Medieval Wedding

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Please consider supporting me at and help me make more fascinating videos! Throughout history and across the world royal weddings have been an amplification of the marriage traditions of their time and culture. But the exulted positions of the bride and groom also meant important differences like coronations, treaties, proxy weddings and literal children walking down the aisle. Let’s explore the evolution of the royal wedding in Europe from the simple ch...!
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Charlie & Danny’s medieval-themed wedding was jam-packed with creativity and originality beyond anyone’s imagination! The theme, venue, costumes and events that took place on their special day were truly unique, alternative and most of all… SO much fun! Did we forget to mention a ring delivery by Molly the Owl?! 🦉💍😍Enjoy a visual feast of Lord & Lady Dawson’s wedding at Coombe Abbey Hotel! ⚔️ Filmed & Edited By: Sheridale Productions - Meet...!
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There is nothing more gorgeous than a non traditional wedding. I have never been one for tradition and have always loved learning about medieval times. Burgundy and gold are two of my favourite colours. My friend and I made the bouquets, my MILs friend made Matthews vest and my mum made the groomsmens vest and Matthews cloak. Join me and my Husband as we announce our love for one another with a medieval traditional hand fasting ceremony. https://www...!
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This might be one of the most unique wedding films you have ever seen. Our Medieval Hand-fasting Ceremony & Wedding was an occasion we will always treasure! We love you guys & are so happy to be sharing this special video we made with you !! -Ryan & Sabrah Follow Our New Page! @Discoveringtravelingloving...!
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Strating from a romantic white ceremony with amazing flowers decors... We made the castle courtyard even more beautiful with this white reception setting!...!
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TAYLOR TADPOLES An Imperfect Family in a Spectacular World! This genuine family vlog is a perfect way to feel like you are not the only imperfect family out there. We are not going to pretend to be the perfect family. Some days, we just are in pajamas all day long. Other days we do an adventure family vlog because we LOVE to go on adventures. So, our promise to you is one video every day and ALWAYS AUTHENTICITY. Sometimes its a bad mommy vlog. Sometimes we just post fun toddler activities. Bu...!
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Provided to YouTube by Zimbalam Medieval Wedding · Fred Kara Laforêt Excalibur the Final Chapter ℗ Fred Kara Released on: 2012-06-21 Music Publisher: D.R Composer: Fred Kara Laforet Auto-generated by YouTube....!
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BTS video:!
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A documentary on social life in Medieval England. Suitable for ages 11 - 14....!
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Rolo and Gisla weding night...!
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On the 18. june 2016 we tied the knot. The theme was medieval/viking/fantasy, we had a heathen seremony and celebrated with our family and friends. It really was my dream wedding. I do not have any fancy editing programs, so this is the best I could do for now. I hope you like it. The music in the video is from Jurassic Park, Journey to the island, composed by John Williams. It was also the song played as I entered the ceremony on the horse. Follow me on my blog:!
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Egyszer volt, hol nem volt... Tündérkirálylány házasodott oldalkocsis motorral Lancelot-ban Ági és István első látásra izgalmas pár, miután elmesélték az esküvőjüket pár szóban, rögtön munkának is láttunk, tudtuk, hogy egymásnak vagyunk teremtve. Tündérkirálylány és hős lovag minden fiatal szeretne lenni, de ez az érzés Ágiban és Istvánban egészen a nagy napig csak nőtt és egy gyönyörű esküvőben és azt követő kreatív fotózásban csúcsosodott. ...!
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A next day edit showing the highlights from the fantastic wedding of Claire Harris & Mark Bullows who got married at the Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick followed by their reception at Warwick Castle....!
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Our wedding at Bennett Spring state park on October 27, 2012...!
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Video Production by Eternal Flames Studio Instagram: @eternal_flames_studio @eternalflamesweddings Facebook: Eternal Flames Studio...!
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Pagan Hand (Wedding) Ceremony from the October 2016 Rosenvolk German Medieval Festival in Ferdinand, Indiana....!
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Corde Micante steht für romantische, mittelalterliche und historische Brautkleider auch inspiriert durch das 20te Jahrhundert. Als Designer und Hersteller unserer Roben arbeiten wir eng mit unseren Zulieferern und Schneidereien zusammen, die sich alle in Europa befinden. Vom Stoffeinkauf bis zum Verkauf romantischer Hochzeitskleider und Ballkleider läuft bei uns alles in einer Hand....!
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Philippa of Hainault and Edward III of England enjoyed one of the happiest royal marriages in medieval Europe, but the start of their married life was full of problems! How did Philippa cope? Find out more about the dysfunctional royal family of 1320s England in this 30-second video. This video is part of the Music and Late Medieval European Court Cultures project at the University of Oxford, which has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s H20...!
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Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Medieval Wedding Waltz · Medieval and Renaissance Music Troupe Medieval and Renaissance Music, Vol. 2 ℗ 2015 Medieval and Renaissance Music Troupe Released on: 2015-11-25 Auto-generated by YouTube....!
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Horrible histories, season 2, episode 11....!
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Medieval-style romance was the order of the day for Helen and Dai. St. Mawes castle set overlooking the Fal estuary is a fairytale location and somehow the misty day added to the atmosphere. With the guests dressed in costume and perfect attention to detail this was a really spectacular occasion. There was even a Knighting ceremony! St. Mawes castle wedding coordinator Lorraine was on top form and catering by Wheal Dream of Helston was excellent. This is the full film. See the highlights here: h...!
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Medieval Wedding Dresses...!
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Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves Medieval Wedding · Legs on Earth Lasers And Saviors Released on: 2007-07-01 Composer: Legs on Earth Auto-generated by YouTube....!
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Music by Wardruna Thank you Geir and Hege for this amazing event....!
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Our wedding day. Decided to so something a little different for our wedding so we had a medieval theme. Just wanted to share. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!...!
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Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Beautiful Wedding Song of the Medieval Princess · Andrei Krylov · Lana Ross Gothic Lion Tales for Medieval Folk Lute and Celtic Guitar ℗ 2019 Andrei Krylov Released on: 2019-03-01 Auto-generated by YouTube....!
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Please do go check out squarespace using the link Not only will you get 10% off, but youll support this show and us being able to do super-deep dives on interesting topics like this one. Thanks! In the video today, were looking at whether medieval lords really ever had the right to sleep with women on their wedding night. If youd like the text version of this video and references, you can find that here:!
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Welcome to a new episode of The Sims 4 Medieval Legacy Challenge! In todays episode we focus on Robin and Rhoslyns relationship! They decided to be wed based on interest that would put both of them in the best possible position to reach their mutual goals of bringing down the evil King and Queen. Little did they know that they would fall in love with each other along the way! Join in on the adventure of Robin Hood and Rhoslyn and their precious day! Thanks for watching! 💻Check out my new BLO...!
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Rapunzel Medieval Wedding: Decorate Rapunzels Wedding! Rapunzel Medieval Wedding Organize the biggest day for this princess that takes place in the Middle Ages! The ceremony will take place at the Town Hall, where they used to have them in that time, because everyone would attend the wedding of royalties. Make it look extra pretty for this special day! Then you have to dress up the bride and groom. Style Rapunzels lovely hair and choose for her one of the gorgeous wedding gowns you have availab...!
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SPOTLIGHT - Unconventional Entertainment is a group of performers hired by clubs and events to bring the party to life! With roller skate beauties, flame throwers, graphic poi, fire belly dancing, Iron Maiden angle grinding, fire eating Mermaids, Knights in Shining Armour, fire breathing, and an LED RoboTron on stilts, you cannot find performers in Cape Town with better rates! They perform for clubs such as Side Show, Shimmy Beach Club, Club 32, Catwalks, Affinity, Dragon Room, Cocktail Emporium...!
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A little making-of video with video and photos from a special wedding in México with Lord of the Rings theme. Production: Experiencia Visual Photographer: Esteban Saavedra Del Rayo Camera: Fernanda Rodríguez and Diana Flores Art Director: Heidy Romero Editor: Fernanda Rodríguez México, 2015-2020...!
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