Metal Garden Art

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49 Modern Outdoor Metal Garden Art Ideas | garden ideas THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! 👍 If you like our video dont forget to press the button Subscribe ❤️ and Like 👍 !! 👍 Subscribe and View more here: ============================================== *More video: #gardenideas #digarden #gardenhouse...!
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Learn how to design and create your own recycled metal garden art as Jason learns from a master in the trade. Welcome to the official Great Home Ideas channel, the destination for all your DIY, Food, Garden, Lifestyle and Pet needs. Here youll find DIY Lifestyle Hacks, Home Makeover Tips, Quick And Easy DIY How Tos, Gardening Tips and more....!
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Garden Deva Sculpture Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma creates fantastic and whimsical metal art and garden sculpture. Visit them on the web at!
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This short video shows how I turned an old WWII rusty wheel from Brooklyn, New York into a garden art treasure over the weekend. Everlast Welder: My Etsy shop = My Facebook: My Email: [email protected]...!
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This video shows how to make an awesome Kinetic Wind Sculpture for the backyard. I love these wind spinners, but they can cost hundreds of dollars. This build cost about $100 bucks; Booyah! Everlast 200 Stick Tig Welder: Century FC 90 Flux Core Welder: Evolution 7-1/4 Multi-Material Circular Saw Evolution 7-1/4 Heavy Duty Circular Saw for Mild Steel HF Portable Bandsaw Link!
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Welded garden metal art sculpture from scrap sheet metal *Cobalt Drill Bit Set *CrimpTerminals Connectors *Wire Crimp Tool Handy Good Cheap Tools *MMA welder i would like *MIG welder i would like *TIG welder i would like *Tin Sni...!
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My own sculptures made from discarded metal objects as shown. Turning discarded objects into something to look at. Thanks for watching. :0)...!
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Watch Sheet Metal Art For Beginners, Episode 001 - Make a Break by and learn a quick and easy method to make your own holiday art for friends and family. Now go grab your angle grinder, some tin snips, a clamp or two and some electric shears then lets get this show on the road! In this episode you will learn how to make a simple break to bend your 3/8 solid rod frame work. Then weld up the frame and get ready for episode 002, Cut, Form and Weld. Have questions? Come...!
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Related Videos : Top 50 Amazing Wooden Carving Art | Designs | Ideas | Images | Pictures | Pics | Photos Top 50 Awesome Sculpture Art In The World | You Must Watch At Once ( Part-2 ) Top 50 Amazing Sculpture art In The World | You Must Watch At Once Top 50 Animal Wooden Sculptures | Top 50 Wooden Sculptures Of Animals Top 50 Beautiful Bird Wooden Sculptures | Top 50 Cool Wooden...!
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Original Metal Artwork Designed and Produced in the UK by Arthur Alvis...!
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Metal art in the garden is hot this season. Here are some of the new cool items that you will find at GardenPalooza....!
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When outdoor metal is exposed to natures elements, such as sun and moisture, a breakdown of the patina( colored finish) of the original color fades and oft times will pit. This is an easy way to use your imagination and with simple ,easily available and INEXPENSIVE 2x Rustoleum Paint with Primer, you can take a ruddy brown surface and bring it back to life as a focal point of your garden. There is no right or wrong in this method, its more about the fun of exploration without judgement of good...!
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Garden metal sculptures, garden sculptures metal, large metal garden sculptures, metal garden sculptures for sale, metal garden sculptures uk, metal garden sculptures, metal sculptures for garden. And other information you can follow on :!
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In this video I make some yard art, on a rainy day....!
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Watch as Christopher turns industrial metal scraps into wall art. Want to take home a piece of art from this show! IM GIVING THEM AWAY YALL! To enter simply subscribe to Slightly Altered and leave a comment on which style was your favorite. Punchy Punch Out - Sophisticated Steel - Copper on Copper Creation Drawing will be held December 1st so hurry and enter! Winners will be announced on Christophers facebook page December 5th 2013. Good luck!...!
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This is a great beginner plasma cutting project with fun results! Also a great was to reuse broken or old rusted material and give it some new life. Try it on your own and you will see how easy it is!...!
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Metal Garden Art Sculpture for Garden Decor PIEDRA (XIAMEN) SCULPTURE CO., LTD. is the professional China manufacturer of Sculptures. The company has manufactured many sculptures at home and abroad, and obtained the great reputation from our clients.  Will you be attracted by this type of Metal Garden Art Statues? It is made into large mushroom shape that can be set as garden ornaments, lawn decoration, landscape decoration and so on. The surface has high glossy effect that can reflect man...!
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Stumbled across this place as I passed it on my drive to Fishermans Terminal this morning and had to stop in on my way back home. So glad I did! The shop is called, That Place on 85th and it really is so much fun to visit. Now to take a closer look at my garden and see what spot is missing something special!...!
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Garden Deva Sculpture Company of Tulsa, Oklahoma creates fantastic and whimsical metal art and garden sculpture. Visit them on the web at!
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More details and credit related to 10 DIY garden art ideas Detail: --------- Highlight: 10. DIY Flying Kettle Garden décor idea 9. Spoon Flowers Project idea 8. An Adorable Hedgehogs décor project idea 7. Garden Rock Caterpillar Project idea 6. Giant Dragonflies project idea 5. Sparkling Stepping Stones Project idea 4. Add Your hand made Fairy Garden 3. Mason Jar Luminaries Project idea 2. Follow this easy to make Garden Mushrooms Project 1. Colorful Tea Party project id...!
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In this video i make a small VW themed beer table for the garden..mostly old bike parts and some tools. hope you enjoy. Dont forget to hit the like button and subscribe for more welding projects....!
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Artist Kathy Walton can turn your junk into beautiful backyard decor....!
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Our Handmade Rusty Metal Garden Art has a rich warm patina, our unusual pieces add that something special to your outdoor space, plus they make great gifts. We can create bespoke pieces Find Rusty Rooster at!
Channel Title : Welding Classes In Indiana Views : 3969 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2014-06-23T19:56:14Z If you like this metal flower and interested in getting one like this or similar check our garden metal art on our website I make flowers out of steel and copper. Then I airbrush them. ...!
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In this video I would like to show how to make old and worn metal art come to life again like new... Tips and tricks included. :)...!
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Scrap Metal Sculpture Art Ideas by Recycled Salvage Design!
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Metal Garden Art Sculptures Have you seen those kinds of amazing metal garden art sculptures? I guess you definitely yes. This is a good sculpture that can be put as garden decoration. Stainless Steel material is kept about hundreds of years. Why not contact if you want to put sculptures as decoration. Why not contact us as soon as possible. #Metal#Garden#Art#Sculptures# #Garden#decoration# #Office#decoration# #Metal#Sculpture#Art# #Outdoor#Landscape# #Outdoor#Sculptures# #Outdoor#Garden#St...!
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Take a walk through my yard and learn about some of the different steel sculptures Ive made over the years using the welder and scrap metal. Ebay Auctions: Facebook: Website: Instagram: Ebay Store:!
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More Info: Moving from the City to the Country Recycling Metal Part 2 Metal Art using Recycled Corrugated Metal Sheets: Heres an idea for designing, making artwork using recycled corrugated metal sheets. The artwork helps to cover the blemishes on the recycled metal fence and helps increase the strength of the fencing material. The security gate is also de...!
Channel Title : Lovin Lifes Journey Views : 45316 DisLikes : 35 Published Date :2019-03-31T04:10:24Z
In this video I have altered the technique of making my faux metal flowers so that they are more suitable for outside decor. The rose I made in this video is about 14 in diameter. Since these are not made from heavy duty metal, I would recommend using them in a more protected place outdoors such as a covered porch or patio. Here is the link to my first tutorial for two different styles of flowers You can download the pattern for the Rose peta...!
Channel Title : Eamon Walsh DIY Views : 9293 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2017-07-02T13:00:03Z
How to make 3 D I Y Garden art projects. These are three easy to build projects for you garden: # 1 is a copper bird wind chime. Its made from some flat sheet copper an old circular saw blade, some copper pipe and tied together with strand of copper wire. Also used was some threaded bar and two nuts and washers. # 2 is an attempt at a dragon Fly. for this I used the leg off an old stool that had broken. The metal for the wings was copper which had been weathered and developed a nice patina fro...!
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Welded decor metal art sculpture scrap sheet metal gastropod *Cobalt Drill Bit Set *Cordless drill Handy Good Cheap Tools *MMA welder i would like *MIG welder i would like *TIG welder i would like *Tin Snip *Stick Welder https:/...!
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Handcrafted metal garden sculptures of cat and mice by artist Henry Dupere of Humboldt Arizona. Sitting and stretching cat with sitting mice and running mouse. Buy as a set, or individual....!
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Turn thrift shop items into giant, purple garden art alliums. The detailed instructions are here: ➜ Alliums are a favorite bulb flower, providing gorgeous, giant flowers in spring. This is my junk art version of the flowers. The video shows the basic steps. You could do what I have done here with purple spray paint or paint them to look like dry seed heads, as they look later on in the summer. Please see the tutorial for complete instructions, safe...!
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For the past 11 years, Ryan Trujillo has been building up his business through his creative process....!
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How to make a Recycled Metal Chicken sculpture. DIY... Now you can make your very own metal chicken out of recycled materials and it only takes 5 minutes. ;-)...!
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Upcycled Garden Furniture Ideas Scrap Metal Art Man Cave Tailgate Bench and Upcycled Garden Furniture Ideas by Raymond Guest at Recycled Salvage Design youtube channel Some Links to My other Sites: Google Blogger Instagram instagram Google pl...!
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For Tread Sculptures address and contact details visit: Melbourne sculptor, Tim Read, is a self taught artist with a sense of humour and a talent for turning scrap metal into something spectacular. At his unusual bush gallery and sculpture trail at Bend of Islands youll find giant flowers, bird baths, firepits, bollards, sky gardens, decorative screens, collaborations with other artists, and Tim’s cheeky, bright-eyed character...!
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I make a steel frog cut out with a plasma cutter, and mount him on the shed wall...!

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