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Today, Im sharing my 1st lapbook made using the Tim Holtz Wallflowers paper pad. I hope you like it! Thanks for watching and subscribing to my channel! Have a great day! DISCLAIMER: ALL of my videos are intended for adults and are NOT intended for people under 13 years of age. Find me: My Etsy Shop: Facebook: Instagram: Inspired by these videos: Bohemian Crafting - https://w...!
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A third grade teacher shares why she loves to use lapbooks in her classroom. She explains why kids and parents love lapbooks, plus the benefits to teachers. A variety of completed lapbook examples are shown, along with directions for folding a lapbook....!
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If you’ve followed my channel for any period of time, you’ll know I do all kinds of Lapbooks in our curriculum. If you’re new to Lapbooking, tune in to this video and I’ll chat about how to make and how to use these fantastic interactive resources. Connect with me! Join my Community! World Wide Web with FREE PRINTABLES: Twitter: Facebook: TPT Store: https://www.teacher...!
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TaylorMadeJournals Etsy - Some items used were from a Happy mail from Jeannine at J9Scraps Many Minala tags, glassine, window envelope. And drawings by Glen Loates Music- Jonny Easton...!
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Thanks for joining Leo and I. Today I am sharing three botanical lap books - Patience, Harvest and Splendid inspired by digital images from my dear friends Tracie Fox (LoveJunkJournals) and Elizabeth Smith (MrsCogsCrafts). Images were sourced from the following: Tracie Fox - Mrs Cog - Medieval Mirage - Thanks so much for watching, Be well!...!
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Ever wondered what a lapbook is? In this video, Cyndi explains to you what a lapbook is and how to create your own!...!
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Watch this video to see how to use a Lapbook, as well as several different ways to create one. You will see how to make a basic lapbook, add an additional flap-up insert, create a double & triple lapbook, as well as a pocket for storing extra papers. For more lapbooks visit my site at Website: YouTube Channel: Facebook: ...!
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Here is a how-to for Lapbooks, my favorite homeschool teaching tool! I show you how I make lapbooks, and a few examples of lapbooks we have made in our homeschool. Lapbook Templates: Thanks for watching! Like & Subscribe My Second Channel: Business inquiries: [email protected]!
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My Nik the Booksmith inspired Lapbook. Thank you Nik for the inspiration to give this a go! I had a lot of fun making this book and will probably make one more for a business book to hold my receipts and invoices. Thank you!! Niks Lapbook Video: Bohemian Crafting Envelope Folder: Thank you for watching and all the lovely comments!! You can find me on Instagram: My Etsy Shop:!
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This video is a follow up to my first Lapbooking video: Lapbooks 101. In THIS video I will show you how I make the simple mini book style that students put inside their lapbook. For more videos in graduating difficulty, please comment below your interest so I can know my audience. Connect with me! Join my Community! World Wide Web with FREE PRINTABLES: Twitter: Facebook: TPT...!
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Thanks for watching! Part 2 coming soon =) ________________________ Online Booksmith courses: Teachable: Course FAQ: (feel free to message me at my Etsy shop if you have questions about Teachable or my courses) Spoonflower: Etsy: Instagram: nik.thebooksmith Blog:!
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I was finally able to finish my vintage style lapbook - a project inspired by Nik the Booksmiths series - and it was seriously There so much going on in these books, I cant wait to use it as a list keeper. Youll see with all the places for note cards and journaling, that this would be a great place to keep ALL your lists. If you are a list person - you know. I hope you enjoy the walk through, thanks for watching! Mentioned in the video: Nik the Booksmiths Lapbook Series: https:/...!
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Hey all! Today Im showing you how I integrate my lap books and the curriculum Im currently using. You can make a lapbook from any subject, and Ill show you just how to do that. Plus, Ill give you my favorite, no-nonsense resource for hundreds of printable lap books for you and your students. Lets get Social! Instagram Handle: amanda_maltz My store: 1. Teachers Pay Teachers!
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This is the tutorial I followed by Kathy Orta If youd like to purchase on of her other tutorials check out her site! Dont forget to follow me on my blog! Check out my Etsy Shop. I also take custom orders! https:/3/ Follow Me on Pinterest: If you are inte...!
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Lap Book Tutorial: adding extended fold-out covers This beauty is going to be alot of work... but definitely well worth it 💖💖 lots of work going into this one. So grab your goodies and lets get started! Lap Book #1: There are alot of videos and tutorials on my channel. Please feel free to check them all out! Well used tools of LMD My Daily Time savers Filming Tools I Use Heres the few I can ...!
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Part 2 & playlist My Etsy Shop Join my facebook group! ♥INSTAGRAM ♥PINTEREST ♥TWITTER ♥FACEBOOK ♥ Need to Chat? Email me at [email protected] although instagram mes...!
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Does your family enjoy paper crafting and hands-on education opportunities? Are you thinking about making lapbooking a part of your homeschool routine? The possibilities for lapbooks in homeschool are truly endless--they can range from very simple projects to very complex projects. You can create a lapbook that is completely original and of your own design, or you can purchase a pre-designed lapbooking kit, like we did. Make sure you stay tuned to the end of this video for a peek inside the Sonl...!
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What is a lapbook? Ive been asked this question for months, and today Ill answer it and show you some of our own lapbooks! See ow we use lapbooks in our school and listen to why I love lapbooks (especially for creative kids!). Amazon affiliate link for file folders I use: 1. File Folders: Lets get social! 1. Instagram: @amanda_maltz 2. Contact me: [email protected]!
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Papers I have used in my lapbooks: Vintage tags and tickets (read the description for this collection😉) Vintage Green: Vintage in Lilac You can find me: Etsy:!
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Hi! Im Erica...wife of a soldier, mommy of a soldier, mother-in-law to one, Christ-following and homeschooling mommy to our four younger and equally awesome kiddos. Join us daily as we travel on this amazing, large family living journey. Its not always easy... but I would not change ONE thing. Dont forget to switch to HD! Thumbs up! Subscribe! Be Blessed! Previous Vlog: Get to know the Gra8 Bunch! Watch our Official YouTube Trailer: J...!
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This is a simple tutorial on making lapbooks for homeschooling. Enjoy and happy teaching :) For more information, check out my website at!
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Lap Books made from Upcycled Vintage 1900s Books I cant wait to see what these pretties look like when they are finished!! Heres to loads of pockets, folds, tucks, and so much more! Any suggestions on what you would like to see? Throw it in the coments and I shall do my best. Ideas with the most likes from other followers will possibly be featured! So many plans for the future! You are all so very amazing and wonderful! It is time for me to take these blessings and continue to grow. I have de...!
Channel Title : ohmyglory Views : 2297 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2018-01-12T15:52:42Z Enhance your childs literacy foundation with Alphabet Lapbooks! A great opportunity for a bonding experience between parent and child. The 26 week curriculum is designed to engage your child in a hands-on learning experience. Includes: - Letter Recognition - Phonemic Awareness - Letter Art Exploration - Math Skills - Social Skills - Sign Language - Handwriting skills...!
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This is the 3rd installment in my Lapbook Tutorial series. In it I teach 5 different mini-books for your lapbook project. Check out my previous 2 lapbook trainings here: Lapbooks 101: Lapbooks 201: Connect with me! Join my Community! Instagram: Facebook: TPT Store: Email: full...!
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1900s Vintage Book Upcycled into a Lap Book! I had a little bit of a blonde moment halfway through tutorial I may say that its done but obviously theyre still a lot of time left and you can tell that its not lol . To can probably tell that there is only you literally one video left in the completion of the lat. Book. But I am pretty sure I will also be doing a midori companion video. Also with the way I decorate that may also be a 2 part video🤣🤣🤣 As well I will post links to the new...!
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This video is tutorial for creating a Mixed Media - Mini Lap Book - Part One of two parts. Visit Caterinas weekly BLOG at: Pinterest: Instagram: Facebook: Caterinas Art is featured at 142 Bis Gallerie, Fort Collins, CO 970-484-7862 View her artwork at: Products that I use in my vide...!
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What is a Lap Book? In simple terms it’s an INTERACTIVE paper craft that is a hybrid of a book and a folio. In this video I share my newest project, Myrtie’s Naturalist Lapbook, inspired by Nik the Booksmith’s Disgarded to Regarded series. If you haven’t checked out this series…it’s inspiring and I highly encourage you to do so. Here’s the link to the first video to get you started. From Discarded to Regarded - Lets Make a Lapbook - pt 1 I’ve...!
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Creating a lapbook at the end of a big unit study is a great way to showcase all your hard work. Homeschool in the Woods unit studies makes it so simple to create an amazing lapbook. This video shows our step-by-step process. HELPFUL LINKS: Homeschool in the Woods unit studies: Full Homeschool in the Woods review: How to plan a unit study:!
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Get an in-depth look at a finished BookShark Level 3 American History I lap book and their Level 4 American History II lap book kit. These lap books are the perfect way to pair engaging hands-on activities with history lessons. *This is a sponsored video. TIMESTAMPS 0:46 Level 3 American History I Lap Book—look inside the completed lap book to see all the individual projects 8:04 Level 4 American History II Lap Book—look inside the package to see all the components included in the kit befo...!
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Cómo hacer un LAPBOOK DE TRES PIEZAS - Lapbook Triple 👉👉 VISÍTANOS: ▓▓▓▒▒▒░░░ ÁBREME INFORMACIÓN IMPORTANTE!!! ░░░▒▒▒▓▓▓ En éste video te voy a enseñar a crear un lapbook de tres piezas. (Lapbook triple). Con la ayuda de tres cartulinas vamos a crear la estructura de un lapbook de tres piezas o tres hojas. Espero que te sea de utilidad y que nos visites a: 👉👉 🔻🔻...!
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Peek inside Paige Hudsons homeschool as she and her son share how they use the Sassafras Science lapbooks!...!
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Thanks for watching you guys! I thought it would be fun to take you all along on this project, so grab your old file folders, scrap papers and book pages, and lets make some of these useful journals. If you would like to order the $10 library pocket pack, please send me an email request. My email address is: [email protected] My Etsy shop can be found here: Follow me on Instagram here:!
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Vieni a scoprire il nuovo portale di ARTE e IMMAGINE! Corsi online e materiali didattici gratuiti per te; Non lasciarti scappare il mio libro Mandala coloring book puoi ordinarlo nella tua libreria di fiducia oppure cliccando qui: disponibile anche in versione ebook stampabile -------------------------------------------------------- Un lapbook è uno strumento utile a raccogliere in ununica cartelletta i mater...!
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Hi everybody, here are some useful links: Lapbooking 101: Kathy Orta Christmas lapbook tutorial{ she has all series of tutorials on YT for this project} : You can find me: facebook: Instagram: @zebytygl Blog: Etsy: Ebay:!
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Watching Nik Bee ( Nik the Booksmith) and just had to play along. This is my version of the basic structure of a lap book using 2 book covers and my own spines. Covered with my marbled paper. Tim Holtz papers with Paris theme inside. Two inch main spine and 3/4 inch side spines....!
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All of the math notebooks and Lap Books that were made in all grades between kindergarten and fifth grade (ages 6-11) are kept together in a stylish accordian folder and used by the homeschooled fifth grade student (11 years old) as needed in higher grades....!
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After receiving a lot of requests to show how I made the 6x9 Lapbook, I decided to film the creation of the basic structure, only this time Ive made an adjustment to the size down to 5x8 - theres a method behind my madness! Buy the sheets here: Visit My Inspiration: Bohemian Crafting: Elemental Designs: Nik the Booksmith: ********************************************************************* ♡ Become one ...!
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A quick video showing how to make a lapbook. I did up a layout that I use for the lapbooks 123 Learn ONLINE webs ite. A curriculum members only web site. For moe information, check out Make sure you check out the free downloads. :) Thank you Jean!
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My Etsy shop can be found here: My email address is: [email protected] My Facebook Group, junk journal connections, is here: My PayPal info: Follow me on Instagram here: Although this is by no means, a comprehensive list, Some of my biggest influences in Junk Journaling can be found by clicking...!
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HI Guys! Thanks for watching :). The lap books are coming along and starting to look like what I want them to be ultimately. In this video Im just laying out the placement of pockets etc and beginning to cover them with paper for future collage and embellishment. I still have pocket packs available for $10, youll get 40 total, in 4 different sizes/styles. Just send me an email if youd like one. here is my email address: [email protected] Apparently I bought the scissors at Hobby Lobby and...!
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A great resource to accompany Lions in the Barn from The Good and the Beautiful Library. Get the Lap Book here: Get the book here: Check out this years curriculum choices here: 2nd Grade: Jr. Kinder: Catch up on My 2019-2020 Homeschool Life Playlist Here: ht...!
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Sonlight is now offering a really neat LapBook Kit to go along with their American History Curriculum (HBLD)!! Such a fun way for the kids to reenforce what they have been learning! Let us know what you think about the new lap book kits in the comments below! Music ------ SPRING CLEANING SONG 3 - EPIDEMIC SOUND Follow us on [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] To purchase your own kit or to find more information check out this link ...!

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