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In the spirit of pollination: 0:33 - Overview 2:20 - Clock 4:35 - Reverb 6:13 - Delay 10:00 - Slip 11:50 - Tape 14:08 - Stretch 16:23 - Envelope 18:12 - With synth 20:18 - Outro Guitar - Danelectro Dead on 67 Amp - Fender Blues Jr. Synth - Elektron Digitone To download the audio from this demo and other demos and stuff: M O O D ....!
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Lets. Explore. Tracking. This niche form of sample sequencing has been a real eye-opener for me and I wanted to share my experience. Do not fear the grid. 1:03 - What is tracker 2:15 - 101 5:58 - Musical examples 14:38 - Starting from scratch 22:02 - The results * * * Thanks for watching this. Heres a link to my Patreon if you like. The tune at the end will be on there: *...!
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A music video made from knobs sounds/videos. Download free on Bandcamp ( knobs is a magic finger wizard who makes the best pedal demos on the internet. Experience it here: knobs reached out and asked if I wanted to make something out of the audio from his videos. I said sweet, yes. He sent me 20-30 stems of the audio from his pedal demos. I sliced them up in Ableton, repitched, and re-timed. Then I made a song us...!
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Today, we welcome a new reflection. 0:35 - Overview 3:08 - Dark channel 6:43 - World channel 8:45 - Both channels 10:34 - Synth / Outro Guitar - Danelectro Dead on 67 Amps - Fender Blues Jr. KNOBs is on Patreon, all the sounds, $1: Thank you! ....!
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Your soggy time capsule. 0:42 - Overview 1:24 - Control sweep 3:10 - Vinyl simulation 3:59 - Chorus 4:57 - Loop processing 5:34 - Outro Guitar: Danelectro Dead on 67 Amp: Fender Blues Jr. Friends of KNOBs, we have started a Patreon. Monthly music treats, etc. Check it out maybe: Thank you! ....!
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Dont ever thaw. 0:40 - Overview 1:34 - Control swoop 4:48 - Swell mode 5:24 - Infinite repeats 6:28 - Expression control 7:32 - Reverse tap trick 8:04 - Outro Friends of KNOBs, we have started a Patreon. Monthly music treats, etc. Check it out maybe: Thank you! ....!
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Detailed, step-by-step instructions. Why spend money to buy knobs for shop jigs? This is how I make my own knobs. I show you 5 different knob shapes, and a couple of different attaching options. And I even take a stab at putting a finish on one knob. Other Relevant Videos: Using Sanding Drums on a Drill Press: Dust Collection for Drill Presses: Newbie Tool Tip: Forstner Bits: All Products featured in my vide...!
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Flangers fascinate me. I believe they are the most overlooked effect, and usually just thought of as the weird modulation. BUT THEY DO SO MUCH. They helped usher in the first wave of studio experimentation, decades before pedals even existed. They just require a bit of getting to know and a steady hand. So this video is both a celebration of the humble flange, and a guide to getting the most out of it. The SolidGoldFX Oblivion is our model: 0:48 - Ex...!
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Plants are scary!
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The water bed of the heart. 0:35 - Overview 2:14 - Controls 4:08 - Synthesizers 5:16 - Loop 5:54 - Fuzz 6:45 - Outro Guitar: Danelectro Dead on 67 Amp: Fender Blues Jr. Friends of KNOBs, we have started a Patreon. Monthly music treats, etc. Check it out maybe: Thank you! ....!
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The neverending pedal. 0:41 - Overview 1:51 - Controls 5:38 - Modulation 8:57 - Manual 10:10 - Outro Guitar: Danelectro Dead on 67 Amp: Fender Blues Jr. Friends of KNOBs, we have started a Patreon. Monthly music treats, etc. Check it out maybe: Thank you! ....!
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In this video I show how I made a few of these Amazing DIY Star Knobs for an upcoming project. I made the star knobs using 3/4 shop birch scraps and a piece of poplar for the thin veneer tops. The inspiration came from watching John Heisz video (which is really good) and a few heres my new and improved version! A full size pdf template pattern is available upon request, thanks to fellow woodworker and subscriber D. Smith, he was kind enough to draw it up and offer to share with...!
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Dark Material Podcast #3 featuring Knobs. Track list: 01 Dehix - Apocalypto (Knobs rmx) 02 Knobs - Big Fat Ass 03 Gimmy J - Scarlet Carson (Knobs rmx) 04 Knobs - Red Blood 05 Knobs - Caronte 06 Woo York - Mutabor (Knobs rmx) 07 Knobs - Atavic 08 Mada & Plankton - Pythagore (Knobs & Ralph Mirto rmx) 09 Hystericmaniak - Animal Instinct (Knobs rmx) 10 Kc1 - Overclock (Knobs rmx) 11 Knobs - Burundi 12 Spiros Kaloumenos - Second Skin (Knobs Drill rmx) 13 Flex & Knobs - Habrozer Dark Material Podca...!
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Knobs live set in Australia East Coast Tour 2015. Knobs!
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Knobs Remix @ Burn Studios PLASTIKMAN Remix Competition. EU thanks Diego for sharing this amazing remix! Burn Studios Resident Advisor Knobs AKA Diego Simonetti, Rome, Italy On Beatport: http://https//!
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SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: FIND ME ON FACEBOOK: Apocalypto ( KnobsRemix™ ) Buy Here @ Released by: Elektrax Music!
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Eat them right up. 0:44 - Overview 2:06 - Event Horizon 3:49 - Ergosphere 5:08 - Singularity 7:01 - Synth 7:55 - Outro Guitar - Danelectro Dead on 67 Amp - Fender Blues Jr. KNOBs is on Patreon! One tier, $1: ....!
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STORY TIME! Let us explore all the ways one can make groove, and why the new Model:Cycles has made me one happy boy. This video is meant to be a little sampling buffet of the wide world of percussion, and all the textures and approaches that are available. Have a nibble. 0:36 - Meet playdate 1:09 - Modular 2:37 - Found sound 3:18 - Found sound from scratch 4:26 - Analog style 6:12 - Listening back 6:39 - FM 7:44 - Model:Cycles 8:34 - Jam! This is an unsponsored video. Elektron were kind en...!
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Believe it, achieve it. 0:34 - Overview 2:31 - Arp / Controls 6:22 - Poly 8:41 - Dry 9:57 - Stereo 11:05 - Mono 12:12 - Outro Guitar - Danelectro Dead on 67 Amp - Fender Blues Jr. KNOBs is on Patreon! One tier, $1: Thanks! ....!
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Details on the jig in the build article: Handy to have a bunch of these types of knobs around when you need them, so take a few hours one afternoon and make some. Use up some scrap wood and save a few bucks as well. You can help support the work I do in making these videos: Plans for sale: Support this channel on Patreon: Did you know I have other ...!
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Subscribe to Nice Life: Produce, breathe, and drink wine. NICE LIVE with Ricky Reed Email Us your demos! [email protected] On night 12 of Nice Live the night starts off with an epic entrance as we see Ricky bumpin tunes and asking the audience how they are feeling ( 00:35 ). Ricky introduces the audience to producer/video creator Knobs, who he first became a fan of by watching his youtube video and they eventually collaborated on James Arthur Finally Feel Go...!
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Door Knobs is a song from my top 200 itunes charting country album RIGHT FROM MY SOUL From JAN 2019. Album available on all digital media outlets. Video credit @dawnjonell #seckondchaynce #undeniablemuzik #rightfrommysoul #country #rnb #spanish #floridageorgialine #lukebryan #kanebrown #jasonaldean #coltford #florida #puertorico #relationships #love #breakup...!
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How To Video showing one example of a homemade star knob. Easy construction applicable to any size needed for the home workshop....!
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DIY Knob Jig - Simple Homemade Woodworking Tools Idea Free Plans - 3D Model -!
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#TheKnobs #Paalam #OfficialLyricVideo LISTEN to Paalam Don’t forget to subscribe: We are the number one independent record label in the Philippines. Home of the best Original Pilipino Music (OPM) artists, our roster includes Gary Valenciano, Parokya Ni Edgar, Ice Seguerra, Noel Cabangon, Christian Bautista, Sponge Cola, Neocolours, Gloc-9, The Company, Neocolours, Elmo Magalona, Julie Anne San Jose, Shanti Dope, Claudia Barretto, Donny Pangil...!
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Check us out on Facebook! - Credits: MUSIC Holding On Hope_Instrumental Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc....!
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Heres how I make wooden knobs for jigs and fixtures. Theres also a segment on installing threaded inserts and pronged t-nuts. Heres a link to a video about the dust shield on the Ridgid oscillating sander:!
Channel Title : Renee Romeo Views : 52663 DisLikes : 34 Published Date :2017-05-09T23:37:34Z @reneeromeodiy #diylikeapro Install Cabinet Knobs the Right Way (how to) - Renee Romeo Are you cabinet knobs installed correctly? ttp://!
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Here are some of the tools that get it done home repair uses Learn how to easily center and install kitchen cabinet knobs. No specials tools required . Due to factors beyond the control of get it done home repairs, it cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information,. get it done home repairs assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. get it done home re...!
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Updating door knobs in your home can instantly upgrade your home but where do you start? Im sharing what we considered when choosing door hardware for our whole house and the different handles, knobs and levers we ended up choosing. MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE Rad DIY + HOME DECOR: Big thank you to Schlage for sponsoring this video! You can find the full pinnable blog post here: Entry befor...!
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Hey guys todays video is about explaining the use of the multiple knobs on the MPK MINI. Be sure to drop a like and subscription with bell for more content! And leave any comments or questions below. :) MPK MINI 2019 Setup Video: MPK MINI Melodics Video: AKAI MPK SERIES: MPK Editor Software: Get better with your...!
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On this weeks show, I demonstrate a very simplified version of how to make your own jig knobs in the shop. I hope you enjoy the show. Dont forget to like and subscribe....!
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Schecter Guitars Tech Manager Todd Reich explains how a potentiometer (volume/tone knobs) work and what you can do to maintain proper functionality. This how-to instructional video can help you fix scratchy pots and maintain functionality....!
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Easy instructional for replacing your oem riveted fishing knob with ANY ball bearing-supported fishing knob. Great upgrade to any fishing reel, spinning or conventional. Applies to any new ball bearing-supported paddle knob or power knob that has a pass-through center pin and retention screw. Need a replacement knob? Click here! Use promo code ishwithfish for FREE US SHIPPING on ENTIRE ORDER 24/7!! - Direct Replacement Knobs - Screw-on Power Knobs H...!
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This is the official Hotpoint Service Youtube page full of videos that help you to solve some problems yourself. Replacing a knob takes seconds but you must ensure you get the specific knob for your exact model of oven. To order any knobs/buttons visit: To book a repair with one of our local Hotpoint engineers or to live chat with us visit: For more hints & tips on all your Hotpoint kitchen appliances visit our ch...!
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The phallus, as commented upon by Karl Pilkington, with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. -------------------------------------------------------------- Have a look at the The Complete Karl Pilkington Collection (all his books, TV shows and other things): UK Store - US Store - --------------------------------------------------------------...!
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In this beginners guide, Sam explains what each control knob on a guitar amplifier actually does, and gives us a few tips on how to use them to achieve a better tone... Check out our huge range of guitar amps at PMT online: Skip to sections... Intro - 00:00 Channel Switching, Gain & Volume Controls - 01:20 EQ & Tone Controls - 07:41 Reverb & Effects Controls - 16:30 So you’ve just got your first guitar amplifier, and you’re ready ...!
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In this tutorial I show you how to take an off-the-shelf cabinet knob and use it to create a master silicone mould that will allow you to make custom epoxy resin castings with the embeds of your choice. In this example I use brightly coloured push pins, but you can use anything you want as long as its suitable for casting in resin! You can use any knob you want as a master, but ensure its shiny if you want your resin to have a shiny surface too, and a wide neck will allow you to demould without...!
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How to replace Focus mk2 heater control knobs with aftermarket units how to guide...!
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Watch the video and you will find out: Making Knobs With The Knob JIG. DIY Wooden Knob JIG. How to Make Wood Knobs JIG 4 in 1. Homemade Wooden Knob JIG. Please Like, subscribe and share videos with your friends! #craft #wood #diy All my videos -!
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Heres a quick fix for broken dryer control knobs on your GE, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Hotpoint or most other clothes dryers sold in the US in the past decade or two....!
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If youre not sure about which type knob to go with, check out our last video: Get your own JW Type: A knobs here: LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! Our store: Youtube: Instagram: Facebook:!

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