Lego Inspired Bedroom

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Ken Wingard is taking an ordinary IKEA square dresser and turning it into a LEGO-inspired dresser using spray paint. Before getting started, sand and prime the dresser and use a sharpie to separate the colors. The entire cost of this DIY is just $30. Get Kens DIY LEGO Dresser Instructions here:!
Channel Title : The Brick Chick Views : 314465 DisLikes : 1087 Published Date :2017-11-03T00:59:06Z
In this video, I will be showing you guys my finished LEGO room! Im so excited that the construction on my new LEGO room is done and I can use the space now! :)...!
Channel Title : JAYSTEPHER Views : 30171 DisLikes : 22 Published Date :2019-10-05T06:45:01Z
LEGO DIY tutorial on how to build a master bedroom with large bed, dresser, nightstands with lamps, chest of drawers, flat screen TV, and potted plant. The 367 bricks needed to complete this tutorial are listed below with their respected design/element IDs. Check out my LEGO build videos and SUBSCRIBE ! Join Patreon today to help fund my upcoming MOCs and tutorials: Content in this video is considered as family-friendly. Be respectful ...!
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LIZZY SURPRISES HER BOYFRIEND BY TURNING EVERYTHING INTO LEGOS!! 😱 GET YOUR MERCH 👚 Use code LIZZY FOR 5$ OFF $40 purchase!! 📷INSTAGRAM → ⏰TIK TOK → 📘FACEBOOK → LIZZY CAPRI 💬DISCORD → ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Business Inquiries: li...!
Channel Title : TD BRICKS Views : 5323 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2018-09-24T15:56:49Z
This MOC (My Own Creation) was inspired by my personal bedroom. This is not an exact replication of my bedroom (that may be a future video), but this is instead a depiction of what my dream bedroom would be like (well... kind of). Enjoy! Live streaming channel. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT! ~ Check out the previous video ~ LEGO of life and join the squad ~!
Channel Title : Feeling Home Views : 1431 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2017-12-24T04:00:00Z
🔝 Top Lego Kids Room Design Ideas 2018 | Lego Themed Bunk Bedroom Furniture Wall Playroom Decor -- lego bedroom furniture, lego themed bedroom decorating ideas, lego playroom ideas, lego bedroom set, lego bedroom decor, lego building room, lego wall decor, lego bedroom sets, how to make lego furniture easy, lego beds for sale, how to make a lego bed easy, how to make a lego bedroom, lego bed instructions, lego furniture for minifigs, how to make a lego bunk bed, lego minifigure bed, lego bedr...!
Channel Title : ellieV toys Views : 1995688 DisLikes : 806 Published Date :2019-11-16T11:34:51Z
We made Mia into the perfect VSCO girl, so what does the perfect surfer girl need for her perfect beach bedroom? Well, a basket for her scrunchies for starters. And a whole load of beach-themed and teen decorations. Oh, and fairy lights! Fairy lights are imperative. In this custom Lego build, Mia gets the ultimate VSCO girl bedroom, I hope she likes it 😘 And dont forget that you can also get a cool ellieV toys t-shirt and other stuff from here! ...!
Channel Title : Rays of Sunshine Childrens Charity Views : 82637 DisLikes : 16 Published Date :2014-03-14T12:09:33Z
The British Contract Furnishing Association (BCFA) members pulled together to create a dream bedroom for 13-year-old Philip from Ramsgate, Kent, who is living with Spinomuscular Atrophy. Philip is reliant upon an electric wheelchair and a ventilator at night, and is confined to being indoors. He has only recently had his own bedroom, and his Rays of Sunshine wish was to have it decorated and to stay in a hotel during the renovations. Planning for the project took approximately three months, ...!
Channel Title : TheBrickWiz Views : 14381 DisLikes : 21 Published Date :2020-04-26T16:30:37Z
After exactly one year since my last tour video, Im back today to show you all my newly updated LEGO Room Tour! With Anaxes complete, a dope Star Destroyer display, and a sick gaming/editing station, this room is nearly complete! What do you guys think I should add for the next room tour? Let me know in the comments :) #TheBrickWiz #RoomTour #LEGO ═══════════ My P.O. Box: TheBrickWiz P.O. Box 672 Holmdel, NJ 07733 Bricklink:!
Channel Title : TD BRICKS Views : 22134 DisLikes : 14 Published Date :2015-09-19T21:28:49Z
Your Lego minifigures now have an elegant place to sleep with this cool bedroom set. Here are the following sections of the video: Bed 0:17 Bed Tables 2:15 Chest 2:50 If you would like to see my TD BRICKS account on Google Plus, then heres a link to the page: If you have any questions or ideas, then feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. Also stay tune to my future LEGO tutorials and thanks for watching....!
Channel Title : LEGO Views : 6210752 DisLikes : 2276 Published Date :2014-02-12T18:33:17Z
Build easy cabinets, chairs, night stand and bed for your Creator bed room....!
Channel Title : TheBrickWiz Views : 20172 DisLikes : 25 Published Date :2018-07-13T16:00:08Z
Welcome to MY 2018 LEGO ROOM TOUR! Be sure to leave some questions in the comments should you have any! #legostudiotour #legoroomtour #legoroom ═══════════ ➤ Become a member of TheBrickFam by subscribing here! ➤Thumbs up and feedback is greatly appreciated 👍 ➤Follow me on my social media! Instagram: Twitter: Flickr...!
Channel Title : DeadlyDeals Views : 3992 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2013-10-27T15:43:24Z
magine the look of surprise on your little guys face when you surprise him with a Lego-themed bedroom. If your kiddo is absolutely crazy about Lego, you can transform his special space and incorporate the Lego theme into every aspect of the decorating. By the time youre done, your kiddo will be the envy of every Lego-loving child in the neighborhood! Lego bedding sets in the US come in versions related to their special character licensing tie-ins - Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter, Pirates of th...!
Channel Title : ellieV toys Views : 10816615 DisLikes : 4059 Published Date :2018-11-23T12:20:31Z
I wonder what Lego Friends Stephanies bedroom was like when she was a toddler? Did she like lots of pink? Was she already sporty and competitive? Well, I decided to renovate her teenagers room into a toddler room and guess what, she just loves her stuffed animals! So much so that she insisted that I find room for them in her new bedroom. Oh my goodness, so many stuffies 😱. So, a little girls Lego room renovation, complete with bunk bed and reading nook underneath. And lots of storage for all ...!
Channel Title : Attractions Magazine Views : 36441 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2019-04-15T21:45:17Z
From the sleeping areas to the bathrooms, the fun-filled rooms are fully themed with iconic The Lego Movie characters, movie-based artwork and a Unikitty inspired rainbow shower. SUBSCRIBE ► CLICK THE BELL to be notified when we post new videos. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PRINT MAGAZINE ► SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ► TWITTER: FACEBOOK:!
Channel Title : ellieV toys Views : 5723939 DisLikes : 1711 Published Date :2018-09-09T11:00:32Z
The triplet boys Harry and Alex, are going to have to share a bedroom and theyre definitely going to need bunk beds! Lets build them a custom Lego boy-themed bedroom with everything they love - comics, teddy bears, super heroes and skate boarding! Oh, and dont forget magic tricks so they can prank their sister Violet. But dont worry because shes going to absolutely beat them on the remote controlled car race track 😉. Sophie & Henrys house now has two perfect child / toddler rooms themed for b...!
Channel Title : Kirsten Dirksen Views : 32378197 DisLikes : 2533 Published Date :2011-04-25T20:53:33Z
Christians hotel inspired by LEGO flat: When Christian Schallert isnt cooking, dressing, sleeping or eating, his 24 square meter (258 square feet) apartment looks like an empty cube. To use a piece of furniture, he has to build it. Located in Barcelonas hip Born district, the tiny apartment is a remodeled pigeon loft. Designed by architect Barbara Appolloni, Christian says the space was inspired by the space-saving furniture aboard boats, as well as the clean line...!
Channel Title : MIAS CRAZY FUN Views : 48251 DisLikes : 455 Published Date :2020-02-29T20:48:43Z
Hi guys, been awhile since I last uploaded . I hope you like my new build... remember to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!!!!!🖒🕭...!
Channel Title : ellieV toys Views : 5989961 DisLikes : 1804 Published Date :2018-11-30T12:08:37Z
What did Lego Friends Emma like when she was little? Well, playdoh and slime of course! Oh, and lots and lots of craft. And glitter. Sooooo much glitter. So lets build her a Lego custom girls bedroom full of her favourite colours and toys. She has a fully stocked craft cupboard and the walls are covered in her drawings! Oh, and dont forget her tea set for tea parties with her toys (and best teddy bear, Mr Bobo) and her princess themed toddler bed. I love a themed bedroom! Which Lego Friends todd...!
Channel Title : BRICKLOVER18 - BRICKS Media Views : 6239 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2018-03-17T15:04:51Z
LEGO tape is all over the place, so I wanted to see how cool it really was and decorate my LEGO room tables! What would you use this LEGO tape for? Sponsored by Thank you so much for watching this LEGO video. Dont forget to leave a like if you enjoyed! SUBSCRIBE!!! More BRICKLOVER18; Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:!
Channel Title : Small Brick City Views : 749 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2019-03-30T13:44:19Z
We are really excited to announce the launch of our line of LEGO Room decor and LEGO-inspired clothing. This is a pet project we have been working on for months! We have created a line of products as well as vetted the manufacturing process and material to give you amazing quality along with a creative design. The products currently available include a creativity notebook, wall art, throw pillow, mug, tote bag and a large variety of clothing for men, women and even kids. Check out our brand n...!
Channel Title : ellieV toys Views : 1925942 DisLikes : 579 Published Date :2018-09-14T11:58:17Z
Were going to do something fun with the complete set of Lego Friends girls Bedroom sets from 2018! This custom lego build only needs a few extra pieces to make something pretty whacky and silly. Make sure you check out how I go, and see whether it all turns into a Jenga-style catastrophe! And dont forget that you can also get a cool ellieV toys t-shirt and other stuff from here! Dont forget to subscribe! Lots more ellieV t...!
Channel Title : Unicorn Squad Views : 21580 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2020-04-05T05:00:12Z
Hey Team and Amazing Aliens!! Today we made some super cute bedroom decor using LEGO DOTS! We hope you feel inspired to make your own amazing LEGO DOTS creations at home! #DotYourWorld with LEGO DOTS! 🦄👾💜🦄👾💜🦄👾💜🦄👾💜🦄👾💜🦄👾💜 Follow us on Instagram and TikTok! Instagram: TikTok: ➡️Subscribe so you never miss a video!!
Channel Title : Modern Brick Views : 597 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2018-12-26T22:45:00Z
Bonjour! I am super excited about the full bedroom video that will be posted tomorrow!!! I created the bedroom from 10pm Dec. 25th until 1am Dec. 26th after experiencing the shittiest Christmas ever so I am extremely surprised and happy to have created something I absolutely LOVE during that time! Enjoy the video and thank you for watching!! Instagram: Take Care, Modern Brick Music: Nothing Easy by YouTube Library Sound Effects: iMovie Library...!
Channel Title : ellieV toys Views : 1708564 DisLikes : 335 Published Date :2018-10-26T11:28:30Z
The scariest night of the year is almost here and the Darlingtons are ready to decorate their Lego Friends renovated house with Halloween decorations and finalise their costumes, ready for trick or treating! Violet decided that she wants to go as Peppa Pig so we had to make her a custom dress and piggy head dress. Shes going to love it! And does Henry have the scariest costume of all? Youll have to watch and see! If you havent seen how I made the triplets out of the Lego Friends minidolls, make ...!
Channel Title : ellieV toys Views : 17121013 DisLikes : 12352 Published Date :2017-11-10T12:22:45Z
Have you ever wondered where the Lego Friends parents sleep? Me too. When each of the Lego Friends girls get a house, theres never a room for their parents to sleep in! Where do Stephanies parents rest their heads at night - on the couch, in the shower stall, maybe really uncomfortably on the stairs? Well, their discomfort is over because I have built a custom bedroom for them as a renovation to the existing Lego Friends Stephanies House build! I made sure that I matched the colours and themes o...!
Channel Title : CwatsBrickBox Views : 2455 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2017-03-11T04:26:22Z
CwatsBrickBoxs LEGO Bedroom moc. Sibling versions coming soon....!
Channel Title : JAYSTEPHER Views : 53700 DisLikes : 16 Published Date :2012-12-15T08:05:33Z
A complete Tutorial on a modern white bedroom set for any Lego home. The set features a bed with headboard, two night stands, dresser, and armoire. This tutorial contains 110 pieces which are listed below. Check out my LEGO build videos and SUBSCRIBE ! Content in this video is considered as family-friendly. Be respectful to others. All inappropriate comments will not be tolerated will be removed. Comments are heavily moderated. All builds and sets are created with offici...!
Channel Title : The JackHammer Views : 3772 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-05-03T19:00:13Z
This custom LEGO MOC (my own creation) is a TFOL/AFOL workspace, equipped with all the essentials: LEGO sets, models, and most importantly--lots and lots of bricks. For updates and behind the scenes, follow me on Instagram: For an upcoming Q&A video, leave any questions--literally anything--in the comments with the hashtag HammerQ so I can add it to the list! If you enjoyed this video in any way, be sure to share your support by leaving a like! As a...!
Channel Title : HouzzTV Views : 1598477 DisLikes : 268 Published Date :2015-04-29T01:35:05Z Architect Jeffrey Pelletier has amassed a collection of 250,000 Lego pieces in the basement of his familys 1902 Seattle home. Watch the video to see how he organizes all those gold bricks, yellow heads, countless gears and more....!
Channel Title : ellieV toys Views : 588359 DisLikes : 412 Published Date :2019-10-11T11:46:39Z
Why buy a jewelry box when you can make your own Frozen 2 themed one out of Lego? This is more than a gimmicky build, its incredibly pretty and will make a gorgeous display piece to put all your sparkly trinkets in. Plus theyll have the added protection of The Nokk to watch over them! The Lego Frozen 2 sets look lovely and Im really looking forward to building all of them! The LEGO® Disney Frozen II 41168 Elsa’s Jewelry Box Creation makes a perfect gift for fans of the Disney Frozen movies....!
Channel Title : Valthornet Views : 5031 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2020-03-13T16:00:00Z
Last Time Laps part, its finally done! Just bits and pieces left to do, but the main part ist done. The only thing that is left, is to decorate the whole Lego City Took 3 pictures a minute, this clip contains 3520 pictures. Meaning 1 second in this video are about 6:40 minutes in real time Music: Patent Doll by Freedom Trail Studio...!
Channel Title : ellieV toys Views : 2885791 DisLikes : 892 Published Date :2018-10-12T12:28:15Z
The Lego Friends girls were little once, right? So have you ever wondered what they looked like as little kids / toddlers? I have so I made them into what I imagined they looked like as weeny Lego children. Cutting up Lego minidolls to make custom Lego toddlers is not for the faint-hearted (check out my DIY how-to video here and I think its high time that Lego made some real ones so the Lego minidolls could have some little brothers and sisters...!
Channel Title : Pick a Trick Views : 845567 DisLikes : 736 Published Date :2020-02-03T19:00:04Z
Subscribe Here: 11 Wall Decor Ideas || DIY Room Decor: What can be done with old bored toys? Add some imagination and inspiration. See cool ideas and life hacks of the original remake. Materials • LEGO • false pearl • drink bottle caps • acrylic paint • shoe lace • clock • knitted elastic band • colored paper • memory stick • liquid...!
Channel Title : ellieV toys Views : 2419293 DisLikes : 802 Published Date :2020-03-20T11:52:52Z
As soon as I saw the new Lego teeny minidolls I KNEW they would be perfect to use as toddlers in the Lego universe (well not quite perfect because articulation makes everything better, but still.....). So Ive build a custom bedroom for little Elsa with easter eggs from both Frozen and Frozen 2. And a window seat bed because it works and I love window seats 😂. Shes magicked a massive snowdrift in her bedroom with snow animals and a snow teaparty on the very top. And of course theres a door so ...!
Channel Title : Universal Kids Views : 1118609 DisLikes : 397 Published Date :2019-10-03T14:00:03Z
Watch full episodes with Universal Kids on TV or stream on Peacock! Claire and JBJ help Briana transform her bedroom into the ULTIMATE sci-fi lovers galaxy-themed space room! ►►SUBSCRIBE: ►►WATCH ON TV: ►►STREAM ON PEACOCK:!
Channel Title : ellieV toys Views : 3241455 DisLikes : 928 Published Date :2018-06-01T12:54:26Z
Finally Olivias parents get a bedroom of their own - theyve been sleeping on the couch since 2012. The Lego Friends houses are wonderful, but Ive always wondered where the parents sleep, there are fabulous bedrooms for the girls, but none for the mum and dad. So Olivias parents, Anna and Peter, finally get their own comfy bed to sleep in. And Ive decided that they are avid comic book collectors so they have an awesome display of custom comic books in their room too! This is how I decided the roo...!
Channel Title : LEGO Views : 8777745 DisLikes : 4497 Published Date :2013-01-05T02:35:54Z
5000 LEGO® Bricks, Unlimited Inspiration...!
Channel Title : Brick Rhodes Views : 3711 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2015-09-18T02:06:05Z
This is my custom bedroom! I used crazy tile technique to create a colorful purple carpet! This little room is packed with details, including a bed, furniture and unique windows. Thanks for watching! Check out my instagram to see all of my MOCs: Flickr:[email protected]/...!
Channel Title : LEGO Views : 11524154 DisLikes : 348 Published Date :2014-11-26T17:55:43Z
Inspire her to use her imagination and watch her #KeepBuilding amazing creations with LEGO® bricks- because you taught her how to think and dream. Visit for inspiration to help families #KeepBuilding!...!
Channel Title : TD BRICKS Views : 3311 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2016-05-27T21:56:06Z
In this video, I will be presenting to you a LEGO modern bedroom MOC that took me a full day to make. The MOC is constructed on a 16 by 18 baseplate, and contains 250+ parts. If you have any requests on what LEGO MOC I should make next, then feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. Thank you for liking, commenting, sharing, subscribing, and dont forget to stay tune for more. Keep on building! This LEGO MOC was inspired by Modern Brick. Special shoutout to her channel. If you w...!
Channel Title : ohlego Views : 717 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-08-18T15:15:51Z
Hey guys it’s Kaylie and I’m back at it with another video. Today, I made something that’s supposedly very “trendy,” a VSCO girl room. Now, what is a vsco girl? tbh, I have no clue. Let me know what you thought down below! ssskskkskskssk -and i oop Filming Equipment: Sony a5100 Joby Gorillapod 1k...!
Channel Title : All New Bricks Views : 3920334 DisLikes : 1995 Published Date :2019-05-14T23:01:03Z
A detailed look at the Lego 75810 The Upside Down that is inspired from the Netflix original series Stranger Things that is for Mature Audiences only. Includes 8 instantly recognizable Stranger Things minifigures: Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Will Byers, Joyce Byers, Chief Jim Hopper and the Demogorgon. This video was produced for adult fans of Lego. Special thank you to Lego for sending in this set for All New Bricks to build. Pieces 2,287 Price $199.99 Fans of t...!
Channel Title : ellieV toys Views : 1380006 DisLikes : 637 Published Date :2017-03-05T11:41:23Z
Wonder Womans Dorm Room is the first of the superhero girls rooms at Super Hero High School and its super duper fun! The colours and golden scrolls and columns echo Dianas heritage and the design is ultimately playable. I love the invisible motorbike and the wardrobe that is big enough to hide a cheeky superhero inside (where are you Harley Quinn? 😉). The orange kryptomite is busy wreaking havoc this time, but its nothing that Wonder Woman and her roomie Harley Quinn cant handle. Be part of...!
Channel Title : Insider Views : 1081856 DisLikes : 349 Published Date :2018-04-06T17:00:00Z
Shari Austrian builds custom, realistic models of homes out of Legos. She draws from her work in architecture and her family as inspiration. Austrian uses real construction plans to scale her models, constructing the interiors first. Sometimes having to rely on entire sets, Austrian can take up to 10 weeks to build one home replica! Order your own custom model: The INSIDER team believes that life is an adventure! Subscribe to our channel and visit us a...!

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