Knit Dishcloth Patterns

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In this video, I show you how to do the basic knit stitch and make a simple dishcloth. Written instructions for this pattern and others: Id love to see your projects! Share them with me: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Thanks for watching my video! If you have any questions, leave a comment below :) Janelle xo ---------------------------------------------------- Music: Sunnyside by Nicolai Heidlas...!
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Learn how to knit a farmhouse kitchen dishcloth with this simple, beginner pattern commonly known as Grandmothers Favorite Dishcloth. Because of its simplicity, this is one of those patterns you can just mindlessly knit without having to pay much attention at all once you get those needles moving. Its truly the perfect dishcloth pattern for even the most inexperienced knitter and I promise that once you try one, youll be knitting up your own stacks too! Materials: Pair of size 4 knitting need...!
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Come join Bonnie Barker as she teaches you how to knit the EASY BEGINNERS Two-Stitch Dish Cloth! For this project you will need 1 ball of worsted weight cotton yarn and a size 7/4.5 mm set of knitting needles. For more crochet with Bonnie, please check out these links: Love Crafts On-line Store: Website/blog: Facebook: Bonnies books: Bon...!
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Want to learn to knit a dishcloth with bobbles that look like tiny berries? Stacey takes you through the key steps to making your very own Loganberry Dishcloth. Free pattern available here:!
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I am offering this tutorial (pattern + instructional videos) for FREE! This is a traditional pattern, not my own design, that has been used for generations. I am presenting this for beginning knitters who would like to learn this technique, and to give a free sample of my video tutorials. Free pattern download is available here: The needles I use in the video are made of bamboo, by Crystal Palace!
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Diamond Brocade Knit Dishcloth || Easy Hand Knit Dishcloth Pattern Follow along with the free pattern here: Needles I used are: 🌟 SUBSCRIBE so you can stay up to date with all my new videos. 🥰 Share your project with me on social media! #MarlyBird. 🧶 NEW Chic Shee...!
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Easy Textured Knit Dishcloth || Great Stash Buster Dishcloth || Beginner Tutorial Dishcloth As seen in the community classroom online with Michaels, Marly teaches you how to knit the Textured Knit Dishcloth. This is a free pattern from Get the free pattern and all the details you need for this video here: Needles I used are:!
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Grandmothers Favorite Dishcloth Knitting Pattern Tutorial. Eight years ago I shared a free knitting pattern on my blog that is great for beginners. In the past eight years, this has been one of my most-visited posts, and I have received many questions about it. Today I thought I would teach you how to knit this very simple beginner dishcloth pattern. Grandmothers favorite dishcloth is a basic beginning knitting pattern that is easy to knit! READ THE BLOG POST FOR MORE INFO AND PATTERN HERE:...!
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Interested in knitting a ZickZack Dishcloth? Stacey takes you through all the steps you need to learn to create this stunning dishcloth, today! Free pattern here:!
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The Beach House Knitted Dishcloth is the perfect pattern to add a pop of color to your kitchen!  This step by step video tutorial shows you exactly how to go from start to finish on this project.  This video tutorial goes over: 1. Casting on 2. How to complete the knit stitch 3. Casting off 4. How to adjust the size of your dishcloth How to make a slip knot: Blog post with free written pattern:!
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Make sure to visit our online home: TaMera teaches you how to knit a dishcloth! What you need: - Size 7 Knitting Needles - Cotton Yarn - Tapestry Needle - Scissors...!
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Learn how to knit a farmhouse kitchen dishcloth with this simple pattern perfect for the beginner knitter. #knitting #knitdishcloth #knittingpattern #beginnerknitter #dishcloth #farmhousekitchen #farmhouseknit Because of its simplicity, this is one of those patterns you can just mindlessly knit without having to pay much attention at all once you get those needles moving. Its truly the perfect dishcloth pattern for even the most inexperienced knitter and I promise that once you try one, youll b...!
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Link of the pattern (Blue Dishcloth): Thank you for stopping by my universe (that revolves around knitting hehe) Comment bellow if you have a question, want to tell me how it worked out for you or anything! Got a question? Contact me: [email protected]!
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Learn the basics of knitting with this simple pattern called the Basic Dishcloth. It is simple and using only the Garter Stitch as the technique. In other words, its just the knit stitch back and forth using cotton yarns. Get the free pattern at:!
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Learn How to Knit Grandmas Favorite Dishcloth slowly for Beginners (Right Handed) Get the free pattern from GoodKnit Kisses here: How to Weave in tails in Garter Stitch - Get exclusive VIP Perks like PDF patterns, giveaways from my personal stash and members-only livestreams. Not all devices show the Join button so click this link to become a GKK VIP Member and start getting your perks today! http...!
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Instagram: smellslikeyarn Email: [email protected] Website: My Amazon Storefront The pattern can be downloaded on my website!
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Channel Title : JoannesWeb Views : 87604 DisLikes : 39 Published Date :2017-05-07T20:17:32Z (click SHOW MORE ) This is a gorgeous washcloth that can be made in a day. A perfect Mothers Day gift or just as a home decor item. ////Materials and Instructions -Materias found here: ////Instructions: Cotton Yarn #4 (Worsted) #9 knitting needles yo=yarn over Cast on 18 stitches by left hand loops. Knit 1 row with the 18 stitches. Row 1.- Knit 6, yo, knit 10 (2 stitc...!
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Here is this weeks knitting tutorial: Dishcloth or Washcloth This is not my pattern but is available for free around the interwebs. I have included it here for your convenience. The author asks that you do not sell the items you make from this pattern. Gift giving and personal use is fine! To Subscribe, click here: Pattern: No. 8 Needles (U.S.)Cast On 14 stitches and knit back 1. Knit 4, yarn over {or make a stitch}, knit, leaving 2 stitches and knit back 2. Knit 4, yar...!
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Download the FREE PDF for the Grid Stitch Dishcloth here: Buy your supply kit here: In this video we use our basic knitting skills to make my Grid Stitch Dishcloth! If you can cast on and work knit and purl stitches then with my help you will be able to also work a kfb (knit front & back) and k2tog (knit two stitches together) to create this washcloth. FREE PDF pattern is here: Supplies: • Cotton yarn • Size US 4-7 need...!
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Eric and CAT clean dishes with knitted cloths made of different yarns. We find out which is best. Its a Dishcloth Face-off! Whats on the set: Yarns: * Lily Sugar n Cream yarn * Herrschners Village Yarn Craft Cotton * Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille * Knit Picks Shine Worsted * Peaches and Creme * Lion Cotton Needles * Pink Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles Set * Knit Picks * Crystal Palace Bamboo * Swallow Casein Book Review: * Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitters Guide: Stories...!
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Ready for another super cute yet easy pattern? This easy knit and purl creates the perfect checkerboard pattern to make a super cute and usable dish cloth. If you have been looking for a pattern that is different from the rest, this is the perfect one to start with! Click Here for FULL PATTERN: AllFreeKnitting is dedicated to the best free knitting patterns, tutorials, tips and articles on knitting. From easy knitted af...!
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Want to knit a Lacy Spa Cloth? Jenny takes you through the key steps to complete a beautiful spa cloth to keep, or give as a gift! Free pattern here:!
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My Seed Stitch Secret: Heres the easiest way to knit it up! Learn the easiest way to knit the Seed Stitch without needing to keep track of your right and wrong sides of your work. SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE ► GET FREEBIES - JOIN MAILING LIST ► This vintage Seed Stitch Pattern gets its name from the raised bumps from your purl stitches resemble seeds. This 2-Row Repeat Knit Stitch Pattern is a classic reversible pattern, great for knitting scarve...!
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Learn how to knit a washcloth with this easy step-by-step Knit Washcloth DIY Tutorial for Beginners. ❤ Subscribe to my channel for more DIYs: Lately, my love for knitting has been rekindled after receiving a sweater knitting kit, finishing it, and wanted to knit MORE! I used to knit all the time before I had babies, and I had forgotten how much I loved it and how calm it makes me feel. Plus, hand-knit gifts are some of the best Ive ever receiv...!
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In this video I show you how to knit the Bee Stitch, This stitch is in the brioche family, but no need to be intimidated by that. This stitch would make a perfect placemat, wash/dishcloth, scarf or even a nice rug. This stitch is a 4 row repeat, the stitches youll need to know are: Knit stitch knit in the stitch below Give this Bee Stitch pattern a try, it goes fast and is beginner friendly! If you havent already subscribed to my channel please do so now, and if you liked this video, please gi...!
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INFORMATION: M a t e r i a l: -Cotton Yarn -2 marker stitches -6US Needles P a t t e r n: Cast on 43 stitches. Place marker stitches after the first 3 stitches and before the last 3 stitches of the project. Knit for 6 rows. Daisy Pattern Row 1: Knit. Row 2: K3, SM, K1, *P3tog [don’t drop stitches], yo, P3tog again [drop the stitches], K1; repeat from * to 2nd marker stitch, SM, K3. Row 3: Knit. Row 4: K3, SM, K1, P1, K1, *P3tog [don’t drop the stitches], yo, P3tog again [drop the stitche...!
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The Checkered Waves Knitted Dishcloth is the perfect project to brighten up your kitchen.  To learn how to make your own follow along with the video tutorial! **Pattern (free web version): **Printable PDF Pattern: **This post may contain affiliate links **Materials** - US size 9 straight knitting needles -!
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Enjoy my free collection of simple Knit Stitch Patterns with different combinations of simple knits and purl stitches. SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE ► GET FREEBIES - JOIN MAILING LIST ► LEARN MORE ON MY WEBSITE: You can create an infinite number of textures and pattern designs by knitting with just these two basic knitting techniques. Find easy knit and purl stitch patterns including stockinet...!
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Calling All Beginners! Learn How To knit the Purl Stitch! Check out our Beginner Knitting series. Knitting For Beginners - Casting On - Casting Off - Etsy Shop - T-Shirt Shop!: Visit our Website! - * Thank you so much to all the fans that have visited our Etsy Shop and purchased a pattern....!
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Click Here for FULL TUTORIAL: This fun and funky knit dishcloth is definitely the next kitchen accessory youve been wanting. This Unbelievably Easy Knit Dishcloth Pattern is an awesome knitting project that you can whip up and use in one night! The colorful and unique pattern on this DIY dishcloth will easily make it one of your favorite dishcloth patterns. Plus, you can pick any two colors you want to use so that it c...!
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Disclaimer*** During this video, I said cast on 37 stitches and I meant to say 35 stitches as the pattern is written.*** Sorry for the confusion. This tutorial is for a spa washcloth. It is beginner level. The pattern calls for all rows to be knitted except for one row. That one row consists of yo(yarn overs) and k2 (knit two together). I have shown in this video how to knit the first 8 rows only. The pattern is easy enough to complete without knitting the entire washcloth on video. I ho...!
Channel Title : All Crafts Channel Views : 47651 DisLikes : 43 Published Date :2017-01-02T17:21:52Z
This is a beautiful knit washcloth that I found while browsing the internet for knit ideas. I was searching for ideas for easy to make gifts to use as hostess gifts, housewarming, etc. I really like the shape of these washcloths. I found the pattern / post on a blog called: Here is their blog post: They have the written pattern there along with helpful tips. The site contains tons ...!
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Learn how to STOP CURLING KNITS 6.0 How to Loom Knit | Garter Stitch | Basic Dishcloth & Coasters Patterns (Right Handed) Learn to Loom Knit for absolute beginners in this How to Loom Knit Series with Kristen Mangus. 6.0 How to Loom Knit | Garter Stitch | Basic Dishcloth & Coasters Patterns. Watching this video and referencing it will set you up for success. Visit the GKK blog for more info about this How To Loom Knit video series:!
Channel Title : GoodKnitKisses Views : 32537 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2017-12-01T22:00:02Z
Make a Knit Cloth with Button for your Oven. Get the pattern and video here for the At Your Service Knit Cloth brought to you by Yarnspirations. Read more here: This kitchen towel has a tapered top and button so you can hang it right within reach. Made out of cotton yarn this cloth is washable and durable. Its also thin enough to be used as a facecloth. Happy Crafting!! Kristen at GoodKnit Kisses Website Htt...!
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NEW HERE? PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ► We’re knitting up these Lace Hearts in today’s super sweet knit stitch pattern. It’s the season of hearts! I just love the lacy holes that make up our heart pattern. BUY KNIT STITCH PATTERN BOOK ► STUDIO KNIT SHOP ON AMAZON ► FREE WRITTEN KNITTING PATTERN See also: • MINI HEART LACE PAT...!
Channel Title : Kay Pittman Knits and Crafts Views : 2106 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-01-14T13:04:39Z
Hi Everyone, In this tutorial I will be continuing with dishcloth patterns and showing you a completely different pattern than the first dish cloth. This pattern has a basic garter stitch but the boarder is completely different and has a lacey look. If you want to learn how to do more patterns of dish cloths, which you can actually use with bigger projects as well, please hit the notification bell so youll be notified when I post videos. I will have the pattern to this particular wash cloth o...!
Channel Title : Knittycats Knits Views : 1899 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2019-11-09T18:27:52Z
Video tutorial on how to knit a checkerboard dishcloth shadow knitting (or illusion knitting). The checkerboard pattern is visible when the knitted work is held at an angle. The pattern for both versions of the dishcloths shown in the video is provided below. Level: beginner Materials: Yarn: 1 skein each (2.5-3 oz or 75-90 g) of 100% cotton yarn (like Sugar-n-Lily or Peaches & Cream brands) in a lighter color (main color) and in a darker color (contrasting color). Note: the higher the contrast ...!
Channel Title : Studio Knit Views : 43133 DisLikes : 26 Published Date :2018-02-10T23:19:52Z
NEW HERE? PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ► MAILING LIST SIGN-UP ► MY STUDIO KNIT SHOP ON AMAZON ► Today were knitting up an easy Heart Stitch Pattern, perfect for beginning knitters. This knit and purl square is great for Valentines Day. Ive made dishcloths, washcloths, and even a baby blanket by piecing together the squares. #StudioKnit #knittingstitches #knitstitchpattern SAVE TO PINTEREST ► ...!
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The basic pattern is this: Cast On (or CO) 4 stitches Row 1: Knit Row 2-44: Knit 2 (or K2) Yarn over (YO) knit the rest Row 45-89: Knit 1 (K1) Knit 2 together (K2tog), Yarn Over (YO), Knit 2 together (K2TOG), knit the rest Last row: Knit 2 stitches and bring the bottom stitch over the top. Last stitch thread the yarn through. Items needed: Size 8 wood knitting needles are my favorite, like these: (best price is JoAnns with a 50% off coupon). 100% cotton Yarn, like this: ...!
Channel Title : Jayda InStitches Views : 196328 DisLikes : 110 Published Date :2016-05-20T19:17:00Z
This ancient stitch is half crochet, half knit and ALL fun! For a really unique texture, lets give the Tunisian Crochet Stitch a try together! Etsy Shop - T-Shirt Shop - Visit our Website - Subscribe, Like & Share! Thank you for your Support! :) Jayda InStitches 2016...!
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Knitting a dishcloth (pattern below). Lets see how far we can get in an hour. Using my @LouetNorthAmerica Kollage square, interchangeable knitting needles. - LIVE sewing with Alyssa on Facebook. - Facebook Live replay from 1/7/19 =========== Free embroidery pattern from Penguin & Fish: Hedgehog embroidery: Shop: Penguin & Fish Crafters group: http://...!
Channel Title : Marly Bird Views : 32254 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2016-06-01T14:00:05Z
Learn to Knit Simple Knit Dishcloths with Marly Bird. Part of the My First with Marly Bird Series. Get the Free Pattern from here: SUBSCRIBE so you can stay up to date with all my new videos. Website: Podcast: Facebook Group: Ravelry Group: Please check out my website for more pa...!
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From the Fast and Easy Knitting series, how to knit a cotton dishcloth. A fast, easy project, the cotton dishcloth is a great way to practice basic knitting skills. The dishcloths make great gifts....!

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