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Hey guys, today Im showing you my new vanity and makeup collection/organization! Let me know in the comments what other apartment videos you want to see! Products mentioned: Vanity mirror: Table: Stool: Eyeshadow organizer: Lipgloss holder: Makeup brush holder: Coaster: Mini vanity mirror: ———————...!
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As promised! Here a tour of my new makeup station and black Friday deals are going on so you can get most of the stuff I used to get this look on sale! ❤️❤️THANKYOU FOR 100K!!!! ❤️❤️ Blush organiser- Lipgloss organiser - Pallet organiser: Eye shadow organiser: Vanity mirror: eyelash tweezers: set of 4 assorted tweezers: http://amzn...!
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Every Sunday I’ll be sharing my DIY projects in hopes to inspire you all to take on projects of your own. 🖌 🙏🏾 Today watch how I transform this space into a beautiful makeup station. Hope you like it!!! and Stay tuned for more creations each week. Items Used: Makeup Chair Vanity lights!
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I Did My Makeup On Railway Station in Public | 😱 *Shocked* Reaction| RIA Download app here: Product Links Stay Quirky Kajal, Black, BadAss 1 (0.25 g) Wet n Wild Coverall Face Primer -Partners In Prime (25 ml) Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer - 25 Medium (6.8 ml) Maybelline New York White Super Fresh Compact Coral (8 g) Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundati...!
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Please watch: WARNING. YOURE BEING LIED TO. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- DO YOU HAVE A FOUNDATION MOUSTACHE?! CLICK! Please like and share with your friends - I really do appreciate it. Thank you. BUY WAYNE GOSS MAKEUP BRUSHES HERE! FOLLOW ME! ❤Twitter ❤ Instagram ❤ Facebook!
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Yesterdays Vlog: ♡BEAUTY CHANNEL: ♡SNAPCHAT: JulieLovesBrady ♡INSTAGRAM: ♡TWITTER:!/JulieGBeauty ♡FACEBOOK: ♡PINTEREST: Julie Gutierrez P.O. Box 56572 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87187...!
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MAKEUP VANITY TOUR!💕 Subscribe now for more beauty and fashion videos! Happy MAKEUP MONDAY Fam!💕 I am so passionate when it come to makeup, i think you know this by now if you have been a subscriber of mine! I love having an area that makes me feel alive, stress free and inspired. I hope you enjoy watching this detailed TOUR! Love you guys so much thank you for continuing to motivate me!🙏🏻🙏🏻 MY VANITY 🙋🏻‍♀️ IMPRESSIONS ...!
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Setting up properly before starting any makeup application will help you work faster, stay organized and of course look professional. I discuss some tips that help me when Im setting up including what lighting works best for makeup application. LIGHTING OPTIONS (Keep in mind these are suggestions, do your research and find lighting options that work for your budget. Also with the ring light and LED panels you also need to purchase a stand for lighting) DIMMABLE 18 RING LIGHT (FLUORESCENT OR LE...!
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Published on - 28/12/19 hello guys.... I did My Makeup on Railway *Station* *Shocked* reaction Payel 🌸BIG THANKS TO: NCS 🌸COPYRIGHT: Everything you see on my video was created by me (PAYEL DAS /A2Z Lifestyle) Please do not use any photos or content without my permission at 👇👇👇👇👇 [email protected] 🌼DISCLAIMER: This is Not a Sponcered video.All opinions and views expressed are my own. ____________________________ For Business or Collaboration ...!
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Watch Part 1: Hey beauties! This is my most requested video - my freelance makeup kit. This is my kit I use for freelance work including bridal & some light commercial work. This does not include my hair, spfx, or set kit. My kit is from NYX, but there are similar ones by other brands. You can use a suitcase or a bag as your ‘kit’ as well. I liked this one because it came with the larger bags to divide up my products. My products change quite often and I swa...!
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#impressionsvanityreview #Beautystation #ikeamickedesk Link to this Exact Vanity There’s a 15% coupon upon signing up! I purchased on sale for around $479(includes taxes & shipping) **Price may have changed since then** For my ladies who don’t want to spend a big chuck of money at once  ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ ✦They offer Affirm, w...!
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Kemier Makeup Case,Professional Artist Studio Cosmetic Train Table w/4 Rolling Wheels & Lights & Mirror,Pro Makeup Station,Cover Board and Easy Clean Extendable Trays,Adjustable Legs,Sturdy(Rose Gold)!
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Hey my loves! I got as lot of request for this video after I posted a short clip of me and my daughter opening this as a birthday present from my husband, on my Instagram Story (@wayne_k_artistry). Heres a video showing all the features of this beautiful and rare Rose Gold Makeup Station, my first impression and product review on it. I hope you enjoy watching, and if you do, please dont forget to hit LIKE and SUBSCRIBE ;) and please let me know in the comments what you want to see next! XOXO ...!
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Hello my beautiful bugs ! Welcome back to my channel ❤️ or welcome if you’re new ! I hope you enjoyed this weeks video ! Don’t forget to like and comment ❤️ ( subscribe to become a beautiful bug )...!
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Thank you for watching! In this video I take you through my professional makeup artist table set up. Setting up your makeup station efficiently is a key part of the process. I also give you some insider tips on what I love to use and in what type of makeup application. Please leave any questions you may have for me in the comments section. Dont forget to like, share and subscribe for more weekly videos! Items mentioned in the video can be purchased BELOW! Samtour 3 – Layer Large Multi-Funct...!
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*This video does not reflect my current hygiene practices for makeup application. If you are a makeup artist and would like more information on infection prevention and control, you can check out my online course: ‘Infection Prevention and Control for Makeup Artists’ Here is how I would setup my station in a smaller space. My station setup varies for each job but I wanted to share what goes through my mind when I get to a job and start setting up...!
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I did My Makeup in a *Local TRAIN* || *shocked* reaction Download PURPLLE app here: Product links NY Bae Makeup Primer (15 g) Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte+Poreless Liquid Foundation, 332 GOLDEN CARAMEL (30 ml) Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer - 25 Medium (6.8 ml) Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit - Ash Brown (2.5 g) Wet n Wild Megaglo Contouring Palette- C...!
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Part 2 shows my makeup station brushes, lipsticks, blush, single eye shadows collection and storage. Please keep in mind I am in no way bragging or showing off. I am just a person who enjoys makeup and finds it be a hobby. If you have any questions or requests with these palettes, let me know (: Thank you all for the love and support! XOXO, CHIP ********************************************************************* Social Media: Facebook Page: Snack Time With Chip Instagram: @chipomungwira *****...!
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Try this DIY vanity project to create your own makeup station! House & Home’s Reiko Caron turned a small desk into a lovely spot to apply makeup and store jewelry. Inspired by the new Marimekko for Clinique collection (enter our contest here!, Reiko used cheerful hues and prints to make a custom vanity tray, makeup brush holder and DIY jewelry storage shelf for earrings, bracelets and necklaces. After watching the video, enter our contest for your cha...!
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SUBSCRIBE to see each video - its free! LETS BE FRIENDS Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Im a professional makeup artist in the Washington D.C area - inquire for my makeup services and bookings here! Website: Email: [email protected] Watch my weekly TLC ...!
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Hi everyone! This is my reorganize with me kind of video with my makeup station. Sorry for some parts are not steady and can give you a bit of headache. I needed to lower down the volume of some parts because of the loud noises it made when I open or close the drawers, etc. I hope you still find it a bit entertaining/relaxing like how I feel when I watch these kinds of videos. I will do my best to do it differently or improve it next time. Thanks for watching! Giselle ❤️ • • • • ...!
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Stacy wants to be beautiful, but she has no dress. She calls dad and he gives her beautiful dresses and cosmetics.!
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Please watch: WARNING. YOURE BEING LIED TO. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- A look inside my makeup station. This station holds everything i need and then some. Its on legs and can be moved around via wheels. It has six lights, 3 on each side. This system cost me a bomb, but i really really like it so i think it was worth it. NOTE: I paid for everything in this video. Nothing was free. the station cost me £1,200. I got no discount on this system. I get the same dis...!
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Im showing my tiny space, where, I record my glam videos and apply makeup. Im also showing my 3 point lighting system, plus, my Diva Ring Light. Its not much, but, its mine and I love it:) P.S. My camera information is at the bottom of this page. HOW MUCH YOUTUBE PAYS ME VIDEO I learned about my equipment from a YouTube Channel, named, itsJudysLife 3 POINT LIGHTING KIT ...!
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Instagram: daisyperez__...!
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Behind The Scenes & More on Instagram - How I Set Up My Station For Clients - Inside My Freelance Makeup Kit - Make-up Artist Station Set Up Recap: Hi, my name is Shannon (Make-up By Shannon Marie) and Im a licensed esthetician and make-up artist living in LA! In this video Im going to show you how I set up my station for my clients, this video is full of tips that are perfect for a freelance makeup artist to show them some ways to pack and set up a makeup station! Ive be...!
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Hey guys, todays video Im going to be organizing all of my makeup products into one area! Im also showing my 3 favourite products at the moment that I have been using on repeat, and a cute little DIY for your makeup room. I hope you like it! E xx Don’t forget to sign up for monthly inspo: ···························································································...!
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所有你想知道的信息都在这里 微信公众号:ReginaMakeup 蕊姐的网站 微博 邮件:[email protected] Instagram: ReginaGao 新娘和其他造型服务 视频中提到的产品 ADDICTION 眼影组合,色号 #20, 62, 81, 86, 92, 71 Jungseammool Essential Star - Cealer Foundation Illuminous #Light Cle De Peau Beauty Luminizing Face Enhancer #16 DIOR Diorskin Nude Air Powder #020 Cle De Peau Beauty Radiant P...!
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Hello Everyone!!! Annnnnnd Happy Monday!!! I hope you all are off to a great start to your week and I am so thrilled to bring todays video to you! Eeeekk, it is a Style & Review with the Denman brush. I was so curious to try the Denman brush out, and I am happy to share my technique, thoughts & results of this brush with you... so, if you would were thinking about trying the Denman brush and/or would like to see my finished look, then please, sit back, relax and check out my video!!...!
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#DIY #Makeupstation...!
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Testing Gas Station Makeup Products! instagram:!
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Hola Chicas!! Como ya sabéis Mer y yo hemos colaborado muchísimo juntas este año, asi que cuando estuve en Madrid tenía que ir a visitarla, conocerla en persona y grabar algo juntitas....y aquí tenéis el resultado. Además para su canal grabamos otro video que ha tenido que dividir en dos partes porque se hacía larguísimo. Aquí debajo tenéis los links: 20 songs TAG parte 1: 20 songs TAG parte 2:!
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Hola Chicas!! PULGARES ARRIBA si os ha gustado el video (click Like) y no os olvidéis de compartirlo que me ayudaría un montón :) SUSCRIBIOS! Me haríais muy feliz!! ♡♡♡ ♡ SOCIALIZE ♡ Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Blog: English Blog: __ Todo el contenido de estos vídeos está hecho por mi. Me reservo derechos de autor. __ - Camara utilizada Sony5100 - ...!
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HOW TO SET UP A MAKEUP STATION ON LOCATION This took me years to figure out how to set up my makeup station on location that can be created within minutes and travel with me on the NYC subway--YES! THE SUBWAY It is imperative that you know how to set up your station on location because it will make your life so much easier, and really you will look way more professional than just setting up on the window sil . So I hope his video on HOW TO SET UP A MAKEUP STATION ON LOCATION helps you. TAB...!
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Pro Makeup Case with Lighted Mirror and Built in Trolley-More Colors Available. The All-In-One Pro Rolling Makeup Case opens up into an instant Makeup Station with a large lighted mirror, trays and compartments designed for easy access to your makeup and palettes. This workstation can set up anywhere you are with its adjustable telescoping legs that fit to your height, a detail you will appreciat...!
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MakeUp Station : TOUT sur mon rangement maquillage ! ► Abonne-toi pour continuer à me suivre → Important : Noublie pas dactiver les notifications en cliquant sur la petite cloche en haut pour être averti de mes prochaines vidéos. ♡ Meubles : . coiffeuse : . miroir : . commode : . buffet : . étagère escalier :!
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#roomtour #mekaupstation #carlottacolombo Se il video vi è piaciuto vi ricordo di iscrivervi al canale e lasciare un mi piace ♡ ❣prodotti - set soft box - cassettiera - scrivania - cesti per cassettiera/scrivania ❣ contatti iscriviti - Instagram - mail - [email protected]!
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Trolls Poppy Makeup Style Station with Body Glitter and LOL Doll Surprises by Toy Genie. In this video, we style Poppys hair and also put on some makeup for her. Plus, we open up some surprises including the LOL Doll Surprises. Subscribe Here: Here are some links to my other videos that you may like: Cutting Open Trolls Branch Whats Inside His Belly: Poppys Hair Salon Nightmare Magic: https://...!
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WATCH IN HD | What’s Good BABSQUAD?! Today I am showing how i reorganized my makeup and cleaned my filming station! love you guys soooo much! let’s get to 10K by December! SUBSCRIBE 🌻 🔔 🥊 #DIYvanity #babsquad #cleaningvlog...!
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A peek at my new makeup station. For daily updates, follow me on Instagram (@tezmaniatv) and on Facebook (@thetezmaniapage)....!
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Ciao ragazze e ciao ragazzi👋, eccomi tornata con un nuovo video, oggi video su richiesta vi mostro la mia postazione makeup..😍 Vi ricordo di lasciare un piccolo like🖒 se il video vi è piaciuto, iscrivervi al canale e attivare la campanellina delle notifiche🕭 per rimanere sempre aggiornate sui miei nuovi videoooo!! Un bacio grande💖 #LadyDarkMakeup I MIEI SOCIAL: ♡INSTAGRAM: ♡FACEBOOK: http...!
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Surprising Lisa with her own Makeup Station Follow @YOUNGAVZ!
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How To Beat Homescapes Level 2563 With No Boosters - Movie Magic: Makeup Station Thanks for watching! Please subscribe to show support!...!
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