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YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE ► JOIN MAILING LIST ► Join my mailing list for Knitting Freebies with printable patterns of my favorite projects. I love writing my weekly email. Not only is it a great way for us to communicate directly, but its the place where I like to open up and share more of myself, too. VISIT MY STUDIO KNIT WEBSITE FOR MORE IDEAS ___________________________________________...!
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Website: Facebook: Music by bensound: Music from:!
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Free Knitting Pattern - Search using my 10 favorite methods. For the Website post and more information see listing below. Web post: HOMEPAGE: En ESPAñOL: Comotelar To SUBSCRIBE: YouTube Channel To SUPPORT Patreon: To SHOP: Etsy: Craftsy:!
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Easy knitting patterns. Knit a flower is a quick and easy DIY project. The 7-petal Knitted flower shown in this tutorial is quick, simple, and lovely. Once you have knitted and crocheted enough flowers and petals you can sew them together to create a unique embellishment. Thank you for watching!To make this knit flower you need yarn: 50% Merino, 50% Acrylic, 280 meters/100 grams, weight - DK/8 ply(11wpi). Knitting needles 4 mm, Crochet hook 4mm and a tapestry needle for finishing. Knitted fl...!
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To get a FREE downloadable, printable copy of the kit mask pattern check out the blog post here: I want to reiterate, this mask will NOT protect you from the virus! But it does have some potential benefits. Find the latest official info about masks and the pandemic from the CDCs website here: Yarn used: Paintbox Yarns...!
Channel Title : JoannesWeb Views : 57226 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2014-12-25T19:15:45Z This is the second missing part of Infinity Scarves : Easy Knitting Pattern....!
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Have you watched my other Phentex Slippers Video? If not, here is the one ➡ DIY KNIT GrandMa Slipper How to adjust sizes ➡ Abbreiations R=ROW K=KNIT P=PURL K2TOG=KNIT 2 TOGETHER DR=DECREASING ROW RS=RIGHT SIDE WS=WRONG SIDE...!
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#EasyBeginnerKnitSlippers, #Freeknitslipperpattern, #freeknittingpatternforslippers Easy Beginner Knit Cuffed Slippers, worked flat on 2 needles, #2532. Quick and easy method for knitting slippers with cuffs! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY SLIPPER VIDEOS: CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY KNITTING PATTERNS: SEE ALL MY Crochet and Knitting PATTERNS IN MY RAVELRY PATTERN STORE, (1400 patter...!
Channel Title : JoannesWeb Views : 223887 DisLikes : 88 Published Date :2014-12-21T23:00:55Z A few ideas for Infinity Scarves - includes a couple of pattern ideas. To learn a basic scarf knitting pattern, go to:!
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Ever wanted to learn how to knit a blanket? The simple knit hygge throw is the perfect starter project for any type of knitter! Whether you are brand new to knitting or whether youve been knitting for years, youre sure to love this pattern! CHECK OUT THE FREE THROW SIZE PATTERN HERE: Want to make a different size? No problem! The PDF comes with sizes from baby - king size, purchase the PDF here:!
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Hey, my beauty! We have a new knitting pattern for you today, designed by Jane Vanselous! With the addition of a few knitted i-cords and/or well placed seams, this may be worn as a scarf, shawl, cowl, 2 styles of poncho, head scarf (hood), and shrug. The stitch pattern is very easy to work and produces a soft, stretchy fabric. Like the many varieties of wine, there is surely a yarn combination and way to wear this that will pleas...!
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Learn how to knit a farmhouse kitchen dishcloth with this simple, beginner pattern commonly known as Grandmothers Favorite Dishcloth. Because of its simplicity, this is one of those patterns you can just mindlessly knit without having to pay much attention at all once you get those needles moving. Its truly the perfect dishcloth pattern for even the most inexperienced knitter and I promise that once you try one, youll be knitting up your own stacks too! Materials: Pair of size 4 knitting need...!
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Get 20% off of Patons Alpaca Blend on by following this link and using coupon Code: BLM20PTAP Link: The Havre cowl is a very easy knitting pattern made for beginner knitters. Find the FREE PDF file on Ravelry here: Shop more patterns on Ravelry: On Etsy: Read the Blog: Join our newsletter: Music: Falling (Ft. ...!
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Learn how to make this Easy Color Block Scarf Knitting Pattern! SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE ► GET SAMPLER E-BOOK (5 Patterns) FREE with E-Mail Sign-Up ► GET FREE PATTERN ON WEBSITE WATCH SCARF PATTERNS PLAYLIST ► ______________________________________________________ CASCADE YARN IN MY A...!
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SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE ► GET FREEBIES - JOIN MAILING LIST ► The Garter Ribbing is easy for beginners with just knits and purls. GET YOUR FREE Printable Pattern on Website The Garter Ribbing Stitch Knitting Pattern creates columns of smooth Stockinette Stitch separated by two rows of Garter Stitch texture. This 2-Row Repeat Knit Stitch Pattern is an easy level project that is a great choice fo...!
Channel Title : JoannesWeb Views : 79555 DisLikes : 32 Published Date :2017-03-05T22:57:30Z This is a cowl made with circular needles and the eyelet mock cable simple cable pattern. We have the original pattern on this video: but when you use circular needles all the patterns need to be altered. ////Materials: I used Baby yarn and #7US short circular needles /// Instructions Multiple of 4 k=knit p=purl 1psso2=Pass the first knit stitch over the other 2. yo=yarn over Repeat fr...!
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Visit: Follow my Facebook page: watch the slowest and the best quality videos to learn knitting in all levels Find videos related to basic stitches , Increasing and Decreasing , simple patterns and more and more videos for intermediate and advanced learners at: Music by:!
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written instruction available at : Music credit:!
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Free Pattern! The Double Gradient Boomerang Shawl combines two different gradient or self striping yarns. This shawl can be made in any size, with any needles, any yarn, and any gauge you like. Click Here for the free written pattern! OR purchase the Large Print, Ad-Free, Printable PDF version of the pattern here: Double Gradient ...!
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If you can Knit and Purl, you can make this Chunky Shortcut Brioche Pom Pom Hat! Click Here for the FREE Written Pattern! OR, Purchase a Large Print, Ad-Free, Printable PDF version of the pattern here: See how I made the Pom Pom here: Easy Shortcut Brioche Pom Pom Hat Knitting Pattern by Yay For Yarn Skill...!
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I have plenty of videos on how to start knitting, make different patterns. Check out my exclusive library of patterns.!
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This Easy Knitted Heart Pattern creates a sweet shape that lies flat in the Garter Stitch. It is reversible and knitted top-down on straight knitting needles. SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE ► GET FREEBIES - JOIN MAILING LIST ► FREE EASY HEART KNITTING PATTERN ► Begin by making two humps with knitting increases. The middle section is just a few knitted rows. Finish by creating the decrease rows t...!
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Subscribe Here!! Free pattern here Learn how to knit this beautiful jacket for children, step by step. Very cute! Remember that you can find all the materials that we use in our online shop!
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SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE ► GET FREEBIES - JOIN MAILING LIST ► The Parallelogram Stitch Pattern creates a modern texture of interconnecting diagonal angles with just knits and purls. FREE Printable Pattern on Website This 16-Row Repeat Knit Stitch Pattern is an easy combination of just knits and purls. When lightly blocked, it holds a flat shape that is perfect for scarves, pillows, and blankets....!
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SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE ► GET FREEBIES - JOIN MAILING LIST ► This Honeycomb Brioche Stitch Pattern is great for Scarves & Blankets. Step-by-step instructions with just Four Easy Rows. BUY KNIT STITCH PATTERN BOOK ► STUDIO KNIT SHOP ON AMAZON ► VISIT MY WEBSITE for WRITTEN PATTERN See Also: K1B - How to Knit One Below!
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Learn how to knit the Bernat Ripple and Ridge Knit Blanket (Chevron Stitch) from Yarnspirations featuring the new Bernat Beyond yarn! pattern and blog LINK HERE The pattern falls in the EASY SKILL level for knitting. I cover all stitches, including the increase and decrease, and weaving tails so if this is your first big project you will have all skills needed in this video. If you have never knit a stit...!
Channel Title : JoannesWeb Views : 15221 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2019-11-23T16:00:09Z (click on SHOW MORE for all the info) Another great tutorial by Joanne. This is a very simple Turban Hat made with a very easy to follow slip stitch ribbing pattern. The secret is in the sewing. We used wonderful Knitology Yarn from our Knitcrate yarn subscription. We get special yarn and instructions delivered to us every month. You can check them out here: and get 20% off your first crate with the code Joanne20. (this is an affiliate link, so thanks fo...!
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Grab the FREE knitting pattern here: This is a super easy triangle shawl knitting pattern. I just want to give you a short row-by-row video tutorial, so you can see just how easy it is ;) UPDATE: I started creating the shawl with a size 11 needle, but ripped it out and decided to use a 15 to get a more relaxed stitch. Music by Subscribe to my channel to get my latest videos! :) Jennifer!
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Visit: Follow my Facebook page: watch the slowest and the best quality videos to learn knitting in all levels Find videos related to basic stitches , Increasing and Decreasing , simple patterns and more and more videos for intermediate and advanced learners at: Music by:!
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To check out my knitting patterns visit: My Ravelry page at: My LoveCrafts page at: If you would like to receive my monthly newsletter in your inbox click here: If you would like to continue the conversation, please come join the Watch Barbara Knit FaceBook group: To support me on Patreon check out my page here:!
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Download all 10 of these super adorable knit baby hat patterns! Great gift ideas for newborns and that special little one in your life! LEARN MORE AND GET THE PATTERNS WANT TO MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEOS? Rank your videos on YouTube quicker and easier with TubeBuddy: ******************************************************************** DONT FORGET YOUR SUPER...!
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I hope you enjoy this knitting tutorial for a super slouchy shrug. This is a great first cardigan for beginners because its just made from a simple square of stockinette! To get your FREE copy of the printable PDF version of the pattern, check out my blog: There youll find instructions for the shrug in sizes for the whole family How to knit: How to purl: Yarn used:...!
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Gorgeous one, thanks for joining me today! Learn how to knit a simple, yet totally stunning and wearable travel wrap today. Its easier than you think and you can use any fingering weight yarn! Or truly, any yarn you like - just adjust the needle size and cast on number. PATTERN: Get this pattern FREE today by joining our free email tribe! Youll also get more coupon codes, access to most of our new patterns totally free, fir...!
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Hey friends! This is the video tutorial to accompany the Daybreak Tee knitting pattern. Find the full FREE pattern at the link below: For more patterns and tutorials, please subscribe to my channel or visit Happy knitting! #knitting #knittingtutorial #knittingpattern...!
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This versatile accessory can be worn many different ways.  You can wear it as a shawl, scarf, cowl, or even a poncho! Click Here for the FREE Written Pattern: OR, you can purchase the Large-Print, Ad-Free, Printable PDF version of the pattern here: How to Block Your Knitting & Crochet: Convertible Diamond ...!
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Click Here for FULL PATTERN: This 8 Hour Lace Shawl is a great knitting pattern that you can whip up in one day. This makes a great last minute knit gift around the holidays or for a birthday that will definitely get some use. Plus, this knit shawl pattern is actually really easy to recreate, and it a good shawl to start off on if you havent made very many shawls before. The video tutorial shows you how to get started on making this ...!
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*COMMENT, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE & BE HAPPY. And please consider supporting what I do by buying me a coffee via Ko-fi - This video will teach you how to knit a scarf with a lacy ripple effect. This scarf is not hard to knit, but also not for beginners. I think that advanced or very talented beginners could tackle this project. YOU NEED TO KNOW - knit stitch, knit 2 stitches together, yarn over, cast on and bind off. You need to concentrate and count your stitches (= sa...!
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Ever wanted to knit something cool but were stumped when trying to read patterns? In this video, I break down one of my free patterns for you and give you a quick overview of what a knitting pattern looks like and what you need to do to successfully knit your item. Get this free pattern here: My Shop - Sign up for email updates there at the site to get news about our new ...!
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This thick, squishy cowl is sure to keep you warm through the fall and winter.  Its an easy knitting project for beginners that works up quickly! CLICK HERE for the FREE Written Pattern: Or, CLICK HERE to purchase the Large-Print, Ad-Free, Printable PDF version of the pattern in my shop: Grab the yarn I used here: Seed Stitch Cowl Knitting Pattern by Yay ...!
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Click here to get your copy of the pattern to follow along: Here is Pancake Manors video with the puppets in their sweaters!: Information on things youll see in this video: The yarn I used in my sweaters is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Superwash: The 16 circular needles I used are from this interchangeable set:!
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Free Knit Pattern: Bernat Velvet yarn: This free knit pattern is the perfect project to add some plush in your closet. Watch along as you go through easy-to-work raglan shaping, plus knit and simple decrease techniques. Make this top-down knit sweater with the gorgeous Bernat Velvet yarn, letting your project shine. #TopDownKnitting #HowToKnitASweater #BernatVelvet How-to video by Mary Beth Temple of Hooked for Life (!
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In this video, I start with tubular cast on (Italian cast on) and continue with brioche knitting. Free brioche stitch knitting patterns *Interweave hat* chart on my site: Warning! Theres an error in the chart in the video: sl1yo means slip 1 purlwise (not knitwise), yarn over (mistake corrected in the chart below) P.S.: If you knit 2 repeats of the pattern in height, you get a normal beanie hat, if you knit 4 repeats of the pattern in height, you get a slouchy beani...!
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SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE ► GET FREEBIES - JOIN MAILING LIST ► Todays Diamond Brocade Knit Stitch Pattern is an elegant design knitted with just knits and purls. GET FREE SAMPLE OF MY KNIT STITCH PATTERN BOOK This 8-Row Repeat Knit Stitch Pattern creates a fashionable textured graphic. I think it would look stunning if you used it to knit a pillow or blanket. Even if you only used one yarn color, this pattern would l...!
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Click to download this free pattern and get started on your seed stitch cowl! In 1 Hour Projects, knitting experts and instructors show you how to make quick knit projects. Each project includes a pattern download so you can get started right away! Follow Craftsy! About Stefanie Japel ----------------------------------------­­...!

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