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Delivering the Yale School of Architectures annual Timothy Egan Lenahan Memorial lecture, Charles Waldheim (John E. Irving Professor of Landscape Architecture and Chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture at Harvard Universitys Graduate School of Design) discusses how 21st century urban planners are challenged by the need to organize not just people but space itself and hence defines a new architectural discourse: landscape urbanism....!
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Over the past decade, longstanding disciplinary divides between the urban and the ecological have given way to more fluid, polyvalent and potentially more productive relations. The challenges of the built environment have rarely, at any time, corresponded to traditional disciplinary or professional boundaries. Today, contemporary practices of urbanism are shaped by thinking from subjects as diverse as landscape architecture, geography and economics, while increasingly being informed by sensibili...!
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Today’s video is a very exciting video because I will be explaining a few more topics for site analysis architecture including the urban structure, figure ground, morphology, canals, center edge, street patterns, etc. **************************** Filming Gear: Camera: Tripod: Mic: Supplies I use: A4 Marker Pad : A4 Sketchbook : A4 Sketchbook : A4 Sketchbook B...!
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✪✪✪✪✪ ✪✪✪✪✪ What is LANDSCAPE URBANISM? What does LANDSCAPE URBANISM mean? LANDSCAPE URBANISM meaning - LANDSCAPE URBANISM definition - LANDSCAPE URBANISM explanation. Source: article, adapted under license. Landscape urbanism is a theory of urban planning arguing that the best way to organize cities is through the design of the citys landscape, rather than the design of its building...!
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Landscape urbanism is an approach to landscape architecture which integrates the ecological layers advocated by Ian McHarg with the cultural layers used by Rem Koolhaas and Bernard Tschumi for the Parc de la Villette competition. This group of ideas, developed by Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze and other post-structuralist philosophers. Landscape urbanism is now associated with the work of Charles Waldheim, Mohsen Mostafavi, James Corner Adriaan Geuze and others. Tom Turner see...!
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Please see corrected version of this video:!
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Lecture date: 2009-01-27 The emergence of landscape urbanism, along with the development of the protocols of digital design, must be counted one of the most significant developments in the field in the past decades. In the past ten years, a fully fledged sub-discipline has appeared. A catalogue of practitioners and projects exists, academic programmes have been developed, and an extensive theoretical literature is now available. To move forward from this strategic juncture, it is worthwhile to...!
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The Waldron Health Centre in New Cross, London, was designed by Henley Halebrown Rorrison HHbR in 2010. The architecture is OK. The landscape architecture is terrible. The design, like many recent urban designs by architects, seems to have been inspired by Rem Koolhaas without knowing how to do it. Even now, the scheme would benefit from a landscape urbanism design method, responding to social, ecological, hydrological, cultural and other contextual issues. Lewisham town planners should not have...!
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Landscape Urbanism is a Graduate Design Programme at the Architectural Association leading to a Masters of Architecture (MArch, 16 months) and to a Masters in Science (MSc, 12 months) in Landscape Urbanism. The programme explores the role that design and designers (from architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planner’s perspective) can play when confronted with large scale territories (metropolis, rural environments, infrastructural and productive landscapes, etc.). At these scales...!
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Stating that McHarg was an important influence on the landscape architecture profession is easier than explaining why this is so. The answer, I think, is landscape urbanism. See also: Blog post on McHargs legacy Youtube Playlist of McHarg-related videos Video on the Landscape Urbanism design method!
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Landscape Urbanism can be - an important design method - an interesting design philosophy - an excuse for spouting jargon This is a slightly modified version of a previous video:!
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Lecture date: 2012-10-08 Landscape Urbanism Lecture Series This lecture will address the materialist position as an urban design practice through recent examples, international case studies and a manifesto. Peter Trummer is Professor for Urban Design and head of IOUD: the Institute of Urban Design & Planning at the University of Innsbruck. Currently, he is a visiting professor at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles and at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.  This is the second of a 4...!
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0:00 Introduction by Dean Richard Sommer 11:35 Nader Tehrani presentation 29:10 Shohei Shigematsu presentation 44:38 Michael Maltzan presentation 55:26 Sara Diamond introduced by Dean Richard Sommer 56:51 Moderated discussion The “What is a School? (of Architecture, Landscape, Art, and Urbanism” symposium took place on Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28, 2018 in the Principal Hall at the Daniels Building, the new home of the Daniels Faculty. The keynote on Friday evening featured pres...!
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Learn more about Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment through this collage of student and alumni experiences! Find out more about the programme, part of the MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, here:!
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Each facet of the built environment has the capacity to create a positive experience, enhance our health, and strengthen our communities. We live surrounded by concrete, glass, brick, and asphalt for most of our day, while we breathe processed air, drink recycled water and listen to the sounds of the city. Cities are writing new narratives around sustainability, resilience, happiness and well-being, with governments designing urban environments and shaping public policy with regenerative qualiti...!
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La conferencia Landscape Urbanism in the Americas, reunió en Santiago de Chile a consolidados arquitectos en las áreas de paisaje y urbanismo para debatir sobre las potencialidades del paisaje como medio de intervención urbana en contextos sociales, culturales, económicos y ecológicos específicos de las ciudades latinoamericanas....!
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In this short film taken during the 15th International Architectural Exhibition at the Venice Biennale in 2016, architect and educator Mohsen Mostafavi explains how the profession of Urban Planning has relinquished itself from dealing with form, space and the territorial space, and how this represents an opportunity for Landscape Architects to redefine their tools and modes of thought for a new discipline: Landscape Urbanism....!
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More than half of the worlds population already lives in cities, and another 2.5 billion people are projected to move to urban areas by 2050. The way we build new cities will be at the heart of so much that matters, from climate change to economic vitality to our very well-being and sense of connectedness. Peter Calthorpe is already at work planning the cities of the future and advocating for community design thats focused on human interaction. He shares seven universal principles for solving sp...!
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Thorbjörn Andersson is an award-winning landscape architect and professor SLU Ultuna in Sweden. He gives us valuable advice for landscape architecture and architecture students and talks about the role of hand drawing and sketching in his work: ➜ Four points of advice for students from Prof. Andersson: 1. Write down 5 sentences about what you want to do before you sketch. 2. Use a dull pencil. 3. Give yourself a time limit. 4. Use a smaller surface. We sat down with him ...!
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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Landscape Design Thomas Woltz is the principal and owner of Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects (NBW) with offices in New York City, Charlottesville VA, and San Francisco CA. During the past 19 years of practice, Woltz and his staff have forged a body of work that integrates the beauty and function of built form and craftsmanship with an understanding of complex biological systems and restoration ecolo...!
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Complete Revit Courses: Project files: Site Plan in Revit: Subscribe for more! Please Like this Tutorial! In this Tutorial I show you how to model Urban Landscape elements in revit, this includes Roads, Curbs, Sidewalks, Parking, Cars, Signalisation, street lights, benches, bicycle racks, posts, grass, plants and much more! Families I used in this tutorial:!
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Michael Jakob teaches History and Theory of Landscape at hepia, Geneva, and aesthetics of design at HEAD, Geneva. He is a visiting professor at Politecnico di Milano and the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio. He is, at the same time, Professor of ComparativeLiterature (Chair) at Grenoble University. Jakobs teaching and research focus on landscape theory, aesthetics, the history of vertigo, contemporary theories of perception and the poetics of architecture. He is the founder and head of COM...!
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0:00 Welcome by Dean Richard Sommer Lobby (School as Political Platform) 6:15 Introduction by Jane Wolff 7:45 Ginger Nolan presentation 27:37 David Fortin presentation 43:32 Lisa Steele presentation 59:41 Moderated discussion Test Kitchen (School as Incubator) 1:49:12 Introduction by Wei-Han Vivian Lee 1:51:43 Alla Vronskaya presentation 2:05:25 Axel Kilian presentation 2:20:50 Thaisa Way presentation 2:38:40 Moderated discussion Dining Room (School as Curatorial Space) 3:19:18 Introduction ...!
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Janice N., landscape architect at The Office of Cheryl Barton, an award-winning firm in San Francisco, shares the importance of creative expression and past experiences when creating eye-catching public spaces. Explore more career videos at Subscribe to our channel on Facebook or Twitter!!
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Meet a student and the Head of Studies at the Landscape Architecture MSc programme at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark....!
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Live streamed 4th December 2017 Thank you for joining us. If you have questions about the programme please contact us at [email protected] Our new virtual Open Days are a great opportunity to find out more about the programmes offered by the AA Graduate School. If you would like to visit the school our next Open Day is Friday 12 January 2018. Please register to secure your place at!
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Spyros Amourgis, president of the Hellenic Quality Assurance Agency, professor emeritus of architecture at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and former vice president of the Hellenic Open University focuses on the architectural history of Athens from the early nineteenth to the end of the twentieth century. Series: Voices [1/2010] [Humanities] [Show ID: 14711]...!
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Martha Schwartz is a landscape architect and artist with major interests in cities, communities and the urban landscape. Her work spans from site-specific art installations to working with cities at strategic planning levels. Her focus is on environmental sustainability and the creation of awareness about how the urban landscapes underwrites urban sustainability through functioning as the connective platform for a city’s environmental, social and economic health. Schwartz is an advocate for ho...!
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Professor Roy Strickland has been the Director of the Master of Urban Design Program at the University of Michigan since the programs inception 12 years ago, following his work at Columbia University and MIT. Mr. Stricklands design work has been featured in the New York Times, the Rhode Island School of Design, and UCLA among others. He is former Associate Editor of the Harvard Architecture Review and currently serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Places: Forum of Environmental Design. He r...!
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Merve Çiçek Yasin Biçer Burak Dağ Sude Mina Yürek...!
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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. is free online forum for people to develop and share their own visions for Manhattan based on rapid and realistic models of environmental performance: carbon, water, biodiversity and population. With you can see how the environment of any block of the city works today, compare that performance to the original ecology of the place, and explore the visions of others. You ...!
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By creating water sensitive cities it is possible to address the major challenges of water shortage, flooding and pollution. This film, commissioned by the Landscape Institute and based on work by CIRIA, Arup and AECOM, explains the concept of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and argues the case for designing with water when planning any new development. Find out more about the Landscape Institutes work on water: WSUD is an integrated solution to flooding, dro...!
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Modern cities are designed for cars. But the city of Barcelona is testing out an urban design trick that can give cities back to pedestrians. Help us make more ambitious videos by joining the Vox Video Lab. It gets you exclusive perks, like livestream Q&As with all the Vox creators, a badge that levels up over time, and video extras bringing you closer to our work! Learn more at Read more: Thumbnail image from ...!
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As an MSc in landscape architecture you shape the future urban environments and housing areas, parks and landscapes, so that they provide excellent human and natural settings for many years to come. Meet students Maja Aarup Hansen and Gorm Egdal Larsen and hear them tell about their fascination with combining architecture and science. To them, Copenhagen is a laboratory of landscape architecture....!
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Lilavati Lalbhai Library is host to two exhibitions: ‘Making of a Place’ and ‘Landscape Urbanism’, inaugurated on 5 Mar by Dr. Bimal Patel, President, CEPT University. The former showcases works of Kolkata based Abin Design Studio, established in 2005 by architect Abin Chaudhuri. The latter documents a selection of seven projects from the initial seven years of Rotterdam based firm Ziegler | Branderhorst Urbanism and Architecture, founded in 2003 by Franz Ziegler, former exchange studen...!
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AA Graduate school: Landscape Urbanism 2014-15. Unit Staff: Alfredo Ramirez and Eduardo Rico. Landscape Urbanism is a 12-month design course that explores how the techniques, dynamics and discourses of landscape-based disciplines can be reappropriated as a means to ask fundamental questions about the contemporary city. It investigates the how the intersection of physical and social processes of territorial formation generates new forms of urban typologies, governance and knowledge. The course ...!
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Landscape is not just a park - its everything around you” By addressing all urban areas as landscapes, Kathryn Gustafson aims to make cities healthier. It is not only through increasing public transportation and urban green spaces that landscape architecture can make cities healthier, but there is an additional need to cater to people so that they won’t seek out suburban sprawl as an answer to a lack of green spaces and traditional urban landscaping. Kathryn Gustafson is a landscape archi...!
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Exploring the transformation of the modeling of land from garden-making to landscape architecture, this lecture by Joseph Disponzio will establish the intellectual origins of landscape architecture in relation to the new garden practices that emerged during the 18th century, and the texts that codified these practices, amid Enlightenment-era changes in the understanding of nature. Disponzio is Preservation Landscape Architect for the City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation, and Direc...!
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“When you design landscapes, remember that it’s a journey. Nothing is fixed. Everything is going to evolve over time.” Kathryn Gustafson embodies the role of artistry through landscape architecture that often combines complex sensory elements like light, sound, heat, wind, water, etc.. Noting that art is often a reflection of the artists’ contemporary moment, Gustafson seeks to channel art through landscape design as a reflection of the world around. By showing her design process, wh...!
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This film describes the implementation fo biomimicry into site design, thus dispelling the false dichotomy between landscape and architecture....!

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