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Follow our travels live as they happen at We tour in and around Marrakech, Morocco. We visit markets, The Medina, climb waterfalls, ride hot air balloons and spend a night in the desert and riding camels! Join Suitcase Monkey as we explore Marrakesh, staying in the Riad Zaid. Going further afield, we visit Ourika Valley and then spend a night in Agafay desert at Terre Des Étoiles. A story driven vlog to this amazing country. All shot on iPhone. Most...!
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🔥📚 Our MARRAKECH TRAVEL GUIDE 2020 for only $4.99 👉 🔥 ⭐⭐⭐ 👉 WATCH also Things to know before you visit Marrakech: In this video, we’ll show you 10 best things to do in Marrakesh, Morocco (Marrakech, Maroc). Here are our top 10 picks: 0:35 #10: Medina Souks (traditional street markets) 1:16 #9: El Badi Palace 1:55 #8: Gardens, for example, Jardin Majorelle (near Yves Saint Laurent museum), Menara Gardens, Le Jardin S...!
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Marrakesh is a must visit destination so I decided to make a travel guide the Food, Costs, Safety and realities of this city in Morocco. Go to or text “lostleblanc” to 500 500 to get one free audiobook & a 30 day free trial! Instagram Facebook Lost LeBlanc Twitter Lost LeBlanc Katys Instagram: Katys spanish vlog channel: Our Travel Friends Instagr...!
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⭐ This video is sponsored by CEPTICS, a number one brand for travel adapters🔌 on Amazon 👉 Website: 📺👉 YouTube Channel: 🔥📚 Our MARRAKECH TRAVEL GUIDE 2020 ONLY $4.99 👉 🔥 ⭐⭐⭐ 20% DISCOUNT - use code: HUNGRY20 (limited time offer) ⭐⭐⭐ WATCH ALSO: 👉 Top 10 Marrakech: 👉 BEST TRAVEL APPS: 👉 Best apps to BOOK YOUR STAY: https://y...!
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A Camera Floating Among The Crowd. Walking Around The Modern Area of Marrakech Gueliz in 4K by Wanna Walk. A real traveler needs a holistic view of a city so in sharp contrast to the Marrakech medina area, Gueliz its a must see to get a better idea of how Moroccos really is. This is where the modern Morocco citizens like spend time. As you may know, there are two very distinctive areas in Marrakesh: one is the Old Medina (old city) and the new Marrakesh, which is a kinda European style district...!
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Marrakech (Marrakesh) was founded in the 11th century, it was twice capital of Morocco and played the most important role of all four Imperial capitals in Moroccos history. The Medina of Marrakech is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site. New edit/repost of my original video. In the video: Koutoubia Mosque (0:01), Bab Agnaou Gate (1:00), Mosque de la Kasbah (1:08), Saadian Tombs (1:23), Palais Bahia (2:08), Palais el-Badi (2:40), the Souks (markets) (3:04), Menara Gardens (3:32), Ben Youssef Med...!
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We have said goodbye to the UK and flown all the way to Morocco for the very first time! Very excited to be here - these are our first impressions! First up we left London Heathrow to fly British Airways for the first time towards Marrakesh. Upon arrival our Airbnb host organized a hotel transfer for us (which we highly recommend doing). The next day we explored the streets of Marrakech, going into the Medina and markets to try and attempt to do some shopping and enjoying a quiet Friday aftern...!
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Marrakesh + Jamaa El F’na Halal Street Food Guide 2019!! ❗️Our Partner Moroccan Food Tour has delicious food tours and cooking classes across Morocco (Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca, Fes and MORE). Go check them out : 💖 SUPPORT US : 🥢 BECOME A MEMBER : Our Patrons + Members get access to exclusive content, monthly blooper reels and private livestreams! In our first...!
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Welcome back to my channel! During Summer 18, my little brother and I embarked on a 2.5 week travel journey through Europe and North Africa (I have so much footage to share with you all!). In this video, we take you along with us on our 4 night stay in Marrakech, Morocco. I hope you enjoy! Instagram:!
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Medina Of Marrakesh - a visit to Marrakech would not be complete without a visit to the Medina(Old Town), with the ancient walls, over 20 huge gates and a central courtyard where people continiue to live a traditional way of life #marrakech #marrakesh #marrakechmedina...!
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Exploring MARRAKECH 2019 | Morocco 4K Travel Vlog Please check out my other videos from my Morocco travels: Ultimate MARRAKESH Street Food Market Tour: Memories of Marrakech Agadir through my lens Paradise valley Agadir Follow me on Instagram: Places visited : Jemaa el-fna square, Marrakech Medina, koutoubia Mosque Camera equipment: Panas...!
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Welcome to Marrakech Morocco! Nicknamed the Red City for its sandstone architecture, this city is filed with bazaars, palaces, raids, souks, mosques, artistry, architecture, and delicious cuisine. 1. El Badi Palace and Saadian Tombs - A lavish palace, which took around a quarter of a century to build. 2. Bahia Palace - A 19th Century palace and gardens with extensive ornamental Islamic and Moroccan design. 3. Majorelle Gardens - The former resident of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent a...!
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A Camera Floating Among The Crowd. Walking Tour of Real Marrakech — Morocco Africa Video Walk. The traveler sees what he sees. A tourist, sees what he has come to see. Welcome to the non touristic area of Marrakech, Morocco. Today we are walking in an area called Bab Doukkala Market. In sharp contrast to the popular Djemaa El-Fna, this its a real life market used by locals. Lets walk to discover the true colors and secret soul of Marrakech, one of the four Royal Cities of the Kingdom of Moroc...!
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Marrakech was a 4 day holiday to escape the wet winter of the UK. The city is beautiful with coffee shops and restaurants on every rooftop available. This makes for some amazing views (although a traditional law does not allow for buildings tone built higher than a palm tree). The city was heavily touristic and the locals will take every single opportunity to squeeze as much money from you as possible. Do not listen or trust anyone offering help or assistance (i.e the road is closed or i will h...!
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Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! Today, were GOING DEEP for a FULL-on Street Food BREAKFAST Adventure of Marrakech, Morocco! Moroccan Street Food is some of the BEST in the WORLD, and today, were going bright and early for a TASTY breakfast tour of Downtown Marrakech, trying a ton of delicious Moroccan street food for breakfast! ► The BEST VPNs for China: In Marrakech, there is a ton...!
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Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! Today, were going DEEP into the heart of downtown Marrakech, to try some AMAZING Moroccan Street Food. You can explore with us as we explore Jamaa el fnaa, the main square in downtown Marrakech. ► The BEST VPNs for China: This was my first time traveling to Marrakech, Morocco, and I fell in love with the atmosphere and Moroccan street food scene immed...!
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Marrakech is our first destination in our Morocco Vlog. In our Marrakech Morocco Travel Guide we will show you what we experienced at the onset of our Morocco Travel, everything from the Saadian Tombs to Bab Agnaou, the Souks in the Medina to wonderful restaurants. In my opinion, food in Marrakech ranks among the best in all of Morocco, and most of it can be found in the Medina. I hope you enjoy my Morocco Vlog, our next destination takes us away from Marrakech, to the magical village of Ait Ben...!
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CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE + Follow The Good Vibes: We are Robin & Manon and for the moment we are stuck in Morocco. A couple of days after we arrived in Marrakech the boarders closed and changed our original plan to stay in Morocco for 9 Days. Today, 4 months later we are still in Marrakech. In this video we will show you our favorite place to stay in Marrakech Morocco LET’S CONNECT 🧡 Instagram: @manonjongejan_ & @robinn_san YOU CAN FIND ALL MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO RIG...!
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Every evening, the jemaa el fna square in Marrakech Morocco is transformed with up to 50 food stalls which freshly cook a whole range of local foods and specialties. With so many food stalls to choose from, it may seem hard to select which one is the best. most of them have been working in the square for many years. Being handed down in the family for generations. However, the price and quality can vary greatly from stall to stall. Your eyes will will wander off in this magnificent atmospher...!
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BYYEE MARRAKECH !! Make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed it and turn on the notification bell 🔔 so you will be the first one to know when i drop my next videooo! BECOME A MEMBER OF THE CHANNEL HERE: MY SOCIAL MEDIA: instagram: twitter: twitch: asmr channel: LOVE Y...!
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Hello, and welcome to another travel vlog : ). If you havent seen my Lagos, Nigeria Vlog (December period) watch it here: I recently went to Morocco (Marrakech) and heres my take on it plus my rating of the whole experience. Please read below for some notes (i.e. hotel review). P.S. I got to take some cool photos so if you want to have a look, do follow me on Instagram (@FloraStyles). Our hotel: Savoy Le Grand (Room Tour @0:41) This hotel is in a...!
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If you find yourself in Marrakech you must find the Good Year shop where he makes everything from recycled tired. One of the coolest places I have ever shopped and it doesnt get any more sustainable than that. Marrakech is SO much bigger than I had thought and we only scratched the surface of the old city Medina today -- this is only part I of this vlog because there was so much footage I had to cut it in half. People said that we should prepare ourselves for how crazy the Red City would be for ...!
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Its my first time in Morocco and also my first time to visit the Africa continent thats why this Morocco travel guide is quite long! hehe Booked a trip to Marrakech for Martins birthday and I must say, it is one of the places you should definitely visit! Shopping in Marrakech souks is a no joke, you can easily get lost because there are no street signs but hey! I think getting lost is the best part. Heres a complete travel guide to Marrakech for first time travelers! The how to avoid scammers in...!
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CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE + Follow The Good Vibes: We are Robin & Manon and were currently stuck in Morocco. A couple of days after we arrived in Marrakech the boarders closed. Our original plan was to stay in Morocco for 9 Days. Today, 3,5 months later we are still in Marrakech & it is not possible to go home anymore.. Were super lucky we met Hicham in the supermarket during our roadtrip. Hicham invited us to stay in his house. We stayed for 3 months with Hicham. The lockdow...!
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We flew Ryan Air from London to Marrakech and got to go to the Aspire Lounge in the Luton Airport. GET $35 OFF YOUR FIRST AIRBNB STAY - Click to Show More ▼▼▼ Use our link to sign up for Airbnb and well both get $35 off our next stay! Click the link below to sign up! Our Links —————————— KEEP US ON THE ROAD: GEAR: Our current camera setup: ...!
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BOOK YOUR TRIP WITH TOP DESERT: Our last day with Top Desert, we drove back through the beautiful Atlas Mountains - stopping at a local textile shop and an Argan oil factory! ***TRAVEL VLOG 269*** First song by Andrew Applepie: Yes | GET $35 OFF YOUR FIRST AIRBNB STAY - Click to Show More ▼▼▼ Use our link to sign up for Airbnb and well both get $35 off our next stay! Click the link below to sign up! ...!
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This is episode 2 of our epic journey to Morocco in February 2020!! Watch for our foodie adventures in MARRAKECH! Street Food Tour: Marrakech Food Tours, Our amazing guide: Soufi Cooking Class: Lotus Chef Marrakech Mint tea on the rooftop of our riad: Riad Antara Fresh Juice: Booth #25 Djemaa el-Fna More videos to up: CHEFCHAOUEN...the BLUE CITY!!! Follow along on instagram for more travel photos and adventures: We hope you enjoy this vid...!
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Hi genks, hari pertama kita di Marrakech kita makan streetfood Yang bisa di bilang muahaallll krna ketipuu wkwk Enjoy 💕 Markus & Kamilla...!
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Marrakech is a wonderful city to explore at night, from the many night clubs, bars, street food and relaxing spots, you will enjoy and endless fun and exciting night in this beautiful city. Feel free to add any other night life suggestions in the comment section and Ill be sure to check it out. I hope you enjoy watching. If you do please give it a thumbs up, share and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE Dont forget to turn on Post Notification 🔔...!
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Travel To Morocco | Full History And Documentary About Morocco In Urdu & Hindi | مراکش کی سیر Video URL: ############################## Related Video ############################## Travel To Mauritania | Full History And Documentary About Mauritania In Urdu & Hindi | موریتانیہ کی سیر Travel To Croatia | Full History And Documentary About Croatia In Urdu & Hindi | کروئیشاکی سیر h...!
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PART 2: Rory plays the back nine at Palmeraie Golf Palace. After a good start on the front nine, how low can he go?? SUBSCRIBE: For more information on Morocco Golf Holidays, click here: For more information on Palmeraie Palace, click here: As Marrakech’s 2nd oldest golf course, Palm Golf Marrakech Palmeraie has welc...!
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In this video, Marrakech Riad Tour - Morocco 2019, I will explain why you should stay in one of the gorgeous and affordable Riads - and not in a luxury hotel. If youre traveling to Marrakech, Morocco, I highly recommend staying in a Riad - which are old, traditional homes converted into guesthouses - to get the full-on cultural experience. We stayed in Riad Bindoo in Marrakesh (highly recommended), but also had one night in the 2Ciels Boutique Hotel. Watch Next: Insider Tips & Essentials - You...!
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Spice Market in Marrakech, Morocco Go to and also follow us on Subscribe Here! Check out my top videos! Follow Me: + INSTAGRAM ► + FACEBOOK ► + TWITTER ► + MY BLOG! ► Contact Me: +BUSINESS EMAIL ► [email protected]!
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Discover the magic of Moroccos most sumptuous complex, the Es Saadi Marrakech Resort. The General Manager, Jean-Alexandre Bauchet-Bouhlal takes us on the grand tour. Want a slice of the action? Play poker and win a seat* to a televised World Poker Tour event from ClubWPT! Check out* for more info. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Give us love on Instagram: The World Poker Tour ...!
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What is a tangia? Probably the most delicious of all moroccan dishes. Take a clay pot and fill it with your favourite meat. Add a few spices as well as a few pinches of saffron. Give it a good shake, then let it rest in a communal oven. Come back a few hours later and you will get the most tender, confit-like and juicy meat of your life. In this video: 👉 01:41 Breakfast at Riad Adika 👉 02:18 Café les négociants!
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🇲🇦 Marrakech Medina Daytime 2019 - Morocco Walking Tour 4K Welcome to Marrakech for a walking tour through the medina ! Just after finish my lunch i decided to record this walk from the top of the restaurant until the Koutoubia which is close to the place of Jemaa El-Fna. Hope you will enjoy the ambience ~ 🎬 Was recorded the 24th of September 2019 with a DJI Osmo Pocket Mobile at 4K60fps 📍 Marrakech : 📍 Koutoubia :!
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Marrakech : Best tourist destination in Morocco - Meilleure destination au Maroc Marrakech: Best tourist destination in Morocco - Meilleure destination au Maroc Marrakech, surnommée la Ville rouge ou Ville ocre, est une ville du Maroc, dans lintérieur des terres, au pied des montagnes de lAtlas. Elle est la Meilleure destination touristique au Maroc, et oui elle numéro un avant meme de la ville de agadir. Marrakech est réputée pour ses étés très chauds. Le ciel y est constamment bleu e...!
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A Riad is a traditional Moroccan home, with Islamic roots, built with seclusion & relaxation in mind, and in this video, were staying at Riad Dar Jabel in Marrakech, Morocco, a traditional yet minimalistic moroccan home, with details in every corner yet following the same pastel and yellow/beige/brown/earthy-green color palette. Watch my video to tour this beautiful oasis of relaxation. - MORE MOROCCO VIDEOS: - REDEEM FR...!
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Today we are heading out into the Medina of Marakech to try some local Moroccan Street Food. There are soo many Morocco dishes we tried, so to make it easier for you we have listed them below :) Food we tried: - Street Market Olives - Moroccan Tapas - Moroccan Tuna Salad - Vegetable Tajine - Moroccan Green Tea (Chinese Gunpowder tea) - Moroccan Couscous (with caramelized onion & raisins) - Hout Quari (Sardine Sandwich) - Honey Msemen (Moroccan crepe) - Avocado Smoothie - Date Smoothie - Kaab ...!
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We are proud to present the first video of our Marrakech Morocco video series. We stepped into a new and different world and we fell in love with the warmth and charm of this country. How your mind can flip 180 degrees in just the first hour you arrive... Its wonderful to enjoy this last phase of pregnancy together in Morocco. The first days in Marrakech we walked through the medina, drove in a sidecar to explore the area, and we enjoyed the delicious Moroccan food. Our stay at Riad Farnatch...!
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Walking Tour of MARRAKECH — Morocco Africa Video Walk. Visiting the Old Medina, Mohammed V, Avenue, Prince Moulay Rachid, Koutoubia Mosque, Houmane El Fetouaki and more interesting places in 4K by Wanna Walk. A Camera Floating Among The Crowd. The traveler sees what he sees. A tourist, sees what he has come to see! Welcome to Marrakech city in Morocco. Today we are walking in the Old Medina. In sharp contrast to the popular Djemaa El-Fna, this its a real life centric area used by locals and n...!
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Hello & Welcome To Allsortz. In this video i travel to Medina (Jma El Fna) & see what i can do for £10 which equals to 120dh here in Marrakech Morocco. Anyways theres lots you can do but here is part 1 of what you can do on a small budget of £10. If you like these kind of videos then HIT THE LIKE BUTTON & DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE. I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks For Watching. Follow Me On: Snapchat/Instagram/Twitter: Allsortzz Facebook: Allsortzx...!
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I recently got to travel around Morocco on a 9 day group tour. This was my first time in the country and is documented in a new 2 part travel documentary series. In this first episode we explore the medina in Marrakech; drive through the High Atlas Mountains; visited the Gladiator and Game of Thrones location of Ait Benhaddou; drove through the Draa Valley to Zagora; spent a night in the Sahara desert including a camel ride and camping under the stars The difference with this tour is its the...!
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On this trip you’ll be heading to Marrakech, the heart of Morocco, where spices linger in the market air, the sun sets on street performers, and the senses are treated to a whirlwind of sights and sounds. Discover life in the sprawling medina or get lost in the alleyways towards the souqs. Marvel at the tilework found in the royal Bahia Palace and Dar Si Said or learn how ancient traditions are woven into the fabric of Marrakech; there’s more than one way to fall in love with this cosmopolit...!

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