love with utmost devotion. Ni Ni Khin Zaw’s classic rendition of it was one of my first experiences listening to Myanmar pop when I started my journey in Myanmar in 2016. It’s been one of my favorites ever since and I’ve always wanted to perform it sometime. Esther DCS’s winning performance of it on Myanmar Idol made it a ear...!
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First, I recorded the song Silent Night on a harp, then played the same on a small keyboard hooked up to Apple Garage Band. I added special sound effects & synthesizer, as found in their program, and free for use. * The background video footage, I purchased for use....!
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Thank you to our Patreon supporters for making this video possible! You can join our Patreon community for exclusive sneak peeks and rewards here: Here is our take of a Peanuts / Charlie Brown classic - Our outfits (and dancing) in this video are an homage to “3 and 4” – the twin characters in the comics and cartoons! As some of you may know, we’re also classically trained in piano. We’ve had many requests to include piano/keyboard in a video, so here...!
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Warm greeting for all of you 😉😉😉 Wish you a joyful time with your loved ones. Thank God for His abundant love and blessing. Special thanks for Ms. Lystia Christianti for the nice music arrangement and Bunglon Network for the recording and video making. May you enjoy this video 🤗 Instagram : @vanessa.jazzy Email : [email protected]!
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Keyboards & Harp walkthrough for ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials (7 of 8) ProjectSAM Cinematic Sampling!
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Thanks for listening. Visit my website at e-mail me at [email protected] Copyright 2019 by Jeffrey Scott Morgan. All rights reserved. Composed and produced by Jeffrey Scott Morgan....!
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Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Concerto for String Orchestra, Trumpets, Keyboard, and Harp: Andante Drammatico-Allegro Moderato; Fantasia; Andante Espressivo; Allegro Robusto · Robert Hall Lewis · Philharmonia Orchestra · Nuala Herbert · John Miller · William Stokes · David Mason · John Wallace · Michael Reeves Music of Robert Hall Lewis ℗ 1989 Anthology of Recorded Music, Inc. Released on: 2007-01-01 Auto-generated by YouTube....!
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String Ensemble+harp (improvise)...!
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The Pixies Where Is My Mind arranged by Maxence Cyrin. This cover is the harp setting on a keyboard. Gotta get that harp in there....!
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Having fun on the keyboard...!
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Ron Parrish steel-string Harp & Keyboard Music 528 Hz -Improv...!
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Me playing Super Mario Bros 3 Death Soundtrack on Keyboard (harp sound)....!
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My Cover of Zeldas lullaby with the keyboard: I set the setting to Harp c: notes are C, D, C, D, G, C, A, D; C, D, C, D, G, C, D; F,E,D,C,F,E,D,C,D. I played it by ear without looking at sheet music...!
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Choose HYPE Credit Card! Free 10€ with this link: CANALE OFFERTE TELEGRAM: @offerteamazonalex Costruzione e recensione di un Organo Laser! :-)...!
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เพลงจากการ์ตูนครับ จังหวะอาจไม่เป๊ะนะครับ 55555555555555555555...!
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Live to tape recordings of solo pieces in times of Corona lockdown by the members of Ensemble Musikfabrik. Lockdown Tape #18 with Ulrich Löffler, piano Janet Sinica, video Check for more....!
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Harp Keyboard praise music Ps Suzy Antoun Rivers of Living Water...!
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Andrey Vinogradov - composition, arrangement...!
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Bom...mais um vídeo novo *-* Dessa vez tocando Lyras Song do anime Fairy Tail, como a música é tocada em harpa e vocal resolvi usar o som da harpa para ficar mais parecido com o original, como foi tirada a base de ouvido e youtube perdoem caso eu tenha errado algo, espero que gostem :3 ...................................................................................... vídeo yeah \o/ This time playing Lyras Song of Fairy Tail, as music is played on harp and vocals I decided to ...!
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Get an overview of the beautiful harp in Iconica Sections & Players. Iconica is a HALion library which can be used with the free HALion Sonic SE plug-in in every DAW (VST, AAX, AU) or with HALion Sonic SE 3 and HALion 6. Learn more about Iconica Sections & Players or check out the trial at: We hope you find this video entertaining and useful. If you like what you see, please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Thank you. Your Steinberg YouTube Team Check...!
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