Milk Paint

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Original post on our site with additional information, questions & comments: Few finishes have the built-in sense of history as milk paint. Made from milk protein, pigment, and lime, this type of paint dates back to pre-recorded history. It smells like mud and doesnt feel anything like the modern latex paints most of us are familiar with today. That said, it actually provides a fairly durable finish and when topcoated, its just as g...!
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Joshua shows how to make traditional milk paint from a gallon of milk and a few other simple ingredients! Here are the ingredients, supplies, & resources: * Skim Milk * White vinegar * Cheese cloth: * Hydrated Lime: * Paint Filters: * Paint Brush: * Paint pigments on Amazon: * The Earth Pigments Company: * Plans for the Shaker bench: https://sto...!
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Watch as Aces Home Expert, Lou Manfredini, shows you how to use Rust-Oleum Milk Paint. Always follow manufacturers instructions before using any product. Featured Products: Milk Paint!
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Milk Paint vs Chalk Paint vs Latex: What’s the Best Way to Paint Furniture? Check out how these top three types of paints were tested head to head as the best paint for redoing furniture. See the results here: Your time is valuable so pick the right paint for wood or laminate! She also shares whether to use milk paint or chalk paint for kitchen cabinets and the best paint brush for a smooth surface with less brush strokes....!
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I’m trying milk paint today. It was really different from the chalk paint you usually find me painting furniture with. Check out the products I used below. THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Products used: Shackteau Interiors Milk Paint (Black Beach) $16 - Shackteau Interiors Extra Bond $16 - Shackteau Interiors Hemp Oil $16 -!
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I said I used Denim at the end of the Video. THE COLOR IS ACTUALLY OCEAN In this video, I take you through the steps on how to help milk paint get chippy and when I choose to wet distress and when I decide to use wax. Immersion Blender: DIY Little Black Dress: DIY Big Top Sealer: Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Ocean:!
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Chippy! Supah Chippy!!! In this video I’m using milk paint to give this armoire a stunning French Country Farmhouse, lost and forgotten feel. Follow along with me to learn what milk paint is, why I’m using it and how you can get a fun chippy effect too! *This video is not sponsored by Shackteau Interiours, it’s just my favourite Milk Paint! Products Used in this Video: ☑️Shackteau Interiors Milk Paint in Beach Rose ☑️Shackteau Interiors Hemp Oil (used to refresh the interior of t...!
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Old Fashioned Milk Paint comes in 20 period colors and is easily mixed and applied. For this demo I show you how to mix the paint (even showing you how to make custom colors), what to apply it with, how to apply the paint and which top coat to use for the desired look. Products Used: Gold Taklon Brush: Soldier Blue Milk Paint: Bayberry Green Milk Paint: Connect With SimpleCove: Website: Twitter: ht...!
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Find the paint and products we use here. Painting furniture with Milk Paint Live so you can see the blending in real time without edits. Lantern: Flour Sack: Brushes: Follow us on Facebook: Join our Facebook Sharing group: ...!
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Learn step by step how to paint your kitchen cabinets for a durable lasting finish that will update and brighten your kitchen! Supplies: 👉Krud Kutter: 👉Scotch Brite Pad: 👉Purdy Brush: 👉White Lightning Cleaner: 👉Dixie Belle BOSS: 👉General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint: ...!
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Basic Instructions & My Adventure using Milk Paint. This is how I used Milk Paint - it turned out wonderful and you can do it too! Join the adventure as I prepare and paint furniture for my store. WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: MUSIC:Royalty-Free If youd like to include the full license for legal reasons, you can do the following: SONGS: Carefree by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.c...!
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Big thank you to Real Milk Paint for sponsoring this video: Find Greg here: Watch me make my chair here: Patreon: Instagram: Website: Facebook: Want to support me? Support the companies that support me: Triton Tools: ISOtunes: Rockler: http...!
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When you first set out to start your next DIY project, you might be overwhelmed by options. Which tools do you use, and which paints? Even more confusing, what if two paints seem to be nearly identical in terms of color but you’re not sure which formula is best for your specific project? And how do you know which paint will help you antique your piece the way you envision? Amy Howard knows how hard it can be to choose paints and tools for your project, which is why on this episode of Finish F...!
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Find the paint and products we use here. We flip this old buffet table and do some repairs and milk paint it with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint. Moody BLue: Paint Pixie Brush: Top Coat: Shellac: Shellac: Immersion Blender: Follow us on ...!
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The sofa table, , is coming along nicely. Todays topic is Milk Paint, made by The Old Fashion Milk Paint Company. Im using black, they call it Pitch Black Im applying it with a foam roller, but it can be applied with any method you like. The paint is in powder form and must be mixed with water, giving you the advantage of being able to mix a custom color easily by mixing different pigments. In the end there really is no trick to this paint, I did not distress this pie...!
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This weeks project is a dresser that was graciously gifted to me by my neighbours. It had already been completely stripped of its original finish but then was abandoned in their garage for a few years. I really wanted to keep the look of the bare wood so I added a light wash of milk paint to even everything out and give the piece a translucent whitewashed effect. Products used in this transformation: + SurfPrep Sander with 100 & 220 grit sandpaper + Shackteau Interiors Milk Paint in “Magnoli...!
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Applying Milk Paint on the outside rim of a bowl. Shop now: Watch more color and embellishment videos: For over 40 years, The Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Company has been producing genuine Milk Paint using milk protein, lime and earth pigments. The authentic formula produces the same ...!
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WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Full-Cream Milk Powder: Lime: Measuring Cup Face Mask: Water Mixing Container Muslin Cloth: Gloves 12 Parts Milk Powder, 1 Part Lime Go to for more. Follow me on Facebook at Instagram:!
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This is an updated version of applying the first coat of Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint. To find a retailer near you, visit!
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Amanda takes you step-by-step getting started with General Finishes Milk Paint!...!
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Pros & Cons and my impression of the TOP Four popular Milk Paints: General Finishes, The Real Milk Paint Co, Old Fashioned Milk Paint, and Miss Mustard Seed Links to purchase: General Finishes: The real milk paint Co:!
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Check out the review on this paint!...!
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In this tutorial, Amy Howard focuses on the differences between Toscana Milk Paint and chalk-based paint - when they should and shouldn’t be applied, what finishes can be achieved, and what things make Amy Howard at Home refinishing products better than most. Knowledge truly is the key to succeeding with any endeavor. Successfully rescue and restore furniture throughout your home by choosing the right paint for the ideal finish. Ready to start creating beautiful milk paint or chalk-based pa...!
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♥Facebook: Página Marina Capano ♥Instagram @marinacapano ♥Negocios contacto: [email protected] ♥Blog Pintalatte. #megustapintar #milkpaint Instagram: Facebook ¡Suscribite a mi canal! Muchas gracias...!
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This video was filmed for Facebook Live and shows how to mix milk paint. Marian also answers reader questions....!
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Find the paint and products we use here. Jami Ray Vintage Home Decor: Channel Membership: JRV Stencil Retailer Locator: I paint a dresser with Milk Paint while Zeb frames in a door and closes the hole he made in the eaves at the farmhouse. Summer Cottage Milk Paint:!
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Ben Light shows us how to finish wood using milk paint. See full post with more tips, links, and resources on the Apartment Therapy website: Subscribe to our channel for more inspiring video tips on how to make your home more beautiful, organized, and healthy:!
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What is the best paint for furniture? Im testing out different furniture paints to find the strengths of each one. Today its all about General Finishes Milk Paint. You can purchase General Finishes Products here: I also tested a new (to me) Zibra Brush, more info on those here: More on the blog, Be s...!
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Recipe This recipe scales linearly. Need more paint? Just multiply everything. * 250ml (1 cup) skim milk (it does matter) * 32ml vinegar * 7g hydrated lime * 16ml water If youre using oxide or powdered pigments for your colour, approx 12g oxide with 12ml water Sponsored by IWoodLike --- Follow me on Twitter Facebook Website Instagram Su...!
Channel Title : General Finishes Views : 39723 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2014-09-30T18:16:42Z Have GF product and application questions? Need expert finishing advice? Join our Facebook Group, General Finishes University at Tom Monahan of General Finishes uses the the spray application to apply GFs Milk Paint for an even coat and fast application! ------------------------------------------------- RECOMMENDED SPRAY GUNS: ------------------------------------------------- In the s...!
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What is the best furniture paint? Chalk paint? Milk Paint? Im testing out different furniture paints to find the strengths of each one. Get your Rustoleum paint and products here - In todays video were talking about RustOleum Chalked Paint & Milk Paint. More on the blog, Be sure to subscribe so you dont miss a thing!!
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Using Miss Mustard Seeds fabulous Milk Paint for the very first time, watch and learn as I go through my own trials and errors in using this unique paint on an old glass door cabinet. Hopefully youll find some useful tips and tricks on getting the right consistency, sanding or scraping for that chippy effect, or finishing with furniture wax. Join me on Facebook - To ORDER MMSMP IN AUSTRALIA - Pinterest -!
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In this video I show you how to create the chippy look on your furniture with milk paint. To find The Real Milk Paint in your area visit, visit The Real Milk paint Facebook page for a second chance to enter the contest, Paint your furniture with The Real milk paint and get a beautiful chippy finish! Im giving away 1pint of Real Milk Paint and Expresso glaze! to enter the contest, leave a comment, telling me about a project...!
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For this video we will use some Milk Paint as the focal point of our furniture makeover! Milk Paint is better known for achieving a chippy look, but for this video we will just distress it a bit to achieve our look. We will also do some dry brushing with Chalk Paint for added character and age. We will finish off our beautiful yellow buffet with Jolie Clear wax for protection and Card Holder Hardware from Amazon! I hope you guys enjoy another diy tutorial, let me know what you think in the comme...!
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Hi guys! Here is my first Youtube video, Im sorry if I mess up my words/ grammar a bit, its because Im super nervous! Milk Paint Tutorial Supplies/ Items used: Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint (I used the colour Linen) Bonding Agent Hemp Oil Wax Puck Old Sheet Old Container Fork or Whisk Paint Brush New hardware or Spraypaint for Hardware DryDex Thank you so much for watching!! This video is not sp...!
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Its easy to create an antique-like chippy look with Milk Paint Finish. Just apply your paint, add some petroleum jelly in areas that would be easily worn by time, and paint on a second coat, wiping away the petroleum jelly when finished. The look will be unique!...!
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I paint a dresser with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint and use DIY black wax and FCM smeary wax mixed with DIY paint in Beadboard to get this effect. I used JRV appliques to add some interest and detail to the piece. Patreon: Where to buy the paint we use: Follow us on Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: Twitter: htt...!
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Along with being organic, biodegradable, and VOC-free, milk paint has many other advantages -- one of those is the ability to be used on everything from wood to concrete! Check out this video, where we show you just how easy using milk paint on concrete floors can be. FOLLOW US: ★ Instagram: ★ Facebook: ★ Homestead House: ★ Fusion™ Mineral Paint:!
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Learn from Amy as she teaches you how to use the Amy Howard at Home Toscana Milk Paint on a piece of decorative trim....!
Channel Title : Jami Ray Vintage Views : 25694 DisLikes : 15 Published Date :2018-03-13T02:38:16Z
I paint a buffet table for our master bedroom makeover. Shellac: Critter Sprayer: Wooster Foam Roller: Wooster Foam Brush: Find the paint and products we use here. Follow us on Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: If you would like to send us some...!
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Cloud effect pour. For this cloud pour, I used 3 parts Floetrol to 1 part Liquitex Basics paints. I mixed the white paint, one part artist loft to one part of folkart milk paint. I then added 1 part of this white mixture to 1 part Floetrol. SPONSOR ME HERE: JOIN MY POURING GROUP HERE: POURING YOUR HEART OUT HERE: MY INSTAGRAM HERE: https://www.ins...!
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LIKE & SUBSCRIBE join milk backstage for makeup and shenanigans on the #divasofdrag tour. things to watch out for: - yara sofias ESL - milks whitehead pimple, Marguerite - foreskin - dynamics of sexuality - eye irritations - the relatability of sock wearers thanks to everyone who was involved: - my phone - fellow transvestites; Acid Betty, Kennedy Davenport, Trixie Mattel, Yara Sofia, Jujubee Follow Milk! instagram : twitter : snapchat : notb...!
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Learn how to use hemp oil or a wax puck to create a resist between layers of Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint for an authentic aged patina. To purchase MMSMP in Australia, visit!
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In questo video Annalisa ti insegna come trasformare unanta utilizzando MMS MILK PAINT + SALTWASH + CERE DECORATIVE....!
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Purchase Go Make Some Art Fluid Art Inspiration Cards here: If you found this video helpful, and youd like to support this channel and be a patron of the arts, the tip jar is available at: or Or, just like and subscribe to show some love. ❤️ My artwork and my NEW CD “Better Than Chocolate “ is now available for purchase and download at: !!! Watch my music video f...!

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