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RunmanReCords Design is a channel about interior design, tiny houses, life hacks and drawing lessons. Subscribe - 30 Modern Loft Apartments, (Small Spaces) Design ideas. Music: Jazz & Blues - YouTube Audio Library. Video - RunmanReCords. Tiny and Small Apartment Loft Style....!
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We found the edgy, industrial-style loft where visiting celebrities and actors stay when they want to feel at home in Montreal. Suzanne Dimma tells us what makes Creative Flat’s 1,380 sq.-ft. space, designed by Natalie Bouchard and Annie Horth, so cool....!
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Our studio renovations are finally done, and we can give you the tour! This video is brought to you by TD Insurance — if youre working on an important renovation like this, make sure you check iout TD Insurance to help you prepare! Sponsored by TD Insurance Listen to the Podcast Lightroom Presets Follow me on Instagram Follow Ania on Instagram Follow me o...!
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#LoftDesign #SimpleLoft...!
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Interior Design Ideas! Subscribe - 28 Incredible Lofts, New York Loft Apartment Design, Old Urban Loft Music: Es Jammy Jams - Jingle Bells (Instrumental Jazz) Music - YouTube Audio Library - Video - RunmanReCords Design NYC Loft, NY Loft, Industrial Style Apartment...!
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Interior Design Ideas! Subscribe - Loft Apartment - New York City, Chicago, Worldwide - 55 ideas Music: Rock - Happy Follow us on Google Plus: Follow us on Twitter: Loft Design, Apartment Decorating ideas...!
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The most beautiful loft apartments in New York and other US cities! Many first-class ideas! Twitter: Music: Silent Partner - Walking the Dog and Above and Beyond RunmanReCords Design! Subscribe - Selected and edited by RunmanReCords:!
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A loft apartment refers to large adaptable open space, often converted for residential use (a converted loft) from some other use, often light industrial. Adding to the confusion, some converted lofts include upper open loft areas. ______________________________________________________________________________ All This products in this video belong to the website owner and the product owner. This is not a promotional video, just some cool ideas that makes our life better....!
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#TinyHomeTues This 527B Athens Park Homes RV park model tiny home has been built with a Monoslope roof line and is on display at Recreational Resort Cottages in Rockwall, Texas. It completely changes the feel of the bedroom, as we shortened the length of the loft to get a really high ceiling on the bed side of the bedroom. Walk with Mike through the tiny house as he shows you the gained height with this design. Also featured in this model is the new workstation farmsink and the white shiplap a...!
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With exterior and interior walkthrough. A 3D Animation of a Small House Design Idea using Sketchup and Lumion. The design is also budget-friendly or affordable and easy to construct. The house has: (4x5 meters) 20 sqm footprint - Living Area - Dining Area - Kitchen - Toilet and bath with closet and laundry - Bedroom Thank you for watching! I hope you all liked it :) For more house designs, kindly subscribe and click the notification bell so you get notified whenever I post a new vid...!
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Hey Guys, I just want to share a 3D animation of my simple loft house design ideas! full exterior and interior walk through, house size is 5x5 meter (25 Sqm) House has 1 Bedroom 1 toilet and bath kitchen living area dining area i hope you all like it enjoy watching :) For more house design visit my channel and dont forget to subscribe :) Music from youtube audio library Music title: Modern Situations #LoftHouseDesign #Mezzanine #SimpleH...!
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Go to or text nevertoosmall to 500 500 and you can get 3 months of Audible for just $6.95 a month. In Sydneys Pyrmont, two neighbours have come together to replace their car spaces with identical 35sqm footprint one-bedroom tiny homes. Loft House x2 by Architect Brad Swartz provides an innovative template for how neighbours can cooperate to unlock underutilised inner-city land. #tinyhouse #architecture #interiordesign Music: Music Passage by Lowercase. St...!
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▸ Everyone wants to live on the Amsterdam canals. This industrial canal house is unlikely to change that. The dream house is in the heart of the Jordaan in a quiet residential area, with all the beautiful Amsterdam beauty around the corner. The industrial canal house is approximately 371 square meters and has three floors. The perfect family home if you ask us. The building is finished with beautiful and robust materials, but still has a homely look & feel. In Jordaan they know how to build ho...!
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ETO PO Ang Ilan sa MGA simple at magagandang design NG MGA loft na pwede PO ninyong makuhanan NG MGA idea sa MGA gusto ninyong gagawing sariling loft ninyo ...Sana ay magustuhan PO ninyo......!
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MY APARTMENT TOUR IS FINALLY HERE!!! Thumbs up if youre excited and want me to film my bedroom tour of the upstairs! MY CLOSET TOUR: INSTAGRAM: VLOG of me painting: MORE VLOGS: ‪ WEBSITES MENTIONED: ART: COOL DECOR: BEAN BAG: COUCH/COFFEE TABLE/BAR CART:!
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Small House OFT TYPE 2-Bedroom (8x7 Meters) for low budget House build with floor area of (50 SQM) and has an Attic/Loft and Balcony with 3D Animation / walkthrough interior design. House Has -2 Bedrooms -1 Toilet and bath -Dining & Kitchen -Living Area -Terrace **Please note that the designs presented in this channel are for reference only** We highly recommend to HIRE AN ARCHITECT, for your Design/Architectural Plans, so you will be familiar with the process of Building Construction. For y...!
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#LOFTDESIGN #PEGIONHOUSEDESIGN MGA MAGAGANDANG LOFT DESIGN AT TYAK MAGUGUSTUHAN NYO AT MY MAKUKUHA KAYONG IDEA! 👈 Mendum - Elysium [NCS Release] ▽ Connect with NCS Facebook___ Twitch______ Twitter______ Spotify______ SoundCloud_ Instagram___ ▽ Follow Mendum SoundCloud_ https://soundclou...!
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Channel Title : gregvancom Views : 104440 DisLikes : 44 Published Date :2018-02-14T16:52:07Z Click on this link for more information about lofts, attics and building design. This video will provide you with a few different examples about how you can frame and build a loft in a garage or other square or rectangular shaped rooms. Keep in mind that engineering specifications are usually required for lumber sizes like joist and beams as well as building foundations....!
Channel Title : HouzzTV Views : 6705492 DisLikes : 2589 Published Date :2016-07-15T21:03:29Z Donnie and Nicole Chiu-Wang loved the location of their San Francisco studio, but they desperately needed to make its 537 square feet feel more spacious. To do that, they turned their attention to the 13-foot ceiling. Having watched online videos of cleverly designed moving walls in small New York City apartments, they thought that there must be a way to use their space more efficiently too....!
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Best Pigeons Loft design |Pigeons breeding Coops ( Best modern pigeon loft) Best Pigeons Loft design Pigeon breeding ground. Breeding pigeons day activity. New baby pigeons. Homeing pigeons breeders Best pigeons breeding farm. Fancy Pigeon Breeding Farm Visit / Pigeon Breeding Care And Treatment. World Unique Amazing Indoor Pigeon Farm | Fancy Pigeon Loft | Fancy Pigeons Breeding Pairs. Natural Pigeon Farming & modern pigeon farming : Pigeon farming is very interesting, profitable a...!
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Join Jaime, Brett, and the Perkins Crew and follow along as they finish renovating a 100-year-old house on Main Street in Bryson City North Carolina... 120 Main Street. We are picking up in the middle of this project, with the commercial storefront already finished over the last year. On this episode, Jaime is at the drafting table showing how the loft floor system will be constructed and also Jaime and Brett process a pile of locally sawn lumber to make it useable as part of the sub-floor. M...!
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Homeowners Elizabeth Dyer, artist and co-owner of the shop Advice From A Caterpillar, and Peter Smith give us a tour of their serene, three-storey loft. See how the two creatives added their own style to the unique space using a white palette. The homeowners started by brightening the backdrop with white walls and pale flooring. The first floor features the master bedroom and bathroom, as well as a small bedroom with a skylight that’s built into the stairwell. The second floor boasts an open-...!
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Tara guys, pili n ng kursunada mong pigeon loft design. Enjoy watching #alarconloft #alarconminiOLR #Pigeonrace Maraming salamat sa panonood at pagsuporta mga kalapatids. Ingat 💪😄👍 Muli salamat sa Dios sa isa namang pagkakataon makapagbahagi sa inyo ng bagong video na ito and to Him be all the glory. Dont forget to subscribed and hit the notification bell para updated ka sa mga bagong videos na maiuupload natin loobin ng Dios. Pakilike na din mga videos share and comment na din pa...!
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This 20sqm studio transformation is epic! Watch as how I and my friends helped transformed this very tiny condo into the loft of her dreams! I would like to thank my friend, Mikyu, for allowing me to decorate her condo! Also to my friends for helping me out, Filmore, Vanessa, and of course my ever-supportive hubby Nash! I hope you enjoy my first makeover and video! Please like and share for more makeover videos. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...!
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visit our design project DREAM LOFT at Thong Lor, Bangkok project : Dream Loft area : 225 sqm. approx. location : Bangkok, Thailand year : 2016 client : Dream Loft (Bangkok) team : TBT space | snap YouTube Channel: OFFICIAL WEBSITE: FACEBOOK:!
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Thankyou for watching this video! Please Subscribe to see more from me. give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed and comment down below what videos you want to see next. #RacingPigeon #KALAPATI #LOFT DESIGN...!
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An idea of 3D animation for a Bungalow Residential House with loftable Design in Inner Lot area of 50sq.m (5m x 10m) Floor area Build 4m x 7m (F.A= 38.25 sq.m) House Features:     * Living     * Dining     * Kitchen     * Bed area 1     * Loftable Bed area 2    * Toilet and Bath     * Porch Enjoy watching! Hope you all like it! Comment down below for more request design idea to my next content.. 😅 For more house design visit my channel and dont forget to click the bell ...!
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#KALAPATI #PIGEON #BREEDERCAGE Thankyou for watching this video! Please Subscribe to see more from me. give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed and comment down below what videos you want to see next....!
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#JenniferThePigeonFancier #MyKalapatiGirl #KalapatiGirlPhilippines #LoftDesign #NewPigeonLoft...!
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Selected and edited by RunmanReCords Design! Subscribe - 20 Small Apartments (Lofts) Interior Design Ideas Hello! Today I want to share an interesting video with you! Today is your first time seeing amazing, tiny lofts, studio apartments. Enjoy watching and subscribe to the channel! Music: Romantic, New Tattoo; YouTube Audio Library - RunmanReCords Design Small Spaces, Tiny Small Beautiful Apartment...!
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Zobacz w jak prosty sposób zamontować panele dekoracyjne marki Loft Design System. Szybki montaż i super efekt....!
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#JenniferThePigeonFancier #MyKalapatiGirl #KalapatiGirlPhilippines #PhilippinePigeon...!
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Sharing this 24sq.m (4mx6m) Simple House Design with Loft. I created this design to give you an idea of the design of the house you may desire for the future, any changes is up to you. Hope you like it. It has 1 bedroom, 1 Toilet &Bath, a living area, dining area, and a kitchen. I didnt put cooking hood, but if you want to add one its up to you. Stairs steps can be a storage boxes. Sofa bed in the living room for extra bed if needed. This building will cost around php15k to php18k pe...!
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Beautiful loft apartment design ideas. The main difference between regular apartments and loft apartments is the latter’s open layout construction and design. Loft apartments tend to have fewer walls that divide the living, sleeping and dining rooms. Some designs will have no walls at all. Loft apartments are usually found in warehouses or old commercial buildings that were remodeled for residential purposes. Thanks for watching please like share and subscribe for updates. If you need this ...!
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small pigeon lofts SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE to always keep you notified for more everyday pigeon content. 👍 Playlist: #racingpigeons #homingpigeons #paloma #palumbo #rockdove #dove #pigeon #kalapati #duva #colomennod #טויב #pëllumb #uso #галубіныя #golub #гълъб #голубиний #Golob #holub #porumbel #Pombo #Gołąb #Due #ħamiem #гулаб #karvelis #balodis #picci...!
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Loft apartment - Big dream! We found the best lofts from around the world! Music: 1 - Flutey Funk by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: 2 - Dat Groove (Full Track) by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: http://audiona...!
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Ang videong ito ay ginawa ko upang magka roun ng idea ang mga nangangarap kumawa ng Pigeon Loft. Gaya ko pangrap koreng gumawa ng pigeon loft.!...!
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This is Bungalow with Loft Design here in Narra Parks Residences by Nurtura Land A middle class subdivision in Tigatto Buhangin Davao City LOT AREA: 100sq.m FLOOR AREA: 70.91sq.m 2Bedrooms and 2Toilet and Baths with wide space on Loft area As of March 8, 2020 Our Paylite Promo is Extended TCP: Php 5,062,500.xx Reservation Fee: 30,000.xx 10% Downpayment for 48months to pay: Php 15,164 per month Estimated Monthly Mortization thru Bank For 15 years OFW: 42,923 /month For 20 years Self-employed...!
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Having exposed brick in your home or apartment is a giant interior design bonus — jackpot, your home is already (at least a quarter) pretty gorg. Come on, who hasn’t sighed dreamily at a beautiful brick wall in an equally well-designed room? Incorporating exposed brick brings character and raw charm into any interior space from your kitchen & your Living Hall .Thanks to a wide range of warm, natural colors, exposed brick can provide high style, rustic accents or a modern, industrial feel. Ch...!
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👍Like ☑️Share ☑️Comment ☑️Subscribe 👍LIKE,☑️SHARE,☑️COMMENT & ☑️SUBSCRIBE AT IHIT MO NADEN ANG NOTIFICATION BELL(🔔)PARA LAGING UPDATED SA MGA SUSUNOD KOPANG VIDEOS 📽️📽️ Maraming salamat sa panonood at sa walang sawang sumusuporta sa channel naten maraming salamat po keepsafe & stay at home 🙏🙏 #Loft Ideas #PigeonLoft #PigeonHouse...!
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Do you want your house to be not only comfortable, but also stylish? Then learn all the subtleties and secrets of creating a delightful design with us! This video is a photo slide about design .PHOTO IS FROM INTERNET.If you are an owner of photo please contact me for tag you or if you wish to delete....!

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