Machine Quilting Patterns

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Join the NSC community to access a huge library of instructional quilting videos: Heather Thomas gives you a pep talk telling you that failure and ugly quilts are part of the process to mastering machine quilting. Then start practicing by taking a look at pages of designs with Heather. Hear how they are best used on an average quilt and feel free to pause the video to take a closer look. Looking for more quilting instruction and inspiration? Check ...!
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Machine quilting isnt always as easy as it looks — but anyone can do these 3 free-motion quilting designs (promise)! In the third week of Angelas beginner series, learn how wavy lines, starburst designs, and simple cursive words can turn your quilt into a work of art. Episode links below. 👇 Whether youre a beginner or want to take your FMQ to the next level, Bluprint has some great classes for every skill level: Free-Motion Quilting Essentials: Start Free-Motion ...!
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This is an excerpt from one of my premium Quilt Alongs! Check out my premium course site! Blog Post with more details coming soon! I get my sewing machines like this Juki 2010q at Sew Mini Things Follow me on Social! Blog: Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: Time code for future reference 1:45: Back and For...!
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Quilting templates are not just for long arm machines. With the correct foot on your domestic sewing machine, you can easily use Teryl Loys quilting templates for patterns and shapes on your next quilt. Order templates at!
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Learn how to machine quilt easy lines and circles with help from Leah Day Quilting. Find the pattern for this quilt here: This video also features Quilty Box - a fun subscription service that delivers quilting tools, supplies, and fabrics each month. Learn more by clicking my affiliate link here: Learn how to hide thread tails in a video here: Find the quilting tools...!
Channel Title : Angela Walters Views : 113619 DisLikes : 19 Published Date :2018-02-07T03:42:43Z
Machine quilting is so much more fun when you use a lot of different designs! In this video, Angela Walters shows you how to combine machine quilting designs, such as leaves, swirls, pebbles, flowers and more! To get a Jump Start on your Free-motion Quilting, check out Angelas favorite machine quilting supplies by clicking here:!
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Meet the Brand New Machine Quilting Rulers from Angela Walters & Creative Grids: Slim, Shorty, Archie and Squiggy They may have funny names but they are seriously good at helping you master machine quilting! Designed with the home machine quilter in mind, they can be used on longarms as well!! To learn more about the rulers, or to purchase the whole set, click here: To purchase them individually, click here: For more machine quilting tips and in...!
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Help! How do I Quilt It? 3 Tips for Choosing Quilting Designs Do you suffer from quilter’s amnesia? It’s what happens when you finish a quilt top, only to completely forget all the machine quilting designs you have ever learned. In this video tutorial, Angela Walters will give you three things to think about when picking designs for your quilts. Whether you decide to show off all the blocks, none of the blocks or just some of the blocks, this tutorial is sure to be the cure for your quilter...!
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Have you wanted to try machine quilting with rulers on your sewing machine? Well then..... meet your new friend, Shorty. I developed this ruler with the newer machine quilter in mind. In this video, I show you every thing you need to get begin using rulers. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, I will try to answer them as much as possible! Get the Products: Get Shorty: See the other rulers designed by Angela Walters and Creative Grids:https://bit...!
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Machine quilting with rulers - Clarity ruler foot review || My first impression on doing ruler work on a home sewing machine. Last week I dusted off my free motion quilting foot and today Im trying ruler work for the first time! Its soo much fun, but definately not as easy as it looks. Have you ever done ruler work? Enjoy! Irene F R E E ~ E B O O K Check out my FREE ebook to learn how to quilt your quilt: 101 ideas for straight line quilting!
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Angela Walters and Linda Augsburg demonstrate an easy way to machine quilt your borders. Get free patterns and see quilting tips at!
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Leonie West shows how she quilts a large quilt with templates on a domestic sewing machine. The Quilt measures 79 x 79 Quilting on a Brother Dream Creator using a Sew Steady Quilters Angled Table inspired by Leonie....!
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Need a machine quilting design to quilt it fast? Quilt perfect parallel straight lines with your walking foot using these tips. Plus, get more of Jacquies walking foot quilting here --- Dont miss more tips for better straight line quilting --- This is a clip from modern quilter Jacquie Gerings online class, Creative Quilting with your Walking Foot. Why take this class? Students rave: Its only so often I come across a class that just knocks my...!
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If you can draw a letter C, you can do this stitch:) The Finish Line...Let’s get the Quilt top done! Air Quilting video here Quilt Pattern Here are a few things I mentioned Please shop and support your local shops! If you cannot find them there, here are some links to help out. Bernina Q 20 sit down machine find a Bernina agen...!
Channel Title : My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe Views : 15667 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2015-12-04T03:13:24Z Kris from My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe introduces you to a set of acrylic templates from Westalee Designs and Sew Steady designed to do free-motion quilting on your own home sewing machine! Join our Facebook group here: to connect with a likeminded community of quilting enthusiasts and to download your FREE How to Select Fabrics guide sheet!...!
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Beginner Free Motion Quilt tutorial on a domestic sewing machine || Everything you need to know to get started with free motion quilting. In this video Im sharing my top 5 beginner tips AND Im showing you all my perfectly imperfect stitches. Everybody who wants to get better at FMQ needs to practice. So yay for imperfect stitches! Because we learn and get better with every stitch we make. Enjoy! Irene F R E E ~ E B O O K Check out my FREE ebook to learn how to quilt your quilt: 101 ideas fo...!
Channel Title : Leah Day Views : 32719 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2017-01-15T17:40:15Z
Learn how to machine quilt a beautiful feather design with help from Leah Day. Find this feather design in the Sashing and Cornerstones Pattern right here: This video is part of the Machine Quilting Block Party, an interactive quilt along where you can learn how to make your first quilt one block at a time! Each month Leah will release a new block pattern for you to follow along piecing and quilting. The patterns include both piecing AND machine quilting designs and...!
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A complete step-by-step visual guide from teacher and master machine quilter Lynn Witzenburg that takes quilters through the basic steps of quilting on a home sewing machine. View the Full Playlist: Get the book:!
Channel Title : Leah Day Views : 52360 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2017-09-17T18:18:19Z
Learn how to machine quilt three easy designs on your longarm or home sewing machine in this quilting tutorial for beginners with Leah Day. Read more here: Find the Building Blocks cheater cloth fabric to make this quilt right here: For best results, pick the Kona Cotton Ultra Fabric. If you want all 42 bl...!
Channel Title : Bluprint Views : 34363 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2016-11-04T01:30:12Z
Quilt perfect lines every time with straight rulers - on your home machine! Amy Johnson creates a crosshatch diamond motif with one handy tool. Want more ruler motifs? Explore here --- Read why quilters love rulers --- This is a clip from Amy Johnsons online class, Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine. Why take this class? Students rave: I am thrilled with this class! I have been free motion quilting for some time with my domestic machine b...!
Channel Title : Erica Arndt Views : 244118 DisLikes : 88 Published Date :2016-08-04T05:00:01Z
Hi friends! Today Im sharing my tips for how to do straight line quilting on a quilt. Ill be showing you how to what supplies you need as well as some of my helpful tips for marking your designs and trying something new! I hope this helps you out! So let’s get started! Stop by my blog post for links to products mentioned in this video and to enter to win the giveaway! **** SHOP ERICAS SEWING FAVES HERE! *** Pa...!
Channel Title : Angela Walters Views : 126668 DisLikes : 29 Published Date :2018-03-26T12:56:05Z
Ready for a Free-motion Quilting Challenge? Learn how easy it is to quilt the swirl meander! The Swirl Quilting Design is one of the most versatile designs. Learn how easy it is to quilt in this video! Details and information below ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ In this week’s challenge, we are going master the swirl design. In this video, you’ll: ◆ Learn how to quilt the swirl meander ◆ See how to move around the quilting area using echoing ◆ Learn how to troubleshoot common swirl issues. Wan...!
Channel Title : CandTPublishing Views : 27193 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2019-01-05T03:02:46Z
Hello, rulerwork! Quilting rulers have long been used by longarm quilters to make uniform shapes while quilting, but now, with the advent of the domestic ruler foot, domestic quilters can join in on the fun, too! Amanda Murphy, best-selling author of the Free-Motion Quilting Idea Sampler, starts by showing you how to use 6 basic shapes of machine quilting rulers to lay a foundation for your quilting, then moves on to teaching you 59 different designs. Finish up by following Amanda’s suggestio...!
Channel Title : American Patchwork & Quilting Views : 25661 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2015-06-05T15:36:26Z
Squares and rectangles are common in quilting - Angela Walters demonstrates a geometric design thats easily adaptable to different sizes. Get free patterns and see quilting tips at!
Channel Title : American Patchwork & Quilting Views : 20705 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2014-08-22T17:59:21Z
Presented by Handi Quilter. An allover leaf design is a great design to use on a sitdown longarm machine. Angela Walters shows you how versatile it is. Get free patterns and see quilting tips at!
Channel Title : American Patchwork & Quilting Views : 18376 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2015-06-05T15:30:05Z
Angela Walters gives some tips on how to quilt your blocks and demonstrates the continuous curve design. Get free patterns and see quilting tips at!
Channel Title : American Patchwork & Quilting Views : 99762 DisLikes : Published Date :2013-04-18T19:36:22Z
Presented by Handi Quilter. Angela Walters and Jennifer Keltner walk you through two more machine quilting swirl variations, building on the basic swirl design. Get free patterns and see quilting tips at!
Channel Title : Natalia Bonner Views : 12067 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2018-07-23T23:51:53Z
You can pick up the ruler, batting, needles, thread and other notions that Natalias using on her website: Check out Natalias blog for more machine quilting inspiration: Check out Natalias Patreon page for more detailed machine quilting videos!!
Channel Title : Fat Quarter Shop Views : 230195 DisLikes : 82 Published Date :2015-08-06T13:38:49Z
Get comfortable with free motion home quilting on your sewing machine! Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique will cover the basics, including using straight or decorative stitches using your walking foot. She’ll walk you through the process of free motion quilting and share her favorite tips and tricks! FEATURED FABRIC COLLECTION & QUILT PATTERN ▸ Gooseberry Fabric Collection by Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics - ...!
Channel Title : Amanda Murphy Views : 10019 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2017-09-20T02:41:25Z
BERNINA Quiling and Longarm Spokesperson Amanda Murphy shows how to free-motion quilt some simple sashing designs....!
Channel Title : American Patchwork & Quilting Views : 27533 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2015-06-05T15:35:23Z
Angela Walters shares some easy designs for the triangles on your quilts! Get free patterns and see quilting tips at!
Channel Title : Lindas Electric Quilters Views : 4398 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2019-06-05T20:24:32Z
Join Dianna and Corey as they show you how to use Tear Away Quilting Patterns! Super fun and easy to use designs that allow you to do Pantograph and block quilting from the front of your quilting machine. Tear Away Patterns - Needle Nose Tweezers -!
Channel Title : TheCraftyGemini Views : 84529 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2009-11-22T04:07:34Z
In this video I show you the basics of basting your quilt top on your frame to prepare it for some free-motion quilting patterns. The frame and machine setup I use is the Stretch Frame and Voyager 17 both made by Hinterberg. This video only depicts my style of floating my batting and quilt top and some free-motion designs I chose to do on the quilt I was working on when filming this video....!
Channel Title : Bluprint Views : 151842 DisLikes : 48 Published Date :2016-12-07T23:52:03Z
Jacquie Gering shows you how to achieve gorgeous decorative quilting with your walking foot - no free motion needed! Love these tips? Get more here --- Check out these decoratively stitched swatches for more inspiration --- This is a clip from modern quilter Jacquie Gerings online class, Next Steps with your Walking Foot. Why take this class? Students rave: Its only so often I come across a class that just knocks my socks off and this is one ...!
Channel Title : Quilt Addicts Anonymous Views : 56156 DisLikes : 49 Published Date :2019-02-04T20:05:49Z
Finishing your quilts on your home sewing machine with beautiful results is absolutely possible with rulers! Weve already done a video on using rulers on your longarm to create beautiful, precise straight lines, now were showing you how to get started on your domestic sewing machine. Stephanie loves rulerwork quilting because it makes her look better than she is. When you use them, your ruler foot is always in contact with the side of the ruler, which means you can get perfectly precise straigh...!
Channel Title : Natalia Bonner Views : 19632 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2018-02-19T20:39:26Z
You can pick up the ruler, batting and thread that Natalias using on her website: Check out Natalias blog for more machine quilting inspiration:!
Channel Title : Sparrow Quilt Co. Views : 38952 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2017-09-22T02:46:17Z
Learnt to Quilt with Bradie: Bradie’s Exclusive 6 Week Learn to Quilt Master Class: Bradie shows you how domestic free motion quilting templates make quilting fun again! Probably the easiest quilting youll ever do! These Free Motion Quilting Templates make finishing your quilts a breeze. Your friends just might think you sent it out to be quilted. We wont tell if you dont ;)...!
Channel Title : Natalia Bonner Views : 96183 DisLikes : 35 Published Date :2017-12-03T19:20:16Z
Channel Title : Bluprint Views : 171753 DisLikes : 114 Published Date :2019-03-20T16:30:01Z
Picking out your first quilting pattern can feel a bit overwhelming — but Angela Walters, your quilting wing-woman, is here to help! Learn how big blocks, straight lines, and no matching points can make all the difference for beginner quilters. Find your next pattern here! 👉 *Please note the slight mix-up! The Modern Bargello quilt is the EASY one, not the Rainbow Bargello quilt. The Modern Bargello is a FREE pattern, designed be Angela and available here! → ht...!
Channel Title : Midnight Quilt Show Views : 114235 DisLikes : 69 Published Date :2019-02-13T17:59:47Z
Angela’s back and bursting with love. 💘 In this season premiere, she uses half square triangles to make a modern bursting star quilt while sharing her tips to keep a lasting relationship with a quilter. Episode links below! 👇 FREE Bursting Star pattern here → Bursting Star kit here → Have any quilters relationship tips of your own to share? Wed love to hear them in the comments below! Bluprint has an easy heart block quilt pr...!
Channel Title : Bluprint Views : 223822 DisLikes : 97 Published Date :2012-02-15T19:36:34Z
More than a clip - take a full CLASS online with Wendy! Visit for a complete education in quilting techniques, including personalized help from Wendy on an interactive platform. Follow Craftsy Around the Web! Craftsy is the fastest-growing online craft community, is free to join, and features thousands of projects with free patterns, tutorials and mor...!
Channel Title : Bernina International AG Views : 18755 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2016-06-22T16:02:25Z
Karen Eckmeier of The Quilted Lizard Fiber Art Studio shares techniques on how to quilt wave patterns. Learn how to draw quarter inch wavy strips freehand and how to incorporate decorative stitches to appliqué beautiful wavy lines....!
Channel Title : Quilting Daily Views : 211067 DisLikes : 213 Published Date :2015-01-02T15:56:21Z
Join Quilters Newsletter associate editor Mary Kate Karr-Petras as she demonstrates fun techniques using freezer paper for quilts, including how to use cut freezer paper shapes to create masks for paint sticks for a quick and easy art quilt application. She also shows how to use this versatile product to make templates for turned edge applique. Jump start your creativity by giving both these techniques a try....!
Channel Title : Leah Day Views : 70073 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2016-05-16T11:17:02Z
Learn how to make the Basket Weave quilt in this beginner quilting tutorial with Leah Day. Leah created the Basket Weave quilt with supplies found in this months Quilty Box. Learn more about this subscription service by following Leahs affiliate link: Leah teaches quilting online through free YouTube videos uploaded weekly. Subscribe to our channel so you dont miss out on any of the new videos on patchwork and ...!
Channel Title : American Patchwork & Quilting Views : 14733 DisLikes : 14 Published Date :2016-06-01T22:02:28Z
Linda Augsburg gets expert advice from Vicki and Marie at Handi Quilter for different ways to mark your quilt tops....!

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