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Martin Guitars is one of the leading manufacturers of acoustic guitars in the world and the oldest steel string acoustic guitar manufacturer. Founded by Christian Frederick Martin, Sr. in 1833 Martin Guitar has been crafting high-end acoustic guitar in Nazareth, Pennsylvania for almost 200 years! Along the way, Martin Guitar has innovated and created many of the designs that created what we know today as the flattop acoustic guitar. X bracing, 14 fret necks, steel strings, amplification and more...!
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Are you a beginner or intermediate player interested in purchasing a Martin Guitar as your first instrument? Look no further, were bringing you a quick overview of some of the most affordable and durable series Martin has to offer. Lets take a closer look and listen at the X Series, Road Series, and 15 Series to see where they land in terms of budget and playability. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1:43) X Series → h...!
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Since 1833, C.F. Martin & Co., has been crafting Martin guitars, widely regarded as among the finest musical instruments in the world. Anthony Mason takes a musical trip through the decades with C.F. Chris Martin, the great-great-great-grandson of the man who started it all more than 180 years ago, and with musician John Sebastian, of Lovin Spoonful, about the legacy of Martin guitars....!
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We pulled some of the most popular Martin Guitar models from our inventory to compare and pinpoint where they fall on the spectrum of quality and tonality. Lets take a closer look and listen as we go through the brand to see which best fits your playing style! Free Guitar Buyers Guide → 1. (Review: 0:00 - Demo: 4:21) Dreadnought JR →!
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Theyre known as Americas Guitar company. In fact, many of your favorite musicians play one of their instruments! Tour Martin Guitar Factory and see why theyre beloved for generations. Check us out on: Site - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Localish is all about bringing out the good in America’s cities. Our locally-sourced stories transcend city limits so you can live like a ...!
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In this video I am comparing a Martin D-42 to a Taylor 716 (LTD). Both are spruce tops and rosewood back and sides guitars. The Taylor is Madagascar Rosewood, and the Martin Indian Rosewood. They both have the distinctive Martin and Taylor sound for which they are loved. The Martin is a dreadnought, and produces a massive bass response balanced with articulate high. The Taylor is a 16 model, which is a Grand Symphony. It results in deep basses, meaty midrange and overall thick trebles. He or...!
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If you want a great guitar and dont want to break the bank the Martin SWDGT is my top pick. Its warm, loud, dynamic and unique. I bought this guitar from a friend in 2008 and played it every day for nearly 5 years before gifting it to a friend. She let me borrow it last week to play and set up for her. Great guitars connect people and places. Whats the best guitar youve played? What do great guitars do to you and inspire in you? Jeremy the Guitar Hunter’s Picks: 10’ Ernie Ball Cable ...!
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Eric Clapton demonstrates the limited edition Martin Crossroads guitars and classifies them as perfect. Guitar Center, in partnership with Eric Clapton and C.F. Martin Guitar, has commissioned a limited edition of three of the finest and most desirable Martin instruments ever made - each hand-crafted to Eric Claptons personal specification by the C.F. Martin Custom Shop. Constructed from the finest and rarest tone woods, they are available in three versions: a 000-28EC Madagascar Rosewood, a 000...!
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In this video, Im doing the MOST COMPREHENSIVE comparison of @Taylor Guitars and @Martin Guitar. Ive interviewed Bob Taylor, Chris Martin IV, and Andy Powers; Ive seen factory tours, played dozens of models, read tons of books, and now...Im ready to end this debate once and for all. In order to give you the most holistic, the most comprehensive review of these two iconic guitar companies, Ive broken things down into SEVEN categories: history, sustainability, manufacturing, standard model lineup...!
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The History of Martin Guitars Dreadnought, narrated by Jeff Daniels....!
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In January, Martin Guitars invited me to their private Nashville Showroom ad sent me home with their newest release, the SC-13E. At the time, the guitar was not in production yet, and the design was still very secretive, with all of its brand new innovations, top secret design elements, and patents pending. Its finally just been released, so I wanted to share the moment of those first impressions, and also share its sound, once I got it back to my home studio. Hope you enjoy! If you dig the vi...!
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We visited the amazing Martin Guitar Factory earlier this year and Brenden, who brought us through the rich history and heritage of Martin Guitar. It was simply mind-blowing how Martin Guitars are made by the crafts person with years of experience. Special Thanks to Brenden Hackett and everyone at Martin Guitar. Watch Part 3 over here!
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Martin Guitars builds fantastic instruments in both the United States and in their facility in Navojoa. With the introduction and growth of the Road Series guitars Martin has proven that they can build great playing, solid wood guitars in Mexico that offer a tremendous value to musicians. The obvious question is, how do they compare to their USA counterparts that are still manufactured in Nazareth, PA? Martins USA made guitars are superb instruments that continue to evolve, bridging the gap betw...!
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Here I am playing my first Martin OM-28e which is probably the most beautiful acoustic Ill ever own: 🎸My BEGINNER Guitar Course! 🎥Support my work and get EXCLUSIVE videos/music: 👕My Official Store (SIGNED MERCH): PODCAST: iTunes: Spotify: https://ope...!
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Martin HD-35 Re-imagined Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - Unfortunately, The Captains D35 is not for sale! However, you can pick up your very own D35 right here - The Martin D35 Standard Series is an incredible guitar with understated looks that dont detract from the incredible sound of this rather special guitar. The solid Sitka Spruce top with Indian Rosewood back and sides represent a tried and tested combination of tonewoods that offer a...!
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To find out more about Martin Acoustic Guitars go here - Thanks to the awesome Diane Ponzio from Martin for coming over & going through the basics of the Martin X Series Acoustic Guitars. Thanks also to Peter Honore for adding in some lovely playing! We miked these guitars using an SE5 pencil mic & a Rode NTR Ribbon mic. To find out more about Diane Ponzio go here - Interested in other Andertons YouTube channels? Click on one of these links t...!
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Reviewed in Guitarist 428 Gear demos playlist: Subscribe for more from Guitarist: Buy Guitarist magazine in print and digital forms: Visit our website: Facebook: Twitter:!
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Sixth generation Martin Guitars CEO, Chris Martin IV talks to our guests here in Guitar Village, Farnham, UK about the history of Martin guitars with playing and demonstrations from product specialist, Craig Thatcher. An Evening with Martin Guitars (part 1): Chris Martin IV takes us through two centuries of his familys history and the story of how the modern acoustic guitar came into being. View our incredible range of Martin guitars including Martin Custom Shop models: https://guitarvillage.c...!
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Martin Guitars offers a wide array of acoustic guitars to fit any playing style and budget but sometimes have selection makes it difficult when making a decision. Which guitar should I get? Which series is the best one? Can I afford the one I want. And the biggest question of all.... will I regret my purchase. Our goal is to give you some guidance from a high level overview of Martin guitars tiers and how to go about choose the right one for you. No one wants buyers remorse so after the video fo...!
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For more info:!
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Martin guitar continues to roll out new compelling updates to its models that bring more value while also returning to vintage designs and aesthetics. The updates to the Martin 16 series continues these efforts with new tonewoods, features and aesthetic choices along with an extremely afforable price in an all-solid wood acoustic guitar that is still crafted in Martins Nazareth, Pennsylvania factory. The GPC-16E combines these features and value with the Martin aesthetic in a modern Grand Perfor...!
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Martin has introduced a new guitar models to its line up - the new Martin SC-13E. With it Martin has also introduced... a new bracing patter on the top, new bracing on the back, a new neck joint, new intonation technology, a new shape and new bridge.. you get the idea. This guitar was introduced at the 2020 Winter NAMM show to a shocked industry. It is unlike anything Martin has introduced before and that is a very good thing. There is perhaps not another guitar manufacturer that would be consid...!
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Five hours before singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran was scheduled to take the stage at the gargantuan SAP Center in San Jose, California, he sauntered into the arena’s backstage area to perform a note-perfect acoustic version of his hit song Thinking Out Loud for Acoustic Guitar magazines online series AG Sessions. He also spoke with AG editor Mark Segal Kemp about his love of Van Morrison and Martin Guitars. Read the full Ed Sheeran cover story in the December 2014 issue -http://store.acousticgui...!
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#FlatTopFriday episode of Petrilli Picks with one of our favorite guitarist, Angela Petrilli playing a 1995 Martin D-40 Quilted Mahogany here at #NormansRareGuitars. What do you guys think of this #MartinD40? ALL GUITARS & SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ONLINE: EMAIL US AT: [email protected] FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! h...!
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Listening Homework: Answering some questions on what I think of Martin vs Taylor guitars, the future of the Emeryld Ryders, learning open position scales, monster battles and bossa nova!!! Make sure to check out the masterclass before the next one comes out: New merch: Hit me up on Twitter:!
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#MartinD28 #BrazilianRosewood #vintageguitar I found an amazing, all original Martin D-28. I told them to not sell it. It was being sold by a 14 year old(@joshualovesbluegrass). He was selling it so that he could buy his own D-35. Support the Channel on Patreon! Check out my Reverb Store and Buy a Shirt! Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Facebook: http...!
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#CFMartin #Taylor #JeremyTheGuitarHunter Martin and Taylor make very different guitars and I think I know why. They believe very different things about themselves and their guitars. Martin believes they have made some of the most important guitars in the history of the world and Taylor believes that the best guitars are still out there. Which world view do you believe? This week Im showing off my friends two Taylors. He has a Taylor GA4-12 that is beautiful. Spruce top, Ebony fingerboar...!
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The Martin SC-13E acoustic-electric guitar introduces an entirely new body shape and neck joint to the Martin family. The unique, asymmetrical S shape balances its tone to allow for more gain and less feedback as you amplify your sound with the built-in Fishman MX-T electronics. The Sure Align neck system removes the heel, allowing unprecedented access to the highest of the SC-13E’s 20 frets, and the ergonomic low-profile velocity neck barrel delivers a comfortable playing experience meant for...!
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Jason walked us through the great new 2020 Martins! Which one is on YOUR radar? We’re proud to be a Certified Online Dealer for Martin Guitar and we stock one of the largest selections of Martins ANYWHERE in the USA! We show you actual pictures of ALL in-stock guitars, we offer a 14-day trial period and we guarantee the lowest price. If you’ve found our videos to be a helpful resource, please consider giving us the chance to earn your busines...!
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The legendary Martin D-28 has been re-imagined to honor the rich history this guitar has shaped for nearly two centuries. A classic high-performance instrument combines forward-shifted bracing, vintage appointments, including open gear tuners, an aged toner top, antique white accents, and a faux tortoise pickguard with a new neck profile. Lets take a closer look and listen to the innovation and tone Martin has mastered since 1833. **Demo begins 4:52 Shop the D-28 here → https://www.alamomusi...!
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We love Martin Guitars for many reasons, but heres the Top 5 Reasons you need to own a Martin Acoustic Guitar... 1. History - 0:42 2. Reputation - 2:28 3. Construction - 4:08 4. Warranty - 8:55 5. The People - 12:12 SHOP OUR MARTIN SELECTION: MORE INFO? Give us a call at (855) 55-STRUM or email us at [email protected] for more information. GET THE LETTER: Get our 2 emails/week - SIGN UP:!
Channel Title : Sammy Bones Views : 248414 DisLikes : 179 Published Date :2016-03-18T14:07:07Z | Check out this historic 1833 Martin guitar. Even the wood guitar case is cool....!
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Our January issue features the one and only David Crosby, who spoke to AG from his sprawling home in California’s Santa Ynez Valley about some of his most prized acoustic guitars. Watch above as the founding member of the Byrds, CSN, and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young offers his opinion on which company makes the best acoustic guitars; the first (good) guitar he ever purchased; the “Crosby” tuning (EBDGAD); and his wistful remembrance of the guitar that got away—a 1939 Herringbone he t...!
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In relation to guitar tones, we hear terms like scooped mids, bell-like chime, warmth or brightness, or midrange monster all the time; but outside of these trendy terms, there is a vast universe of tonal nuance to understand in the realm of tonewoods. When we discuss tonewoods, were talking about both the top and back/sides of the guitar, and the different combinations of soft and hard woods that are paired on fine instruments. Spruce, cedar, rosewood, mahogany, maple, and koa are some options j...!
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Behind The Bricks is an exclusive look inside the factory walls of C.F. Martin & Co presented by Musicians Friend. Chris Martin highlights some of his favorite artifacts at the Martin Museum. Behind the Bricks Video Series: Chris Martins Private Tour - Part 2 -- A Look Inside C.F. Martin & Co. -- Fretting & Dove Tail Neck Joint -- Final Fit & Inspection -- Behind The Martin Archi...!
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Our biggest ever shipment of Custom Shop Martin acoustic guitars arrived today, so we thought we would do another classic unboxing video, but this time in the famous Peach Saloon! Find our Martin acoustics here: Facebook: Twitter: Website:!
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Available only at Gruhn Guitars. Multi-Grammy winning guitarist, Vince Gill stops by legendary Gruhn Guitars in Nashville to talk with Jay Myer of Martin Guitars about why the Martin Sinker Mahogany Guitars are some of his favorites....!
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Why is the Martin D-18 such an iconic guitar? Today we analyze what exactly it is that makes the D-18 one of the best sounding dreadnoughts on the planet!!! BUY FROM US: GUITAR SPECS: Back & Side Wood: Mahogany Body Type: Dreadnought Top Wood: Sitka Spruce Nut Width: 1 3/4 Neck Shape: Modified Low Oval w/ Performing Artist Taper Bracing Pattern: Standard X Scalloped, Forward Shifted Scale Length: 25.4 String Spacing ...!
Channel Title : Musicians Friend Views : 225481 DisLikes : 22 Published Date :2010-04-14T20:00:06Z
This multi-part video takes an in-depth look at the Martin Guitar Factory, its history and tradition....!
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Buy it now! Maurys Music is proud to be a Certified Online Dealer for Martin Guitars! We guarantee the lowest price, offer a 14-day trial period and offer expert advice from a players point of view. Contact us today for your next Martin!...!
Channel Title : Premier Guitar Views : 15903 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2011-02-13T09:51:30Z PGs Joe Coffey is On Location at the 2011 NAMM Show where he visits the Martin Guitar booth. In this segment, we get to see and hear about their newest models for 2011--1.5 Millionth Model, D-45 Authentic 1942 Model, Grand J-28 LSE, Custom Shop models, and JS060 & JSO1260 Pete Seeger Baritone models. For more NAMM 11 demo videos or to view Premier Guitars COMPLETELY FREE digital edition magazine, be sure to visit!
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Dave Doll shows you exactly how to clean and polish your guitar. Dont forget to view all that Martin Guitar offers here:!
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In this installation of A Word From Chris, Martin Guitar CEO Chris Martin discusses the craftsmen and women who create Martin Guitars and Strings in Navajoa, Mexico. You can view all Martin Guitar has to offer here:!
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Brand new to our vintage acoustic selection, are the Martin Tom Petty Signature Acoustic Guitars. The HD-40 was the 52nd made out of 274, and the HD12-40 was number 66 of 90. The super limited quantity of these Martins merits them as treasures and guarantees that they wont last long here. Give Karl a call to chat about these timeless beauties before theyre gone. Subscribe to Our Channel to See More Great Gear Videos! Gear Used: Martin HD12-40 Tom Petty Signature Editio...!

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