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I am sharing my top ten favorite homeschool resources that are NOT curriculum for Language Arts with you today! - Products Mentioned - Bedtime Math Books Greg Tang Books Math Fun Books Sir Cumference Books Real World Math Usborne Math Series Thinking Mats Dice Unifix Cubes https://amz...!
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Our second grade homeschool math curriculum choices. -Products Mentioned- Life of Fred Elementary Series Teaching Textbooks Wild Math Evan Moor Skill Sharpeners Usborne What Your 2nd Grader Needs to Know Math Games We will also be using Math Made Fun I just forgot to include it because I hadn...!
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Here I show tools to teach math in a fun, engaging and living way! Living math is very important in the early years. I offer some alternatives to using workbooks and worksheets. Living Math Pack: Using candy and Manipulatives to Learn Math: Interactive File Folder Games for Kindergarten: Math ...!
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This interactive notebook is used in my 7th and 8th grade Resource Math class where students are 2-3 grade levels behind. This notebook has been updated over the years and is not available in the format shown. The parts are included in the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Grade Interactive Notebooks in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Check out the blog hop at as well as finding my resources at!
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An update for K-5 families on math resources for the 2018-2019 school year...!
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Find them all here: Hang out with me on Facebook & Instagram @UsborneBookBattalion Learn more about what I do:!
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Math Resource Page Overview -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: Study Skills Teachers Secret Guide to your Best Grades -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-...!
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Useful manipulatives for teaching Math online or even f2f. To access the MANIPULATIVES, please copy the links below: a) b) c) ============================================================================== For more useful videos on online teaching, you may chec...!
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The best free math, stats, and financial engineering resources. I am not sponsored by any of these people. I just found their materials helpful through undergraduate and graduate studies. Patrick JMT would have been nice to know about in high school though. 1. Math) Patrick JMT 2. Statistics) Ben Lambert 3. Financial Engineering) Nathan Whitehead!
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Hello! Todays video is about how to study for math. Printable: Online resources: Test-taking advice: Thanks again for watching this! If you like my content, you can subscribe for new videos in your feed every Monday and F...!
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This webinar is designed for parents and teachers who want to support parents, as they facilitate their elementary school child’s learning. We will introduce you to the most useful sites, strategies, and tools both online and offline, for teaching children math at home. Register for our upcoming webinars: Have questions? Please contact us at: Visit our website: https://www.demonstratedsucce...!
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A lot of math teachers dont know how to teach math interactive and make it more engaging for their students. Take a look at the video and watch how these math apps can change the way you teach math. It will give you some new interactive math lesson ideas and show you some math lesson examples. Math websites, math apps and math tools discussed in this video: - BuzzMath: - Geoboard: - BookWidgets...!
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The Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning has free math resources that one can download from our site. Please view the video for a brief description of the resources and a discussion of copyright issues. In time we hope to create YouTube videos to support all of these resources. Over 3000 pages of free resources can be found at If your organization is not a tuition-free Canadian learning institution but you are in...!
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Support for teachers and parents. Teachers and Parents Support for Open Up Mathematics (Open UP Resources). Complete with Tutorials and Answers. Illustrative Mathematics Practice Lessons for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades. Search #612math (6th Grade, Unit 1, Lesson 2, Math). Search #712math (7th Grade, Unit 1, Lesson 2, Math). Search #812math (8th Grade, Unit 1, Lesson 2, Math). Subscribe: Download for free at -~-~~-~~~-...!
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I get asked a lot what math manipulatives I recommend. I’m Christina Tondevold, The Recovering Traditionalist, and today I’m going to give you my must-have Math Manipulatives Resources For Elementary Students in our quest to Build our own Math Minds so we can Build the Math Minds of our kiddos. Go here to get any links/resources mentioned in the video:!
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Starting Math from the beginning with a young child? Where do you begin? What are some options? What does the Robinson Curriculum provide? Check it all out here! Resources in video- Times Table the Fun Way- Addition the Fun Way- 💌Subscribe today and I will send you my FREE Robinson Curriculum 13-part course. You will also receive a special discount offer for my RC Course For Littles! Be an ‘Our House’ guest- ...!
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Homeschool parents, or ANY parent for that matter, will love to learn about TWO valuable resources: one for your phone, one for your computer....!
Channel Title : Views : 20110 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2008-09-30T05:28:14Z - - offers comprehensive Geometry resources with over 1000 online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson!...!
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Subscribe Now: Watch More: Teaching low-level fourth graders math topics is a fun opportunity to use games and props to your advance. Find out about math resources for teaching low-level fourth graders with help from a math professional in this free video clip. Expert: Dupé Aleru Contact: Bio: As a self published author, teacher and former education reporter, Dupé...!
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In this video, Ill show you three ways that you can create or access your own Hundreds Chart to use with your students at school during math instruction or to send home to work on them with their parents. Time Stamps 0:00 - Intro 1:05 - D.I.Y. Hundreds Chart using paper, pencils, and markers 7:01- Designing a printable Hundreds Chart using PowerPoint 16:50 - Where to purchase a set of Hundreds Charts online For more parent and teacher support with teaching elementary math, check out my websi...!
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Find me on instagram: @OurBurtNest or @KetoFatCamp...!
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Available at Learning Express stores The Minute Math Electronic Flash Card takes math practice from fun level of 0 to 10 in no time! This electronic visual and auditory math aid uses the fact family triangle to teach equations. 2 modes, 3 difficulty levels. Ages 7 +....!
Channel Title : Views : 965 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2008-09-29T22:23:01Z - - offers comprehensive math resources with over 1000 online math lessons featuring a personal math teacher inside every lesson!...!
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If youve ever wanted to learn more about how math is taught in Steiner schools (Waldorf education), this book will take you from conception to application. Teaching Mathematics in Rudolf Steiner Schools for classes I-VIII by Ron Jarman is the most comprehensive books on mathematics Ive ever seen. Its beautifully written with many mathematically illustrations and examples. In addition to general math information, Steiner philosophy and Waldorf education philosophy, the book includes chapters dedi...!
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This is the first product included in my newest line of resources! I am working on other standards for third grade at the moment, and will continue with other grade levels when Im done with third. Click here to find this resource for 3.G.1: Click here to find all Digital Interactive Math Slides:!
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Use this video to know how to access games for 1st grade students. (Recorded with!
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We love these resources for homeschooling and with Classical Conversations. These are also tremendous resources for parents to use at home if a child needs to reinforce math concepts as well....!
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How to find Math Center resources in the Purdue Global Academic Success Center....!
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As part of a distance learning webinar series by Kiddom and Open Up Resources, this webinar shows how to begin adapting top-rated curricula for your classroom, with previews of our digital offering. To learn more distance learning tips, discover other relevant webinars in this series here:!
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Hi everyone! This video is a little introduction into my math resources. I create math resources that are fun, exciting, and engaging. Some resources include math interactive notebooks, math worksheets, math activities, math assessments, math exit slips, math warm-ups, and so much more! Currently, my resources range from 6th grade to 12th grade. You can check out my resources by going to You can also visit my blog at Thanks so much for wat...!
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#Homeschooling #FirstGradeCurriculum #CurriculumReview We tend to overcomplicate so many aspects of our lives; homeschooling is an area where, believe it or not, less is more. Its a matter of realizing you dont have to do it all and understanding that there is no race to the finish; the ultimate goal is that your child learns, at his or her own pace, in their own time. Comparison is the thief of joy. Joy in your homeschool is an individual journey, take it one day at a time and enjoy the...!
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This video walks you through using the Lawton Public Schools Math site and how to use the digital resources and best practices when using digital resources....!
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In this video we discuss: The Top 2 Reasons Why Students Struggle With Math and why weve designed the most effective and efficient solution!
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Addition for kids could be all done through some specific ways and could be taught through some games, but the most important games of all are those which help the kid to think in order to tell whether the answer or result given is right or wrong. Addition for kids is the first step in the ladder of learning math, it comes just after the kids learn the numbers and start knowing how to count ( As much as knowing how to add and get the result of any ma...!
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The best way in teaching children any math related piece of information will be better done through games and tricks. Are you trying to settle on a simple math resource that could support you in the process of homeschooling your kid? Here is one your kid will enjoy. One of the simple math resources that Michelle created for examining the level of her kid was a simple paper game or trick that is based on the idea of asking questions and then checking whether the answer that the kid supported is ...!
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Just getting started with Math Resource Studio? Check out this introductory video using the free evaluation Basic Facts edition of the program....!
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During this webinar—hosted by the Office of Adult Education, Technical College System of Georgia—Jeff Goumas from CrowdED Learning walks through a variety of free math resources that can be used to provide a range of conceptual exploration, instruction, practice, and more....!
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On May 2, 2018, NAEYC presented a webinar on playful math. Watch this webinar for fun games that preschoolers love to play—and that teaches important mathematical concepts (like categorization, cardinality, and one-to-one correspondence). We also explore why early math matters, activities with clear learning goals, and how to use games to develop mathematical thinking and positive attitudes. The speakers of this webinar were: Deborah Stipek (Heising-Simons Development and Research in Early M...!
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Matthew Peterson, CEO of MIND Research Institute, speaks at TEDx Orange Coast, explaining how words are great barriers to learning for a majority of students. His own struggles with dyslexia and inspiration from Albert Einstein led him to ask the question: can we teach math without words? MIND Research Institute has created a visual approach to learning and teaching math with its ST Math Software. Through visual math games that are interactive with visual feedback, students learn math with ama...!
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Learn, teach, share and connect at Find out how you can help your children achieve their best at Examville....!
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Top secret math resource video #4: Open the secret design. We are developing a totally new resource to teach Year 3-5 mathematics, launching on 2 January 2019. Go to to sign up for early bird notifications as they are released. ► SHARE this video with others: [title] -[link] ► SUBSCRIBE to learn more expert tips on teaching K-6 math for understanding: Dr Peter Price has been teaching primary/elementary math for over 35 years, an...!
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You can find all of these titles at These resources will reinforce the math that your kids are learning in school. If youre looking for some fun activity books to do over the summer check these out!...!
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MATH MAMMOTH GRADE 3 || Review Hi, friends! Looking for math resources for homeschool? Resources for 3rd grade homeschool math? If youve been watching my channel since the beginning, you know that weve used a variety of math resources, including Singapore Math and Mathematical Reasoning by Critical Thinking Co. We used Math Mammoth for the first time last year for both my 3rd and 1st grader, and we were very impressed! In this video, I review Math Mammoth for Grade 3, which is a comprehensive m...!

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